Nokia hits RIM with 6 patent infringement lawsuits in 3 months

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By Michelle Haag on 12 Jul 2012 05:10 am EDT
Back in May of this year, Nokia filed several patent infringement lawsuits against HTC, ViewSonic, and RIM. The press release from Nokia listed these patents as covering "dual function antennas, power management and multimode radios, as well as [---] software features including application stores, multitasking, navigation, conversational message display, dynamic menus, data encryption and retrieval of email attachments on a mobile device". There were 45 total lawsuits filed against the 3 companies, with the 7 involving RIM filed in three cities in Germany.

Now Nokia is piling on some more to RIM's already full load with 3 additional patent infringement actions, also being filed in Germany. These patents are for "a method and system for storing and transferring multimedia tags, a method and apparatus for updating the software of a mobile terminal using the air interface, and a method for transferring resource information". It looks like RIM could possibly countersue Nokia, though it's not likely that RIM would be the winner in such a case. No word on how long this will all take to get resolved.

Source: Foss Patents

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Nokia hits RIM with 6 patent infringement lawsuits in 3 months


Written by Florian Mueller. It should be noted that he has confirmed paid relationships with both Oracle and Google (probably others). Both seem like companies that might want to acquire RIM or alternatively bury it. Florian Mueller needs to be taken in context.

I am one of them, bored and tired, for sure. Sore losers are the ones who moan their resentment that way.

Nokia can't make money selling phones, so now it's reverting to patent trolling. Nice.

Every tech company is trolling patents except for RIM. No surpise that RIM stays above it all.

Apple is worst of them, 3/5 patent suits involve Apple.

Nokia can't make money selling phones, so now it's reverting to patent trolling. Nice.

Every tech company is trolling patents except for RIM. No surpise that RIM stays above it all.

Apple is worst of them, 3/5 patent suits involve Apple.

The patent system is broken.

It is the only government entity in which I believe they do need more money and workers.

I am still waiting for someone to tell me exactly what Florian Mueller's qualifications are to advise on patent issues. His Wikipedia page does not seem to mention his education at all, suggesting in fact (because his career started at 16 without a gap) that he has not been to a university, in which case he is unlikely to be a qualified patent attorney. Can anybody confirm or deny this observation?

But you have fallen into the trap of thinking that a formal qualification makes you an expert in a particular area - Muller seems to have a solid rep amongst people who work in this area especially about FRAND issues.

Leaving aside the attacks on the author - anyone got a critique of his *position* rather than his person?

I acknowledge that he's quite knowledgeable on patent issues, I just think that -- in legal issues -- you should always take statements from non-legal practioners with a grain of salt. But you're right, ad hominem arguments are not getting us anywhere.

What concerns me about the article I mentioned is that it is full of speculation about RIM moving to drop the operating business in favour of a litigation-heavy business approach, which seems a bit of a stretch to me.

They behave like apple and samsung: dying apple tries to get marketshare by there attorneys- not by quality!
But what do you expect in times where rips of a hog are protected by patents for the genes.... This world is sick!

Let's not forget that Mueller claimed that Oracle had a slam-dunk case against Google that would threaten the future of Android itself. His job is self-promotion and bloggers have only made him more popular by constantly referencing him as an expert. The more attention he gets, the more companies will pay him for his "expertise".

Also, the patent system is not "broken". It's an empty statement to make such a claim. While the litigation may seem tiresome, this is how the patent system works. If not for patents there would be less innovation not more.

Yes, the patent system is broken. When some patent troll can create a patent that is so broad it can cover almost anything similar to it and then just wait to sue, then it is broken.

This is really disappointing, I hate reading about patent law suits, especially when it's against RIM, didn't RIM start the smartphone era, didn't they patent the idea of a mobile phone with email. Can't they sue every other smartphone maker in on single fell swoop? I really don't like the idea of being sue happy but when is it going to be enough?

I do know that greed comes before the fall...

I really don't think RIM was first with the smartphone. The Communicator from Nokia was introduced in 1996.

Get a life Nokia, don't waste money on patents & suits, u might need that money to survive, Microsoft won't fill your begging bowl forever!

This stinks of Microsoft having their panties in a bunch that RIM wouldn't allow its self to be assimilated into the Windows collective like Nokia did.

Microsoft showed up at RIM's door trying to convince them that resistance was futile

When Mr Ballmer was in Canada a couple weeks ago he went to RIM and said to Mr Heins

"Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward RIM will service Microsoft. Microsoft will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Give up on BlackBerry 10. Resistance is futile"

Fortunately RIM has decided that resistence is not futile and it going to fight assimilation to their last breath. But since Nokia is now part of the collective this is merely part of the strategy to assimilate RIM. Microsoft knows as well as we do that even now with constant pounding by the press and competition that RIM still sells more phones then any Android OEM that isn't named Microsoft and has a continued strong prescience in the Enterprise market which Microsoft is desperate to make headway into. Microsoft wants RIM so bad because if BB 10 is successful then Microsoft will always be an also ran with Windows Phone.

Very daft post. Was Nokia in bed with Microsoft when Nokia went after Apple and won?

Nokia still sells more phones than RIM.

I don't care who is suing who, the whole industry is absolutely ridiculous. there really is only so many ways you can make a smartphone and the manufacturers need to stop acting like babies and get on with their own business.

Its particularly horrifying what Apple is doing at the moment, but very few of the big phone makers are guilt free in this ludicrous childlike activity

I love how people suddenly think Nokia is 'patent trolling'. Unlike the likes of Apple, all Nokia ever asks for is a reasonable licensing deal...they never seem to press for sales bans and customs seizures like Apple do.

The same Nokia successfully sued Apple and WON just a few years back...they've been in the game for ages now and their patent portfolio is probably rivalled only by folks like Motorola...

Bottom line? If the courts find RIM is infringing, a relatively small payment will solve everything. All the Nokia = Evil talk is just funny.

WTF? How can a company claim to "own" those things when many of them are just basic functions of almost every smart phone?? Why don't they patent "mobile communication device" and call it a day??

nokia is dead and the patent disputes won't save this company from death ! Nokia was once the market leader, ! But not anymore ! Even micosoft won't make any difference!ans stmbian is better then windows nokia, They're launching too many phones and smartphones and that will make the customer unhappy ! i used to ne a nokia customer but I switched to blackberry ! Every time I buy the newest nokia phone, nokia launches a new phone ! That sucks !