Notify Your Contacts About Your Arrival with OnMyWay

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By David Boyd on 23 Mar 2010 09:26 am EDT

OnMyWay is a new free location based application available for the BlackBerry platform by TeleNav. It is a simple notification application designed to assist users keep a person or group of people informed about your ETA to an event or location.

Let's say you are at home, and due at a meeting in an hour. You can open up OnMyWay, input your destination, and select what contacts you want to be notified about your arrival. Once you start your trip, the contacts will be periodically notifed about your ETA to the destination. No longer do you have to worry about calling ahead to let someone know you will be running late to an appointment. Your contacts will be notifed by OnMyWay with a simple text message or email.  

Did I mention that OnMyWay is a free application? It is available from BlackBerry App World and it currently works on all four major U.S. carriers, and supports the following BlackBerry devices: Curve 8310, 8530, 8900/8800, 8820/Bold 9000, 9700/Tour 9630. Also one important thing to note is that standard text messaging and data usage fees apply. Hit the link below to download. Please note: This is currently only working on AT&T devices. 



I can see this being useful, let's give it a try.


Nevermind, not available for S2


says this application is not available on your device or for your carrier..what's the dealio


Same for me, and I'm using a 9700!


App World wont let me download for either tour, verizon or both


App World wont let me download for either tour, verizon or both


App World wont let me download for either tour, verizon or both


This looks like a great app. I do this all the time (send status updates to people I am supposed to meet). This will allow automation and technology to make it a whole lot easier but isn't that what technology and automation is supposed to do.


Great for late night bootycalls... you dont have to ring the doorbell or call the phone


I have Bold 9000. Carrier: Rogers


While I don't personally see any use for this, I must say that they've done a lovely job with the UI, it's simple but it looks really nice.


Assuming this wouldn't work on the 8330 if it is not listed?


Another US-only feature. bleh


OnMyWay is currently available for free in BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry 8310, 8800, 8900, 9000, and 9700 on the AT&T Network. TeleNav states support for the 8530 and 9630 on Sprint and Verizon as well as the 8820 and 9700 on T-Mobile is coming soon.


We know verizon,rogers, Cell south doesn't work... who DOES it work for?


LOL they need to get it on dag gone it... I agree it would be awesome for da bootay calls...


is there a link to download it with out using app world?

i would like to see if i can run it in compatibility mode on my s2


Any possibility it will be made for Storm 2 anytime soon? :)


Nice concept! I've frequently forgotten to call those i'm going to visit and tell them how long i'll be, or have gotten multiple calls ASKING how long i'll be. This should be interesting.


Is 8310 an older model and its supported?


Just tried to download it to my Sprint 9630. The application in App World states not available for my carrier or device! This is inconsistent with the info above. What gives?

Josh K

Through AppWorld with my Sprint Tour


i am in china and my carrier is china mobile
i can't use it ,i have the 8700


Not available for sprint tour?!


So is it going to work for the 8900 with Tmobile anytime soon?


Great application but unfortunatly is not available to canadian carriers. Why canadian carriers always behind? i am really piss!


The app clearly doesnt work on majority of the devices that is claims.


I want it for Argentina!! come on! send us another link to download the app!


App sounds great & want to use it but there seems to be a glick @ the BB app store cuz can't download nor get any reason why for my BB 9000. That's is why I prefer downloads from the CB store over any others.


ANOTHER app that ONLY lets you download via App World. EVERY SINGLE app I run on my device has a simple OTA link from the BB browser. I re-download all of my apps OTA via the browser after installing new OS's. I took the time to download App World for the 30th time, searched for the app, didn't find it anywhere. So I went online and had the link emailed to my phone. Lo and behold, its showing the Sprint Tour 9630 unavailable. Lovely


OK, after the how many times I was able to now download to my BB 9000 and have it set up. 1.1 MB is file size.


You guys saying that it won't work for your sprint, cellular south, and t mobile blackberries it clearly says in the post currently only available for AT&T! Keep reading you will see it.


I tried to download this on my Altel Tour and I got a message saying that my carrier and device did not support it. What's up?


What's up is that it's clearly for AT&T! It's in the post!


was there in the original post thats an edit


I think the article needs to be changed. It clearly states "It is available [...] and it currently works on all four major U.S. carriers, and supports the following BlackBerry devices: Curve 8310, 8530, 8900/8800, 8820/Bold 9000, 9700/Tour 9630. " However two lines later it says it is only available on AT&T which doesn't even offer the Tour...


Same gripe as everyone else.


Can anyone answer WHY something would only work on one carrier's phones? What about the app is dependant upon the carrier?


Why only make it available for a few phones or carriers? Dumb.


only making for available for one carrier is idiotic!


Looks like they finally added support for the rest of the carriers and devices.