Nokia and RIM settle differences, enter into new patent license agreement

Nokia and RIM settle differences, enter into new patent license agreement
By Bla1ze on 21 Dec 2012 03:38 am EST

Back in November, Nokia was seeking a ban the on the sale of all BlackBerry smartphones with WLAN capabilities following a dispute over patent royalty fees arguing that an earlier patent ruling states RIM is not allowed to manufacture devices with wifi connectivity. RIM argued the matter stating that agreement from 2003 in which Nokia licensed various patents regarding mobile devices to RIM should have covered those patents. Jump ahead to today and the scuffle is over as Nokia have entered into a new patent license agreement with Research In Motion:

"We are very pleased to have resolved our patent licensing issues with RIM and reached this new agreement, while maintaining Nokia's ability to protect our unique product differentiation," said Paul Melin, chief intellectual property officer at Nokia. "This agreement demonstrates Nokia's industry leading patent portfolio and enables us to focus on further licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market."

While the full terms of the agreement are not noted and remain confidential, it is highlighted that the agreements consists of a one-time payment and on-going payments from RIM to Nokia. So, that's that.

Source: Nokia

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Nokia and RIM settle differences, enter into new patent license agreement


Wait, then what's about that wifi company sueing RIM recently? Wasn't that about wifi too? Is it different wifi things than this one?

WiLan is what's known in the business as a "patent troll". They do little useful work on their own, but accumulate patents as best they can in an attempt to find reasons to sue bigger companies.

So where are all those stupid folks who were babbling about Nokia 'patent trolling'?

RIM's done well here. They've come to an agreement quickly and moved on from the issue and can focus on their own stuff. Much better than the Motorolas, the Apples and the Samsungs of this world that spend ages in distracting, expensive lawsuits.

Here I'm :) What point you was trying to make with this sentence "So where are all those stupid folks who were babbling about Nokia 'patent trolling'?"

So Nokia sued RIM because they, being Nokia, own the patent for Wifi in phones?!?!
Why just go after RIM?? Why not every other cell phone maker as well?!?!
They are trying to stop BB10 from kicking their butt is why.

Between Nokia vs RIM = settled.
Between Nokia vs HTC corp = ongoing
Between Nokia vs ViewSonic = ongoing

These are all similar disputes like Nokia vs RIM

That was easy, Would u ever c this with apple and samsung NOOOOO the only winners on apple and samsung are the laywers, The 2 companies are just stupid to pay millions and millions to laywers, to me they are the real winners, apple and samsung are 2 dumb companies, he did this he did that, seems like 2 lil kids fighting over a toy

I disagree with you. By fighting with Apple so long Samsung was able to invalidate several Apple's patents (indirectly of course). Nokia needed cash, understandable, RIM needs time to work on BB10 instead of spending money on law suits - also understandable. But I'm a bit disappointed that RIM gave up so fast. Let's see what other companies will do...

Earnings report yesterday, a confidential settlement today...

I would say the timing is quite interesting. Thor played that one well. No reason to drag the stock down any more. I am so very happy we have someone like him behind the wheel. He's managed to assemble quite a few like minded individuals who exude confidence and smarts, like him. #BB10Believe

When was the Wifi technology invented ? Why is there a patent for it still active ? Even my toilet has wifi. Does that mean that the producer must pay royalties to Nokia ? wtff?? When a patent comes of age ? 10 years / 20 years - never ? I gonna patent the toilet paper, so in sec no2 i become rich. Isn't there any logic at all ? Any company can patent a gesture for infinity ? Where's the progress in that ? When all this patent trolling will disappear ? Because patent bullies eventually die - look at Rambus which sued everyone in the good old days of Athlon. sheeshkebab

The first phone to sport Wifi is the Nokia N80 if im not mistaken. The newer generation nowadays sure doesnt know much. I have used mobile phones since late 1990s and back then 90% of us used a Nokia. Yes, you are right, everyone is paying Nokia, even Apple, Samsung, just to use GSM connectivity, not to mention Wifi. Everyone who makes mobile phones pay Nokia. Nokia can sit still and yet have cash flow in, their patent portfolio together with Motorola is bigger than any others.

I dont think Nokia invented Wifi, but im very sure they are the first to implement it in a phone. So your wifi toilet thingy is not related.

Time for me to apply for a halogram patent and other patents designed to go from one or more hand held device(s) meant for varying types of communications and transmit(s) varying signals from all spectrums known or will come to be known by any human going forward in order for one or more humans to communicate with one or more humans.
You know what I meant. If you don't, contact your attorney. Otherwise I'm suing everybody.
A quick thank you to Apple for paving the way.