North America BIS 2.5 Upgrade Complete: Say Hello to Native HTML Email Viewing (OS 4.5 Required)!

BIS 2.5 HTML Email Viewing on OS4.5
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jun 2008 01:01 pm EDT

RIM completed their upgrades to BIS 2.5 in North America this weekend. If you're not running OS 4.5 on your BlackBerry much of this won't benefit you just yet (have patience, the widespread 4.5 rollout is coming!), but for those of you that are, a whole bunch of new features have just come your way, including HTML Email Viewing!

The image above tells the tale. On your left you have the latest Newsletter when viewed on a non-4.5 equipped BlackBerry (keep in mind we've always had designed it for full html viewing from your PC - full newsletter archive here). On the right we have the newsletter when viewed on a BlackBerry equipped with OS4.5 (beta) now that BIS 2.5 is turned on. As you can see, it's a LOT better. A hugely welcome change and big improvement. Although it does still irk me that the CrackBerry Newsletter looks better when viewed on an iPhone over a BlackBerry (see image). More pixels should solve a lot of this problem... I can't wait for the BlackBerry Bold!

Other BIS 2.5 feature improvements include the ability to download and save audio and video attachments and a whole bunch of other file types as well: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .wpd, .pdf, .zip, .txt, .html. Push email for Hotmail/MSN and AOL accounts is also included in the upgrade. Overall, it's darn sweet. As Bla1ze just mentioned to me in an email, overall email is a lot smoother and it's REALLY nice to be able to receive a video attachment in an email, save it and view it right on the BlackBerry.

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I have 4.5 but its not working.....


resend your service books and do a battery pull for good measure


i am enjoying 4.5.46 on my tmobile curve 8320 but i am not getting the html email as of now. i am using uma at home, this could be the problem. it does seem to be a little faster on the uma for web surfing. i can finally get hotmail on my blackberry. just need my html email.


When I finally have OS 4.5 on my 8130 will not need BBSmart email viewer?


I am on AT&T where can i find a beta copy of 4.5?


What model do you have? I can send you links.


Hey I got a 8310 and was wondering if you can send me the link as well?


Can you send me the link(s) to the 4.5 OS for AT&T, too?

I would love to get the link for the software update. I have an AT&T Curve 8310.


Is there an AntiVirus software available for the BB? With the ability to download these attachments I can see a lot of problems brewing in the future (especially with JDE 4.5 being out)...


I have ATT, 8310, and OS I have pulled battery, resent service books, etc. Not only does it NOT display HTML but I cannot even download and attachments at ALL NOW!! No Word Docs, not PPT, no XLS, no nothing, and it was working fine yesterday.

I am now getting a message that says "Password not supported for this format. Resend?" I resend and says the same thing.

Looks like it not only didn't work properly, but anyone that did in fact download the beta copies of 4.5 might find it will not work at all. That was my fear and it looks like that is now coming true.


Will Empower PRO be useless if BIS 2.5 is FULLY operational?

Angie D300

I have Empower using OS 4.5. I can read HTML with the BIS 2.5 update, but i noticed that there are still some parts of an email that are not readable w/out Empower. For example, i recvd an email that i could read just fine, except for one image part. i hit the menu button, "toggled" to Empower & was able to read it perfectly. BUT, i recvd an email from eBay that looked much better w/out the Empower. So,personally, i like having Empower Pro installed. Either way, if you have OS 4.5 & BIS 2.5, then you will always be able to view HTML email. hopes this helps.


I have an unlocked 8310 from ATT now on Tmobile and I have nothing either, I was just able to setup my hotmail email.


I have 4.5.42 and have resent service books and done a battery pull but still no HTML email.

EDIT - Got it to work. discovered the email i sent as a test was sent as plain text.


how do i resend service books?


Has anybody had any luck receiving their hotmail email yet?


Man I wish they official release 4.5 already.... This update will forever change BlackBerry!


Man I wish they official release 4.5 already.... This update will forever change BlackBerry!


Yes. It works flawlessly. I even created a new Live account just to be sure.

Re: Empower - yes, if you're running 4.5, with the BIS upgrade, you won't need it. Now, you do have to manually get images, which is something Empower does for you. So if you don't mind that, and you don't use any of the other Pro features, then HTML email works just fine without Empower. I'm in limbo because I liked the "add to calendar" option for emails that I get with Empower, so I'm, personally in limbo.


It works for me I resent the service books, pulled the battery and bingo.


What device and OS build are you running?


any one from canada got this to work? specifically Bell?



Yey, i noticed this option earlier today after id been fiddeling around removing/altering o2's default policy they ship on BIS based devices (the thing about no split network pipes).

Fully working html email makes such a difference to the few i get sent to bb, god knows when the eu servers changed over the last few days tho as it only showed after my fiddeling forced me to resend the service books.


I was starting to think I was the only one who got the update-lol


Its not working for me. Tried all the metioned tricks.

For reference sake:
using Gmail


It is not working for Verizon. I am running 4.5.


Can you tell me where to get OS 4.5 for Verizon? I didn't know CDMA had OS 4.5 out yet.



Hi I'm new with the BB and site.

I wanted to know if you got it working on your phone, I'm with Verizon Curve (8330).

If you did get it to work could you let me know where I could get the downlaod, or if you could send it to me.

Thank you for your time



I'm not promoting it and I have NOT used any beta's my hope is that OS4.5 hits in the next couple of weeks and/or the BB Bold hits right after that.


Thanks for posting! We're so glad to hear that! Oh wait....why did you post that?? Durrrrrrrrr


Worked for me... sent all my service books once, did a battery pull and voila! As noted above, old emails do not render email, but the new incoming ones do (including pictures)...

BUT (always a but when its beta)

I cant download attachments :(

TMobile 8320
OS 4.5.46


I got it to work! However, I already had a hotmail account that worked with my bb so I didn't really care about that upgrade all too much.

I have:

I resent service books then did a battery pull.....worked like a charm!


worked for me... resend books and pull and all is good


How can I download thhe OS 4.5 Beta? I've got the 2.5 BIS and still have the standard 4.2 on my AT&T 8300. Someone please point me in the right direction.


Know how I can pm you? Newbie here, but have something you want......


Hi Brien,
I'm a newbie here too and saw your post. I can not get the OS4.5 nowhere..can you help.

Much appreciated!



First post on here...updated to os for 8100 last night, and updated bis just now. AWESOME to have free html email viewing...finally...i was running out of free trials! =)


I just got it to work on AT&T. OS 4.5, resend service books, device reset and you are good to go.


I havent received the update. My 8330 is still 4.3


is very funny how this feature is here now and i do not feel like a kid with a new toy, i guess having empower for so long took that away, oh well at least i can see videos in my emails.


I just set up my hotmail account on my 8300. I sent myself a testing email, received it almost instantly, read it, and only deleted from the hand held. Checked online and when i logged into my hotmail the email was shown as read. Gmail needs to follow suit on this one.


Ecuador reporting here.
BIS 2.5 working perfectly.
Running BB OS Blackberry Pearl 8100
Uninstall BB Smart view. HTML email looking good with BIS 2.5

Louis Russell

Anyone tried it in the UK and found it to work?
I have a 8800 and am contemplating updating to OS 4.5 Beta.

Just wondered if anyone has had any problems or found that this works on UK Networks. I'm on Orange.



I am running 4.5 but don't know where to get BIS 2.5.
Can someone add a link (Curve 8320, T-Mobile)


I have 4.5 on my 8830 and i've seeen no html email. help


hey does any one know where i cant get the os 4.5 for att or beta pm me


hey does any one know where i cant get the os 4.5 for att or beta pm me


hey does any one know where i cant get the os 4.5 for att or beta pm me


just to let every one know, I updated my curve 8310 to OS4.5 from the link on crackberry a few weeks ago, and I am now receving HTML emails for free instead of buying Empower or BBsmart. I also now have video camera function!! I dont mean to show off, but I thought some of you might wanna know


Sorry, an Im in England, on vodafone contract


How do I get this to work on my Curve?


Can someone send the link for at&t 8310 OS 4.5. Much appreciated.


Reporting from México, everything is OK, HTML email, Hotmail account, downloading attachments, but anyone knows where i can get Live MSN? i go to but it says my device is not supported.


Hi im from sinaloa, can you help me with the html mail? i can`t see images but i can see the links in html format.


Hello I have a tmobile 8800 running OS any one have feed back on 4.5 working for them? Frankly I'd rather not waste my time or deal with any problems if there are issues and the real version is comming soon...let's me know thanks


As suggested, resent service books, pulled the battery and voila - HTML mail!

Me so happy!

Louis Russell

Hi Guys,

Dunno if anyone can help me out.
I have updated my 8800 to 4.5 but it keeps crashing my phone when I lock it or leave it alone for too long.

Anyone got any suggestions before I try to rollback to my previous OS?


How do i resend the service books?


login to ur service provider, go to email settings and then click on send service books.


How do i resend the service books?


Thanks for the info fathi


Just tested out 2.5 with OS 4.5 and I am receiving HTML emails just fine. Resend the service books and do a reset :)


Does anyone know how to make it default to download all images?

Louis Russell

In Messages, Select Options, Select E-mail Settings, there is an option for "Downloading Images Automatically"

This should do it..


Running BB OS Alltel Blackberry 8830

How do I turn on BIS 2.5?

I have Empower Pro but can not find it after installing 4.5.
It says it is loaded in the apps loader and in my Applications list but when I have an email open and go to the menu, Empower options is no longer listed.
I have an email from Direct tv that is nothing but links


so my Hotmail used to take 5-20 or more minutes to arrive, but I just sent myself one from my work address and it showed up in about 20 seconds. Awesome!!

Louis Russell

Didn't get any help here so I thought I would help anyone who still needs help with this.

If your Blackberry (mine is an 8800) keeps freezing after installing OS 4.5 then the problem will be with your Media Card.

You will need to back up your media card, remove everything from it, insert it into your blackberry, format it from the Advanced options/Media Card/Format Media Card menu option. then copy everything back across to the media card using Blackberry desktop manager.

Hope this helps you All!

P.S. I am using a Blackberry 8800 on Orange in the UK and it is working wonderfully!


I have seen many posts requesting links to the download s although I have not seen the link yet...Anyone going to share ??????


Ooooops I meant BIS 2.5...Want image automatic download on a 9530 w/verizon...Service petty much sucks..Do we REALLY need all the HELP these companies force on us like when using GPS we need to agree to 3 items before we get to use it?? I , for one, am pretty fed up with all the improvements which have actually REMOVED functionality we used to have w/o hassle..PLEASE ,,,NO MORE HELP...Just give us what you promised!!!Stop saying " it's for your own good" sickening...