Not Just BlackBerry Thumb... BlackBerry Body

By Devin Kent on 14 Jul 2008 10:11 am
BlackBerry BodyNearly everyone is aware of the dreaded and painful BlackBerry Thumb, but new research now suggests that the hunched posture of BB users and abusers could lead to BlackBerry Neck, BlackBerry Back, and even BlackBerry Belly. Richard Wells, a kinesiology (human movement) professor, and scientific director Ben Amick are surveying thousands of Canadian workers to determine just how widespread the problem is. Anecdotal evidence is no good, says Wells, but does give them an idea where to look. "We're asking, what is the distribution of muscular-skeletal problems in people who use hand-held devices?" he said, adding that they'll know more in a year. And if you're already experiencing aches and pains, physiotherapist Angela Growse recommends that you simply sit and stand up straight.

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I have BB neck!

I am learning to hold the device up in front of me instead of craning my neck downward. My is so bad I have some nerves that are irritated in my fingers from it.


Come on guy. Step up, take the dose and fire off that next email. As we say in baseball, "Wear It!"


I have tried to hold the device in front of me, although it helps to the neck department, but I ended up hurting my tendon around the shoulder blade. It felt burning so bad, until I had to stop thumbing away with my blackberry.