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Now that it's official, will you be picking up a BlackBerry Z30?

By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2013 11:00 am EDT

Well the day is finally here. The long awaited and often rumored BlackBerry Z30 has been made official. The Z30 is sporting a 5" Super AMOLED display, 1.7 GHz processor with quadcore graphics and a 2880mAh battery. It's definitely the most awesome BlackBerry device to date and we're more than excited to get our hands on one.

We're sure many of you have been BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 users from the start while many also just picked up a new BlackBerry 10 device for the first time. But what we want to know is if you will be picking up a Z30 as well or as your first BlackBerry 10 device now that you've seen it in the flesh (figuratively speaking of course).

Hit up the poll below and let us know if you'll be grabbing a new Z30, then hit up the comments and tell us if it's your first BB10 device or you're adding to your arsenal. 



Anthony Roberts 1985

Of course I am :)

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Ditto here, just have to wait until March when my plan let's me do a hardware upgrade. I got the 12 month hardware upgrade plan for just this eventuality.


Not I lol. Got the z love it. Imho I've got the leaked 10.2 and don't need more specs. If I wanted that is buy a sg4.
Not enough of a functionality chg to make me even consider moving.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo


I am waiting to buy meself a kit kat phablet... i will have bbm on it anyway #dancing

Posted via CB10


Yes, AND you'll have Google and the NSA reading EVERYTHING you type into or have stored on it. Might as well just post ALL your private & personal data online ... except that Google's using it to advertise TO YOU (ever see the movie "Minority Report"??? - like THAT!!) and the NSA claims to be using it to "screen for security threats."
No-one knows who else can crack it to see what you're all about. But hey, you feel free to go with that!

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!


Yes as I will then have the Z10,q10 and now the z30. No Q5 though.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW


No offense Adam, but the poll is useless as drafted. It would be of great service to ask the same question at different expected price points. That is, like many, I am certainly a buyer at $450 off contract, but $700, it had better come with a bottle of Johnie Walker Green and a nice massage.


Nope. I'll be sticking with my Z10. I have no interest in a device with an AMOLED display.

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Depends if I'm on Santa's bad list.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.


What do you have to do to be on the good list?

Post via CB Z10


Buy me a Z30. Lol

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...


I do know that I'm on Bank Bad List... so no credit for me, no z30.


Sadly this applies to me as well. If not, I would love to pick it up in addition to my Q



Posted via CBZ10 baby!


Im gonna ask santa as well

Arny cua

Depends on the pricing :)

Posted via CB10


Not a fan of phablets! Otherwise I would~

Posted via CB10


Same here. It's just to big. Plus I'm happy with my z10

Posted via CB10


Depends if the price drops drastically from £600.

I do want one.

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Same here £600 just too much

Posted via CB10


Shame they do this every time they launch a new handset, wrong pricing.

Posted via CB10


It is a fine phone but it should have been released many moons ago not now, too late!

Posted via CB10


Past 2 late, already into 4 sure, ketchup ;-)


Love my Z10 so I'm sticking to it. I might try and see how it feels in hands and that might convince me

Posted from my zeta diez


These are my thoughts as well^^

BB10, Z10


Same here love my Z10!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.


On the same page

Posted via CB10


Totally agree 100%

Posted from My Z10 via CB10


My thoughts too...although I got my Z10 online without seeing one and I love it.


I agree, I think that Z10 is still a great phone, after they release 10.2 it will be able to do almost everything I need it to do, plus I prefer the smaller size of Z10.

Posted via CB10


Exactly! Plus price is definitely a factor, so even if I do like in, I can afford to shell out what a carrier will won't off contact.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!


I'm in the same boat, it looks like a great phone but I try to keep my current phone as long as possible.

Posted via CB10


Oh yes! Big screen=fabulous!

Posted via CB10

The Me

Canada. At a reasonable price.

Posted via CB10


Not that I should be spending the money....again......Z10 off contract (Verizon) . But probably. Looks beautiful and as usual a BlackBerry Quality Durable Device. Nice job guys!

DJ Reyes

I'm actually quite content with my Q10. Still need that physical keyboard. If I did pick up a Z30, it would be just for entertainment. Those specs look pretty darn good though.

Posted via CB10

Ernesto Chapa

Everything expect the screen Res

Posted via CB10


Yea because you can really tell the difference between 720 and 1080... lmaoo

Posted via CB10

Plazmic Flame

I woul love to have a Z30 device with a physical keyboard. As someone not using a BlackBerry device, I will come back for the keyboard but I need to have a large screen.


Did someone say Q30...? :-)

Post via CB Z10


a Phablit with physical keboard!



Same here!

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Good specs? Lady are you still living in 2012?

Posted via CB10


Pick 1 for me then? Pweeeease? :3

Posted via CB10


That's the intention, soon as it's available at one of the local retailers.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10



Posted via CB10


Yes. Yes I am :)

Posted via CB10


If the white one is available on ALL carriers, then sure. If it is like the Z10, and only available in white on VZW, then no.


Well, Maybe.
No. I like my Z10 and have been wanting the Q10....

But it's so big and i want it....but it's too big so I will stay where I am with the Z10.

I'm conflicted :)

Z10 :)


That's not what she said. LOL!


Wondering who was gonna be first lol! ;)

Z10 :)


Happy to do the honors. Lol.


Changed her mind, said the Z30 was too painful ;-)


Go see a display model in a store and see for yourself. Personally I'm happy with my (relatively small size screen) Q10.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

nick canada

Yes even though my z10 is mint and I love it

Posted via CB10


I definitely want it! In the new year it will be mine!

Posted via CB10


If you dream it, it will come...

Post via CB Z10


got my Z10 in Feb, still to early for another device. Maybe next spring ....prices should be better by then anyway :)


Here, here

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | 333ACECA | C00056F02


Nope. Prefer the size of the Z10, personally.

Posted via CB10


expect 10.2 will do better job!?!

Posted via CB10


The moment it's available on Rogers !

Posted via CB10


Uh duh!!!! Z30 FTW!!!!


No at the moment, I still have more than one year contract with my carrier so I'm not thinking about replacing my Z10 by the moment and I don't have the need because I'm still in love with my Z10. The Z30 looks great but maybe a little big.

Posted via CB10


Yes! I've been waiting for this to replace my 9900....


Oh hell yes.

Posted via CB10


Nope Z10 is just the right size for me :)

mahendra robert

Proud to be a BlackBerry user I will always go the new ones!!!

Posted via CB10


Of course. Best BB phone of 2013! But is very expensive at the moment :(


Not sure! Probably yes for being up to date with the newest BlackBerry ;-) Yes am sure I will!

Posted via CB10

Ernesto Chapa

I got a Z10 already and I love it. Idk if I will.

Posted via CB10


Will be hard to justify after dropping about £700 this year for two sim-free Z10's this year... but I would L-O-V-E a bigger screen!


As of now no, just too big. But who knows when it gets closer, I guess it depends on what is rumored to be coming next when it releases.


Have a Z10 &7 in tab.. z30 is nice but I don't have a need..

Posted via CB10


waiting to see it here, Telus Canada. Money's in the bank. Will be first when the store opens.


For sure. I like the extra screen real estate. It will make viewing files and documents much easier. The battery is an extra bonus. Quality is as per usual with BlackBerry. Nice device. Keep moving forward BlackBerry. Can't wait

Posted via CB10

Rodrigo Miranda

I like BlackBerry very much!!!
I have my Z30 now!!

Posted via my white Z10


The geek in me wants all the new toys. I like the sound of stereo speakers, i have been complaining about that for the longest time. They had that in the Bold 9000 and the PlayBook, but nothing else until the Z30. The Paratek antenna might be interesting too. The on I am most impressed is (if true) will be battery life.

But still, I am not a fan of big phones, and I do prefer a physical keyboard. So in the end, it's pretty unlikely I will pick one up. What I am looking forward to, will be the new Q series flagship device. That, I will buy in a heartbeat.


New Q series? It would take a lot to replace the present one. The one thing I would have liked was wireless charging, which worked so well on the Pre phones, or a magnetic connector like the PlayBook. But everything else is good enough. The one thing really missing is I would like it to work with the new Sony QX100 add on camera, but I can't see that coming for anything BlackBerry.


Agree. For me, all I want is software improvements to make use of the God Damn keyboard. Speeddial, some sort of keyboard shortcuts on homescreen, etc. I do with that they had kept the charging connectors though, it's so convenient.

Perhaps the sideloaded app might work? I don't really see official support coming for BlackBerry too sadly.


I love my Z10, but I will take a look at the Z30 and see how it feels in the hands. I like the fact that the Battery life is much better, I need that to keep moving.

Posted via CB10


No because there is no way I can afford an off contract phone. I'm content with my Z10 for now. I'm probably going back to the Physical keyboard with my next device. Q30?

Posted via CB10


Extra large Q10? I don't know... maybe taller, but not wider.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on


I can't afford a phone out of contract either plus I'm on a contract with the z10 and I'm pretty satisfied anyway.

And if there was a snowball's chance in hell that I could get a battery with the same capacity for my z10 then I'll be set for VERY long time...

Posted via CB10


I'm getting it unlocked as soon as I can.


Downgrading from 356ppi Z10 ?


Posted via CB10

Markus Landin

Sure, a high pixel density is always nice. But really, isn't the Z30's dpi good enough? I would say that for "normal" apps you won't notice the difference. Personally I love that extra screen real estate. Bigger screen equals more content. And content is king, right!?


Eventually!!! With a Z10 for backup!

Posted via CB10


I will get it eventually, just waiting to see if prices are going to nosedive like Z10's...

But yea I will eventually get it to complement my beautiful Q10 :)

Posted via CB10

Jeevan Batla

I'm sticking to my Z10 but I would also love to check out the Sexy Z30..

Posted via CB10



via CB10 on my AT&T Z10


If they can offer me a trade-in for my Z10 I'm in :)

Posted via CB10


The Z30 looks like a great device but I'm loving my Qued 10!

Posted by twiddling my thumbs on my Qued10 in CB10


where do you people get all of the money you spend on these gadgets?


I definitely am going to get it. Let's see how soon AT&T can announce the device being available for sale.

Posted via my awesome Z10

Tom Ducharme

Too big. Z10 barely fits in my pocket and fits just right in my hand.
Looking forward to the 10.2 update though.

Posted via CB10


You must wear skinny jeans. :-)

Peaceful world

Why they didn't plan to make an oem big battery for z10?

Posted via CB10


I want to...but..after my experience with the Z10..i think I will wait and see what the apps are like

Posted via CB10


nope. the same reason I didn't pickup Z10 and went for Q10. if I were to get a touch-only smartphone, ill definitely will go for Android 1080p phones.

but for current Z10 users, its almost a no-brainer with the larger screen and far improved battery.

Posted via CB10


Just too big my Z10 is perfect

Posted via CB10


Just got my Z10 last week...so probably not.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I have a Z10 and will definitely get a Z30!

Posted using CB10 on my Z10


It's just a Z10 on steroids. Not one single new feature extremely disappointed.

Posted via CB10


It has the following new features:

- 5" AMOLED display (vs 4.2" LCD on Z10)
- 1.7GHz processor (vs. 1.5GHz on Z10)
- USB OTG (n/a on Z10)
- Dual stereo speakers (single speaker on Z10)
- New antenna (not sure of the difference)
- Bigger batter (longer battery life)

Maybe it's not enough, but there are some new features.


No, the Q10 does what I want. I can see that the Z30 is needed to compete with the top end Lumias and the 5 inch Androids, but I cannot imagine operating one while walking the dog, which is my big test of a phone.


Just bought a Q5. Cannot afford Z30

Posted via CB10


Yes. Just depends on how.

Posted via CB10


The z10 works for me... if it ain't broke don't fix it... though I'd love to give it a whirl

Posted via CB10


I want.... but I took a vacation and bought a convertible Ultrabook and now I has no monies. *cries*

Posted via CB10


Yes, I have to find the cash!

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Tempted to wait it out for the Z30 to arrive. But that Q10 has been on my mind like a fly on cow poo.


I really love my Z10... Z30 is just too big for my daily usage...

Posted via CB10


Undecided.. bought the Z10 outright back in March . I'm thinking maybe the summer 2014... let's see what the ecosystem will look like by then, should be more mature, and of course the price should be cheaper as I would prefer the outright choice. Then again there may be even a better model phone by then. Don't want to get burned !

On The Underrated Never Duplicated Z10


The day TMO (USA) releases the Z30, I'll be there, just like I as for the Z10 and Q10. Really looking forward to 5" Blackberry with 4.2 runtime.


Black Z30 for me.

Posted via CB10


Too heavy compared to the s4 both have 5-inch screen. Would have been uncomfortable if held with one hand.


No - there's no point in exchanging Z10. BTW, why the launch was rather hush-hush, in general? Does nobody believe in BlackBerry in Canada? New flagship ought to have a big start in London! Z30 even looks almost like the concept "BlackBerry London" :|

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Yes..... no but.

Posted via CB10


NO....I current own and use both the Q10 and Z10 but I do not feel BBRY is doing everything to make its customers happy. Releasing new phones is NOT all we want, I don't care bout all d social apps either..Get me some banking apps, travel apps etc.

Posted via CB10


Well not sure yet... i like the size of my Z10 but the white Z30 looks stunning though!! I will see how my hustle comes around when the phone finally released here in RSA*

Posted via CB10


Only if I see some marketing/advertising behind it.

Posted via CB10


Where is my 10.2 update??

Posted via CB10


Of course

Posted via CB10


I voted no because 1) I am still under contract until May 2014 and 2) prefer hardware keyboards. I would need serious persuasion to start looking at touch-only telephones.. Though I really hope the Z30 can find a footing in the market.. Just please, price it right!


Yes I am kinda loving the whole touch screen with the z10 so why not go bigger lol

Posted via CB10


I was really looking forward to this phone, but unfortunately it's not enough of a upgrade from my Z10... it should have a minimum of 12mp and 3g of ram....ill have to wait for their next phone I guess

Posted via CB10


Of course will upgrade my Z10..

Posted via CB10


My Z10 is new and for now on no, but my wife contract expires soon and YES she's looking forward for the Z30 and coming back to BLACKBERRY!!

So the answer is YES a Z30 will be part of the family!!

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I'm MongezaurioBerry


Nope. Not much of an upgrade over my Z.
Plus the usual over pricing for 2012 specs and weak app ecosystem

Posted via CB10


Damn straight!

Posted via CB10


Bought the z10 in February.... not sure I can convince myself to put out this much extra cash yet. lol.

I better not go hold it just in case ;)

Posted via CB10

Obinna Afuzi

I'm definitely getting one and will be using it with my Z10! Yeahhh!

Posted via CB10 via Z10


Come on T-Mobile! Yes I will be getting it as soon as it is available.


I'll wait for BlackBerry being sold, break apart on Staple clearance end. :) for like $49.99. :p

Posted via CB10


I want a silder with a screen this big

Posted via CB10


+ 9800 on the slider! I have a Q10 and find it annoying when pages are formatted for a longer screen. Sometimes the submit button is buried under where the keyboard is.... maybe can be fixed in an update, but I miss the Torch's layout, and don't care if it's thicker. add the slider and enlarge the battery! Convenience key! Magnetic charger!


Depends on pricing, availability, and when it comes out. Ideally, I want one. Gotta see if tmobile is going to get it this holiday season.

Posted via CB10

Emmanuel Ezeani

It's sure gonna be over priced

Posted via CB10


Locked into a 2 year hardware agreement in the Z10, sadly. So is the wife, with her Q10.

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Depending on carrier most will work with you to upgrade. Then again carriers are ruthless money hungry freaks. Thank goodness for Telus and BlackBerry Elite. Wooo.

Only a fool thinks they know me.


Maybe if there will be a Z30s.

S stands for slider.... adding a letter that makes sense...

Posted via CB10


Birthday is coming up around the same time as the launch so I'm really hoping!!!

Posted via CB10


Will pick up. BlackBerry still the most useful phone for the serious communicator. If they go belly up, want something to hold the line until someone else picks up the slack.

Posted via CB10


Hell F***ing Yeah!!!!!

Posted via CB10 / BlackBerry Z10


I would buy it if.... I have enough money

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I was screwed with my Z10, pre-ordered it for 2599 AED (706.25 USD) and now the price is 1499 AED (407.3 USD). So I'm going to wait for the price drop or a nice trade-in offer with my carrier (Etisalat UAE). But hell yeah I'm in love with the Z30.

Posted via ZCB10


Sadly no...Not sure why they coulddnt make it as thin as the Note 3!! Also, with all the talk about the future of BBRY, I am going to hold off on upgrading until there is more clarity there.
BBM is one of the things that keeps me loyal to BlackBerry (have owned no other device since the first Torch as I am a touchscreen person) but with that now being opened up to competing platforms, I have less incentive to stay...that and the fact that I bought BBRY at 13.95...


I just got my Q10. Love it, love it, love it! Now, my wife needs to replace her BB 9860 and I have been telling her to wait for the A10, now Z30. Can you say....Merry Christmas!


I will, if of course I don't win one in CrackBerry.com first. :-)

Posted via CB10


My Z10 is still going strong!

Posted via CB10 on Z10STL100-1/


Oh yes !!!

Posted via a Bermudian Z10


Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!!! Seriously, Sprint better not mess this up!


Still loving my Z10. Only had it since February. Great to see that BB under promised and over delivered with the Z30.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10


Not one, but two, and full retail.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Got a z10.. next is a q10 than i might get a z30 or something newer :p

Posted via CB10


No I wont be buying one, plan on winning one from CB instead (dont go hoarding them all kevin!)

Posted via CB10


Frankly, the Z10 is a bit too large for me, as I found the 9850 Torch to be perfect.

That said, I'm glad they're making the Z30 for those that like 'em large.


Nope. Z10 is the right size for me.

Posted Via CB10 -Jack!!


The phone is doa

Posted via CB10


Careful PhillipDZ...I predicted the same and got bashed all over the place. We are all Blackberry faithful here. Some people can take criticism and others cannot. Blackberry has done EVERYTHING wrong the last 5 years (with no signs of improvement any time soon). Too bad...they are sitting on the best OS to come to a smartphone.


Dunno maybe. Happy w my Z10. Afraid Z30 might be too big.

Posted via CB10


depends if bell gives me a good deal.....

Posted via CB10


I don't even have enoug money for a Z10 yet :-(


I really have to hold it in my hands before I decide but I'm leaning towards yes. I'm loving my Z10 but I can't resist something new and shiny.

Posted via CB10


Not for £600 I won't be!! And I wouldn't be surprised if others in the U.K all held off for a few months to see price drops like we saw with the Z10 not so long ago.

Posted via CB10


Of course! I will up the Z30. In the promo, I saw the Flipboard app. Is it really come to BlackBerry platform?

Posted via CB10


Can't cause of contract. Sad.

Posted via CB10


If I knew 100% that a larger device was coming out when I got me z10 I would have waited for it :(

Posted via CB10


I'd love a Z30 but just bought a Z10. Unfortunate for me....


No, I am HW keyboad addicted so Q10 rulez my life :)

Posted via CB10


Awesome! Go #teamblackberry...



One of my friends at BlackBerry wrote to me, today: "Of all of my devices I’ve ever used at BlackBerry, including the Z10, Q10, Q5, and Z30, the Z30 is by a very far stretch my absolute favourite and I’ll never go back from this size of screen "

Their opinion was biased only in that they work there but they have had access to every BlackBerry10 device available and this is the "best".

There is a lot of very important technology tied into this device. Don't like the simple specs fool you (although it does have 6 processor cores in total...)


I've heard something similar from a friend of a friend who works at Blackberry.


I think it will replace my PlayBook. But nothing can replace my Q10! Not sure what I will do with my Z10 though. But I'm going to wait for the price to go down a little bit before I buy.

Posted via CB10


Bring it to Sprint and I am in!!!


Wish I could but I have 3 years with my Z10

Posted via CB10


Indeed.. if I have the price fits my wallet..

Posted via CB10


Would love to, but still in love with my Z10! Maybe next year or if something should happen to my Z10.

Posted via CB10


I might depending on the price. If I were BlackBerry management I would literally give this phone away at near zero profit right from the start. Kill the competition and spread bb10 like fire. At least make consumers look real close. Don't scare them with a high price. This one is for consumers not for business or Govt. Price sensitivity is really high.

Posted via CB10

Kriilin Namek

Agreed, get back in the game!


+1. Most people buy Android based on the price. A high-quality, low-cost phone might quietly get Blackberry some respect.


Yes indeed!

BB Z10 Rocks!


Maybe crackberry should send me one :)

Posted via CB10

Sayumi Whisp

I have a z10 and I love it... Okay some features are cool but it's too big for me and again a new phone in this year?.. of course not...

But I wish BlackBerry all the best, with this nice device

Posted via CB10


As long as the price is right. A little gift for myself in November.


If it weren't for building a new house, planning a wedding and buying the Z10 of contract on release say yes... unless santa is feeling generous i may have to wait

Posted via CB10


just put it on the wedding list ! ;) BTW: congats !!!


I intend to add a line on Verizon to get this bad boy! Was my intention when I bought the Z10 on preorder from VZ. Then once I gots it I will put an old cheap phone on the line and prolly park my Z10 for a while. Maybe bounce back and forth. Idk what I'm going to do yet but I know I want one for sure! Convinced my fiance that having an extra phone would be good for passing on to a sitter while watching our boys. Lol only bad thing is Idk what I will do if she decides she wants one. She has a white Z10 currently... Lol

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Q 10 baby! Keyboard is the king!

Posted via CB10

jdm joe

I never liked huge phones, but I'm having second thoughts now. Maybe after seeing it in the flesh and holding I can decide.

Posted via CB10 on my awesome Z10


Stuck in a 3 year deal with the Z10. Would love to though.

Posted via CB10

Kriilin Namek

Yes, as soon as it comes to Robbers, assuming they grandfather my Canada/US data plan. Otherwise may have to unlock and go with a T-Mobile PAYG while in the States.



Posted via CB10


Where is the tick for BOTH black AND white ?
Edit : and one RED to match my LE ;)


I want to, but I can't. :(

Keepin' it Chill Z10


This is the best smartphone BlackBerry have ever made! For me is a mast, not if/maybe/probably.

Posted via CB10


No removable battery? No. I won't be getting it

Posted via CB10


If they let me trade in my Z10... no I actually prefer the size of the Z10

Posted via CB10


Nope. Non removable battery is a dealbreaker

Posted via CB10


When is bell launching it...

From my Z10


If BlackBerry doesn't sell out

Posted via CB10


I'm waiting for Crackberry to gift me one!

Posted via CB10


I would but it's way too big for my pocket.

Posted via CB10


If I find myself able to get a contract upgrade or I happen to be in possession of an extra load of cash I'd definitely grab it.


Have a Z10 right now, not going to buy the Z30

Posted via CB10


Pick it up when my Z10 contact expires. In 11/2 years.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry should launch the Z30 before Z10. I usually think of it.

Posted via CB10


Would love to but only one year in on a three year contract... Hopefully BB will still be around then...


I'll take 2

Posted via CB10


Better built and screen not so big.... mmm maybe

STL 100-3 os


Definitely buying it! Z10+Q5+Z30= blackberry happiness!!!

Posted via CB10


Not having a removable battery sucks... I'll be sticking with my Q10.

Posted via my Q10.


I'm still undecided. I'm a little disappointed in the specs. It's biggest feature seems to be battery life, but I've never had problems with battery life, as I'm almost always around a charger. I have the Z10 currently, and used my upgrade to get it. I could use my wife's upgrade to get the Z30, but then I'll have no available upgrades for whatever comes out in 2014. I don't want to pay full retail, as an off contract phone won't lower my monthly bill with AT&T a cent, so why not have them subsidize the phone cost? (I won't be changing carriers due to coverage). But then again, will there even be new BB's in 2014? (That's a legitimate question)

Long story short, I don't know yet. Probably will have to play with it in store to decide.


I want my 10.2 on Q10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


Too big, no hardware QWERTY and nothing to compensate for the lack of QWERTY. I'd rather buy a Lumia 1020, where I'd sacrifice the keyboard in favour for the nice camera.

But as of now, I am good enough with my Q10.


No way....i'm going to win one on crackberry!!!

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yeah indeed!

BB Z10 Rocks!


Absolutely! And this time, unlike with the Z10 launch, I don't plan on waiting for AT&T. I'd love to get one from Canada and import it.

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Sadly bought z10 ---- couldn't wait 6 more months for z30 :p

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I'm in love with my Q10

z10 rocks

Can't wait, love my z10, but I think I will go for the z30, bigger is better, that's what she said lol

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Chris Cecilio

Am I going to get one? Hell yeah!!! I'll swap my BlackBerry Z10 for Z30! :D

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Paolo Aldecoa

It was hard choosing between the Z10 and the Q10 but, ultimately, my love of the keyboard won out. I went into the Q knowing that I'd compromise on screen real estate. And I'm happy. Even gaming on the Q10 (which I already wrote off as a compromise anyway) isn't too bad.

The specs of the Z30 are certainly tempting but not compelling enough to make a big jump. Now, if the Apps and games were on-par to actually take full advantage of the Z30's specs, sign me up. As it stands, if I want a wide screen gaming/media phone, I'll just get a 5S or the Sony Z1 as a secondary and keep the Q10 as my primary.

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I would love to. Need Santa's help on this one. Already have a Q10 and Z10.

Maybe I'll sell both and try to get the z30

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Kendall Oei

Have to wait until the contract on my Z10 is up.


bb10 phone almost perfect.. theres only one huge problem.. luck of applications and updates..

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no, no enough advantages compared with my Z10


No, I just bought a Z!! :)

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I would love to but I can't justify the cost of a whole new phone when my Q10 still has so much life left (not to mention all the recent contract wrangling I had to do with Bell)

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John Pawling

Depends on pricing. If it is too high for me to upgrade on Rogers for the extra 2cm of screen real estate then no.

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Ferdinand Rn

No??? Nothing much change i guess.... still love my z10....

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Will try to control myself to not buy one and save my money for a potential slider, and stick to my Z10/Q10 combo until then...not shure I will succeed though


Already put my Rogers rep on notice.....call me as soon as it arrives!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!


I will stick with my Z10, I like the size of it.

CB10 on Z10 (Telus)


Maybe as a second device, but I may as well pick up an Android since the security seems to be about the same.

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I don't know how big of a fan I am for the 5" screen.. I think the Z10 is as large as I want to go.. Hopefully their next release is another 4.2" phone like the Z10.. 5" is phablet area and I don't want my phone to be a tablet, I just want my phone to be a phone.


As I said in Forums, BlackBerry needs to release a smaller Z30! The design is awesome and with the dimensions of the Z10 it would sell like hell!!!