Now that the PlayBook is officially dead, which non-BlackBerry tablet would you buy next?

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2014 03:56 pm EDT

Now that the BlackBerry PlayBook is officially done with (for real this time), many users are left wondering what their best option for a tablet may be.

In fact, the first email I read this morning was from my older brother, asking me what tablet he should replace his PlayBook with. And reading through the CrackBerry forums shortly after, I came across this thread where the question was posed, Now That The PlayBook Is Officially Dead, What Tablet Will You Use?

Over the years I've picked up most new hot tablets and in addition to my PlayBook currently have an iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and Microsoft Surface RT kicking around Chez Michaluk.

As I'm still a three device man — smartphone, tablet and computer/laptop — I find I mainly use my tablet for consumption. My phone is on me 24/7 and is my communication / social tool and what I use outside the house. My computer is my get sh!t done work machine, leaving the tablet as my preferred in-home device for light web browsing, reading books or watching movies while lying in bed or sitting on the couch (I occasionally play games too). To that end I find for me I find the iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina to be my PlayBook alternatives of choice as when I pick up a tablet I'm really just using it for one thing at a time without a whole lot of jumping around and doing multiple things in a session on it (and not a lot work, work).

As we discussed at length during Talk Mobile though, everybody has their own Mobile Hierarchy of Needs and needs to decide for themselves where they fit on the Matrix of Mobile Devices. In other words, you need to figure out how many many different types of devices you want to own — smartphone, phablet, tablet, laptop, desktop — and based on that decide whhat you want each device to accomplish.

We have an update to our Mobile Nations Tablet Buyers Guide coming soon, but in the meantime I'm now asking the same question to you. Now that the PlayBook is really on its way out, what tablet will you use or plan to buy next? Obviously many of you will continue to use your PlayBook for a long time to come, but if you were going to pick up a new non-BlackBerry tablet, what would it be?

Check out the poll below and let us know your top choice, or if yours isn't listed, choose "other" and be sure to let me know in the comments which you picked and why!

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Now that the PlayBook is officially dead, which non-BlackBerry tablet would you buy next?



Good idea to buy one finally! I don't have any use case for tablet and the only one I have and I don't use is the Exo PC/WeTab. And it's far away from standard tablet ;-).

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There are plenty of Win8 tablets selling under $300 at 8", seems like you'd be spending a lot for win8 at those prices. I have no use case for Android except as gaming platform for my kids and no interest in iOS and although those float around the house I'm a fan of Lenovo's Miix 8 which has been on sale as low as $220 recently.

I'm interested in a full Windows OS Tablet, not android. The Thinkpad 8 has USB 3.0 which allows me to expand to bigger screens and Widi which is a great wireless feature. All cheaper options don't have these features.

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Haha Yes Sir! Thanks to! It's my first tablet, and I figured it would be a good complement to my Q10, even if it may not have all the bells and whistles as some 'modern day' tablets -- it serves my needs quite well. Apple and Android phones have complementary tablets, so I felt it only right to get one to accompany my BlackBerry phone!

Oh and when the tablet was displayed on the show Crisis recently, it sparked an impulse buy LOL! It is one sexy device!

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LOL I got mine in January, it's my first tablet as well. I don't get people undervaluing PB, I think it's a powerful multimedia device (mine it's 64gb) however, the outdate of Facebook, Flash Player, and the lack of a native Twitter app are one of the major cons. So far, I've had a few issues with the browser but I think it's more an outcome of my WiFi connection.

I'm honored to be an inspiration and a hero! Thank you all, you're too kind haha! I couldn't have done it without you!

#CrackBerryNation #BlackBerryNation

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My BlackBerry set up blew away my buddy who's trapped in the Apple ecosystem. I had the PlayBook hdmi cabled into the TV. This is at a hotel where the wifi is terrible. I was running the PlayBook via the blue tooth bridge as we watched some YouTube videos using my Z as the remote control and then surfing for related materials on the Z as the videos played on the TV. I have unlimited data grandfathered on my Verizon plan so this was all accomplished through 4 GLTE. I can't believe the power of the bridge since this latest update. Such a powerful device.

I can add a Cyclone to the mix soon, once it gets here. Talk about being berried in the BlackBerry ecosystem.

Q10, Z10, Torch 9810, PlayBook 64GB, Cyclone...

My next tablet of choice? BB10 in 10 inch, what else?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

We do this regularly when we travel using hotel TVs.
My wife (iOS) is begrudgingly impressed with the flexibility. HA!!!

Wow. You should get the name of everyone who is an inspiration to you on this site and print out a list. Then show up to their homes like the movie "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and say " Do you go by the name Prem Whatsapp" and then punch them. Then go to the next house. Keep going till you get to the end of your dot matrix one continues sheet printout.

Prim.. This was just an example name. :)

I bought two this week through the BlackBerry Employee Purchase program :) I choose the playbook as my tablet of choice always.

Hey Cleerox, just curious, but what type of pricing do the employees get for the different PB models, including 4G. I'm looking to get one for my 2 brothers who are in HS. They really liked mine when I showed them...also considering getting my dad one, since he still has his BlackBerry Torch!

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Are there by any chance some 64GB playbooks left :) I've been looking for one for the past few months and just can't find one at a good price.

No sd-card slot, no buy for me...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I just ordered mine also just cause it's gone and want it like I have all my other BlackBerry devices. Collectors items to me at least

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you gave a vote of confidence to Thor on scrapping bb10 or any form of lower level bb10 for the PlayBook, I'd say, for you anyone who buys anything related to BBRY should be a hero.

I agree. I like my iPad Mini, however I turn to my PlayBook when I'm doing work better served by a mouse. So I'm going to continue with my 7" tablet combo: my PlayBook & my iPad Mini for as long as possible. When my PlayBook stops working, I'll just use the one tablet.

I've been using the original Nexus 7 since it came out and I love it. My PlayBook has been in the drawer since I received my pre-ordered Nexus...

I might consider buying a PlayBook 2 but I'm very content with the tablet and my Z30 combo.

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

I have the latest Nexus and tried Miracast for watching Netflix but it sacked so bad. I remembered that I had Netflix on my Z30, and did that over Miracast and it was ok.

Unfortunately I forgot my HDMI cable, so couldn't plug in directly to my phone or PlayBook. The Nexus kept pausing the video to catch up. That and a bunch of other little things annoy me.

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Bought 4 at Christmas (2 for the kids 1 for me and the wife) it's nice to have the apps but not nice to have no USB host controls, file explorer with drag and drop, needing to buy hundreds of dollars on apple Hdmi cables, SD to lightning, and power cables and plugs. I hate iTunes on the computer so much. Anyways ranting aside I still prefer my PlayBooks

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Sprint is selling it and keeping up and being the first to release all updates for all BlackBerry devices.

Lol. I didn't say everything else wasn't bullshit. I still want to know which of the other bull shit options you would buy today if not a BB PlayBook, since people are asking that. Got it?

I'll just buy another PlayBook. They'll be even cheaper than now and not many see the value in them that I do! PlayBook until they all die!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I have been using my 16Gb for three years with no problems. I have an unused 64Gb BlayBook sitting in its original box as a backup.

3 other Playbooks in use by other family members all in perfect condition and working as well as they did when they came out of the box.

Anyway my Z30 is serving me just fine for browsing, just wish they would put the BB10 browser on to the PlayBook.

Funny my playbook still works perfect as well. Yet the iPad one that I spent 845 on is a piece of junk. It crashes constantly....and this never used to happen. I really believe apple engineers these issues into their products so one just goes out and buys a new one after a while.

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Everything else is bullshit??
Try to have more visits to your therapist.
PlayBook is the worst tablet I ever had.
I'm currently having iPad Mini which is million times better than the crappy PlayBook, whose browser and app store is miserable and epic fail.

We are all BlackBerry fans here. But stop being troll. If somebody from Android or iOS community read your comments, will laugh till the next day on your opinion.. and this really hurt our reputation (BlackBerry fans)

You supposed to be a reliable editor.

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Hassan00 rather than guilty until proven innocent how about be civilized?

I don't like ipad because of its limitations and not to mention the fact that the US government won't let their employees take ipads out of the US. Doesn't that strike you as odd?

I don't like android cuz of the viruses and the above...

I'm fine with my PlayBook and it will be my last tablet until a new PlayBook comes out or I'll just use my Z30 as my tablet!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Agreed, since many of us have no real use case for a tablet why would we even think of buying another. If my PlayBook dies I will buy a small laptop.

Posted via CB10

For the little that I use a tablet for, I much prefer PlayBook. If I try to use my wife's iPad it makes me want to throw it through a window. Would more apps be good? Of course. Would I like the browser to be way better? Absolutely. But as it is, it more than meets my needs.

Hi Kevin,

To answer your question, I'd get a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 edition android tab. If PB is going to be phased out and no other tab from BB is in the pipline then the Samsung wins out. My wife has one and it's great. So, if I ever do get a tab then that'll be the one unless something changes with BB. Why the Samsung? Because it's flexible and you can add an SD card for extra memory.

Unless I drop it, I can see my PlayBook going another 24 months before being replaced.

But let's say I drop it not. I would probably go iPad Mini...

Well, by the time my old 16GB playbook is OFFICIALLY dead, I'll probably get the new Microsoft Surface Holographic tablet :D

Kids broke the screen of our PlayBook recently. Not likely to replace it soon, but if we do it will be with an Android tablet of some sort.

Similarly, I almost completely stopped using my PlayBook the day I upgraded from a Bold 9900 to a Z10. The only time I ever take out my PlayBook anymore is to play games on long airplane flights, where I want the bigger screen and would rather not drain my phone's battery.

Ditto! I found the PB nice around the house back in the days of my 9700/9900, but the Z10/30 is plenty suitable for what I need (web browsing, some games). I still use my PB nearly every day as an eReader, or sometimes when traveling to watch movies with the wife. Otherwise I don't really need a fancy newer tablet ... especially one that I can't Bridge when not on wifi!

The Big Dirty plays real nice, yo.
This Z30 took the best of The Playbook's gesture flow.
And doubled it.
I got a versatile weapon and it's taken a tablet's place.
But the cypher ain't complete until it gets a Convertible Case.

From my big dirty Z30

I had AT&T (I know, I know...) shut down my Samsung tablet a few months ago, after realizing I was using my Z10 for everything for which I'd originally intended the tab. After the CrackBerry post letting me know I could snag an unlocked Z30 from ShopBlackBerry, I decided that would be even better -- I just ordered the Z30 today, and was quite pleased (as a BlackBerry stockholder) to find it them sold out and on backorder!

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Nexus 10 for me... although it's far from perfect, it's the best I've found so far

Also, Kevin... I sent you a friendly PM :) Would really, really appreciate a bit of free publicity for my fundraising effort!

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Same here, perfect for watching movies etc. Via HDMI and a bridge.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

Still using my PlayBook. All I ever used it for was media consumption and reading anyway. Still does both things and it's already paid for.

I got a new tablet for free from work last week. The screen resolution is hard on my eyes. PlayBook is still much better. New tablet is now sitting on the couch unused as I find I'd rather just use my phone.

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My blackberry PlayBook to it breaks or they changed their minds n produce a new playbook


The Nexus 7 has the SlimPort display option. You can get an adapter that can power the Nexus 7 and have HDMI output at the same time.

I really don't have a need for that output but sometimes for fun I'll have the 7 stream video directly to my TV.

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

Why is there no option to say that some will continue to use their PlayBooks?

Posted via CB10

I wrote into the post... think beyond that. Obviously a lot of people on CrackBerry will keep using their PlayBooks for a long time to come. I want to know what you'd go with today if you were going to go pick up another non-BB tablet. So that's why. :)

I'll buy another PlayBook to have a spare, and after that, I'll buy the best Nexus 7 yet : Nexus 7 2044 !!:D

I'm in no rush... I'll wait, let's say six months, and then I'll buy another PlayBook. Maybe the 4G version.

I was joking ! I'll buy another PlayBook because I really enjoy using it. If sometime in the future I'll need another tablet, then I'll buy the Nexus. In the very distant future...

I bet you finally realized that people don't always read an entire article but just the headline and maybe the 1st 3 lines. So you'll get hundreds asking the "why not?" question.... maybe you should do articles with one headline and one line saying something like : "if your playbook died and there were no more to be found anywhere, which other would you choose? (Please don't say playbook 2,3,4, etc.)".... maybe then they'll get it....

Personally, i would go with an asus memopad. Not too many quadcore tablets out there for less than $150 bucks... if that were to die, it's easier to swallow losing $150 tablet than a $400+ tablet.

Posted via CB10

My next preference did not reside in a stand alone tablet....

No, but in a smart remote touch sreen that seamlessly connect wirelessly to my BB OS10 device (Z10, Z30, Q10,....). My smart OS10 device acting as the main core processor and storage while using this new "tablet form" smart screen for larger display. All that with the replication of touch, audio, conectivity, ... features.
- Only one device to bother for apps availability and updates
- Only one device to bother for file syncing
- Only one device to bother for various account set-up and management
- Only one device to bother for security access
- One place, got it all
- When you begin something on either or display, your convenience you could easily switch back and forth and keep going on what you were doing.

Our today smartphone (mobile computing) got all the connectivity and processing power required. It only lack from the convenience of larger screen size vs portability of small device.

If someone could make it work, my tough is that the present Playbook could be very very nice option for that. All hardware is there. It could also benefit from the power of QNX for remote processing operations.
---> Giving a second (or third) life to the actual PlayBook.

I under stand the frustration of trying to see what table people would purchase to replace the PlayBooks, with them saying they will continue to use there PlayBooks. As I look at it the PlayBook isn't dead at this time. Now if you asked that question when that day come that all the PlayBooks quite operating or just couldn't perform would be different. I believe there was someone that said the tablet will be dead in a few short years. So what does it matter? :) I believe use PlayBook owner will hang in there until we see something better or see where the device market goes. It just sucks that BlackBerry didn't make the BB10 10.1 tablet.

For me it was dead after the announcement of no bb10. I felt that BlackBerry essentially orphaned it and there was no word on any further updates. New apps were few and far between. I moved to the new ipad mini when it was released and my PlayBook is my bed side clock now. Too bad really. However I still prefer my z30 over my wife's 5s, so I'm sticking with BlackBerry for now.

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My playbook isn't going anywhere until it's last breath. After that idk. The next BlackBerry product hopefully will be so beast I'll not need a tablet. I'm already close with the z10

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever

If we could get access to the boot loader and load a real linux distro? i would prefer to keep the PB as a real portable desktop!!!

I'm surprised there isn't an option to say you'll keep using the Playbook. Just because they won't have anymore updates, doesn't mean it will stop working. Perhaps that's why there are so many "Other" votes.

I addressed that in the post. That's the easy answer. I want to know what you'd pick up today if it's not a BB tablet, as that's the question a lot of people are asking right now. Saying to keep using a PlayBook doesn't help answer that question.

It is too bad that BlackBerry chose to invest resources in Q20 over a tablet and UI update (virtual belt and trackpad with ability to map keyboard keys for belt) for the Q-series. While an update would not satisfy the muscle memory wants it would better facilitate migration to new BB10 UI devices.

A new BB10 tablet would make developing for BB10 more attractive for developers provided work required to support new form factors is minimal. Enterprises (and small businesses which BlackBerry should also consider in their recovery plans) have many uses for tablets also.

Oh, as for a tablet, I don't own own one, but perhaps in time, a non-Google Android device.

No alternatives for me until mine doesn't work anymore. I use it at least on a weekly basis.

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Going to stick with the PlayBook until it won't turn on anymore... then nothing. As I rarely use it.

Sad story, that Playbook. Maligned in the media, disinterest by developers, and mismanagement from RIM. A perfect storm.

I am near finishing university, and recently purchased a Surface 2 as an early graduation gift for myself, thanks to a recent sale. The hardware is excellent, and I'm by now used to the Windows 8 interface. Still getting accustomed to the mostly-touch interactions, but going well. With the keyboard cover plus the kickstand, I think Microsoft really got the design right this time.

PlayBook PlayBook!! That's because I have 2 of them.

Will use them till they die. Hard core BlackBerry fan and while I don't quite get the "here is the 1st official OS update for the PlayBook in many MANY moons", then next day announce the EOL surprises me. Either way, I remain a Die hard BlackBerry Fanatic.

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I'm thinking of leaving the whole tablet world and getting either a z30 or the next big all touch device from blackberry. That's all I need really.

I have a PlayBook and so does my husband but, since bb10, there are so many wonderful things I can do on my z10 that the PlayBook sadly can't. Ever since then, I don't use it all that much.

Posted via CB10

I'm not a tablet user, so I don't really care that the PlayBook is dead, but I had the it for a year & a half now. I got the PlayBook just because it's a BlackBerry device & I like owning everything from BlackBerry. I wish we had BlackBerry 10 on it though.

(P.S. I will get the next BlackBerry tablet if they decided to make one)

Probably just use my PlayBook until it dies. Then, who knows. After using my PlayBook and using several other tablets, I don't really get a lot of value out of them. I think by the time my PlayBook dies, I will probably just settle into using a phone with miracast or something.

Posted via CB10

Ever since I moved to Z10.. I have felt the need of having a tablet a lot lesser than when I had all previous legacy devices. I have a PlayBook and will continue using it. Once it's done and dated.. I'll just bury it and replace it with nothing else..

I don't like using most of my devices once at home..

Posted via CB10

Anything but an iPad! Can't stand Apple products...except their desktops, but other than that no! I like the surface but I want to check out some android tablets. Of course, it will still be my secondary tablet, I really love my PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

PlayBook. I'm using the one with a broken screen as a parts unit for my other two if required. I'm going to be play booking into the foreseeable future.

Posted via CB10

I would continue to use my BlackBerry PlayBook until something else is released from BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Hey Kevin just because it is no longer supported doesn't mean it is a break now, I'm still going to use it till the wheels fall off

Z10 with OS

Definitely iPad. Although I'm not going to buy one cause they're way too much money. I got my playbook for $100 on Kijiji!

Posted via CB10 for Z10

None. I'll keep mine until it dies and by then there better be a worthy replacement out there somewhere!

PlayBook 2?

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Blackberry, we will never forget how "you" treated us, loyal BlackBerry fans, with the Playbook scam. Using the wise words of Ray Finckle's mom in Ace Ventura... :you should get gonorrhea and rot in hell.

Playbook till it dies. However, once one views the video by Daddy Does, or whatever his name is, you should understand is what you really want is a z30. Zero need for a tablet. In fact since my z30, use my Windows 8 new laptop to burn cd's. Else it collects dust. Why BlackBerry does not advertise the z30 for what it can do as a consumer device I will never comprehend. If teenagers all had this device they would go insane. Mobile computing at its best on the fly.

Posted via CB10

Galaxy Tab 7.0. I had first and now second generation and it's the ideal size. I use it as Kindle reader, games and some browsing. It's a bargain and it has the ideal size for me. It's in my briefcase but I mainly use it in the evenings.

Posted via CB10

If I use a tablet I'll use the PlayBook - I hardly use a tablet anyway.

Z10 or laptop - or pen and paper.

Posted via CB10

Ipad air 128gb cellular. But until my Playbook is totally dead and unable to fire up, it's still my tablet of choice!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

Hopefully by then, BlackBerry will have a new kickarse tablet ;)

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

Surface 2 Pro. Wicked 10.6" screen, full sized USB support, runs x86 programs... it's really just a laptop without a keyboard. If anyone's selling one, lmk :p

Posted via CB10

Anything that doesn't trap me in the apple sheep ecosystem. Definitely android.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

Why not an article about why BlackBerry shouldn't give up on the tablet market instead of this?

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779

Same ones I've been using with my 64GB PlayBook - 2012 Nexus 7 Wifi+Cellular and 32GB HP TouchPad (running Android).

I will keep my PlayBook, does all I want. Bought an android tablet for my son and he always want my PlayBook instead.
I do not like the android OS.

Posted via CB10

I have a PlayBook that I use all the time and I have a Z30 that is the best phone that I have used so I plan to continue as I am. By the time the PlayBook dies then I will have to use the Playbook that I got for the spouse, it is still like new, she never uses it. At that time I will have to look around 'cause I have no idea what will be around in 5 to 10 years, maybe the PlayBook will still be working and i'll be in the ground! Hope there is 'wifi' there.

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10

Have the PlayBook 64gb Wi fi and the Nexus 7 Wi fi, both great devices. Would be even better if the Nexus 7 had OS 10 on it lol

Posted via CB10

I haven't used my PlayBook since I got my Z30. I don't think I need a tablet anymore

Posted via CB10

Looks like a CrackBerry Rebellion us going on here.

Give me my PlayBook or give me DEATH. Dammnn the galaxys/nexus'/iPads/surfaces - FULL SPEED AHEAD with the PlayBook!

Posted via CB10

Kevin, it looks like people aren't trying to write off the PlayBook despite your attempts to tell them to think past that. I saw a post in the forums asking for a PlayBook petition. Perhaps Chen should know there is still a lot who want to see some options further on their PlayBook that don't necessarily involve os10...

Posted via CB10

Agreed, just fix the browser like on my Z10 and update android runtime. That should be simple enough and will keep most people happy!!!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

This diehard BlackBerry user also has the Dell Venue8 16g it's okay for what I need it for.

My extra extraordinary Z30

I bought an android tab, after my PlayBook was stolen. I had it about three weeks. I took it bad what a mess android is. It drives me literal nuts to the point I couldn't stand using it. To it back and looked on kijiji for another PlayBook. Ended up with a z10!!!!

Posted via CB10

I still use my PlayBook, but my kid girl is the one that uses it the most right now, I find myself spending all my "geek tech time" in the Z30.

My home PC is standing there unused, and the heavy work gets done by my PC at office.

To answer the question I guess no new tablet for me until another PlayBook appears.

Posted via CB10

No tablet. Once I got my Z10, it completely replaced my PlayBook. No more tablets for this guy.

Posted via CB10

My PlayBook is too slow compared to my Z10 so I hardly use it anymore, plus when I eventually up grade to BlackBerry next 5" phone (not the Z30) what's the point of using a 7" screen? But if I was to buy a tablet I guess I would buy a iPad for the 10" screen plus their is no way I would ever buy a Android! Lol

Posted via CB10

I'd go to windows. Just not a fan of android and apple. Android always feels like it isn't finished and in beta and don't want the apple ecosystem.

That only leaves one option.

Posted via CB10

I got a galaxy tab 3 7.0 for my b day. In starting to like the android experience but HATE Samsungs touch wiz crap. I wish the performance and display were a bit better too. If I had a choice it would have been a Microsoft tablet. Or an ipad

Posted via CB10

Still have my PlayBook, and will until it's really dead, but I also have an iPad Air, there are things I like about both devices and this I don't like about them.

Posted Via my Kick @ss BlackBerry Z30

Not buying any new ones.
The PBs that we have work perfectly for what we need them for and Bridge just fine with any and all of our Z10s, Z30s, Q10 - BB10 phones. They are just fine until they truly die.. Hardcore die.

Other: when my PlayBook physically dies I don't think I'll own another tablet. I find I don't need or really want a screen in between my Z10/Z30 and my 46" TV.

Posted via CB10

IPad, apple does it right. Most apps, great hardware and a step ahead of everyone else.

Posted via CB10

Where is the nothing category. I won't be replacing the PlayBook. When it dies it dies. And that for me. Ain't now! Still love it. And I truly won't replace it. I'll go with my z10 or what ever fabulous BlackBerry I am using when that time comes. Kinda ditched the PlayBook last year when Z10 hit my hands. I use the PlayBook when z10 is charging. Lol. And other random times.

Posted via CB10

I have bought the Sony Xperia z tablet, actually quite like it but I miss the way my playbook works, will buy another playbook 2 in a flip when it arrives, I won't be buying the whole family one again though! Ungrateful buggers.

Posted via CB10

Probably a surface pro or something in that line. But closest thing to an enterprise tablet like I used the playbook for would be a Microsoft product.

Posted via CB10

I would love to see a feature where you can 'bridge' multiple OS 10 devices like how you can 'bridge' with a BlackBerry phone and a PlayBook.

For example: I currently own a Z10 and Q5. Since the Q5 doesn't have an HDMI output, I use my Z10 to attach to my TV. I'd love to have the ability to control my Z10 from my Q5, as if my Z10 was my PlayBook. I think many users with multiple devices would use this feature.

Posted via CB10

PS: I own a PlayBook as well, but my Dad currently has it while he works in another country. He uses it everyday to vidchat with my family and I.

Posted via CB10

I don't plan on buying another tablet. I would rather link my Z10 to my tv or computer. I have no desire for an Android or Apple in my home.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I recently purchased a Kindle Fire HDX 7 for media consumption. I'm not really big on apps so it fits my needs, perfectly.

Posted via CB10

Hello! BlackBerry fans, we all know all crackberrians are loyal to BlackBerry devices. We already know that we will continue to use our beloved Playbook until, well who knows. The post clearly stated "what is your next option if you were to buy a new tablet?" and why?

For me I would buy a mini ipad retina, 16 or 32, I find myself sometimes playing a lot of games lately and listening to music. I do watch a lot of movies also. Since apple has a vast apps available, I think it's just right and suites my needs. The size is just right, the quality is well build and the functionality is just great. I could see myself getting a nexus tablet as well. But 90 percent I would get ipad. Thanks

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

My Z30 replaced both phone and PlayBook. Use Miracast via TV and nothing else is needed.

Posted via CB10

I'm really going to miss the bridge bbm from my phone. Everything else about the playbook can be done on another platform. That mirrored bbm messaging, though...i hope BlackBerry is working on multi-device functionality or PIN-linking or something.

Posted via CB10

Mr Michaluk

There was one category missing which was.....none of the above, I'm sticking with my PlayBook.

But seriously BlackBerry 10 has to have a complimentary tablet with Paratek.

The PlayBook is still the best built tablet...even after three years.

Look how many tablets have come and gone. The PlayBook stands firm.

BlackBerry still have to build a tablet to rule them all.

They have the Killer software, they just need to make the killer hardware.

I've always suggested let Foxconn build a BlackBerry specified tablet running 10.3

Anyone remember Jerry Mcguire in the copying shop. The assistant says to Jerry ' hang your balls out there, man, that's how you achieve greatness. '

James Brown said it best ' rather die on our feet, than keep living on our knees. '

'If you don't make the effort don't complain .'

Yoda - don't try, do

We don't do fashion, we do business

We are BlackBerry....Curve 8310, 8900, Bold 9780 and Z10 and the Godfather Z30.

We don't hide we fight!!!

BlackBerry...Get it done.!!!

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I won't lie, I'm quite envious of my wife's Nexus 7 (2013). I'd buy one of those in a second, if I could.

A replacement to my beater laptop is higher in the priority list right now, though.

You forgot Sony Xperia for the house. Everywhere else Ill stick with the Playbook. Sony is also looking to move away from Android or use something else beside it. BB10 would rock on Sony Hardware. !!!!!!

All you people who are saying BlackBerry PlayBook are not getting it. Kevin said :

"Now that the PlayBook is really on its way out, what tablet will you use or plan to buy next? Obviously many of you will continue to use your PlayBook for a long time to come, BUT IF YOU WERE GOING TO PICK UP A NEW NON-BlackBerry tablet, what would it be?"

I'm considering the Samsung Galaxy Pro 8

Stay Classy CrackBerry Nation!

Never been a huge tablet guy, but when I first purchased the BlackBerry Playbook (when it had the dramatic price drop - here in Canada), I found it to be perfect for light browsing/leisure once my laptop got to low for use. I actually find myself still using the BlackBerry Playbook to this day, for light browsing, and mainly bridge while working at my desk, as opposed to constantly picking up my Q10, I just reply to texts/bbms using the playbook mini keyboard, while emails on the laptop. Until my Playbook gives out, ill just keep using bridge capability.

Why is there no option for Z30? It seems to work as a PlayBook substitute for many here. If my PlayBook dies, I'll take the Z30, thanks.

I'll keep using my PB64 until it dies. After that, I'll hunt for a second hand PB64 or PB32. Beyond that, all I absolutely have to have a tablet format device for is to check that my ebooks are formatted correctly after publishing, so I'll get a device that handles epub well, either natively or by 3Ps/w, that I like the look of and that isn't a Kindle - because I refuse to support Amazon's attempt to own the ebook world.

My Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 8 replaced my Thinkpad Tablet 2 last week yeehaa :-) Thinkpad T2 replaced my Ipad mini(had it for a week) which replaced my Nexus 7 which replaced my PlayBook ages ago. Lenovo T8 rocks!!!

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I don't consider the PlayBook dead as long as there are fans using it and the Blackberry World is still accepting new apps for Playbook.

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When my PlayBook takes a shit, I don't think I'd buy another tablet. It won't be the same, mainly because I couldn't access BBM and Text Messages on it, but also because using it for display a larger version of the image than in on my Z30. I don't carry my PlayBook everywhere as it is, so it won't bother me much.

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Well I have a galaxy tab 2 that I won at a stag was considering selling it, but I love my electronics so I kept it. To be honest I barely use it. That goes for my PlayBook as well. Which I need to update lol.

 BlackBerry Z30  STA100-5/

Playbook still going to be used for some ereading, and browsing occasionally, but I have a Surface Pro 2 and I LOVE it. Got the dock, surface mouse and BT adapter for keyboard. Makes for a very useful two monitor desktop powerhouse or making my TV my monitor.

Z30 unleashed

If you look at other BB EOL products doesn't it state the actual hardware device, but in this case we have the PlayBook OS EOL. I still use and love my PlayBook :)

My PB LTE until it no longer holds a charge. THEN, I'll consider a droid device first and failing that, I'll 'glance' at a windows tablet.
I've got an itoy2 and never use it. Outside of Farmville what purpose does it hold. Can't do anything with it without apps so I'm confused as to its purpose in life. (ya ya I know it's not that bad, but it still gets overlooked when reaching for a quick website lookup)

What's that surface pro??
Never heard of it :/

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I voted "other" because I have a TouchPad running Cyanogenmod and the PlayBook is still functioning fine. So when it comes time to buy a new tablet, I will most likely lean towards an Android tablet. There will NEVER be an Apple product in my possession and while Microsoft is peddling that Windows 8 crap, I won't bother with anything by them either. I am brand agnostic when it comes to Android but leaning towards a Nexus product so I can actually GET updates. Oh, and for me, I use a desktop at work and a laptop at home pretty much all the time for real work. The tablets are for convenience (toilet, road, patio, etc.) and entertainment only.

I have two my wife and I use every day and a 64gb never opened in reserve. PlayBook still is a great global compliment to my Z10 and her 9810... what to do since AT&T doesn't know if it will carry the Z30.

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Although I still use my PlayBook daily, I also have a Nexus 7 and an ASUS Transformer. When it comes to reading, I prefer the Nexus 7 - the apps have a smoother experience over the other two, although I do read magazines on the Transformer. The Transformer wins out slightly, due to the keyboard dock.

I do wish they had progressed the PlayBook further. It really had a lot of potential, even if BlackBerry didn't fully utilize it. One side note: Bridge seems to be more controlled by the connected device, so they could still add features to the phone and have them show up on the PlayBook (without a PlayBook update).

My PlayBook will still get used daily, until it won't turn on anymore.

None of the other tablets impressed me enough to buy one. The 7'' Samsung is crazy cheap now but the browser is so slow and that android UI gets on my nerves so I lost the passion for wanting that one.

No other tablet for me. Z30 or Playbook 2 nothing else.

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The Playbook will still work and be good enough until Blackberry comes out with another tablet in the future. No rush my Playbook does what I need.
Playbook rocks !

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I need a tablet for internet, and it's my blue tooth DJ on my boat. My 64g playbook does both quite well and my Z30 handles my Netflix. As long as that's all i require my playbook in it's otter box will be my tablet till it's dead. And i don't see it dying anytime soon.

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I still don't understand the need for using dirty words by such a high professional representative. It doesn't make sense to me this lack of professionalism.

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I have a Venue 8 Pro on order. I had a Dell XPS 10 WinRT tablet since last summer and I gradually found it taking over from my PlayBook (which I couldn't quite bring myself to get rid of, regardless).

Now, I'm going to sell my 64GB PlayBook, and that should cover at least a little of the cost of my new Windows tab...

The Z10 is my primary device away from home, and a laptop while at home. But when a tablet is called for, the latest gen Nexus 7 has more than satisfied. I also have a Kindle Fire which I rather like (especially being a Prime member). I'd love to give a Surface Pro 2 a try, but not for that kind of money.

Just as a matter of preference, I tend to avoid the iProducts.

I chose ipad air, but then I gave it a thought and I CAN'T get along with iTunes, so idk anymore

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Will stick with the PB. Always take it abroad on business trips.

What other choice do you have? IPad with no filing system - is just a toy. Android, which is unsafe.

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Still continuing to use the PlayBook until I say it's dead. Buying another one on ebay this week for the son!

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I don't use tablets anymore. One thing the playbook and my Z10 taught me is my perfect combination is my Z10 and my laptop. I have no need for a tablet. It makes things cluttered.

I still use my playbook for some media but have made the switch to Surface Pro and Pro 2. Actually configuring one to be crossed used for work and play with a docking station at work for use with monitor/keyboard/mouse.

I have been using a Samsung Tab3 mainly for a couple of Android apps I needed for work. Also this past month been wanting a 10" tablet so purchased a Surface RT and being that I run Win8 on my Desktop and laptop the Surface fits right in. Honestly not so crazy about the Samsung after being so spoiled with how easy to use the PlayBook. For now I will continue to use all 3 devices as I have been doing until my PlayBook serves no use to me anymore and then make a decision of what to replace it with. I have also tried I pads as well and found the PlayBook easier to use as well. I don't care if I am only able to load and view documents on the PlayBook I will use until it dies.

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The response on here confirm what I thought all along. BlackBerry users all have OCD. Including myself.

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