Noted for BlackBerry 10 updated to v2.0.0.12

By Alicia Erlich on 21 Jul 2013 05:30 am EDT

While there is no shortage of note taking applications available in BlackBerry World, one of my favorites happens to be Noted. As I said in my original review, the developer is open to suggestions and ideas and this latest version does just that. This release, which brings it to v2.0.0.12, presents additional features including the ability to password protect entries as part of the new secure heading. Carterbits made sure to send us a full change log which you can read below.

Updated features

  • Password protected notes in the new "Secure" category
  • Customizable category names (except for Secure)
  • Move notes between categories
  • Quick Inserts: Date, Time, custom strings
  • Eight level undo and redo
  • Find within note

Noted lets me quickly jot down notes with its clean and simple interface. As someone who used to pin post-it notes anywhere and everyone, this application is practical and gets the job done. You can pick it up in BlackBerry World $0.99. Please be aware that these updated features are only available for those running OS 10.1. For those on OS 10.0, you will only be able to download the older version discussed in my review. However, updates are free are free for when you are able to upgrade.

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Reader comments

Noted for BlackBerry 10 updated to v2.0.0.12


Would be nice of the developer released this for free. Like a 2 day period before he switches back to normal pricing.

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Seriously. Why is it that so many people expect everything for free? Get a job, and tell your boss "Paycheck? No thank you, I am one of those who believes things should be free, I don't have to be paid for my effort."

I wish all the lazy, shiftless, good for nothing leeches of society would quit trying to live off the investment of time, energy, effort, and money of others. Get out of my wallet!

Posted via CB10

Dude he just wants a trial, he doesn't care that it would cost something but wanted to give it a try before he buys it, calm down lol

Posted via Z10

DocDRM I totally agree with ya. People spend time and money to develop these apps and all they ask is $.99 cents, my God to you tell the clerk at Starbucks may I have the $7.00 cop of bad coffee for free?

Even better yet, it would be nice if BlackBerry included a proper, full-featured notes app with their OS. This is exactly what should be in BlackBerry 10 natively.

We need a notes app that shares the Remember database. Remember is great for project management, but there's no reason classic notes like in OS7 can't co-exist with it. In Remember I can't filter by title, I can't search (unless I use Universal search), I can't find on page, it's not practical for jotting down quick bits of info like I used to do. I have hundreds of legacy MemoPad notes organized to be used a la OS7...jumping to the correct one to add the e address of a good restaurant in Berlin is now quite a pain.

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Not being able to easily share is so annoying in remember, cause the app is pretty amazing otherwise.

We need share in remember blackberry, share!

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As a Blackberry user I am expected to pay a premium for a App. egg Bloomberg was Free , I said I would pay $2.99 for the App, but it better be a Blackberry App like CB10 app the best BlackBerry App period !!

I tried this at first, but Remember kept setting everything up as a reminder. If it didn't give it a date, every note would show up in my notifications and stay there. Maybe there's a way to stop it from doing that, but I couldn't find it.

That is very helpful to know and I appreciate the response. As you indicated above, exporting notes would be a huge feature, perhaps the most useful--to be able to get the note out of the phone and into other formats/apps. I went ahead and purchased as at that price it makes sense to support developers and a platform that needs all the help it can get. I'll bet we will see exporting before too long!

I work for tips. I usually get more than a dollar tip for a good cocktail. I would risk (especially with a positive review) 99 cents for a Memo App that would password secure my Notes.

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I tried several note apps early on, and Noted is the one I stuck with, even before it got updated with the latest features. It always had the best look and feel, and the developer is continuously updating it with new cool and useful features without forgetting its main purpose. Probably the most used app I've purchased for the Z.

Developer should fix the "Find" feature. It's the main reason I bought this and it doesn't work. I would recommend that either the find feature be fixed or don't advertise this as having a "find" feature since that is misleading.

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The Find feature suffers from a bug in the Cascades 10.1.2xxx (and lower) TextArea control that causes it not to scroll.

Once you've upgraded to OS 10.1.4xxx (aka 10.1 MR) or higher, the Find feature will automatically scroll to the word found.

I found out about this after it released. I'm sorry you're impacted by this bug. I'm in a difficult spot with a feature that suffers due to an operating system bug such that it works for some and not for others. The good news is that once BlackBerry ships 10.1 MR this will work for you.

Thanks for buying my app.

[URL=""]Download [B][COLOR="#b03060"]Noted[/COLOR][/B], a 5-star rated, native BB10 memo pad app.[/URL]

Actually, it looks like the bug in the TextArea control only affects Q10 users, according to all the data I have. I have test results from a number of users and this appears to indeed be the case. I have updated the description in BlackBerry World to indicate the that Find feature only works for the Z10 at the moment.

Really need BlackBerry to step up here =(

Remember integration will be my only reason for purchasing this app. I do not wants my notes scattered in various apps database.

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