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By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2012 03:36 pm EDT

RIM has kicked off the beginning phase of the BlackBerry Developer Community Awards. The awards will be handed out to the best developers across a variety of categories. From now until September 16th, you can nominate one per category either through the online form or on Twitter (send a tweet that mentions @BlackBerryDev, the #BBDevAwards hashtag, and the category). After that the finalists will be announced and ultimately the awards will be handed out during BlackBerry Jam at the end of the month. The categories are:

  • Must-Follow BlackBerry Developer on Twitter
  • Must-Read BlackBerry Developer Blog
  • Must-See BlackBerry Developer Evangelist
  • Most Helpful BlackBerry Team Member on Twitter
  • Most Helpful Contributor to the BlackBerry Developer Forums
  • Best Open Source Contribution 

So think long and hard about who your favorite, most helpful or awesomest dev is for each category, then hit the link below to get your nomination in. Go Team BlackBerry!

Nominate developers in the BlackBerry Developer Community Awards 



gameloft or union have insanely amazing games for the playbook would have my vote in a heartbeat

Brian Scheirer

Feel free to nominate my Cascades coding blog for a helpful devblog: I post a few times a week. And have a few HUGE tutorials on the way as well as once the new Cascades Beta comes out there will be a lot of new features for me to blog about. Another great dev blog is

Happy Coding!


Don't forget a Must Follow BlackBerry Dev nomination for @JCarty (Blaq) :)


lol tbh id vote for all the amazing devs that are supporting bb10 all that makes it feel so much more amazing


will follow if you give me your full app for free :D


I salute all the brave soul developing for bb. Is not easy and could be risky but because of your support rim might have a second chance in life. Godspeed and thank you.