Get BlackBerry notifications on your computer thanks to Notify Me for BlackBerry 10

Notify Me for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 6 Sep 2013 02:27 pm EDT

Do you spend a reasonable amount of time at your computer? If so, wouldn't it be handy for your emails, SMS and phone calls to pop up on the PC/Mac where you can then decide if you need to actually pick up and take a look at your BlackBerry? That's just what Notify Me for BlackBerry 10 does and it works a treat. 

I was going to do a video to go along with this post but it would have been so short and boring I decided it wouldn't be great content. Notify Me comes from ShaoSoft so you know your getting a quality application, judging by previous releases. 

The application utilizes Growl for the notifications on the computer. Getting things set up is a piece of cake as the application has full instructions and even links to help you get up and running as soon as possible. The great thing with the Growl notifications is that you have a load of 'theme' options so you can choose what they look like. Then it's just a case of entering your IP Address into the app and off you go. You can even choose which notifications you will get on the computer with toggles for emails, SMS and phone calls. 

There's a test tab in the app which when pressed will give you a pop-up on your computer confirming your BlackBerry 10 device is connected. Then just sit back and wait for some emails or text messages to come in. The non-important ones you can ignore, whilst if they look like they need a response you can pick up your BlackBerry or open up your preferred email application on the computer - clever stuff. 

Notify Me is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and I'm so glad I invested in it. Give it a try and let us know what you think? 

Full features include: 

  • See incoming Email name and subject 
  • See incoming SMS name and full message 
  • See incoming phone calls 
  • Configurable options to disable pop-ups you don't want to see

More information/Download Notify Me for BlackBerry 10

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Get BlackBerry notifications on your computer thanks to Notify Me for BlackBerry 10


This is what I am talking about, ,,,,,, let the media print this, ,,,,, I think we should do the advertising for BlackBerry......what do you think team crackberry?......... this is what we need for hear,,,,,, great apps,,,,,,keep moving BlackBerry, ,,,,,,i think we need for form a special committee to help bb, any takers?

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

Wouldn't hurt and certainly won't step on any toes in the BBRY Marketing area.

Right Frank? Hey you at work today Frank or is your job 'officially' over since the shitload is up for sale?

Posted via CB10

Nokia was doing this back in 2008

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

"I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon
Listen to the bass go BOOM

LOL!!!!!!!! :) I love a little LL Cool J.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

My Z10 does this and more by connecting it to my Windows 7 PC with Bluetooth.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.

I'd like to know how you're doing this as well. Something tells me that there is a program involved on the PC, not something built into Windows 7 itself.

This is mobile computing! Car dealers sale rep should love it. Too bad not many use BlackBerry 10 yet !

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Just lovely see more apps coming to bb no man bb cant be going down i just dont believe with all the good news and apps coming on board i staying.

Had to get this one. Setup is easy enough. Assume this has to be running in active frame, hope that won't be neccessary in the future though. Would also like to see other notifications (twitter etc) included in the future, but for now this works great

I like my Rogers one number...more useful in mu opinion. you don't even need to use your phone...just see and send everything through the computer even incoming and out going calls

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As it says it requires 10.1 and not 10.2 on App World I'd say no. Headless will only be able on 10.2 and if designed (and approved by BB) for it.

Connect your Z10 to your computer via Bluetooth and you can reply to text messages via the computer. I do this with my Z10.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.

If it supported BBM, especially if you could reply from the computer too, I'd be all over this. It would make up for having the Bridge so totally gutted with BB10. I used to use my PlayBook on the charge dock with a bluetooth keyboard so I could avoid dragging my phone out to see if the notification was worth responding to.

Precisely why I'm not jumping on this right away. If it supported BBM and the ability to respond to messages I'd probably get it. Maybe even functionality for your social accounts, too.

9700 > 9900 > Z10

This is the response I was looking for as I feel the same. It's really not built for BlackBerry unless it can integrate BBM.

It's definitely a nice app but I'm getting more and more people using BB10 and BBM as their IM app and with it going cross platform, that numbers just going to increase.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Market numbers.
IOS and Android apps can carry Ads that will generate a lot more revenue than the small BB user base
Ads = free

would be better if it was similar to the pop up notifications on 10.2, so we can also reply to certain notifications... otherwise, dont see a point in paying $2 to be "notified" i mean, with it being connected to the pc already, the red light can tell you to "look here" now, a reply feature would be worth the $2! my 02 cents.

Or you can put your blackberry next to your pc and let it notifies you if there is a call, message, or emails???

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Give Shao sometime to do some upgrades and I'm sure all those features will come. BBRY hasn't even released all the API for the phone. Buy and enjoy. Stop busting balls and watch the growth of BB10.

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Cool we'll give him time and when the app is up to expectations and not just simplistic notifications, most of us will spend the $2 and get the app. Until then, I'll look to my phone that I paid upwards of 6 bills for to do my notifying for me!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

This is a great start, but it needs the ability to add other notifications (BBM, whatsapp etc.) and the ability to reply via PC. I'll plunk my 2-bits down when the upgrade comes. Again, great start and certainly useful for some users!

This is neat, but it's actually what I use my pebble watch for. My phone can stay in my pocket or on my desk and I can see any notifications come in!

You doing that with a BB10 device?  Have been watching pebble for a while, but has been so iOS and Android focused I haven't gone further.

Great idea but I run a three monitor setup: two for my desktop and one for my Z10. Each has their own keyboard and mouse. I'll have to pass on this.


Shao, can you respond on if you plan on building in some sort of reply feature in the near future, if so, I'll buy today!

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Anyone know if this will work on Mac? It clearly says Windows and Linux even though I know growl has a Mac app

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If the developer is able to allow us to be able to respond via desktop to sms I'm in pay double

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My BlackBerry is with me more than my pc. I'm not really sure this would be a useful app, but I'll give it a try.

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The developer of the shaosoft apps does not respond to questions or issues. I have a number of apps from him and had no issues with getting feedback or help but since Crackberry wrote an article on him talking about his commitment to developing apps, it went to his head. I have been trying or 2 weeks to get an issue resolved and he has not responded at all.

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Not the article directly. Come on,use common sense. The article gave him recognition and made him more visible. Visibility means more app purchases which in turn means that he doesn't need to worry about customer service anymore. Marketing 101 buddy.

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if it can be set up to allow reply to messages, bridge v3 and its woeful dropped functionality from v2 just dropped off my horizon. If this guy does develop this to that point, how embarrassing for the development team at Blackberry if a 3rd party does what they can't/won't. Wake up Blackberry, someone just put a fire under your butt, did you even notice?

I'm so glad they have this. I had an app like this for my 9700 and was hoping for something since I upgraded. Awesome!

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BBM just needs to be supported on the desktop. You should be able to login to a webpage like twitter if needed but it should offer desktop notifications and responses. That'd be perfect.

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I really need help with this setting up. I have app and growl on mac. I have a problem with understanding how it works. help me, then bbm me 2AB828F7