Sharing notes is easy with Note Pad for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 3 May 2013 04:38 am EDT

We don't seem to be short of note taking applications on BlackBerry 10 and I've used a few myself. Note Pad arrived in BlackBerry World a while ago and after using it for a few days I have decided that it may well be my favorite one yet.

There is one thing that sets this apart from the others I've been playing around with and that's its sharing function. Once in a note the 'Share' tab is located at the base of the display and from here you can share with any of the applications you have integrated in your BlackBerry Hub - this I love.

The user interface is kept clean and simple - again, another thing that attracts me to apps like these. You have a white background with black text so it looks tidy. At the base of the screen is the 'Add Note' tab. You are then presented with two fields to complete. The first being the Note Title and then the Note Content. And that's all the app does, but it's great and does just what it says plus more.

Note Pad is free to download so if you have a BlackBerry Z10 I would give it a look. Hopefully Q10 support will follow shortly.

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Sharing notes is easy with Note Pad for BlackBerry 10


So can you make a note and then share it via text or bbm or whatsapp?
If so does the other person have to have the app too?

Posted via CB10

I just tried it, was able to txt, bbm, WhatsApp, and email my note, does NOT require the other person to have note pad. It only sent the txt, no times of when the note was created.

Posted via CB10

Hi, I will add the time to the share option in an upcoming release, thank you for brining it to my attention.

The auto time and date function is great, the one thing I miss on the remember app on my Z10, when writing notes for my daily jobs. However the ever note integration and syncing to my laptop means I will stick with remember, just hoping BlackBerry can add that same auto date and time function on it.

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I have an AutoText assigned to "sd" that inserts the short date when I'm writing down my activities into Remember or other places on my BlackBerry.

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Dont know why the hell blackberry ever got rid of their Note app. The new "Remember" app is just useless

While the share function is nice, it seems that to 'edit' a note you need to click the overflow menu. In other words, when you go into a note, you can't edit it right away which seems too cumbersome.

There is another note app I've been using called Memo Pad. It's almost exactly the same but let's you edit as soon as you go into it. No sharing function though.

I would use this new app if they fixed the editing.

Posted via CB10

Zephyr, I don't see how to share from Memo pad, please enlighten me. (There are two Memo Pads in BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

The Memo Pad I was talking about is done by 'Access Fusion'. It's a nice simple app that opens very quickly. That's important to me because I guess I'm impatient lol.

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Thanks James. What this app will do for me is bridge the copy and paste challenges if been having across bbm, email and text in the hub. Can't seem to get the clipboard to operate 'universally' across apps in the hub.

If I can figure that out or be guided that would be great.

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Thanks BB10dude, I have to get used to trying "Longpress" when I try out new apps. The additional features makes Memo Pad very functional, one of the best for my needs.

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Notepad appears to be an interesting alternative to the BlackBerry 10 Remember which has some significant deficiencies. However, Notepad suffers from similar deficiencies and even less features. Also, the app automatically (but incorrectly) displays the date and time of entries without an option to edit this error. I hope that a future update will correct this issue as well as add some more useful features to make it a better alternative to Remember.

I happen to really love this app. Reminds me of memo pad that I had on my 9900. Simple and easy to use. I much prefer it to the Remember app.

Posted via CB10 using my Z10

Can you EASILY search notes with Note Pad for BlackBerry? The Reminder app is not good at all for this. I imported about 400 notes from my legacy BlackBerry onto my Q10. When I open the list on my Q10, I have to manually scroll through every item just to find the note I'm looking for. Very poor functionality within Remember. Previously (legacy devices), you could simply "search" by typing the subject, and the displayed list would be filtered. Simple.

This seems to a be a huge problem. I cannot believe Blackberry would eliminate a simple function of searching notes. Btw - I am not certain how you imported 400 notes. That too seems challenging with the Q10.

To import I simply backed up my Torch using Desktop manager. Then, restore on my q10 using Link. They were all imported, but pretty much unusable when I can't search for them. This would be like having go scroll through your contact list to find someone rather than search. Very odd.