NoteSmartly: Create notes with videos, audios & images on your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kerri Neill on 9 Sep 2011 03:46 pm EDT

Recently I was introduced to NoteSmartly for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Think to do list & note pad all rolled into one handy little app with some pretty cool extras. With NoteSmartly you have the option to attach pictures, audio/video clips and more. I am so glad I had this app when I recently dropped off my car to be serviced. I made notes of everything needing to be fixed and snapped a couple of pictures to go with them. Sure enough, when I got the car back several items hadn't been fixed correctly (the man super glued the handle back onto my sun roof shade instead of replacing it!). I opened up NoteSmartly and showed the service manager my notes & pictures...needless to say it's all fixed now and I definitely won't be going back to that dealership again. This is definitely an app to have if you create notes on the go. The additional option of attaching pics, video and such are a fantastic idea.

NoteSmartly Features:

  • Create notes with Images
  • Create notes with Videos
  • Create notes with Audio
  • Create notes with text and custom drawings
  • Create Multipage notes and drawings add images and photos to notes.

Note Smarty also works great for creating multi-task to do lists. You can sort to do lists, set task priorities, mark levels of completion and have different categories.

NoteSmartly is currently available for $3.99 but there is also a NoteSmartly Lite (Free) version available with a few limitations

More information / download NoteSmartly
More information / download NoteSmartly Lite

Reader comments

NoteSmartly: Create notes with videos, audios & images on your BlackBerry PlayBook


The difference is in the price and, most likely, the stability of the app - Evernote is probably way more stable.

Evernote is a disaster on the playbook - cant playback audio files recorded on my 9900. Today I found that I cant save any type of note on the playbook (just get the spinning clock), when it was saving it would take ages. So Notesmartly may be the better app at present. Going to give it a go.

Same thing happened to me timmartin. In one class I took my notes and recorded everything. I was showing off to my friends but when I tried to save the magical spinning wheel appeared and then I lost everything. I didn't try notesmartly in classroom yet, but the ability to save offline is a must. I tested notesmartly for a few minutes and I liked what I saw, I think its a solid app.

I just made 10 notes on NoteSmartly recorded my voice and shot a video .

This app is rock solid and the best available on Playbook. I have deleted evernote from my
playbook since it was very slow and had errors.

Thanks for the great review crackberry, it helped me selecting a great app for my playbook.
Note Smartly - is really smart , it rocks ! very robust app indeed.

Evernote is definately better than note smartly since it allows usage on many devices. In all other
areas, notesmartly scores more than evernote. So if you want to use it on one device notesmartly
is the way to go !