North America and LATAM BlackBerry services experiencing an outage [UPDATED]

By Bla1ze on 22 Sep 2012 07:53 pm EDT
BlackBerry Outage

*UPDATE* - This issue is now marked as resoved, if you had problems it is just a matter of getting the backlog of messages delivered right nowbut otherwise, service have returned to normal.

Looks as though some North American and LATAM BlackBerry users are experiencing an outage. It's not affecting all carriers but folks may experience delays in sending or receiving messages or in using services such as BlackBerry Messenger:

BlackBerry Services (Roaming Relay)

  • Impact: Some US and LATAM users
  • Some users may experience delays when using services such as emails, BBM and Browsing.

Unable to update BBM Avatars

  • Impact: US and LATAM users
  • Some users may be unable to update BlackBerry Messenger avatars. 

BIS Email

  • Impact: Canada and LATAM 
  • Some users in Canada and LATAM may experience a delay in sending/receiving email, viewing email attachments, activating email service, or requesting "More" in an email. Wireless service providers and device resellers may experience delays in creating @BlackBerry (carrier-provided) email accounts, integrating third-party email accounts, or provisioning services for these accounts.

As of right now, RIM is aware of the issue and is working to resolve the situation as soon as possible. We'll update everyone when we hear it has been resolved. The estimated amount of people affected is relatively small, sitting at only 6.25% of users.

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North America and LATAM BlackBerry services experiencing an outage [UPDATED]


Either not many people are being affected or nobody cares anymore. In the past there would have been 100s of comments by now.

Yeah, we care, we've just given up. It such a f'in lost cause, love all of the great OS10 promos, I'll bet my last $ it never happens in any significant way. Just bury it already, it is so tiring. Another outage, and 10 million iPhones sold. Say what you will, at least it works, and I'm getting real tired of the BS, and the posters who make endless excuses for the rocket scientists in Canada. Jerk off's.

I understand that bis and bes make Rim very secure. But come on if you can't keep it running with out all these outages, its not going to make customers want to stay or come back to Rim and bbs. Heres hoping the new servers for bb10 and incorporation of active synk will fix this issue. It seems to me like they are changing over servers or getting ready for bb10, as its looking like rolling outages.

"If you can't keep it running with all of these outages". - Really? You must write for iBGR. Talk about sensationalism or over dramatic. They have a few minor outages in a year and suddenly their service is always down. Has anyone considered this could be due to server upgrades in prepararion of BB10?

They should have NO minor outages per year. And if it is for maintenance like you say it is, it should be scheduled maintenance in the middle of the night.

The blackberry 10 operating system has nothing to do with RIMs servers or service going down as far as I know. That goes without saying Blackberry 7 has nothing to do with it as well.

This explains the problems I have had today. Things worked well till early afternoon, when I noticed no additional messages on Saturday...I am in IT and this is not the norm for me. I am AT& appears to be recovering though.

The nobody cares remark is because so many people have moved on and accepted less in the move(IMO). My BES server is down to less than 10 users while another product that handles Android and iOS has 90 users. Our company size is 225.

I haven't had any issues. AT&T in NY.

All I am saying is the last time an outage occurred was right around the iPhone 4S launch. Now this one right on the heels of the iPhone 5 launch. I smell a little conspiracy :P

They're playing TAPS for RIM here in Canada. Blackberry service is spotty at best. Can't the company do anything right?

Experienced issues with BBM early this afternoon in Boston. T-mobile carrier. Seem to be semi restoring but I'm in the Springfield area now (hour and a half west from Boston).

Here in Nashville. Some of my BBM contacts where asking me why I was not showing a delivered reciept when they were BBMing me. I also manage my company's BES infra. Got alerts from the outage notification.

I'm a hard core RIM fan. As another memeber noted, nothing is 100% full proof. However, this is NOT looking good for RIM. I love the BIS infra. If RIM cannot provide a sense of stability, no matter how kick ass BB10 is, who will care? Well except for us CrackBerry folks ;).

Since you weren't personally effected it should be taken down. right. Typical California attitude thinking you are the whole world, or the world revolves around you.

I've had data connection problems for my SMS twice in the last year or so on Rogers. (Not RIM or BBM related). But each time it took a day or so to resolve.

It was annoying, but like someone said above, it's not perfect.

On another note, I was hearing that the outages are being caused by an upgrade to their servers. Where the upgrade is to handle the new BB10 infrastructure. If that is the case, cut them some slack. The last time you did a Windows Update you had to restart your computer as well. The difference is that restarting a huge string of server is probably a lot lengthier than restarting your own person computer.
They definitely could have handled it better by sending out announcements saying users may experience intermittent service in the next day or so due to upgrades.

There is just nothing like believing your own BS. Resetting the servers for think OS10 is remotely close. I have a bridge to sell you.

I'm surprised Geller and his cronies over at iBGR didn't jump all over this.. I can see it now .. "More MAJOR outages by RIM across the globe is a clear sign of their impending demise......" smh

I smell conspiracy, whenever RIM schedule to announce something new in innovations and their status of development of the new BlackBerry 10 platform there always an outage somewhere else. This is purely dirty tricks of marketing, so that consumers will think of abandoning our beloved BlackBerry :-( I'm hoping BB10 will pull the trigger once more. Go RIM!

If Siri tanks, you can usually still send/receive e-mail and use iMessage.

You can't even compare the two.

And iMessage didn't go down earlier in the week (for who knows how long) and yet people didn't whine and complain about it like they do anytime BB service goes down and there certainly wasn't the negative media coverage as there is with ANY BB service outage.

Using Verizon in Ohio here.

I'm able to send mail and send/receieve texts but I've not received any emails since last night.

Anybody else experiencing this?

Thanks for any help.

It's inevitable that services will go down so the concern should be how quickly they get resolved.

I have a text (SMS) that has been waiting to be sent for 2 hours. It's being sent to my step-daughter who has an iPhone but is also with Rogers. Haven't tried BBM.

My problems have been resolved now. I think mine was a Rogers problem as I had a devil of a time staying connected to the mobile network. I'd select "on" and it would flutter for a moment then it would be off! Now it's staying "on" and I've received some texts.

There was also an outage here in Europe that affected Vodafone customers. It was reported across the mass media, mainly because it coincided with the iPhone 5 launch. I also noted that there were some comments on Twitter and Facebook praising Apple and slamming RIM.
A simple search revealed that Apple has experienced shutdowns to both their iCloud email and iMessage services WITHIN THE PAST 2 WEEKS.

I´m experiencing a weird trouble. My Bold 9900 is not receiving bbm messages.
It receives and sends emails and sends bbms...
My carrier is Vivo Brasil.
There´s no support from Blackberry Brasil, unfortunately