Now Shipping: Seidio BlackBerry Bold Holsters and Innocase!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Oct 2008 01:59 pm EDT

Seidio Spring Clip Holster Seidio Bold InnocaseSeidio Bold Innocase Holster Seidio

w00t! Finally in stock!! I'm a HUGE fan of Seidio's BlackBerry holsters, as are most of the CrackBerry Addicts I know who give their products a try. That said, I've been waiting patiently since the moment I first held a BlackBerry Bold in my hand (1:24pm on May 5th if I recall correctly) for Seidio to manufacture a holster for it and for us to get it in stock at

Existing BlackBerry Bold owners and soon-to-be Bold owners (November 4th is just around the corner for those of you on AT&T!) will definitely want to check out these BlackBerry Bold carrying solutions from Seidio:

Not rock'n a Bold? We carry a ton of excellent Seidio accessories in stock for all BlackBerry models - you can check them out here. And we've been steadily ramping up our Bold accessory inventory and offering, so if you're eagerly waiting for the arrival of your new Bold or already have one and need to pimp it up, be sure to take a browse through BlackBerry Bold catalogue.

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Now Shipping: Seidio BlackBerry Bold Holsters and Innocase!


Kevin, Will this holster fit a Case-Mate Signature Series Case? I could always try to force it. Both cases should be around the same size:)

Not sure off hand - I'd inquire with Seidio directly on that. Or try it at your own risk. I think the Premium Form Fit Case-Mate Signature Series Case for the Bold might be a litttle thicker, but don't have all of the above in my hand at the moment to test.

I have the hybrid for the curve and it fit great but it just didn't look right. This Innocase looks like a winner and will getting one for sure. Thanks Kev

Kevin, do you think that seidio will come out with a rubberized battery cover for the bold like the one they have for the curve?

Is that Innocase really $29.95? When a just as effective product can be had for $9.95? Surely this is a typo? I'm a fan of the Seido clip holsters (have bought two of them) but that's a little nuts to pay $60 for both the Innocase and a holster that is compatible.

I use the Case Mate phone for my Curve and the clip on the holster has broken 3 times. I have read other reports of the same problem. Also I got the Carbon fiber case and it is pretty worn after a short amount of time.

I just ordered the Seidio Case and it should be here next week so I will post my thoughts on it.

One thing about the case mate it was real easy to get the phone out of the holster. That is the one thing that I liked most about it.

IMHO, all Seidio products are highly overpriced. The Desktop cradle for storm is priced at $24(Introductory price) + $6 for shipping. Which is double the price of a OEM blackberry cradle which looks 1000 times better. The only reason you would get the Seidio cradle is it will fit a Storm in a case. The innocase 2 + holster is $50 + shipping !!???!!!.