Quickly jot down your to do's with Noted for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 1 Jul 2013 04:44 am EDT

When it comes to reminders or leaving notes for myself, I'm the type to grab the first piece of paper within reach. Same applies to BlackBerry applications, as long as it delivers and helps me keep track of various items going on in my life I'm a happy camper. Noted is a simple native note taking application, though the developer is continuously updating with user feedback and suggestions. 

For anyone looking to quickly jot down notes, all that is required is tapping on the new icon at the bottom and entering in the title and details in the box below and pressing save. Notes can be sorted alphabetically, viewed by either the preset categories, or one of your own, edited, and deleted. One of the more recent updates incorporate a forums members request to be able to share notes via one of the native applications (i.e. Email, BBM, WhatsApp, etc). While editing or creating a note, tap on the share icon at the bottom or in the overflow (three dots) menu to display the available options.


  • Native BlackBerry 10 application, built using cascades
  • Swipe to save
  • Note categories: Work, Personal, and Miscellaneous - help you organization your information
  • Share notes over BBM
  • Sorts and groups notes into alphabetical sections
  • Localized into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and French
  • Backup/Restore (OS 10.1 only)
  • Custom Category (OS 10.1 only)
  • Option to open notes in edit mode (OS 10.1 only)
  • Search (OS 10.1 only)

As of now, users are unable to add reminders, send notes to the application itself, or perform a search (if you are on OS 10.0). However, it runs fast, offers the ability to confirm deletion before performing the action, and is a useful alternative to Remember, especially for those of us who miss the simplicity of the memo pad on BBOS devices. In the video above, you'll notice I use my Z10 to demonstrate the application but as newer features were released after the fact for OS 10.1, I did use on my Dev C for the rest.

It may be simple yet Carterbits' willingness to work with customers to improve the overall experience is worth paying the $0.99. Not only is he active in the forums but quickly responds to requests and issues. While features vary depending on the OS version, it is compatible with the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and Q5.

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Quickly jot down your to do's with Noted for BlackBerry 10


Very helpful, just received my Q10, last week on June 24 2013, and does not have the "Search" option in notes,,, but i am about to return my Blackberry q10 out of total disappointment, why on earth would RIM not include" search" in the notes from the " get go", it was there before,!!,,I dislike very much interactive screens and it is why my loyalty to BB which in my opinion had the best business device and now seems to continue in a down spiral, self destruction path,,is 10.1 available to the public now? Many thanks, luis orfilio revuelta mesana

You can search for notes using the search icon on the home screen.

If you swipe to the right on the search page you can filter your search if you want (but I rarely need to) .

Posted via CB10

Thank you, do you or anybody knows when 10.1 will be available?, by the way when I press a phone call number to try to look for a way to text message it, before all one had to do was press the button to the left of the scroll button and the options of call back or text would appear, now it takes more steps and on top of all the icons that appear on my q10 literally are cut in half and cannot be seen completely. I am terribly disappointed with the Q10,, if 10.1 does not fix this, I do not believe RIM will survive this time, and I for one does not want them to fail,,, if they do I am back to the future ,,,,,,,,and an old land line telephone!!

You are correct Alicia, I am in the process of reactivating the old 9900 and ill see if I can return the Q10,, I received the notification for the Q10 for the upgrade to,, and guess what the search option and thenothers you show innyour video are nowhere to be found,,, are you BB developer showing what potentially can be available? I caanot undersatnd why the update,,, nor whatbit improved?,, very frustating,,,,

In the Q10 manual it says in page 32 " what makes my Blackberry 10 device DIFFERENT from other Blackberry devices", first of all it should have said "BETTER", but it would not have been accurate.
Why was the side convenience button taken out
Why can a call not be terminated with a simple push of a button as before?

I continue to listen to people and them, me, because the call cannot be drop quickly , unless the screen is unlocked ( which I and many others have to do so because then just by touching the darn screen inadvertently with your face or fingers, the telephone performs unwanted functions), and the the end call in red on the screen is pushed,,,,
Again RIM, ( Regression in Mind / Motion),, continues,,, but thank younfor your answers

Just downloaded it. So far it's great. Clean lines and easy/quick entry.

I hope the developer adds reminder alarms.

I had the BugMe app with my older BlackBerry and miss it.

This app is worth it

Posted via CB10

Great! Here's something for my to do list! Drop BlackBerry until I get my Bridge back that was taken away! Until then buy anything but BlackBerry!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Good morning Alicia, I recieved a formal notification from AT&T, for the download of 10.1 but still did not have the option to search within "reminder/ notes", any ide why or suggestions as to wat to do??
Many thanks
Luis revuelta