Northwestel to be the exclusive carrier of the BlackBerry Curve 9350 in Northern Canada

BlackBerry Curve 93xx
By Zach Gilbert on 1 Apr 2012 12:04 pm EDT

As RIM continues the expansion of their BlackBerry 7 portfolio, Northwestel is set to launch the CDMA Curve 9350 to their customers in Nunavut. Northwestel will offer the CDMA BlackBerry 7 curve to over five communities in Northern Canada.

“Northwestel is listening to what residents of the North require in wireless products, and the new BlackBerry Curve 9350 has all the features you’d expect from a BlackBerry smartphone,” said Curtis Shaw, Northwestel’s vice president of marketing.

Now just for a little recap of the Curve 9350. It packs a 5 MP camera, 800 MHz processor, one gigabyte of storage and up to 5.5 hours of talk time. But why stop there, jump on the link below and read the full CrackBerry review of the BlackBerry Curve 9360/9350. Thanks Crazyinuk for the tip!

Read the full CrackBerry review of the BlackBerry Curve 9360/9350

Source: Nunatsiaq Online

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Northwestel to be the exclusive carrier of the BlackBerry Curve 9350 in Northern Canada


Not every phone that BlackBerry puts out HAS to match your needs or wants. That's why they are exculsive with this phone. It matches THEIR needs. Unless you are living in Nunavut I don't think this applies to you.

Great news for 30,000 people that live there and the 5,000 of those people that live in a town with any reception.

I was really phsyched about this release! i can finally move away from my curve 8530 or my tour 9630. of course if our providers would have at least 3g then id love the rest of the BB line. for now ill settle for the 9350. This is actually causing quite a bit of hype considering how many people live in Nunavut lol

Sportin a 9630!!!

I am puzzled by this as well. Bargain basement phones get bargain basement user experiences and may put them off completely from ever owning a decent BB phone in the future. Compared to a 9360 Curve or Torch 9810 - hell, even a first gen 9800 would provide a better experience than this phone. They could have liquidated existing phone stock before making ANOTHER phone. This makes no sense...

You have no such appreciation for the discounted or entry level blackberries or any phone for that matter. Now, say, if you lived in nunuvut or the surrounding towns, you wouldn't be complaining at all. You would be glad you even HAVE a phone to keep in contact with people who mean allot to you.

So if you're just here to try and derail this, it's not going to work.

Listen pal, I own (and use daily) a Blackberry 9810 and I consider it ENTRY LEVEL compared to the other phones out there in the marketplace. The phone that they're pushing is a piece of CRAP and you know it. Sorry to break it to you but it is junk, and you know it. In fact it's embarrassing that you even question this. Shame on you!

Derail the thread, oh please little boy (what are you 10?) - try harder next time. I have been to Nunuvut before - have you? Ya thought probably don't get out of your Mom's basement much as it is. I hate to break it to you but Nunuvut is not as ass backwards as you obviously think/envision. Releasing this POS phone to any new market is a giant step backwards for any carrier and it will NOT sell nor make any potential new customer very happy. Underpowered and under spec'ed, nothing else needs to be said.

9810's are going for $299 outright depending on carrier (no contract, 9360 and 9380's are going for $249 outright - all running OS 7.1. Unless this phone is less than $100 outright then it's not worth the time or money invested to make it in the first place.

In case you haven't heard lately that RIM's taking a shit kicking these days by doing stupid moves like this. Do some homework before you spout off like you know it back to your X-Box you go...

Don't really see your point claiming the 9360 as a better phone, when it has the exact same specs as the 9350...just one is gsm and the other cdma! Really, the 9370 (which I guess you're calling 9380) is barely better, with 1gb of embedded storage compared to the 9350/60's 512mb, plus cdma/gsm world phone capability! Ram, screen size and resolution, and every other spec is exactly the same

Not everyone likes a 160 gms of sliding brick, that needs to pushed open to type anything decently.( I know it has a virtual keypad)
And not everyone needs the features of the 9810 on their phones.

I got troubled by the weight and the bulk of the 9810 and sold it to buy a 9360, coz I keep my phones in my trouser pocket.

As RIM continues to beat a dead horse a carrier in a tiny market nobody cares about, offers it to its customers. RIM needs BB10, and survive until second generation of it, or Q4 results will be the last of its worries.

We are still humans and love our BB. We might be a tiny market but does that mean we dont deserve BB phones?

Sportin a 9630!!!

As odd as this announcement is... there actually is some logic.

Northwestel's handsets are generally supplied by Bell, but Bell is getting out of CDMA completely. Since only two communities in Northwestel's operating area support HSPA, they need a source of CDMA handsets to cover everyone else. Hence the 9350.

It's extremely cool to see my employer get a mention on CB!