NOW it's a BOLD - New Photo of a BlackBerry 9020 Shows Off a Leather Battery Door!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jul 2009 02:10 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold 9020 with Leather Battery Door Cover

We've seen plenty of photos and videos of the BlackBerry 9020, aka "onyx" to date, but despite the 9020's overall awesomeness (3G / WiFi / GPS / sleek form factor / fast processor / etc.) there has been something missing about the device. With a model number like the 9020 it has to be part of the Bold line, yet all of the 9020's that have been caught glimpsed in the wild to date have featured a plastic door. For many a BlackBerry Bold owner, the leather bling is one of the coolest features of the device and is what makes it easy to spot.

Good news for the leather (err... faux leather) lovers out there... it seems the folks at feedberry got their hands on a 9020 that features an updated battery door cover, and this one shares the Bold 9000's leather stylings. AWESOME. This particular unit still has the trackball (vs. trackpad which you can see here) but couple a leather back, trackpad and everything else we showed you previously in this review and you have one hellluva a BlackBerry. I can't wait to get one of these and get it done up by Coveroo with a metallic CrackBerry logo. Click the image above to see more photos.

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NOW it's a BOLD - New Photo of a BlackBerry 9020 Shows Off a Leather Battery Door!


I could really use an update here. Is it official that the Onyx is the Driftwood w/o UMA support? Or in other words, is the Onyx going to AT&T and the Driftwood going to T-Mobile? I use t-mobile and I keep hearing news about the Onyx. Is the are the driftwood/onyx still coming in September? I need a 3g blackberry!!

As a student of crackberry, I have learned how to read the numbering system of BB's. This is not an exact science, but fairly close.

The 20 in 9020 means TMO, 10 in 9010 would be AT&T which are naming convention for GSM devices. For instance, if TMO or ATT had a Storm is would be 9510 or 9520, but its the 9530 for Verizon. Notice, BB Tour 9630 meaning CDMA and it shares specs with Sprint.

An exclusive device can often be labeled as 8900, 9000 or all zero's and usually means the device will have the same specs no matter the carrier.

Nope, you're a little off on your number definitions there.

Things have changed a little, but the original numbers represented:

xx00 - no wifi, no gps
xx10 - no wifi, gps
xx20 - wifi, gps
xx30 - CDMA

And this phone is definitely coming to AT&T, it's loaded into their systems.

According to your numbering system that would mean the Bold 9000 doesn't have WiFi and GPS which it does so you are wrong right away.

I'm glad to see that literacy is still a weak point of the internet. If you had read my comment completely, you would've seen that I said that the original numbers represented what I wrote and that they HAVE changed. With the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and BlackBerry Curve 8900, that whole number system can be thrown out the window.

So what was the point of trying to correct cigardj with old, incorrect information? As far as I can see, cigardj's information was spot on...

WTF was the point of your original post trying to correct him if you were putting out information that is no longer useful or relevant.

I'm in complete agreement. I love my Bold but this photo is just ugly. If they're going to do leather they need to do it right, and this isn't it.

Which BB was suppose to mix QWERTY with touch screen? I though that mixture would be the replacement for the Bold?

That would be the Magnum. I'm not terribly interested in touch screen and keyboard, but I can see the appeal. Would be nice to press icons instead of scroll to them, but it isn't like i'm wasting that much time zipping through the icons with the trackball as it is.

Everything is the a variant of the same. Still the premier business tool, but I want more these days.

In the review it said that this was the first "No Compromise" Blackberry. Seems like a beefed up bold with a trackpad. What feature does it have that's not present in the Bold?

Not so much that it doesn't have, but that what isn't lacking. Higher screen resolution, more memory, faster processor, better camera with auto focus, trackpad, etc. You don't have to compromise between phones.

Think about it, the current argument is basically between the 8900 and the 9000.

Do you want the faster processor and 3G or do you want the better camera and more memory?

This phone you don't have to compromise because you get the best of what is out.

I really hope that the Onyx is comming to T-Mobile. The 3G Blackberry's have made it around except for ATT, T-Mobile. That will definitely be my next Blackberry. My 8320 has served me very well though. Having the trackpad would be great!

well there have been so many posts on this unit, and no one really knows here the final unit will end up. Honestly if I were designing this - and placing it in the bold line up, I might stray from the leather back - seeing how this is smaller and the presence of visuals effect is not as prevalent as 9000

bigger unit leather looks good

smaller , not so noticeable.

I might work on stability of s/w GUI experience it has to be free flowing and stupid proof, think as a lazy person does the do not want to work to hard to get what they are after

hardware design in the area of drop test and modern style ahead of the market

and check and re check all buttons make sure they are of best quality as well as key board and each and every part since BB users have been known to take these units apart and put them back together

allow for that and make sure the parts do not degrade as a result of it

blackberry users have been known to want to customize their handhelds

so I would ensure that the hardware could withstand the customization

just really bad lighting. i'd like that type of battery cover to replace this loose omnipresent tour cover i have. i need to make the jump to gsm, i'm tired of having to to pick from wack phones and throwbacks. the tour was out of date when it launched. no wifi? huh?

anyway, the feedberry picture show a trackball not a pad... but i didn't read the article.

For almost 9 month I have uesd a Bold and finally didn't switch the device beacuse off the leather look which I never really liked.
I like the look of the BB Tour especially the verizon's version. After the first review I began to hope that the onyx would be an almost black colored "Tour" with Wifi and HSDPA for us hear in Europe.
Great would be if RIM offered different battery doors: leather look; rubberited like the tour...
We'll see :-D

not feeling the leather either. The device looks so sleek and then to put textured leather on it takes away from that

I got my Bold like 3 months back and thought I would forgo the Onyx because it wasn't really like the Bold, but now with the leather backing, it's going to be real hard to pass this device up. Here's hoping the Magnum has some similar stylings.

Damn that bezel is fucking awesome. Light up trackball bezel. I would not mind seeing a light up bezel on the 85xx trackpad. Also what would me it even sexier (I don't like chrome) would be really dark chrome edges with almost a shiny dark brown hue. Like shiny dark titanium . Now that would be just sexy to the 1000th power

I hate the Leather Back on my BOLD, if they are going to stick with this as per the picture...
Then I am NOT upgrading my device....

I actually prefered the previsous leaked pictures with the metalic(?) + plastic cover look from the following link:

3.2 MP camera, Faster processor, More memory (256),
and IF it comes with the TrackPad - YES, then I want this.
But definitely that ugly looking fake leather cover is a REAL TURN OFF !!! - This might be the deal breaker for me!!

I hope ONYX comes with the choice for us to select which cover we want rather than pushing this on us.

BB - Please give us a choice.

I click on the picture and up pops an article thats written in jibberish....wth?!?! WooooooooooHoooooooooooo Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

look at the side shot...

too many parts and all different material, fit and finish is sub par.

this look like a let down

The BlackBerry with everything... but you have to run it on AT&T. Which means everything except actual phone calls. Or data.

I was thinking about getting a refurb Bold since they were in stock when I checked this afternoon, but I decided to wait for the sleeker Onyx.

The bottom of the back is splochy (where the back release latch is suppose to be). How do you open the frikin thing?? A side latch or snap on/off back??

I don't know about this.......

I just finished looking at the site (it was terribly slowwwwwwww). No pictures of the back latch release or charge contacts.

Is this a new Blackberry design? Is RIM relocating the back latch and battery charge contacts??

Photos look like the Curve/Bold/Tour body style. I don't think RIM would relocate the back latch and charge contacts for this one new 9020 model.

I could be wrong though.....

That is fuckin ugly! It looks like it came from the dollar store. I doubt that this is the final battery cover for the 9020.

I like the leather back of the Bold but I know when something looks ugly to my eye and I am not liking this.

I'd rather they keep it full leather like the bold, or just NOT HAVE IT.

Because the front is already so sexy.

I really hope they are not key sharing on the other side of this picture. If I want a keypad with shared keys, I'd go get the Flip.

I guess I should've watched the vids, 'cause the 9020 I've had the luck of playing with already had this 'leather' battery cover :)

Yuk !!........ That leather back is REALLY UGLY!

Come on BB, you pack all the features everyone wants and then ended up putting the Back cover that is SOOOOOOOOO UGGGLLLLLLLYYYYYYY ....??

You can do better than that (?)...............

I can't wait till Rogers gets these 8310 is dieing quickly and I refuse to update to anything that doesn't have 3G/Wifi/GPS/really great camera.

I can't wait till Rogers gets these 8310 is dieing quickly and I refuse to update to anything that doesn't have 3G/Wifi/GPS/really great camera.

ugh, i loved the onyx till it got the trackpad and now its got the leather back.. im not getting it anymore /: