Now Available... the Definitive BlackBerry Addiction Guide!!!!

Now Available! CRACKBERRY: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2008 02:32 pm EST

Now Available in soft cover from ...

It's finally Here!!! I first dropped word of the "CrackBerry Book" in the blogs back in April and I'm happy to say that CRACKBERRY: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse is now available! You can pick it up in a soft cover from for $15.99, and E-Book versions are also available from BlackBerry Made Simple and From the Press Release:

Martin Trautschold teamed up with co-author Gary Mazo from the BlackBerry Made Simple Guides and with Kevin Michaluk, the founder and community editor of the largest BlackBerry user site -- Some of the book's highlights include:

  • Dozens of user stories that are just too funny or too sad to believe
  • A unique 12 Step approach to curb your BlackBerry use
  • Effective strategies for balancing life and work
  • Tips on some BlackBerry features that can help you maintain a "Life Balance"
  • "BlackBerry Confessions" from the authors and user from
  • The "BlackBerry Quiz" to test your level of addiction

The book is a must-read for all those who use their BlackBerry smartphones just a little too much. According to Michaluk, "The book is part humor, part Freud and part 12-step recovery plan. We wanted to keep the read entertaining and light while at the same time addressing the ever-growing problem of BlackBerry overuse!"

For more information you can view the full Press Release and visit!

And seriously, if you don't know what to buy the BlackBerry Addict in your life this holiday season, this will make the perfect gift! Spread the word :-)

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Now Available... the Definitive BlackBerry Addiction Guide!!!!


Looks awesome! but why would you want to "curb your BB use"??? Try and take mine and you may lose a finger!! >:(


let's just say get your BB use "under healthy control"

so it's you controlling your BlackBerry use and not the other way around...which is what it becomes for most of us Addicts :)

Congrats man, I am definantly going to pick up a copy next paycheque. This seems like a really good read. :)

Congrat's, I will pick this up and give it a read when I get the chance. Good luck with some strong sales over the holiday season!

I need this book! Been waiting for it. Cash is tight right now, but I will find a way to purchase this! Thank you Kevin!!!

I just got a BB 8120 and I can't put it down. As soon as I have some extra cash I will be picking this book up. Can't wait to read it!

Kevin, Gary, Martin - Great Job on the book!

Got it, read it, and can relate to the majority of the stories from answering e-mails while driving to having multiple chargers and cases for my berry.
Also, a person doesn't need to hold my BlackBerry to see it:)

Awesome!!! Glad you enjoyed the read!

Be sure to submit your crazy stories... I have a feeling that this book is going to generate even more tales of use and abuse for the second edition! :-)

OK, putting the book in electronic mode is like having an AA meeting at a bar, isn't it? ;)
Time to download!

Just purchased my copy on Amazon and I'll have it by the weekend. I can't wait to read it, Hopefully the Blackberry made simple book for the Bold will come out soon now!

Great Stuff, Well Done Kevin & guys :)

Will this be available on Amazon UK ? as Std shipping from US to UK takes 18-26 days @ $3 or priority shipping is 2-4 days but its $29.99 :O

Where is the option to purchase the E-BOOK version on

I only see the paperback version.
Please respond.
Thank you.

The version in the ShopCrackBerry Software Store IS the E-Book. We don't have the soft covers in stock yet (on order though).

So from Amazon is soft cover...if you purchase from BlackBerry Made Simple or ShopCrackBerry Software Store it's the E-Book.