Nope, Drake is not in conversations with BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2014 07:39 pm EDT

Just a little update to the story from Techcrunch we ran earlier about Drake possibly teaming up with BlackBerry. BlackBerry has confirmed they are not in conversations with Drake. To that, I say maybe they should be. Given how fast the news spread and the reception from the rumor, it still seems like a pretty fantastic idea. Someone should get @Drake on the line and see what happens.

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Nope, Drake is not in conversations with BlackBerry


Well, if people will go and shell out $299 for crappy-sounding Beats headphones just because athletes and musicians use them I have no problem having Drake being affiliated with BlackBerry. If it will get more people to hear about or generate more interest in BlackBerry that would be fine with me.

Lovin' BB10!

Thank god. We don't need his face representing blackberry. Thats not the image that needs to be portrayed.

Oh, Please tell us the message that Drake will portray and then the message that needs to be portrayed.

Settle down Nemzy. The "famous musician" angle failed once with Alecia. Why go down that road again?

Why not? Unless you believe it failed the first time because she was a musician and no other factors.

How about spending their money on something like marketing all the great things Bb10 does that other phones don't. That might be a start. I havnt seen one Ad that shows the features of BB10.

Yes I guess they could but I also don't see having a brand ambassador harming the brand and also being so costly. BlackBerry's are intended for Everyone, not just business people. The idea is that, celebrities already have a following so if you can get them to endorse the brand, a percentage of their following can adopt it. Drake has millions of fans (More than 5 million followers on instagram alone). Each post of a BlackBerry is a mini BlackBerry Ad for these people which can go a long way in sustaining and growing the consumer market whilst BlackBerry focus their other efforts on enterprise.

Forget Drake and Lady Gaga and Coolio...stay the course...

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So this male prostitute looking guy - should make me wet and run to shop to spend 600$ on new business phone? That's what u r saying?

Nope. Drake wouldn't be brought in to get YOU to buy a phone. There are millions of other normal people that follow him so they are the target. We don't really care what you do :)

Glad I could make your day :) . I don't really understand what you said but if you're asking if I'm a drake fan, no I'm not. I was suggesting that you are clearly weird giving that you felt you needed someone to make you wet before you got a device. That's not normal lol

And guess what... Bieber has about 50milions followers on twitter only.

This is really pathetic. Hopefully BBry has some dignity left. If not, Bieber is a way better choice - his publicity is not even challenged here.

I just don't get your point. Are you suggesting Justin Beiber is a better brand ambassador than Drake? Ok if you think so. I think majority of Beibers fans are early teenage girls though and he just has so many people that don't like him.

If we go as low - in both case scenarios... Biber has a way better publicity at first. Has way more ACTIVE followers. Does not look like a rainbow lover.
Both of them don't have a CLASS - at all.
Quite pointless discussion...

Erm no. Justin Beiber does not have good publicity. He's reckless and always find himself in predicaments that make people dislike him. Drake on the other hand, does not have near as bad publicity. I didn't really know that you had to have class before you bought a Blackberry device. You must be so classy..

That should not be your concern. Don't u think?
As I said before... pointless discussion.
Don't u agree?
I was only trying to say...
I am glad this male prostitute looking guy is not a BBry face :)
And... after all it does not make any difference if u agree or not , as u have (hopefully) your own mind and opinion (that for sure).
Have a nice day.

Definitely, I don't have to agree with you and I don't. I don't think it is a pointless discussion, I just think you are unable to address the points I have brought up. Anyways, Have an amazing day!

I just don't understand what your point is. Please spell it out for me.

P.S the Forbes chart you posted up is ranked subjectively and also ranked based on pay and net worth which is very irrelevant in this discussion. Glad you've taken time out to do some research though.

Welll... I have to repeat myself then - your Drake means not much outside Canada and maybe US. His global "selling value" is like NOTHING comparing to Bieber.

Oh sorry. I didn't know you represented everyone outside Canada and the US. I am not debating on who is a better brand ambassador between Drake and Beiber. There was talk about drake being a brand ambassador and I don't think it is a bad idea at all. If you do then sorry :)

Wow! This is really far to the right.

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Oh god that'll be the end of BlackBerry for me for sure if they get Bieber. From his hometown the kids a joke just recently he came back for a visit and got kicked and banned from his hometown Walmart for taking food out of packages throwing it on floor. And this was after his deposition video. Are you a belieber cuz I sure ain't

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@CarronA......Bieber would be better at marketing BlackBerry despite behaving like a complete moron.
He is internationally recognized & Drake is known by a few Canadians & maybe 3 Americans.
At this point does BlackBerry really care who buys their phones.......the 100 million teenage girls who will go crazy to buy what Justin uses, especially if they see him doing something cool with a BlackBerry device.......or the 55 people in N.America that know who Drake is????

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You are exaggerating how popular Beiber is and also exaggerating how unpopular Drake is. 100 million girl? Lets get real. Maybe you don't know drake but other people do.

That is what I have to agree on. Bieber has publicity and that is all what counts here. Whatever he does he is EVERYWHERE - good bad, what difference does it make?. BBRY logo would be shown with him all the time. People love bad asses :) and hate them too. That's a life. But they will see BBRY logo everywhere. That's priceless for almost forgotten brand.

PS - don't give a dam if he has class or not. Was just having fun :)

I agree. I think signing any celebrity at this point is a poor move and would only turn out like the HTC-Robert Downey Jr partnership.

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Only difference is the fact that Drake would make a good ambassador because he's used a Blackberry. A Blackberry Ambassador from a true user. What else could be better for the public? It's like "Real Recognize Real." people aren't that dumb.

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Why not?
Like the Alicia Keys idea was so great, or how about the turning down of , then not famous, Justin Bieber? Imagine if all those creepy Beliebers bought a BlackBerry just because Beebs has one? A device in the hands of celebs does more then you might think. And even me hating Drakes music (the genre in general) Id still do it if I was BlackBerry. Now we know Obama has one, but what youths relate to Obama? None. You need a (or more) artist who carry the brand to the next generation of users. When Drake starts using it pro active, the whole scene could follow and so will his fans. People want to relate to their idols and this is a great way to do it. Toss him a Q10, Z30, 2 Porsche designs and make a deal the showcase in his clips, interviews, give him a damn BBM channel you name it.

I think Drake would be great to help gain ground with the North American consumer base. I think John Chen is doing a fantastic job with precision focus on enterprise, and with the Amazon partnership of the app store, Drake can be working on a market Cheb is not not aiming at (bonus).

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Or it is just the regular ploy. Don't say it is happening until it is finalized. That way you don't look bad if it falls apart. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Seriously though, BlackBerry is giving up on having their own ecosystem. What would be the point of having a musician being an ambassador to a brand that just shut the doors on their music and video stores, and killed off their newsstand app a few months back?

BlackBerry relying on 3rd parties for all apps and services is going to make it hard for them to meet their goal of selling 10 million phones per year. Or, if they do catch on again and start selling 10s of millions of phones per year, then they are even further behind in offering compelling services to make customers stay in their ecosystem.

They aren't relying on 3rd parties for "all apps and services". BlackBerry World will remain. Native apps will still be written.

Remember that BB is still pushing for the Enterprise market and you know what? You can't install Android apps on a BB10 "work" phone. They aren't allowed. So any app vendor who wants to reach that Enterprise market will still have to write native apps.

What do you mean "you can't install Android apps on a BB10 "work" phone"? Why not? We can load anything we want on our "work"phones. I guess you can set the policy to prevent it, but why would you? Unless you're working in a highly regulated industry, I'd think most corporate users have pretty flexible policies...but obviously I could be wrong.

Time to make this happen BlackBerry, he's been using BlackBerry for the longest time. All the way from the infamous freestyle he did in 09' where he was scrolling thru a bold phone (I think that's the model) all the way till recent. Time to teeeeaaaaaaaam UP!

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Anything that helps BlackBerry sell is great and he sells albums. Am just glad he wasn't the solution that I'd find myself supporting because he's just not any good. Love that he got his hiney kicked by Common lol.

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Good. Never heard of him and for what JC is doing they do not need someone in that role.

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Correct. They shouldn't need a musician to be an ambassador. IMO pointing out that Iphone is girly and how stupid it looks that everyone is carrying the same phone (different case) then maybe it will hurt some feelings or make some dudes grow a pair.

Too soon or too late?

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If everybody carried around a BlackBerry with different cases, would we be having this conversation??

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I figured this rumor was just that. However, this rumor should get someone at BlackBerry looking to actually make it happen. If not, why not? Drake actually uses a BlackBerry, so it won't be another Alicia Keys type deal. Moreover, he is Canadian, and he is surprisingly popular. It definitely wouldn't hurt.

Not only that, as the ambassador for the Raptors, who have heavy BlackBerry promo, it would be a great tie in... hell, let's make the Raptors part of it!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

They should do multiple signings. I get that Drake may not be the image for the return of the enterprise BlackBerry but he's ideal for for adding a cool factor. He'll probably even sing about BlackBerry and bbm in some of his platinum selling singles that beats the urban n pop airwaves. Drake is currently doing a good job ad one of the few (if not the only) non-athlete(s) promoting the Jordan Brand.

Back to the multiple signings; to add balance they should also do a corporate image type signing that would appeal to that segment of the market. Example Goldman Sachs chooses BlackBerry 10 or PwC or Ernst & Young chooses BlackBerry 10. Offer free or reduced BES 12 services for a specified period, free devices, and something monetary. We already got the Mercedes Petronas team on board. Did somebody say Usain Bolt......

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How could I forget about associating the BlackBerry image with the living legend and successful businessman Michael Jordan. Classic Jordan still sells... and he's an ideal face and appropriate signing for the launch of the BlackBerry Classic.

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BlackBerry give this guy a GO* DA* call! Make it happen there are reasons some things are reported rumors or not. This rumor so to speak is like a big flashing billboard right in front of ur faces, as the previous op said some one had better look into this ASAP and see what brought this to light.

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I laughed when he became whatever his title is for the Raptors. Seemed like a pretty meaningless gimmick. But it worked! That OVO night midseason was huge and the shirts from that are being resold for a profit. When American media covered the playoffs they often showed him on the sidelines (including vigorously lint-rolling his pants). As far as I can tell, pretty much all he does is lend his name and show that he is passionate about the Raptors along with some occasional marketing things. So if he were signed on to BlackBerry I would be excited at the potential even though I have no interest whatsoever in his music or his brand.

However a mobile phone does not generate the hype an NBA team does so all that media coverage would not exist for BBRY. Actually that was a pointless comparison and an ambassador brings no real value without a full bore marketing team backing it.

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Drake also has a very popular "OVO" black/gold Nike sneaker out so he is proving he can sell something other than music. He IS also Canadian so why not BlackBerry?

Lovin' BB10!

HEY Bla1ze, why wait for BlackBerry to take the lead? Flex that new muscle and let's get him as the CrackBerry Brand Ambassador.

Old fuddy duddy, former CrackBerry EIC CBK would never do something so Bold. It takes someone with a brand new Passport to make a road trip, through the Storm of an uncertain future, to keep the Torch burning. It would be the "all-new" Classic CrackBerry thing to do. I vote for Blaize!

May be Drake is talking to BlackBerry, not the other way around. Hahaha

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Go, get drake! He's not just an ambassador, he's a BlackBerry customer like the rest of us. Therefore, he'll be credible and will speak the same language as us.

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At least we KNOW he uses a BlackBerry, unlike Alicia Keys, who often posted her stuff online with an iPhone...

Lovin' BB10!

Drake would be a real PLUS... I wish BlackBerry could do something about it!

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Sure, get him in there.
While we're at it, let's call it the 'Cool Belt'. ;)


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I think Deadmau5 would be a better Canadian artist to be the Ambassador of BlackBerry.......he's actually cool and a techy

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New rumor: Donald Trump will be the new BlackBerry Ambassador. Chen, in an attempt to further appeal to business users, has initiated talks with the real estate tycoon.

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Not a big fan of Drake, but this would be fantastic.

I wondered why they went for Alicia Keys who is an American (although very very successful) as opposed to a local talent. Drake right now is what's hot (he's been big since 08'). Not to mention that se's global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors and played a part in development of the "We The North" campaign... a campaign that probably resulted in millions of dollars coming into MLSE.

Why wouldnt they try to get a Canadian talent that's a global superstar and one that constantly reps Canada?

Good thing it isn't happening. His "music" (if you can call that music) is absolute crap. If BlackBerry is going to have an ambassador, it's got to be someone with talent and something worth standing for, not someone who can come up with mainstream catchy rhymes and verses ending with the n word. BlackBerry users are more than that and he doesn't represent the brand at all. Although, his support is always appreciated, it helps getting BlackBerry's name out there

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Has to be they're waiting for launch.

This could be the greatest thing for this company. He will sell millions to the consumer side.

He has the largest number of social convos across Twitter, FB, blogs and forums. Drake ranks first with 46.2 mill, double the total of runner up Kanye West. He outdoes Jay - Z too.

He has a net worth of $40 million. Drake's OVO Fest returns to Toronto (Molson Amphitheater) for its 5th year on August 3-4, 2014. This year's event will feature OutKast as a headliner plus many more special guests.

Do this BlackBerry. Will be biggest investment you could make. BlackBerry will be singing his lyrics, "Started from the we're here.."

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They should be? 90% Don't know who he is, and rapper has nothing to do with enterprise.

And I am glad they are not looking for another celebrity nonsense creative director.

I don't think BlackBerry should have some ambassador for consumer marketing. They need to stand on their own two feet. If they attached them self to some celebrity and that celebrity happens to have a bad night or a run in with the law then It also reflects on blackberry. Perhaps a commercial or two but thats all it should be.

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They got 3B ways to get anyone decent. Kanye West has a BlackBerry n mentions his in his song. "As I turn my BlackBerry off"

Honestly Drake or any other celebrity that do not have a hot album or movie or something that is relevant when the BlackBerry promotions are done will be doomed to failure.......again.
Alicia Keys is a legendary singer that has many top 10s & sold out shows all over the the time of BB10 launch she had not put out a album or had a top 10 hit in a few years.

If BlackBerry wants to avoid this failure again they must chose a celebrity that has the ears or eyes of a large cross section of consumers.........and this has to be a world wide recognized figure.

Drake is Canadian so Canadians know him & also a rapper so unless you are into rap you might not know for the raptors, who cares if you live in Índia or Italy????
Think global & think artist of the moment

Too bad BlackBerry could never afford me.........

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Nope it does not seem like a fantastic idea. BB audience is not interested in Drake tweeting from his latest brawl in a strip club. Maybe TMZ material, but not for the "regulated industries".

People complaining about Drake doesn't fit blackberry image, news flash blackberry doesn't have an image, right now it's just drinking it's on kool aid, living in the past. They have arguable the best phone out and yet it who even knows what a z30 is outside of blackberry loyalist.

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Never heard of Drake.

What about Obama? Bieber? Tupac? Or what about a bunch of movie celebrities at their peak?

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Just because you old farts don't know who he is just proves why the BlackBerry crowd is out of touch.

Remember when the USA made this company millions? Not Canadians, but Americans.

Every college kid on any USA campus knows who he is. Hip hop community has a lot of power. Beats by Dre... miserable venture right? Why do you think every 18-25 has a pair? They aren't sporting Bose headphones even though beats by Dre cost just as much.

Alicia Keys is washed up and didn't even use the phone. Drake does.

Poetry in Motion

Useless comment!

Let's look at this in context shall we?! Bloomberg has a specific article that of all musicians, Hip Hop Artists are the most reflective of having entrepreneur skills and business like mindsets. 10 yrs ago wall street traders would drive to work listening to gangster rap because e it somehow personified ruthlessness as how they are on the trade floor.

That same simple mindset was first reflected in the neighborhood going down because of original rock and roll or James Browns Rock N Roll was ruining the church folks families. Jazz same thing. Before Rock, R&B the old would say it's making ppl have sex. Shall I continue to draw direct linear common thought processes you've displayed?!

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Unfortunately this group predominately voted for this admin.

I've stayed at the best hotels when some of these so called artists were there with their enterouge and fans and boy I have seen the arrogance loud raucous like no other...

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Sometimes being seen using a product sends a more powerful message than having the celeb peddle it on some infomercial.

Drake being a known BlackBerry user already speaks volumes about the brand.

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Not a great idea, they should focus on business users and not spend money on another "Alicia" case.


Drake honestly would be good, only if BlackBerry intends to give it another go at the consumer market.

I doubt their "core" customers would care.

They'd have to give it 100% at marketing, but given the two new phones announced, it seems like they really are focused on enterprise - which I think is good.

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It would be sweet deal if he was the raptors and BlackBerry ambassador, double Canadian whammy. And raptors already promote BlackBerry

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Thank goodness. All we didn't need was a male version of Alicia Keys as spokesperson. Richard Branson would be an icon.

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Drake is just a male version of Alicia Keys. She did nothing for the big Z10 launched. BlackBerry consumers market is dwindling. The enterprise is the main focus and could not use his influence. Why waste unnecessary money? The marketing is better focus on regional market such as Indonesia and India on the Z3 launch. The face of Drake on BlackBerry is not going to gain that much sale in North America especially in US where most carriers don't even bother selling BlackBerry phones. Any feel good sentiment associated with celebrity by those of us who already own BlackBerry devices is just superficial at best. No financial benefit for BlackBerry.

Just from personal experience living here in the good ol' US of A, I can say Drake is HUGE over here!!! North American market share is exactly what Drake would bring back for our beloved BlackBerry...helping to restore the "cool factor" to BlackBerry is what he would bring to the table. Then factor in that he's a Toronto native and HE ACTUALLY WRITES SONGS ON HIS BLACKBERRY and signing up Drizzy should be a Marketing: 101 class taught a The University of Waterloo!!!! Make it happen JC!!! Use your Yoda Jedi-Powers and sign him up!! ("These ARE the phones your looking for")

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!

Indecently, calling Drake the male version of Alicia Keys is by far a terrible comparison. No disrespect to Ms. Keys because I personally think she has an absolutely amazing voice but aside from her comeback three years ago she hasn't been relevant or popular with the under-40 crowd in over a decade. Drake is hot NOW. Like right now. Not trying to stage a comeback in the twilight years of his career hasn't had an album not go platinum since he came up hot! Big f'n difference. Sign him up!!!!

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That would be a Thorsten move...
They don't care about consumers, they're targeting enterprises. You don't seduce them with a rapper....

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Agreed - I think the message is that they are not going after the iPhone/HTC/Samsung consumer market in the same way at the moment, rather building the enterprise base. Advertise security, productivity and Amazon apps to appeal to those users. Once that picks up then by all means get celebrity endorsements.

Who is Drake? And why should I care? He sounds like just another rapper with too much money and ego.

Would have been hilarious. Drake - "Started from bottom now we're here". Lol

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No thanks! We all remembered how that worked out the last time!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

YES.... Laura Pausini of Italy (in either English or Italian)... "I surrender"..... Then DRAKE, and then of course Rihanna.....

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In blackberry blog they feature Arianna Huffington(AOL and The Huffington Post). The woman uses 4 BBs! Since BlackBerry is now focusing in enterprise solution she is a very good example for that.

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