Now Available for FREE: Download The CB App for the BlackBerry PlayBook!!

Download The CrackBerry App for the BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jun 2011 05:47 pm EDT

Download the Official and Free BlackBerry PlayBook App for!

OK BlackBerry PlayBook owners, it's time to fire up your tablet and head to App World to download The CB App! Our friends at ShaoSoft put this one together for us, and it's a CrackBerry must-have. The CB App takes the best of and puts it into a nice dashboard app that gives you the latest news, forum and video content and gets you to where you want to go quickly.

Features of The CB App include:

  • Integrated blog reader with ability to post comments
  • Built-in video player to keep up to date
  • Scrolling feed of the latest Blac​kBer​ry Play​Book​ discussions from the forums.
  • Quick shortcuts to the most popular features of the CrackBerry website
  • Easy search of CrackBerry's blogs and forums 

It's off to a great start and is only going to get better as we add deeper integration and rollout some additional new features. For the whopping cost of FREE OF CHARGE, this one is a no brainer - EVERY PLAYBOOK OWNER SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Follow the link below or just head to App World and search for crackberry or cb. One of these days I'd sure love to see RIM just let us put the CrackBerry name in App World... but in the meantime, remember, it's THE CB APP. Now go download it and be sure to give it a 5 star rating and positive review!

Download The CB App for the BlackBerry PlayBook for Free

Reader comments

Now Available for FREE: Download The CB App for the BlackBerry PlayBook!!


Was loving it! Till I tried to open a forums link and it left me with a black screen and an almost completely locked up UI. :) (Still could get to power down / reset by holding power button)

Probably nothing to do with the app, seems the latest upgrade brings some headaches with it.

Great job Shao!!!

nice works great, but it would be even better if you could browse crackberry from there and not opening the browser, even if its a browser inside the app it would be cool.

Will download this when i buy my Playbook![- Next month :( -] Will you get a notification if there is a new post ?

and it works nicely here in Holland, which is more than can be said for Blackberry News...

Very well done. Much better than 99.9% of the crap that's in app world now. Just wish we had more quality apps like this. Keep the updates coming!

Downloaded and reviewed, good app, needs the content inside of the app instead of an internal web browser. As I read above in a reply by the developers, it sounds like it is on its way. 4* review, when updated it will be a 5* app.

Thanks Crackberry and ShaoSoft!

I'm waiting for the day that the CrackBerry app comes preinstalled on BlackBerry Phones and tablets.

Fantastic!!!!! Awesome!!!!! Grrrreat!!!!!!! Are you guys Kidding me? its only a Launcher for this website, I don't see anything special. please, Relax. I don't get that excitement

Worth waiting for! Hope you can add the forums to the format. I would be interested to read, if appropriate, what insights the developers gained from this drill, as to the overall Crackberry assessment of the Playbook and the process of developing and submitting the app to RIM for App World approval. Crackberry take a bow!

I am accessing the forums from within the app now. Howdya do that without a update to the app itself? Any way it's way cool and those that complained above can bite it!

this is such a great application. So well thought out in every aspect. The opening splash page is even the same color of yellowish green as the countertop or whatever magical surface you guys usually do your phone reviews on. Really well done, thanks for keeping it free!

Well done! was it built with the Native SDK [beta]? It seems well made, but lacking in some areas. I'd like for it to load the newest or top commented story by default. Also to be able to slide objects in that box at the bottom left. Maybe the ability to sign in or see some bezel-swipe options. You're always saying how it doesn't seem right when there are no swipe options, but there are none on this app.

I still really like it and will more than likely use it vs the browser because of the load improvements.

WOW! Been using for the past day now and i must say this was long needed but so worth the wait. Great app, loads fast and smooth flowing. I love the spinning CB icon when a page is loading really cool. A++

looks good, but your mobile site is awesome. whats the point of this app? just taking space in the phone nothing.

Crackberry on my Playbook now it feels more complete now, LOL....great start more integration and the opening screen announcing like on the videos will be amazing just an idea.....