Rich BB

Ok, now that you got all the laughs out of the way, thinking that RIM is dead, and that it doesn't really matter what amount of money the users make, let's check this out. A study was conducted recently that showed 11.3% of BlackBerry users make over $150,000 annually, compared to Android users at only 7.2% and iOS at 10.9%, and pinpointed the BlackBerry crowd to be on average older than that of other platforms. As we all know BlackBerry devices have been geared towards business use, which could directly tie into the fact that they are generally wealthier, leading to another positive for RIM in that they are able to afford the premium on buying new devices upon launch. 

Another notable piece of the research was that only 59.5% of BlackBerry users download applications in comparison to 85% of iPhone users, which is interesting considering we just saw that BlackBerry developers tend to make more money than those on other platforms

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Source: 247WallSt