Nokia confirms RIM will be allowed to use Scalado camera software in BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2012 08:35 pm EDT

Last week when Nokia announced they were acquiring the Sweden-based company Scalado, many BlackBerry fans raised the question of what would happen to the awesome "time warp" camera feature in BlackBerry 10 due to the fact RIM was licensing the functionality from the company. As expected and now confirmed by The Verge, Scalado will be keeping their agreement with RIM and the functionality will make its way to BlackBerry 10:

"We're doing it in such a way that Scalado can...fully deliver on commitments they've made to all of their partners, that includes RIM," - Kevin Shields, SVP of Program and Product Management at Nokia

Now while RIM can continue to the use the technology, Kevin Shields also confirmed that further licensing agreements are not currently planned for now meaning, Nokia will be holding Scalados developers, technologies and Intellectual Property to themselves.

Source: The Verge

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Nokia confirms RIM will be allowed to use Scalado camera software in BlackBerry 10


I presume that the contract entered into by RIM would allow them to provide updates/upgrades to the software; that is, Nokia's ownership wouldn't effect the support provided to RIM by Scalado, once the initial BB10 phones are released.

Also, I'm not sure this is possible given the current tech on the Playbook, but would this software be able to run on the Playbook once it get's BB10 or is the Playbook treated as an entirely different system, i.e., not a BB10 product?

PlayBook will be BlackBerry 10 device too. Software update should be available just after BlackBerry 10 phones will be released.

Hmm, but don't license agreements usually have a set time limit. Like 3 years or 5 years? RIM will have to find some kind of alternative if they're already got a countdown going. It would be silly to implement this feature and then lose it sometime after... but I'm going out on a limb here.

Should have bought it and pimped it out, like Nokia probably will to other devices. They could engineer the software for regular cameras too

RIM will be walking a fine line with projected losses, a set amount of cash on hand and the entire processes of pushing out an entirely new operating system along with new hardware designed for it...

Buying really wasn't an option... They have to negotiate for future usage or look elsewhere...

If BB10 happens to take off.. could Nokia license BB10 for their hardware and if so .. could RIM and Nokia share licencing agreements? There may be more licenses both can benefit from BBM, etc.

Nokia is a competitor and one that is also facing extreme pressure in the market place. In this case the agreement existed prior to Nokia's purchase of the company otherwise there would be no agreement.


After the terms of the contract are over, they could still sell the TECH to RIM for 999 trillion Canadian dollars, if RIM really wants it.

Not too worried..... This particular "technology" is probably more of a license for the rights to do what it is doing, or in other words a patented "feature".

Course this is just my opinion I'm no expert - but think about it, it's really just a matter of programming the camera to be taking consecutive snap shots as soon as the camera app is open, stopping when it's closed, and then saving to a "cache" or temp file somewhere. When you do the whole "choose the right moment thing" you're really just flipping through the different snap shots and picking one or more to blend together no? My guess is RIM could further tweak and refine the programming for this on their own for future updates or bug fixes.... so long as they're continued to be allowed to use this / renew their contract.

Use what they give rim and have TAT alter their own version of it in the meantime. Buys some time since it doesn't sound like rim will be getting many enhancements that nokia will.

Maybe bot now down the track they probably could get the inferior version. Any implementation in the mean tim should be about the same but any ddogy things on nokias part could lead to some time in the court...

Still a great looking technology and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it

Well, this is why RIM prefers not to license in technology...the problem is, HTC, Samsung, and others are already licensing this type of technology, and without the license from Scalado, RIM can't even match them. I think RIM's implementation of Scalado's technology is better than the one on HTC and Samsung because it lets the user pick what's best instead of creating a composite. In any event, this is the risk that RIM chose to take when it licensed the technology...hopefully they have built in some protection for this...

remember people mergers dont happen overnight. im sure when rim requested the patent for bb10 they already knew nokia had their eyes on them.

Then this will be another feature that phone better than BlackBerry already have eliminating that special touch of having innovation in RIM products. Why should I buy a RIM phone when I can buy a better phone with exactly the same features? I am sure Nokia will have this on their phones too.. and most likely beat BBs any day.

True but if you have beeen buying blackberrys for their cameras thus far then you have been sadly misinformed. BlackBerrys have their traditional strengths and these are just to bring them inline with changing consumer perceptions. BlackBerrys will be BlackBerrys but now match competitors in other areas too. This makes for stronger BlackBerry experiences.

Nokia might have bought Scalado, but it was probably with Microsoft money. The man behind the curtain is Steve Ballmer; MS wants that 3rd place spot more than people realize. Sure RIM can use the tech now, but down the road it will either be extremely expensive, or the agreement just won't be renewed.

Don't forget who owns skype now... I'd be surprised if BB devices EVER get it. Not that I give 2 cents about it, but it's a huge feature for lots of other people.

""It's pretty unlikely that we would then turn around and licence that thing out to our competitors."

RIM is integrating some of Scalado's features into its BlackBerry 10 camera software, but what about other Windows Phone hardware manufacturers? Shields says Nokia has no plans to license the technology any further. Discussing the move to bring Scalado team in house, he says "it's pretty unlikely that we would then turn around and licence that thing out to our competitors." He doesn't rule it out totally though, "never say never" he remarks, but at this point in time he says the company has no intentions to offer it out to other Windows Phone makers or elsewhere.""

This is what RIM should of bought were the advisers too busy looking up an interns skirt? What an unbelievably poor decision to let this get away but after RIM's track record of late exactly what I expect! Make it easy on yourself cause BB1O is just software without at least 100k apps to support it your dead license BBM to Apple, Windows and Apple now before its too late.

Companies don't just buy up every new technology to come around, sometimes it's more cost effective to license a technology. Unless you know the exact cost of Scalado and the exact plans Nokia has for them, we have no idea if this was a good move by Nokia or not. Hell, purchasing a company could have some major draw backs if things don't go well.

It's easy for use to tell RIM to spends hundreds of millions of dollars on something we want to use for $200.

And with that attitude RIM now doesn't have sole rights to the timeline camera, doesn't have the rights to its new keyboard design already copied by the way what do they really have? Certainly not 100k apps certainly not the #1 or #2 choice in phones with Windows 8 coming with encryption to chug into its enterprise market it might not even be #3 !! That's a far way to fall from being #1 six to seven years ago! Change is constant stick to business and license or get swallowed up like Motorola.

Good News for RIM definitely. Time Warp has got to be one of the coolest features on the new BB 10 platform. I'm definitely looking forward to this feature since I often have pictures where people blink with the flash of the camera. I hope RIM comes to some sort of deal with Nokia on being able to license this technology.