Nokia confirms BBM is coming to Lumia devices

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2014 02:40 am EST

On stage at Nokia's press event at Mobile World Congress, Stephen Elop confirmed that BBM will be coming to Lumia devices.

He didn't go into detail with a release date or if this means it will come to all Windows Phone devices (which, I'd assume it will), but at least this is finally confirmation that BBM4ALL really is on its way to becoming BBM4ALL. We'll follow up with more details as we have them.

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Nokia confirms BBM is coming to Lumia devices


Same here. We have to remember that mobile discrimination is a problem that WP users have had to deal with too. We should be happy for them today, though the app launch is a ways off. BBM4ALL!

Exactly. I don't think I know anyone who uses a WP but I never liked that BlackBerry was doing to them what we complain other people are doing to BlackBerry.

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Fantastic! I mean, I don't use it and no one that I know does, but its now officially #bbm4all

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Just about ! Now to get it onto Apple, MicroSoft, and Linux computers! (Like Skype is)

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Well, that's nice although I personally don't know a single person using Windows Phone.

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E

More people in 3rd world countries than in 1st and 2nd world countries...

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Looks to be more of an elaborate S40 job. They have been pushing to software to almost smartphone of late.

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Just give them an android port like they have done wiht us for what Skype is concerned...

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WhatsApps, lol. It's just as secure as iPhones. You guys didn't hear about the security issues now with WhatsApp?. A few days ago the story broke about the iPhone security, now today I read about WhatsApp issues. Whoa.

Team BlackBerry

Anyway you spin it, this is good news. Thanks for the update Crackberry.

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Third that. Totally.

At least I can have a fat SDcard in there, and don't have to pay another $200 for an overpriced 64GB internal flash chip.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

(Certain models, some don't, like the 1020 apparently, which is ridiculous for a camera phone)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

It's a shame that nokia sold out. The one thing I've always admired about them is the willingness to make something different. If I didn't use blackberry it would Deffo be nokia. The X range is a very interesting idea indeed. Android without google being big brother!

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Or get them to use BBM for the first time. Good on BB for making BBM work on Gingerbread devices too. By this summer, BBM will be about as cross-platform as a mobile app can get. Time for some viral marketing...

I wonder if it would integrate directly into the massages as say FB does to still give one continuous feed per contact. I always liked that about wp8, nice and neat. Its a feature I would like to see on bbm. Its highly efficient.

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BBM 4 ALL has been a GOD SENT FOR ME. I deleted my whats app account from their servers and it took awhile but now i got all 43 of my closest family/friends all people I talk to regularly on bbm! YAY! And the last whats app downage finally converted my little sister who refused to before.

I have a 1 STOP chat program with VOICE CALLS/voice notes/ and soon videos/secure/ read and delievered notifications and i couldn't be happier!!!

The thing I hated the most about whatsapp was it told ppl when i opened the app. and i hated my plumber had my whatsapp just cuz he is a contact on my phone list.

i'm surprised viber is still alive.

If BBM goes on Windows Phone it is 98% of the way to Windows. To me that's much more important. Right now all of the people I work with use Google Chat and Hangouts. When I ask about BBM they ask if it works on Windows?

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Hope they integrate some way to find existing BBM users in Android, ios and BB. Is that already done? BBM should also find a way to integrate with contacts and use invites to approve contacts. The problem I hear from my other OS friends is they are not able to find if anyone uses BBM.

I'd like to idea of being able to keep your PIN and BBM private, but yes, it would rock if you could toggle a setting (just like Bluetooth "Make my device discoverable) in BBM "Make my profile discoverable / publicly searchable".

That way those seeking to be found can have their way, and those preferring to stay private can too.

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Great news. I may actually switch fully to BBM now. Windows Phone was the last xplat holdout.

Good strategy BlackBerry. Customer experience wins -- the best approach.

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Won't help my contacts get bigger. Don't know anyone with a Nokia phone.

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Support for all mobile platforms is fantastic. But to be truly BBM for all needs to also support desktop OS's. Even if it is only a web browser logon. I think it is important though to have a client that can run on the new 7 or 8 in Windows tablets because cell phones may decline. Once all voice service becomes VOIP the line between cell phone and tablet may be erased. Also support for Android tablets.

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Nice. WP is a nice platform, I got a Lumia 520 for my wife to use in the States.

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This is great news: I'd love it if the smartphone OS race was a 4-way tie: that means that each platform would have hundreds of millions of users, and what's wrong with that.