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Noted goes on sale this weekend only for $0.99

By Alicia Erlich on 21 Sep 2013 04:52 am EDT

As we are all ecstatic over the release of BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iPhone, that level of enthusiasm extends to developers as well. Carterbits is commemorating the launch by placing his popular Noted application on sale for $0.99 for this weekend only. 

This native BlackBerry 10 memo pad application recently earned its Built for BlackBerry designation and is a handy application for keeping track of your daily to-do list. Be sure to check out the full review or discuss in the forums before heading over to BlackBerry World to take advantage of the sale. Noted supports all BlackBerry 10 devices and the developer is an active member of the community if you have any suggestions or issues.

More information/purchase Noted




I live this app.. one of my most used apps, it's well done, simple and the UI is perfect. Its a must have!

Posted via my  Z10 -


Bought this app a while ago and I use it a lot really handy to have.

Posted via CB10

Sayumi Whisp

I love corky notes more :)

But great to see the price drop :)

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Just bought it and will give it a try. Thanks
(I support developers you should too)

Sorry to hear all the bad news yesterday about blackberry and those hard worker bees that will be losing their jobs. It amazes me how those at the top will be paid a fortune when they leave, when all they have done is destroy a company. I don't understand why bad behavior is rewarded. What's the incentive to do well? When you know from the beginning you are going to make millions if all goes wrong. It appears that their incentive was not to do well. Anyone can sit on their hands and not advertise, not put the best specs in their phones and not price it right to sell fast. Just goes to show you how screwed up this world is. When wrong is made right and truth is replaced with lies and greed is made good.

Matthew 6
19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Take care.


P.S. So far I really like this App...



Corky notes is better

Posted via CB10


Thanks everyone who has downloaded my app!

Some highlights are that it has Find within notes, robust Active Frame support, and a password protected Secure category.

There's also a lot of customizations available in settings.

Lastly, the backup feature can be used to backup to Dropbox, read the help file to learn how.

Thanks again!!

Posted via CB10


I was reading the comments to see thoughts of the community on the app. Then I ran into your comment. The community loves the app, and I love that you said "Thanks". Buying the app now, and excited about cloud support. Thanks!


This app is impressive and for a buck it is a steal, I have only had it for ten minutes and can see myself using this app every day with ease and comfort I highly recommend

Posted via my better half ZED


Replaced my Evernote for most things done daily. Backup to cloud secures important stuff. Great dev support. Get it or regret it.

Posted via CB10


On sale for $0.99. Ok so I'm confused. Alicia review way back when said bit was also 99 cents. Help un confuse me so what's the regular price? 99 cents?

Only a fool thinks they know me.


When it launched it had a fraction of its current features. As my first BB10 app, I launched it to test the waters. After a couple hundred downloads, I began adding more and more features and submitted it to the Built for BlackBerry program.

After ramping up the features and achieving BFB status recently, I felt raising the price to $1.99 made sense. Now at least everyone can know my rationale =D

Carterbits is my business, so I have to make sound business decisions to stay afloat. I hope to launch another great app in a few months too. Lid's tight on the idea though, but I think it will have mass appeal.

Posted via CB10


Ok that makes sense. But I wonder why folks or the few seem to say corky notes is better. Hah I have neither. Wish there was comparisons to show the values of each. But since u did respond to my question. Even tho I don't agree that it's a sale price based on initial price and I disagree with apps raising prices. I do believe in supporting developers who actually care and improve products based on feedback. So with that said u will download the app. But rest assured if I dislike it. Hah I will hunt you down and demand a full refund plus penalty payments :). Lol. Cheers

Only a fool thinks they know me.


Love this app. I bought several note apps but Noted works best for me. Noted is simple to use, does everything I want without fuss. Perfect to #KeepMoving. Looking forward to your next app, Carterbits!

CB10, STL100-4,

R Field

Bought it yesterday it's a solid app. I support devs who make quality apps. Please add the ability to import text files though.

CB10 - Z10 -


I just bought this app earlier this week and love it. I especially like the secure section and backing up (restore) from where ever you pick like your media card. Great job!

A Canuck with STL100-3 Z10 a leak :)


Okay, positive comments convinced me - another sale!


I have a naive question. If I purchase more apps( have about 10 now) will I be able to put them on a BlackBerry z 30 if I upgrade...or do I have to purchase them all over again?

Posted via CB10


Your bb10 apps are tied to your BlackBerry id. Both the Z10 and Z30 are bb10 phones.
When you get ready to get rid of your Z10 for the Z30 and sign in with your BlackBerry id your Apps will be there for you at BB World to re-download with no extra cost.

jc dla

Awesome! I was interested in buying this app (even bookmarked it)! now I have no excuse to give it a try lol thanks carterbits!

Posted via CB10

jc dla

btw, I started using this app and it is simply amazing. 10 out of 5 stars!

Posted via CB10



Sure hope that you leave me a review ;-)

Posted via CB10


Bought it. One thing about BlackBerry that still gives me hope amidst the gloom is these apps. I was a Palm Pre owner and when the company was circling the drain there just weren't any apps. Good apps are still being written.

Support the Developers.


Posted via CB10

nicky devriese

thx to all BB10 apps developers out there!!! Will buy it too.
i am still very very very disappointed in Thorsten Heins.


What case is that on the phone in the picture? It looks cool :) can anyone help?

Posted via CB10


Based on the positive reviews I'm trying it out.

Posted via CB10