Noted goes on sale for $.99 for the BlackBerry Z3 launch

By Alicia Erlich on 14 May 2014 05:44 am EDT

By now you are all probably familiar with the popular notepad/text editor application Noted and how it is a simple app reminiscent of the memo pad days of legacy devices. For those who want to keep track of all of their notes and to-do's, it stores them in one convenient place. It has come a long way since its initial release as the developer has consistently incorporated suggestions, bug fixes, improvements, and more.

To celebrate the launch of the BlackBerry Z3 this week, as well as the fact that Carterbits has translated this application into Indonesian, Noted will be on sale now through Friday for $.99.

You can find Noted in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 handsets.

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Noted goes on sale for $.99 for the BlackBerry Z3 launch


Noted is just what I was looking for. When I got my Q10 was looking for a memo app similar to the one on BlackBerry Bold 9930, I stopped looking when I found this one. It's a steal for $.99.

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Yes, comparisons would be great to know. I was tempted to go for this, but I think I will stick with Evernote, as I want cross platform compatibility, ability to enter/edit data from desktop/full keyboard.

Great to see quick is still patrolling the posts! Crackberry wouldnt be the same without him. Keep up the good work quicksilver and ignore the trolls most of us here think your ace.

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Does Noted do checklists? I've been trying to find a good app for that, but haven't been having much success.

I've been using Lazy Lists for checklists. One doesn't technically "check " off a list item, but you can either darken it or right-swipe it away. It could be better in a couple areas that I've been meaning to email the Dev about, but it really grew on me.

To MLE724, it sadly doesn't. I'm sure the app developer might eventually introduce that future, but not as of now.

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Try android app COLOR NOTE. It's free, with pasword, calendar, shoping list, auto save, etc.
Never found better.

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Download this. I was looking for a note app as well that mimicked what was on the 9930. I also use evernote. For most stuff but what I needed was a fast way to take notes on the fly with the ability to edit and search quickly. This app is excellent and I'm glad it went on sale so I can grab it. Great job.

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