RIM may be losing numbers in market share but they continue to attract the wealthy crowd

By Jared DiPane on 26 Sep 2011 02:45 pm EDT

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Ok, now that you got all the laughs out of the way, thinking that RIM is dead, and that it doesn't really matter what amount of money the users make, let's check this out. A study was conducted recently that showed 11.3% of BlackBerry users make over $150,000 annually, compared to Android users at only 7.2% and iOS at 10.9%, and pinpointed the BlackBerry crowd to be on average older than that of other platforms. As we all know BlackBerry devices have been geared towards business use, which could directly tie into the fact that they are generally wealthier, leading to another positive for RIM in that they are able to afford the premium on buying new devices upon launch. 

Another notable piece of the research was that only 59.5% of BlackBerry users download applications in comparison to 85% of iPhone users, which is interesting considering we just saw that BlackBerry developers tend to make more money than those on other platforms

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Source: 247WallSt

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RIM may be losing numbers in market share but they continue to attract the wealthy crowd


What kind of "loser" comes to a site about BlackBerry, and calls the people who like BlackBerry losers? I guess a real BROKE loser.

This was a very interesting article, and it absolutely makes sense. I work in the engineering field and just about every one of our clients/colleagues uses a Blackberry. However, the younger less influential aspects of the company’s tend to have the IPhones and Droids. I think it is a level of sophistication to see someone using a Blackberry vs. another OS. But what can I say, I am exceedingly biased :)

Disagree with wguzman, but honestly, this whole story is useless. The people at 247WallSt are obviously running out of news, and this issue should have just been left to its forum posting.

Plus, if anybody's overpaying, or paying a premium for what they get out of a product, it's the people who buy anything Apple, so these stats aren't saying much anyways...

I think we are over thinking all this stuff. No we will not catch up to Apple by tomorrow. We won't even catch up to Android. What we have a chance to do now is make a dent. The bb7 devices are not out of this world but we are seeing people come back just becuase the old functions have been made faster. With the old devices there was no dent....we barely pulled out the hammer. RIM isn't going anywhere. Anybody paying attention to everything happening, RIM intends to back door the competition.

Do they need to take over #1 again? NO!!!! They just need to take the pace they are on now and keep going into the QNX devices and keep woking their way into cop cars, governent, outer space and they will stay. Hands down, they will stay.

This article makes perfect sense and supports what we knew all along. Among others, Successful people choose Blackberry for its unmatched multi-tasking, security, reliability, push email and BBM messaging system. It's the best TOOL to get the job done. If you want to play games with yourself, fair enough. Go buyy an iToy or those other phones with the commercials where they pretend they're robots.

That is very true. Most of the people I know and work with who are at a higher level in the company use a BlackBerry where a lot of the younger, newer workers tend to use an iPhone or Android. Its pretty easy to understand why though, most people who have a BlackBerry want to get some work done and not just play with the software and download games. Haha, I am very biased towards BlackBerry though, then again. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.

Are we forgetting Stats 101? Even though this % for Iphone and Android users is lower (and really, for Iphone, it's not that much lower), since iphone and android each have a much larger share of smartphone market (and growing in comparison to BB), the total number of Iphone, or android, users who make over $150K is more than likely larger than the total number of BB users who earn that much.

I am and always will be a die hard bb fan. I currently make roughly 20k. I bought my torch9800 out right for 700 and will do the same when the qnx phones come out.

I saw a homeless guy rocking an 8703e and he was loving it as much as my ass did when I was making 13 an hour!

The RIMPIRE rocks

I see more kids with Iphones than any other device. I don't have much of a desire to carry around a glorified app launcher. I hear people talking about how much they hate Blackberries but when I ask them to specify why, it generally comes down to the same thing.............they're not smart enough to work one and prefer a simple device.

I have said it many times, the problem most people (including the tech review crowd) have with Blackberry is that they are not totally icon driven, there are menus with words, much like older Windows computers. This article makes perfect sense in that older users are more familiar and comfortable with menus and the like. I think the new QNX phones will be icon driven, but hopefully have the option to retain some of the drop down menus. As for apps, I admit I miss some things, but nothing I can't live without. I am glad I made the move from iOS to BB. If fits my needs much better, calls are significantly better on both ends, and I like a physical keyboard.

What I don't understand is why most are still using the same hackneyed phrase that "Blackberries are for productivity and iphones are for games." What is so nonproductive about buying and selling stocks, responding or sending out emails, and making purchases via the multiple, usable apps on IOS.....along with a viewable screen? The games just happen to be a big part of the system. Perhaps people tend to play more games, because the device allows individuals to complete their important tasks expeditiously, thus giving them plenty of leisure time. I'm just sayin'.

Imagine a person who enjoys watching TV. Let's say he's also a serious University sutdent who needs to work hard to get things done. He's not going to have a TV in his room while he's engaged in study. It will be too much of a distraction for him and temptation for him to "escape" his intense study sessions. So, he'd rather put away the TV in his closet or in a room where it won't serve as a distraction. I think this same principle can be applied to BB users. They'd rather have a device with great functionality to get necessary things done without being distracted by variety of "time wasters". Maybe these people would rather read a book, then play angry birds on the iPhone while waiting in line. And if they want to play a game, they can plug their game console on a 50" screen and play hardcore.

Whilst its nice to see BBs still getting lots of love from the people who can appreciate them, it is very important for RIM to get some grounds back because the only way to keep customers satisfied and keep developing nice devices is (among other things) to have plenty of resources for R&D, for the functions that bridge MORE cutomers' wants with RIM's development brains, and to predict and implement some "surprising and unique factors"

However, the only way to guaranntee such resources is to make $, which means lot of sales, reaching economy of scale for as early as possible and take advantage of it for as long as possible.

Wealthy crowds won't help the situation unless a BB's price were like $10,000+

I don't make $150,000 a year and I own a BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and plan on upgrading to the 9930 Bold.

I have about 20 apps on my torch - I only use maybe 3. Honestly, BBM, mail, the web browser and Facebook are 95% of my use.

here is the truth.... the people who dont know how to use a blackberry go to the ease of iphone and android... the people who know the full power of blackberry swear by blackberry.... translation... people who can look at a clock with numbers and tell u what time it is.. probably own a nice watch... people who cant only know digital time...lol

I know how to use a Blackberry just fine and I won't be giving up my iPhone anytime soon based on the current state of BIS.

Truth be told it was RIM's deficiencies with their supposed biggest plus (e-mail) that drove me away from RIM. To have truncated e-mails, in this day in age, is beyond ridiculous. Add that to their inability to get on the same page with Google and get 2way syncing working right makes using a BB a deal breaker for me.

I know a lot of people who have a Blackberry because they got it from their company to use for work, yet they go out and purchase an iPhone for their life outside of the office. I'd like to see the stats that reflect those figures.

I don't understand how anyone here can suggest people with Androids and iPhones spend less $oney on their phones, either, compared to those of us who choose to purchase a Blackberry. That's not to suggest, however, we wouldn't win that catagory outright if a Blackberry actually cost more than an iPhone or the latest 4G Android device. My brand-spank'n-new BB Bold was $250 at Verizon when I signed my new 2 year agreement. I would have paid twice that for a BlackBerry freak'n "SUPERPHONE." The kind that RIM has yet to deliver. If the new QNX phone rocks the world I'll be stuck paying full price for the thing. The new Bold is great. Love having the keyboard again after the Storm 1 & 2, but I'm perfectly comfortable on a touchscreen because of the Storm 1 & 2. I'm loving my BB Playbook and the QNX design. I think anyone who's bored with Android and iOS is might be tempted to consider a QNX device. Especially if it features 4G, an Android App Player and all the wonderful organizational benifits of a BlackBerry. Getting to know the infant QNX on my Playbook (got it a week ago) has given me hope for the Rimpire. Yeah, I'd cough up $700 for a 4G QNX phone, and I'd like to see the stats on that, too.

I don't really care about income levels or which phone sells the most units. I am drawn to the depth and layers of BB OS menu structure. I don't need or want an icon for everything or a screen full of widgets. I just personally prefer BlackBerry and am happy others enjoy their one-button wonders!

I dont need tons of widgets as well, but I need a good calendar overwiev on my screen. But I get problems with every Blackberry calendar theme I install, especially with those on OS6. They simply slow down the system, the tracpak doesnt run properly etc. Why is RIM, the company for the business, not able to produce a good running calendar theme, something what everybody working in business needs!!

A good company would never downgrade any function on a new phone serie like RIM did with the camera on the Bold 9900. Very stupid descision, cannot understand it. I have got the 9900 for the last weekend and made some comparision with my 9780, the camera is a huge step back. On a new serie EVERYTHING should be better.

Well as far as RIM being better for business use I would have to totally agree. I went to an Iphone for 6 weeks and ended up back with the Blackberry. Then a month later I went to an Android phone. I kept it for two months. Although I was finally getting used to the touch screen phones I still noticed whenever I need to do something quick I was often fumbling around and having to jump through hoops to do what I wanted. Although the Android and Iphone were much better for pictures, web surfing and video the Blackberry is better in the areas that count for the business user like myself. The keyboard is much better. The predictive speller is better and as we all know the email and texting are better hands down. I also can get to contacts by just typing the first few letter of the name. I do not have to go to the contacts then look it up and then make the call. The Blackberry works much better fir what I need a smart phone for.

I despise when statistics are referred to and used in this way!

First, the blurb here states "11.3% of" BlackBerry users and then 7.2%/10.9% for Android/iOS. That means, out of the total number of users, that percentage makes over the $150,000. Soooo, in the end, Android and iOS can simply have more users that are "wealthy" in this regard, but they just happen to have more total. This is why stats can be twisted and turned for media purposes, but if you want to imply that we (BlackBerry users) are so great and special, don't appease us with crap numbers.

Second, the correlation between the number of people that buy applications and the mention of developers making more... well, with a small app ecosystem the developers are bound to make more because that 59% can only buy one of X amount apps where the 85% on iOS spread it out further across those developers.You cannot infer things like this and expect reasonable people to believe it. This should not be posted as "research" and should not be on the main page of CrackBerry.

This is why all the iOS and Android people in my tech department come to me with dumb claims, they here unfounded and weak statements like this article.