Nokia looks to ban BlackBerry sales over patent dispute

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By Adam Zeis on 28 Nov 2012 12:21 pm EST

Nokia is looking to ban the sale of all BlackBerry smartphones with WLAN capabilities (which is most current phones) following a dispute over patent royalty fees. This comes after the two companies entered arbitration back in September with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in Sweden. Nokia argues that an earlier patent ruling states RIM is not allowed to manufacture devices with wifi connectivity, while RIM is saying that the deal means they shouldn't have to pay fees for the WLAN technology in devices.

Nokia filed a petition Monday with the U.S. District Court in San Jose that stated:

"RIM and its U.S. subsidiary RIM Corporation nevertheless continue to violate the award and breach the underlying agreement, through actions including but not limited to the unauthorized manufacture and sale of WLAN products within this district [Northern California] and throughout the United States." 

The contention follows an agreement from 2003 in which Nokia licensed various patents regarding mobile devices to RIM. 

Source: ComputerWorld 

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Nokia looks to ban BlackBerry sales over patent dispute


This was RIM's response on twitter.

BlackBerry News ‏@BlackBerryNews
RIM has built an industry-leading IP portfolio of its own and will respond to Nokia's petitions in due course ^KS

Really hurting the stock right now .................. not!!! Thanks again for allowing me to own your stock at such Black Friday pricing!

Is it just RIM or any phone manufacturer that has Wifi on their phones and if it's just RIM, why? If it is just by the inclusion of a wifi antenna in a phone this seems like one of those patents that has no place existing. If I can have wifi on a laptop why not on my phone and why should one company have rights to it :/

It's not just RIM they're going after - even Apple paid up against Nokia's behemoth patent portfolio. Not a Windows Phone thing either - they only recently started action against HTC.

Nokia spend more in R&D than any other mobile phone company in the world ever. They're just getting their return on it.

This actually made me laugh..

"Hey RIM! Stop putting WiFi in your phones, cause we found a 10 year old patent that said you couldn't use it!"

That's like saying...

"Hey GM! Stop putting motors in your cars! We patented the idea first!" -- Ford <--- Just making an example, I actually have NO insight to the origins of motor vehicles... I know it wasn't either of these two :P

Engine is essential, WiFi is not.

Nokia have pumped billions of dollars into R&D, more than any other mobile company. They've been at the fore of effectively all major mobile technologies in the past 20 years. It's theirs to license.

Me thinks you are overstating their case somewhat. Mike L's background was wifi, I'm pretty sure,and RIM has done a wee bit of research&development themselves (being Canada's largest spender by far the last few years, but also going back further than that) since the pagers days. So RIM likely has a few patents of their own in this area to bring an effective defense in terms of monetizing their own research. You can't forget too that Nokia/Microsoft are going to go all out to tie up RIM and keep them from being effective competition, so that may be part of it even though as you mention Nokia is also going after HTC.

It's quite obvious what Nokia is trying to do here. It is also quite obvious that Nokia and WP8/Microsoft feels threatened by BB10 launching in January. Which only means...I made the right choice in waiting for BB10. :)

Hope RIM wins this patent dispute in the end because it's outright absurd.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Keep taking those drugs friend. They feel sooo threatened that they couldn't keep up with the demand for wp8... riiight. They are in the corner sucking their thumbs because Blackberry is coming out with a phone line that has been done to death by other manufacturers. Scared....... RIM has no balls.

whatever dude. Do some homework. Microsoft/Nokia/WP8 is fighting for the the number 3 spot which is held by.... you guessed it... RIM.
They see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that once BB10 comes out they will stay in fourth position which is... NFG.

New sales?? Maybe. Owned and activated?? RIM still has a user base even in Death Valley to the south (of Canada).


Due to reckless journalism people are reporting these market share of new sales as total market share from that Kantor report

These Patent lawsuits are getting pathetic. Only reason they would sue is because they're scared to lose market share. Case and point APPLE. They SUE everyone even after stealing their ideas and claim as their own..

The patents issued now a days are so vague and can be interpreted 10 different ways.

Why not patent a tickle motion and then sue any company that uses that gesture. It's ridiculous.

Nope, Nokia sue because they can't afford to let their legitimate claims slide any longer. It can be a major source of income - everyone knows it - it's no secret.

But Nokia's patents aren't bogus, they're the real deal. Even Apple gave in to them.

Okay, we get it. You love Nokia. You're not here because you like BlackBerry. No need to reply to every comment.

If this is the case then every single Smartphone manufacturer is in breach of RIM's parent's. RIM did INVENT the "Smart Phone" right.
Interesting how Nokia chooses such a time to go after other companies for Wifi. Obviously they are desperate for money.

RIM Continues to hold the number 3 spot and IMO the BB10 should have the ability to claw back a lot of past lost market share from both Google and Apple. If BB10 rumours are true regarding RIM's new OS being far more superior to anything out to date, than RIM should more than succeed. Though it will take some time to De-Program the brainwashed Apple users.

This is rediculous. I guess the only reason they don't say the same about the likes of apple and samsung is cos of the money they have to throw at it.

Rim shouldn't be worried about this cos it is plain stupid. Nokia do not own the wifi technology.
This is just another reason for me to never use a nokia device.

It's not 'plain stupid'. Nokia have legitimate patents, and the strongest portfolio of any mobile phone company. Even Apple pony up to Nokia. Nokia have spent billions in R&D over the years investing in the tech - it's payday.

@HP your love of No Kia overfloweth. You've earned your paycheque Microminion, now take your passport and mosy on back to the Window's world from which you came. Thanks for the enlightenment!

So if BlackBerry decide not to pay Nokia for the rights to have WiFi in their new BB10 line up of phones does this mean the release of the first phone could be delayed even further? Just thinking about this makes me want to Cry :-[ However one thing that does make me smile is the thought of Crackberry Kevin's hair being down to his knees.....LOL :D

RIM has been producing phones with wi-fi for years under the terms of their original agreement with Nokia signed in 2003.

This current dispute started when Nokia started a patent troll company with Sony in 2010.

The company MobileMedia Ideas is also suing just about every other phone manufacturer - including Apple.

The patent Nokia sued RIM over is a FRAND patent. Nokia are entitled to a minimal license fee. RIM just doesn't want to pay because Nokia was perfectly happy the way things were for 7 years. This won't hold up anything.

From what I understand this only affects OS7 and PlayBook production, not BB10. I've put a call out to friends of mine who have a much greater under standing of these sorts of things than I do but I'm wondering how much influence the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has outside of, well, Stockholm? Seems like the ruling is only being used as an excuse by Nokia to launch lawsuits elsewhere.

Have Nokia given this any thought? With the patent portfolio RIM holds and the fact Nokia has negative income and no cash reserves, you would think they'd be more willing to shake hands and move on. I think Nokia has bitten off far more than they can chew.

Prepare the Hammer of Thor(sten)!!

Take some of the Rimm cash pile and combine it with a 3:1 stock swap for pathetic $3 NOK 51% of controlling interest, and then schedule a press release whereupon you announce, "Now....piss off!"

Gosh, Nokia. Once a great company is turning into patent troll. When the company stops with innovations it starts law suits... Just like Apple last few years...

I try to remain tech agnostic. What I'm doing here is correcting ignorance - and I do the same in the favour or to the detriment of any OEM or OS.

Much appreciated. Unfortunately many people will believe what they want to no matter what information is in front of their face. Sometimes it just isn't worth the effort.

I don't see why people would follow one company blindly. Face it people - to them, we are our wallets - nothing else. I know from the Techfoolery podcasts that Ashley Esqueda agrees.

To be fair, at least OEM and OS fanboys aren't as bad as the carrier fanboys...

to clarify, I don't follow (especially blindly) any company despite my nickname :) I was (and still is) with Nokia phones for very long time.

should I apologize for taking your time to write the above two posts? Sorry for making uninformed remark about Nokia's late inventions... Next time will think twice before posting :)

Let me know the last innovative thing they did since Elop came to power. If you start saying PureView tech, than you'll be wrong, they bought a company that developed it.

Pureview is more than a name. The floating lens was designed in-house by Nokia. That's what allows the image stabilisation.

And other than that, the screen is one. More responsive than any other - useful for British winters (and unfortunately, Spring, Summer and Autumn).

Hm, that's a good one, agree... As for more responsive screen, not really convinced. Haven't noticed differences in The Netherlands, may be in UK you have warmer winters :)

Careful with your example. Rim bought torch, qnx, tat,.. Etc etc. Every company does it. Its what they do with the purchase and how its integrated with their business and products that is innovative. Genuine innovation seems to be coming from startups who either licence their ideas or sell themselves outright.

I am sure RIM has a sharp licensing department and feels confident Nokia isn't going to hang them up. They must have some reason they feel they don't have to pay licensing fees to Nokia. If Nokia does hold the rights then they do diserve compensation, and such rights would be a very valuable asset.

Still ... some part of me is shouting "Oh No!" when I read this. I will sure be glad when I am holding a BB10 device in my hand.

And Jonesy .... I love the nickname Thor and Hammer of Thor ... we should start using that.

I'm thinking RIM will have some decent defenses here; waiting 7 yeas to bring a lawsuit on, they were clearly aware that RIM was manufacturing phones with this technology, there has to be a statute of limitations on this, or even implied waiver if they allowed if to go on for 7 years and only now bring suit because they fear they will not be able to take over the number 3 spot. After rim makes some money on BB10 and fills their bank account back up they should just buy nokia lol, that would make this go away

RIM could never afford Apple, even if BB10 made them $10 billion.

If Nokia goes up for sale, it'll be a straight up bidding war between the big 3.

it doesn't have to be for sale for RIM to purchase them, its called a hostile takeover, if they can afford it, then they can buy it, that's the bottom line, doesn't matter if nokia doesn't want to sell, if the offer is good for the shareholders, the board has to complete the sale

If an offer were to be put in by RIM, the email wouldn't hit the inbox by the time Microsoft and Apple had blown whatever RIM offered out the water.

It's really not a case of 'first', rather 'whoever puts the largest bid in, wins'.

At any rate, Nokia's stock is currently rebounding - so the whole point is moot. Their market cap is also more than double that of RIM's.

If Nokia are going to sue RIM they could at least throw in copyright of the N-Series device name and the similarity of the BB10 OS and the MeeGo OS!!!

If nokia owns the patent for wifi, they would be able to sue every single hardware manufacturer of everything including laptops, tablets, digital cameras, game consoles and some dvd/bluray players, INCLUDING wireless routers.

Screw nokia. GO RESEARCH IN MOTION!!!! Go blackberry!!!!!

I'm no patent expert but I've seen show RIM has the most patents for mobile devices of any company. it's always puzzled me why they don't hit back hard to defend their patents. maybe we'll see something now that I believe they've had a change of leadership in their legal department.
there's a table on this page, a couple years old now but clearly shows RIM in the lead. You have to think they could push back at Nokia for a number of patent infringements as well.

This aside, it may be in RIM's interests to not fight but smooth this over (e.g. negotiate a deal) for a couple years, until BB10 is fully launched and moving forward.
Anyway go RIM!!

Quantity does not necessarily mean quality. Besides, if the other manufacturers aren't planning to use the patents in their other designs as industry standards, there little value to the patents.

RIM also does not have the luxury of excess R&D-- they have had to slim down and stay focus on staying alive at the moment.

They could go after android for ripping off the lock screen if it's patented... Apple has one on theirs why not RIM.

I wonder if NOKIA can deal irreparable damage to Apple with "no WiFi for you, buddy".

NOKIA may have fallen over hard times, but let's not forget what they did back when phones were large enough to pass as building brick and makeshift dog-killing projectile. Especially the communicator series, the godfather of smartphones. They were late to the whole "smartphone" party, but their phones are solid.

Heck, I wonder why the trend seem to be making a portable media player as big as possible and still call it a smartphone, while NOKIA set the race of making smaller phones. They're easy to slip into pockets.

If they invented WiFi, they deserve all the money they can get.