'Nobody is delusional here. We've got one shot at getting it right'

Rick Costanzos
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jul 2012 04:50 pm EDT

CrackBerry interviews Rick Costanzo, RIM's new Executive VP of Global Sales and Regional Marketing

July 3, 2012, will go down as another day of firsts in the Research In Motion history book. Today, RIM senior execs took to Canadian media like never before in a coordinated effort to tell their side of the BlackBerry story and gain some control over the message being portrayed in the media. Heck, in addition to giving interviews, we even saw RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins publish his own opinion editorial piece in Canada's The Globe and Mail. You can't take control of your message more directly than that.

CrackBerry was not left out of the media blitz; this morning I had the opportunity to speak to Rick Costanzo, RIM's brand new Executive VP of Global Sales and Regional Marketing. And by brand new, I mean brand new - Rick stepped into this position, formerly held by Patrick Spence, this past Friday. Rick may be new to this role, but he is not new to RIM, having joined the company in 1999, literally two weeks before BlackBerry launched.

I encourage you to listen to the 15-minute interview above. Rick is a straight talker and didn't try to sugarcoat the challenges the company is facing. He was also confident and excited about RIM's future prospects and the mobile computing platform RIM is building in BlackBerry 10. Rick is also a big fan of CrackBerry and reads the site regularly, so he knows just how much the confidence of CrackBerry Nation has been shaken following last week's earnings report and news that BlackBerry 10 will be delayed until 2013. 

Questioning Rick on the change in BlackBerry 10 launch date, Rick emphasized just how important it is that the company get it right.

"We have one opportunity to get BlackBerry 10 launched properly, and we're going to get it right. This is not just a handset OS. There's a car component to this. There is an embedded component. This is a platform and we're putting the plumbing in place to connect to cars and OEM. You gotta get it right and it's hugely complex. We'll come out extremely strong next year a with a fully-baked product."

It's reassuring to see RIM stick to their guns on wanting to launch a product that's nothing less than 100 percent complete. Over the years we've seen the old RIM go to market with some half-baked devices. (You know which devices I'm talking about.)

"That's a big shift in the organization. The company is being very pragmatic. We're taking some difficult decisions onboard. But we're making the right decisions."

While I think CrackBerry readers understand the need to push back the launch date in order to launch a better product, the big question that has been on our minds since last week earning's call is whether RIM still has the time and talent to get the job done. With the stock price getting hammered, and RIM's earnings trending in the wrong direction, there's been a lot of speculation that RIM is in an irreversible downward spiral and that we'll never get to the point where we see BlackBerry 10 launch.

To that notion Rick made it crystal clear that RIM completely understands the challenges they face and that RIM fully believes the best course of action on which they can execute is to bring BlackBerry 10 to market.

"Nobody is delusional here. We get it. That's why we're building BlackBerry 10 and man are we committed."

"For the guys that are calling for our demise I would say $2 billion dollars in the bank, zero debt and continuing to grow net cumulative subscribers every single quarter does not sound like a company that is about to go under."

On this Rick noted that they think BlackBerry 7 still has legs for a long time and will continue to act as a "bridge" until BlackBerry 10 proliferates the product portfolio. RIM is still in the process of launching BlackBerry 7 in new markets, where it is being well received. These markets are outside of North America of course and often get dismissed by US-based media, which Rick took the opportunity to address.

"Another thing I would say about all the media attention out there... I would say that the US is a hugely important market, but it's 10 points. It's 10% of the addressable (handheld) market, but the US is also 90% of the voice (for media). That's why RIM is being proactive in getting the message out there."

With belief in BlackBerry 10 and confidence in RIM's ability to keep the business going until it comes to market, Rick emphasized the company's need to focus on execution. He also noted what I observed last month at BlackBerry World, which is that this new RIM appears to be working together very well.

"Through the course of 13 years I have never felt that the management team has been working as tightly as we are right now."

Even in the area of attracting developers to the platform, Rick highlighted the efforts of the developer relations team that is "doing AMAZINGLY better with developer community since Alec Saunders came onboard."

Overall the conversation and message being portrayed by RIM today is one of awareness and focused determination.

"We're resilient and we're pragmatic. We're not the first company that's had to go through a transition and we won't be the last. We're fully aware of the challenges in front of us. We've been extremely thoughtful in terms of how we navigate through this transition. We've got the intestinal fortitude to persevere through these challenges over the next couple of quarters. We're excited by the feedback were getting from carriers, the dev community and distribution partners on deck."

"We're fully aware of what we're building with BlackBerry 10. If we get this right we're set for the next ten years."

And with that I have my own theory on what the 10 in BlackBerry 10 now stands for. Sure, it may have initially emerged as the long form of BBX -- the original mashup of BlackBerry and QNX that RIM was going to call the new platform but had to change due to trademark issues. But I'm beginning to think it stands for 10 years. As in, if we just execute and bring BlackBerry 10 to market successfully we'll have a platform that sets us up for the next 10 years.

Nothing would make me happier than to see that come true. 

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'Nobody is delusional here. We've got one shot at getting it right'



Well at least their trying to send out a strong message that they're trying to right the ship.

I do love this quote:

"Nobody is delusional here. We get it. That's why we're building BlackBerry 10 and man are we committed."

By promoting someone from within, RIM is not trying to "right the ship". RIM continues with the same kind of stale thought process. Be Bold RIM. Hire some outsiders to kick ass. Shake things up a bit!


He's been there since 1999? GTFO! You are the problem!

When Ford was crashing and burning a couple years ago, they brought in a CEO from a totally different industry -- Boeing. Look at them now.

Fire every since person at that company with a C-Level title that has been there more than six months. Then hire new C-Level's from OUTSIDE the company.

It's really that simple.

Why stop with mid level management? Why not fire everone and hire 6 year-olds so you can get really fresh talent?


It's easy to call the shots when you're not in the game... there are a lot of hard working employee's, and many tough decisions that the exec team has to make - time will tell if they made the right call.

Hey, listen :
You don't see it because you don't want to see it.
That amounts to willful ignorance.
That is to say : you may as well be brain damaged and in a vegetative state because you choose not to use the gifts you've been given.
Unlike the vegetative, you have a negative impact on those around you.
That is a form of evil. It is a choice. You choose destruction and malice.
Most 6 year olds don't.
Ergo, most 6 year olds are better people than you.
Whatever you do, don't go around mirrors.

Are you reading these comment hoping for something intelligent? I'll save you time, there is nothing below but name callling and the same old troll-filled crackberry BS.

It was good to hear this guy fired up. He might be right about the respective global market shares but he didn't really address the quarterly loss (big) and the layoffs. it was too bad he didn't because that took away from what could have been a great interview.

1. In the face of 5,000 people being let go, it simply must be a lie that everyone is focused at RIMM, people don't operate that way, run bluffs that you can run! bluffs have to make sense!!!!
2. "We don't want to rush this", this has been promised for more than a year, there is no rushing, rushing would have been delivering BB10 when you delivered the first playbook.
3. "We know we have 1 shot". How do they know that. If they have one shot only, I don't want them to take it, I want them to sell the business immediately because if its just 1 shot, they have no chance! If its just 1 shot that you have, you have not earned the right to take it, HIT THE BID!
4. "platform for the next 10 years", how can they utter that with a straight face? Like we should trust them to know what will be optimal for us for the next 10 years. The odds of BB10 being in use in 7 years must be about 1/1000000. Am I wrong here?

If you want to save the company, fire fire fire, another quarter of negative gross margins for the handset business is unacceptable. Give us a 0% at least and the company can do $400mm of EBITDA which will be a great start. FIre fire fire!!!!

Going through the testimonials of RIMM employees on Glassdoor I am amazed at the number of people who think their pay is a "pro". Its like 95%. It should be a coin flip for the whole pool and worse for the subset that posts on Glassdoor. FIre fire fire!!!!

RIM has at least several more shots. The climate and belief that the next big release must be a winner is wrong. There is not going to be an immediate organic growth of consumers switching personal cellular telephones with smartphone functions overnight. This is not Hollywood and a weekend nd movie release.
While using my smartphone and seeing the iphone ads, people wondered why they should pay so much for a phone. And so did i seeing that i was already using those features for years. The iPhone's success was getting fans, not releasing new features

"July 3rd, 2012 will go down as another day of firsts in the Research In Motion history book. Today, RIM senior execs took to Canadian media like never before in a co-ordinated effort to tell their side of the BlackBerry story and gain some control over the message being portrayed in the media"

Sadly they blew it - the media is concentrating on the 'death spiral' quote and pretty much ignoring the rest.

I wouldn't put too much faith in the media regardless.

They could do everything right and still get screwed by the media for the "catchy headline".

Talking to the media is like talking to a politician. You could tell them all you want about doing the right thing and being responsible. But they still have their own agenda regardless...


I couldn't agree with you more. You've succinctly nailed the definition of most of today's media, the few exceptions that exist are usually shoved to the back of the bus if they are either lucky or know the right people, otherwise they are thrown under the bus while the overpaid parrots continue to repeat ad nauseam whatever they have been fed by another moron who never bothered to check the facts or vet the story, or by the manipulators whose life work is to distract, deflect and deceive.

So called free media in Canada are controlled by four major companies. In UK it is three big families. In US, most media outlets are controlled by five or six companies.

In UK and Canada election outcomes are ALREADY known based on what side the media tycoons decided to support five weeks BEFORE the elections.

In South Asia and Middle East media has created wars as they pleased.

Well done freedom of speech and right to free thought. Bernie Madoff is the the ONLY criminal in town!

The people united will never be defeated. mss-ca, I hope you paid attention to the Alberta provincial election. EVERY outlet from every political stripe, from the Calgary Herald to the Toronto Star to the Globe and Mail, predicted a Wildrose landslide but the people of Alberta repudiated that ultraright band of oil peons and bigots.

Media don't decide elections.

B**** please, there is only one company in Mexico. And makes people think it's got an evil twin :P

Too little, too late. Moving on a different platform. Once BB 10 is out they have start to immediately working on refinements. Based on how slow they are moving, I don't see that happening.

Iphone looking pretty good right now.

Bye bye Blackberry.

You mean to a different os, not a platform, don't you get it? You are moving to a 5 years old os that everybody has while you could join a brand new platform that will be in your car, the payment terminals and so on. Anyway, it is up to you.

Apple (aka Jobs) had vision when iOS was created, it was the simplest it needed to be (KISS) while giving a great user experience. The problem is that I find myself wanting to do more and more on my phone. I'm starting to treat my phone more like a computer, leaving apps open and sometimes expecting them to be doing stuff in the background. iOS simply is not suited for this, and since Jobs' passing, I doubt it will undergo a revolutionary upgrade ever again.

Sleek marketing and screen resolution only go so far before it gets stupid. Unless I'm wearing my glasses, all displays are retina displays :)

That was the same with nokia...the world was connectet and now????
Okay Apple is top but was once also a flop....lets see

Why would iphone just be looking good right now and not before, nothing has really changed recently...

19 has nothing better to do. He doesn't realize he's bothering the adults. He's like the herpes that he has... He just won't leave no matter what you do.

Wow, mnhockeycoach99 and plafayette both with an immature reply on the same comment! What are the chances? sk8r_tor should join you now. Make it 3-for-3

@mnhockeycoach99 & plafayette: post one intelligent comment first before any smart ass replies

Did I insult your boyfriend? An thanks blog nanny for the advice about CONTRIBUTING.... I'll take that into consideration when I'm taking my next sh_t..

And I welcome them.

The media and Wall Street are only concerned about the most recent quarter's earnings and devices coming preloaded with Angry Birds, not with the bigger picture of the shift currently occurring in mobile technology.

Let the shorts continue to grind the stock down so I can continue to average in lower.

I like this one! - "For the guys that are calling for our demise I would say $2 billion dollars in the bank, zero debt and continuing to grow net cumulative subscribers every single quarter does not sound like a company that is about to go under."

So why is the stock price at an all time low? Why did Kevin not confront this baffle with bullshit salesman on the deception around the bb10 delay?

The share price is low because institutional investors cannot see any increase in the value of the company in a one year timescale. It is as simple as that. If BB 10 launches in Q1 2013, it will be Q3 before anybody knows if the approach is working. Unlike the iPhone, there will not be loads of fanboys lying in the road in the hope that the delivery trucks for the new model will roll over them (look up Juggernaut). It will take considerable time to see if it will be a success.

Put more simply, buy RIM now and see a loss when your end of year bonus is calculated. As simple as that. If buying a technology stock that sells to end users, look at what will be released in the September-October time frame and form a judgement.

So true! People focus too much on the dwindling subscriber base in the US and don't realize that BlackBerrys are sold in other markets as well! And not just that, they still sell really well in other markets!

Though this is true it is at best a holding position, as I believe they are usually selling at either a loss or near zero margin. That is why they are running down inventory to get positive cash flow. They need to run down the pipeline dramatically before prices crash as the BB 10 launch approaches. Ideally, they want to avoid a repeat of the HP fire sale. That means that if possible they want to enter 2013 with hardly any sales of the Bold and Torch, almost no inventory, and enough low end Curves to keep non-US markets ticking over.

This is the right thing to do, of course, and I hope in early 2013 to be able to get a dirt cheap 9790 for my wife.

As someone who was once a commercial director for a manufacturing company before I kind of retired from corporate life, I have to say I'd almost like to be working for RIM now in that role as the challenges are just so interesting.

As a part time developer, I am still extremely, extremely pissed off by the failure to deliver BB 10.

I appreciate their effort in trying to contain and control the message -- but if Rick acknowledges that the US is 90% of the media, why do this blizt the day before a national holiday? This just allows the news cycle to miss all this stuff. Would have been better to start hammering out the message over the weekend and not wait until the day before a big holiday.

Because US media is pushing Canadians away from RIM with the prediction of RIMs demise. They are appealing to our sense of patriotism - and i can't blame them. It bothers me how little Canadians care about such a successful company like RIM.

because people will be getting together tomorrow and talking about it. Here's hoping the BB faithful can get the correct information out to the people who just read the sensational headlines.

First off, Canada is Homeland, be sure they will hit the media in the US. Also, the call was late last week, they are getting on top of this right away instead of waiting a few weeks.

Secondly, Thorsten Heins Article was sent to the Globe and Mail on the weekend. they refused to post/print it until yesterday and the ONLY reason they did post it? Becuase the execs were hitting other media outlets!

Nobody should kid themselves in thinking the media has an agenda, and that agenda is to post the negative. Anything that fights that negative, is not newsworthy... well until someone else picks it up.

Kevin you are like a pet owner who just will not put their pet to sleep even though it is suffering. RIM is dead. Crackberry too. Move on.

Oh Scroat. I always look forward to your comments. It's like you try and say things that'll get to me, but they just can't, and they never will, so you just keep wasting your time trying, to no avail.

I believe it was Einstein who said Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result. 

Bottomline, I'd rather be a pet owner than insane.

Lol. No, I'm not insulting a reader. Scroat doesn't count as that. He is a troll. We have a back and forth relationship. Really, we're like siblings. He expects it of me. :)

Actually No Tension here. Didn't you read my last From the Editor's Desk? Exciting times from my point of view. 

"Actually No Tension here. Didn't you read my last From the Editor's Desk? Exciting times from my point of view."


Hey Kevin, are you still going to let your hair grow until BB 10 debuts?

I don't like the use of the word "troll", although there are some members who reply on here without any meaningful purpose. We readers should continue to respect other people's viewpoints on the affairs/state of RIM.

Nobody here wants to see RIM die. Heck, we all own a BlackBerry device. There has been good healthy discussion. One can only hope that it bears fruit. Hopefully someone at Research in Motion is extracting the best of the best feedback, presenting it in a boardroom on a weekly basis.

Kevin, you're THE eternal optimist. The next natural step in your career path is to become a head PR person at Research in Motion. Appoint the guy already!

"Nobody here wants to see RIM die."

really? you missed those comments constantly stating RIM is dead then.

but i'm glad at least you're not one of them, those who want RIM dead.

By Einstein's definition then, RIM is insane as they continue to do the same thing over and over again, i.e., they delay after delay after delay, while at the same time they hope that the results will be different; that is, that people will suddenly flock to their devices.

They are getting back into sanity. It was already past end of summer when RIM announced the delay of 2.0.

They didn't miss the deadline and gave the consumers and media an announcement with plenty of time beforehand. They decided to take the softest of punches available by having it right now instead of at Christmas.

The newest PB Beta is proof that RIM is beginning to show respect for the deadlines

Aren't you tired of being lied to by RIM? I know it's your job to blindly follow but doesn't it piss you off that you were told back in late 2011 that BB10 phones were going to be delayed until late 2012 because the "chips" we're not yet Available? so what is their excuse now? They will not release BB10 until it is ready? Kinda sounded like they were saying they were ready last year on the software. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Me thinks ur hair will touch your butt crack before u see a BB10 phone.

Aren't you tired of being the b*tch that does Olympic back flips on tim cook nuts idiot while kissing your daddy Zach E.

Dude...you just don't know when to quit. I'm curious who "lied" to you (or anyone on this site)? Thorsten never took your money and told you that your BB10 device would be ready on October 1st at noon... so you and all of your "RIM deceived us" buddies need to give it a rest. Plus, it is a just a phone we are talking about.. it isn't like RIM went Bernie Madoff on you.

Can't you ban morons like this? He adds no value to this site whatsoever... and it would be one thing if he actually just had a bad taste in his mouth because of what has happened the last couple weeks in Waterloo... but Scroat has been a troll from long ago on BGR.

ACHTUNG: Thorsten's delusional and also serving as the scapegoat for RIM's failure.

Sündenbock !

RIM's media efforts today are misguided. It's like having a house fire (the corporation) and a garbage can fire (the media). They're putting all of their attention on the garbage can fire while the house burns to the ground. We all know what they're trying to accomplish today but it's not very effective.

You're an idiot

They're working on the "house fire." Telling the media how they're dealing with the house fire is how they're dealing with the "garbage can fire."

Also, your comparison makes no sense when comparing it to reality.

Does it make you feel better now that you've called somebody a name? Immaturity at it's best.

@plafayette: contribute

I'm wondering how you think I'm not a fan of BlackBerrys, PlayBooks, or RIM in general? I'm the one calling out morons like Scroat for talking sh_t about RIM... maybe instead of constantly posting "CONTRIBUTE", you should actually take the time to read some comments....

Yes, I am a proud representative and that why I'm on CrackBerry. You think RIM is dead so why are you still here?

lol... Thank you. This guy followed me around yesterday telling me to "contribute" all afternoon.. I wish I had so much time on my hands to post "contribute" on every comment I didn't like....

Birdman and Scroat can't get hired so they have all the time in the world to come to CB and troll (sniveling wretches). Hey guys. What are your skills and attributes? <- rhetorical question. You obviously have neither skills nor attributes as is apparent from your trolling abilities.

This guy is a dumbass. Sure the media is bashing RIM but is he saying that the people in charge of all the big financial institutions do not know how to read a quarterly report? Are they so incompetent that they blindly follow what the media is saying even though RIM is a cash cow? The media has some experts but most of them just write what the money managers and analysts are saying and that is RIM has completely screwed the pooch for the last 5 years leading up to their first quarterly loss in 8 years. The smartphone market has grown every year in those 8 years yet RIM manages to actually lose money last quarter?. These are facts people. This company is a turd that needs to be flushed.

Scroat, your post lost all credibility when you posted that last sentence.

And "sk8er_tor"... there's another guy who has nothing intelligent to contribute.

Scroat. Go tell your mom. She'll listen to your bull without batting an eye. I can see you now, getting off on coming to CB because you've exhausted your animal porn collection.

Another classy comment.

@ sk8er_tor, mnhockeycoach99 & plafayette: post one intelligent comment first before any smart ass replies

Hey Birdman...why don't you stop being the blog nanny with your "contribute" bullsh_t that it littering up the joint and go enjoy the holiday... Better yet, do something to benefit the community... because in my mind, you are no better than Scroat, JD914, or CBB19... littering up the joint with GARBAGE.

Here it is. My contribution to making CB a better site for BB fans: Birdman_36. Leave CB like the sniveling troll that you are.
There. Now that's better.

Come back when you learn to read financial reports. Then check the media. You will realize the media cannot read financial reports. They mostly read BGR articles and rephrase them with an added pinch of horror. But I suppose no one can ever convince you since you have a different agenda...

Scroat doesn't even know how write his own name without help, so how do you expect him to actually know how to read/analyze financial statements.

Speaking of turd that needs flushing... someone took a diarrhea in the toilet (aka Scroat) and it is starting to stink up the joint.

This is the "Bull Durham" interview. "We have our eyes on..." "We're building the platform for the next 10 years", "You gotta take a more long term view" "We come out strong in 2013 with a fully baked OS" "We acknowledge the challanges" "I just wanna help the team" "We're giving 110% on the field"

It's what you expect to hear and in the end are no further along than you were before the interview, but you knew you had to hear it.

I am a hard-core BlackBerry supporter. I am considering going to the Verizon store tonight to get a 9860 Torch, because I suspect it may be the last BB I will email ever be able to get. So I am no troll.

Keep that in mind when I say: this is a brilliant comment, 100% dead-on right. I want this interview to be speaking to some great truth, but I think it's as likely as not that BB10 never sees the light of day. I derive no joy from this, only sadness. But hiding from the truth doesn't make it go away.

Kevin and Crackberry Crew -

Just one final "dumb question" today. Is there some reason why nobody in Canada has the "wherewithal" , for lack of a better term, to ask any of these executives from RIMM this question:

"How did you blow the timetable on the launch of BB 10 so badly and do you understand that this has really shaken the confidence of RIMM loyalists in your leadership team at RIMM"??

Now that's a question.

If Thor would have answered that by saying - "guess what I took over 6 months ago, I listened to the development engineers on the BB 10 team and they misled me - I TOOK MY HAMMER TO THEM AND THEY ARE GONE!!! The ship is "righted and I guarantee you that we will launch 2 BB 10 phones in January 2013" - wouldn't we all feel better???

Instead more of the same from the past 2 conference calls and because people here don't listen to them - THEY THINK SOMETHING NEW WAS SAID TODAY.....

Um, they answered your question without it even being asked. You just dont' want to hear the answer. you just want to whine about it on every single blog post.

Your 9900 isn't even a year old yet. Enjoy it and relax. The delay barely affects you. and now you won't have to bitch about it coming out before it was ready. Win-win

Oh and to answer your question, no, I would not feel better. That would be stupid. His role isn't to punish. His role is to guide the company. if you're the captain of a ship you dont' throw your entire crew overboard while at see because you're a couple degrees off course.

Sure, but when you are hemmoraging market share, are missing launch dates of critical new products, your stock is down about 80% in a year and you are the "laughing stock/whipping boy" of the mobile universe - AT WHAT POINT IN TIME IS SOMEONE HELD RESPONSIBLE???????

This isn't the government, Bro, it's a business and it has been run in a, rather, putrid fashion for a few years now.

If that doesn't make sense to you... I understand your debilitation....

Hey King of the Armchair CEOs.. you seem to know all of the answers so I'm shocked that the RIM Board appointed Heins the CEO over you.

- where have you been the last year where most of middle management and most decision makers have been let go or replaced by someone new?

"This isn't the government, Bro, it's a business and it has been run in a, rather, putrid fashion for a few years now."
- Your right, and may I ask you, who were the ones running it? and where are they today? hmmmm interesting.

You post like you were expecting an October release date. Did you have some insider knowledge the rest of us did not have?

Personally, when I hear late 2012, I think December. I guess that is just my insane common sense at work, I don't know. When I heard it was delayed, absolutely I was pissed, then I remembered I was a grown up, and that at most, a 3 month delay really isn't that bad. I would rather have a complete product in my hands three months later than an incomplete product 3 months earlier.

I guess, basically, shit can happen over a year that can cause delays. HECK shit can happen a 6 months, a month, a week a day before something is released that can cause delays.

I am just glad they manned(no offence ladies/ifanboys) up, came out publicly that they were going to have to push it back and didn't leave us wondering in September, anxious in October, annoyed in November, and furious Jan 1st as to where the new BB10 device was.

I get what you are trying to "ask" as a hard question but again, it comes off as a whiney baby not getting his bah-bah when he wants it. not trying to offend, just reminds me of my little cousin thats all

"Nobody is delusional here. We get it. That's why we're building BlackBerry 10 and man are we committed."

"For the guys that are calling for our demise I would say $2 billion dollars in the bank, zero debt and continuing to grow net cumulative subscribers every single quarter does not sound like a company that is about to go under."

PR much? Funny how market share is dwindling in the US and Worldwide and you're cash reserves grew from $1 billion last year to $2 billion now!

Alright - who's next to get interviewed from RIMM today. I volunteer to give the "other side of the story" as someone who has been very closely aligned with RIMM since the 8310.

Send me an email, Kevin, I am in to speak with you, Thor, whomever.

Here's a new "Battlecry" for RIMM since "Let's Rock and Roll this" was a big dud.

Research in Motion - "Action not Words - For People Who Have to Get Stuff Done"

... Kind of "catchy" if I do say so myself.

First of all I never get the comments about BB 10 being outdated when it comes out. Do you think Ios or Droid just got pulled out of someones A$$ the day before release? The hardware will be new and fresh as most of what they will use isn't out yet. What matters is how the OS interacts with the hardware. IE user experience. I think its great that they are thinking 10 years out and have the confidance to build for the future. I am excited and can wait. One last thing..... none of these guys no matter what thier position is wants to go look for a new job. they want to florish and attach thier name to a huge success. Plus the money will be nice. Come talk to me next year at this time!

Ummm two year old software isn't outdated? And ummm the timeline camera nokia bought the keyboard already copied lol Dont even get me started on apps they won't even have 25k at launch.

License BBM cross platform thats the only way I see survival yes they have money no debt yada yada still doesnt change the fact of dwindling market share.

At this point nothing can hurt if they can't get developers to develop in the numbers that iOS and Android does they running out of options quick look at the Playbook its great but! No apps so its like take me as I am if you want more tough.

I would love to have seen this exact senario play out just over 10 yars ago as Apple was dying, just 2 weeks away from being broke. Having the media we do now, would have probably killed it back then.
Now that everyone is tuned in, and with media loving negativity, Apple (I'm just guessing) would not have survived the onslaught.

RIM has more cash than Apple did back then so the survival story is different, save for the fact that everyone loves to beat people down at their worst.

I for one, love to gloat and I'll be right here next year as this NEW BlackBerry comes to market with fresh idea's, a fresh OS intigration into our daily lives.

Be negative, that's fine, yin and yang, black and white. We investors will still welcome you back when your boring, old, nothing new iOS and Droid 'phones' are turned in for the NEW BlackBerry.

My 9900 works just fine....my PB works just fine, my work curve.....yup, it works just fine. Take your time guys. Do it right. I'll be here!!

"'Nobody is delusional here. We've got one shot at getting it right'"

And that shot came with a promised 2012 release release.

Not only did RIM failed to score, they've lost their chance at taking that shot.

This delay sealed your fate.

Game Over.

the best part of this interview - in no uncertain terms is the part where they admit to needing to get the word out about what makes BB10 special and promised to keep this (and I am sure other) blog advised. If he reads this blog as much as he says, he knows that the foundations of the faithful were shaken last week and they need to work hard to keep folks informed and interested.

Do you really think Kevin will conduct an objective interview especially with a RIM executive?

So, when was a good time to announce the delay of BB10? You must realize that at the end of the day, RIM is a business and they already knew many weeks prior that they would be announcing a large loss for Q1 with a subseqent drop in share price to follow.
With the bad press that RIM has been getting, it is better to announce all bad news at once instead of first announcing the delay of BB10, then weeks later showing the Q1 results.

As a business they really had no choice in the matter. People must realize that RIM was probably counciled to release the information this way.

Blaming 1 CEO for all the problems is just foolish if you have any idea at all how a large corporation runs. Had Thor been there for 6 years and not 6 months, that would be a different story.

Do people forget that APPLE was also in a death spiral and near bankruptcy not that long ago. Its all about getting the right people in place and it does not happen over night.

Kevin, you better get a hair cut......it is flippin hot outside today!

You have missed the point. It is not about the timing of the BB10 delay announcement. It is about the fact that in early 2011 BB10 was announced for early 2012. Then in Dec 2011 BB10 was said to be delayed until late 2012 because "the chip availability was not adequate" now BB10 is being delayed again because of more "will not release a half baked product" BS. RIM speaks in circles and Kevin does nothing but tee up the easy questions and sugar coat the interview.

Its funny how you keep posting and missing the point at the same dam time. Your daddy geller calling you b*tch

So True , I wrote a coupe places that Rim better not pull this HP crap that HP pulled on webOS. delay delay and delay and were not at all honest with the public who are trying to make an intelligent decision on where a single person spends $2400 bucks for the next two years. You use us and we will drop you.

Yawn... sit at home in your mommy's basment and talk more sh_t bro... I'm sure your shift manning the front door at Walmart will be starting soon..

WalMart is an equal opportunity employer. He's an asset to the company and I actually like shopping there. Oh yeah. He also looks good because he's the only one wearing a helmet... Special

Kevin is RIM's lap dog. He would have recieved a nasty smack on the nose with some rolled up newspaper if he dared ask that question.

Listening to this interview, this guy sounds like a "complete disciple of Balsille" - almost sounds like it is him. All this "FRIGGIN PUMP" about these other countries and "HOW GREAT RIMM IS DOING IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES". I'm sorry I have one more dumb question today.

"HOW IS THAT WORKING OUT FOR RIMM???? WE HEARD THIS FROM BALSILLE FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS"... No matter how verbose this guy got on this interview.


Kevin - "That's a strong message, Rick, I like it".... Brother - you weren't "buying this guy's stuff, either". You, actually, conducted a pretty good interview.

You, probably, should coach these guys that getting loud and saying "Right" every sentence won't make people believe them.

How does this guy compare to the last VP of Global Sales? Did the last one sound this "Balsille lite like"????

How did this go so wrong??? .... Anybody???

You honestly have some serious anger management issues. These tantrums may be a byproduct of your upbringing. Were you neglected as a child?

- Actually its working out pretty well. The customer base keeps growing and if you did your research AT ALL, you would see that these "Foreign Countries" are completely untapped and have HUGE growth potential. Not too mention with BlackBerry Struggling in NA, these "foreign countries" are keeping RIM in business through this transition period to an all new platform?

do you think before you ask a question, or is it that you just simply do not know, or even care to broaden your mind?

Also, Its "Research in Motion" NOT "Research in Motion Motion" RIM not RIMM(I understand this is the abreviation in the US Market but it is NOT the company name by any means)

Good to see the VP of Global Sales & Marketing be honest with the media. I truly love to see RIM comeback, just please no more delays beyond this point! Oh and Scroat or whatever your name is, if RIM and Crackberry is dead then you, troll dies off with them so since RIM and Crackberry is dead in your mind, please do us a favor and perish from the forums.

I'm actually inclined to believe Mr. Costanzo. Delaying BB10 had to have been the absolute last thing anyone wanted to do. They know that pushing back their "make or break" move would make it look like they're already broken, and that it would only give the media more time to write Dead RIM stories. But considering that they have to shoehorn QNX into a phone, and make it work with their email and BBM and their network and all that, I would rather wait a couple extra months to make sure that BB10 was perfect at launch. IOS and Android haven't gone through a transition like this with their mobile devices EVER, BlackBerry is the oldest of them, so they naturally have to make this transition first (and it doesn't help that RIM missed the boat on a few things too).

And whether people want to admit it or not, RIM changing up the way BlackBerrys operate ENTIRELY, is a huge undertaking. Not just because of the actual work going into it, but because BlackBerry is legendary. RIM is changing the way an iconic product operates for the first time. They really can't mess this up.

Everyone knows what a BlackBerry is and pretty much how they work. The only other device that is like this, is the iPhone. For better or worse, with every new BlackBerry or iOS update, visually, little actually changes. I can't say the same for Android, because there are just too many of them, and every Android I've ever used has a UI totally different than the last. That's not bad, it's just the truth.

The original BlackBerry OS pretty much got RIM as far as 2012, and if waiting another few months for BB10 phones means that BB10 can propel RIM another decade, I'm all for it and all in.

SK - Here's a homework question for you - "When did RIMM buy QNX"??? How about this one - "If BB 10 isn't ready for a Q4 2012 launch, what makes you 'so sure' it will be ready for Q1 2013"????

Oh, and since you are so concerned about what they look like with all this "make or break" mumbo jumbo - what possible sense could it make to bring out another Playbook 1st when they sold a meager 260,000 last quarter"???

The Playbook (which I own and is terrific) has "ZERO MOMENTUM", apparently, anywhere in the world if they only sold 260,000 last quarter.


Dang, another really good question.

You know, at my ATT store here in an upscale northern suburb of Chicago - they say they haven't seen a BlackBerry Rep in many months.... MR VP OF SALES...Why is that??

Oh, nevermind.... This is all so taxing... Shouldn't be like this...

How did we get here???

Wow, it sounds like you have some real anger issues going on in that upscale northern suburb of Chicago.

When RIM bought QNX and when RIM started implementing QNX are two different questions.

Nothing happens overnight, and when you are the most secure mobile platform on the planet, and mobile security is arguably what keeps companies and governments using your devices, you can't afford to compromise on that, and just throw in QNX, a flashy UI, and skimp on the security that you're known for.

There are two ways to look at bringing out another PlayBook when the first one didn't exactly fly off shelves. Firstly, a lack of 4G or LTE connectivity was something that prevented people from buying the PlayBook. The PlayBook as a standalone tablet from the beginning never took off with people unless they had a BlackBerry to Bridge it with. In the era of BYOD in workplaces, many people don't opt to use a BlackBerry, which would hinder many of the benefits and features on the PlayBook.The 4G or LTE PlayBook would be attractive to any company wanting to make their employees use some sort of portable, capable, and ultimately inexpensive tablet.

And Mr. VP of Global Sales might want to take a stroll down the hall to RIM's marketing department, where much is still left to be desired. Without marketing, there are no sales because no one will know what you have for sale.

And honestly, why would a BlackBerry representative be in AT&T stores very often these days? RIM has not launched a new BlackBerry model on AT&T since November when the Bold launched. NOVEMBER. It is now JULY. RIM has no new products on AT&T, and unless you're in the business of wasting money, what sense would it be to pay for reps to go hangout at stores when there is nothing new?

"The Playbook (which I own and is terrific) has "ZERO MOMENTUM", "

you are right, it is terrific, and how did releasing an incomplete OS do for the PlayBook over a year ago when it was released?

we should rush BB10 right now!

So your upscale northern Suburb of Chicago ATT store is more important than, say, Head Office which is visited and contacted quite often?

Took Apple over 3years to build and design the iOS/iPhone, they were just able to do it behind closed doors. BlackBerry has been working on BB10 for 2years and the QNX platform has been out for well over a year now(see your PlayBook). I am actually ok with waiting for an all new experience. IMHO of course

My wife and I are great fans and supporterd of RIM\ BlackBerry, having been a part of the BlackBerry user family for close to five years. RIM is showing that it is listening to the consumers and is beginning to address the consumer and market its product better (but there is still room for improvement, as I feel that RIM does not fully market all the features of its devices. I use this phone for business and pleasure in ways which I have not seen RIM promote.)

Anyway I believe they can make the come back and will be competitive, if they hold to what they are saying.

What I believe will keep their current market base even more is if they can work out a way so that when the BlackBerry 10 platform comes out the current users can immediatly purchase the device (of their choice; qwerty vs touchscreen), and.................. HERE WE GO!................... be able to immediately, by way of BlackBerry ID, re-download the Apps which they have purchased, is on their current devices and stored on the AppWorld Server, BUT upgraded for BlackBerry 10 NO CHARGE!

The faithful should be rewarded for their patience, committment and weariness. I know that if RIM would promise this and deliver on the BlackBerry 10 I would wait without a fuss and purchase the BlackBerry 10 Touch Device as soon as it is on Verizon's shelves.

I am already putting money aside for the Black Forest as I am excited for a 10" PlayBook and I am ready to set aside money for the BlackBerry 10 Devices for me and my wife.

Members of RIM state that they read CrackBerry.com which is in my opinion the best site to get feedback from BlackBerry Users.......so what say you RIM to to this suggestion, develop away for your current loyal users to be able to upgrade the apps which they already purchased (of course for those apps that will been upgraded for BlackBerry 10) so that you can move those New BlackBerry 10 devices, as you will have already missed Back to School, Black Friday and the Holiday Season.

RIM we are with you, now how committed are you to your loyal market base?

All the BEST RIM.

I have been a loyal Blackberry user since the first monochrome qwerty models came out. I want the company to succeed. Oh, how I wish these promises and wishes from RIM come true. Right now, however, they will be met with a big yawn from the biz media and analysts. And, oh how I wish you folks would sharpen the critical thinking in your reporting and analyses, and up your writing standards, so that those analysts and media people who read your stuff can't easily write you off as a bunch of barely literate, blinkered enthusiasts. Come on Kevin, step up and be a real editor.

Android and Apple blogs and forums are so upbeat. This CrackBerry one is dreadful with hatred and awful posts. I wish everyone would just grow up and discuss things sensibly.

Funny that you say you want everyone to grow up... yet you have posted about 40 comments that say "contribute"... Take your own advice and grow up yourself.. LOSER!!

Okay so we all want RIM to succeed. I would just like them to cut the crap. I have a Torch. 9860 and have tried all the OS's and every one has had a memory leak (no apps installed) . I don't need many apps, but fix your os. Second I have had a playbook from day one. The OS still has bugs and where is the BBM app. There has been a lot of promises over the last while and a lot of excuses but very little delivery.

Cooks are in the kitchen, relax. My 9900 will last an extra 3 months, no problem, so will your Torch.

I think we can all use a little more exposure to the outside world anyway instead of trying to live every aspect of our lives through an app on our phones.

Looking at you Mr. Jellybean.

Anybody wonder if someday some teen initiated counter-culture pushback will revolt against all forms of mobile technology and social media? Dis-enfranchised youth of technology? Just a thought.

Apple stock hits $600 for the first time since April and RIM closed at $7.35 !!

RIM CEO: " There is nothing wrong with our company" !
"Where ignorence is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise" ! (Thomas Gray )

Small amount of knowledge is dangerous.

Apple could be a $6 stock if they did a 100/ stock split, would the company be worth less?

Do your research, valuing / comparing two companies by share price alone is wrong.

Stock Price x Amount of shares = Company Value

Good job.

Does this show that Apple has a lot to lose or does it show RIM has a lot to gain should they survive this transition?

Jump to conclusions is dangerous. That was just sheer information about the stock prices. Nothing else !

Okay then, its seems I have underestimated your intentions.

Not were you mislead by lack of knowledge on how to value companies that trade on the stock market but you intended on misleading those that read your posts to further your view regardless of its accuracy.

I understand, carry on.

Had to laugh when reading Americans make up 90% of the media....heck, anyone that's had a conversation with an American would know they talk 90% of any conversation.

At least they attempting to direct the conversation now.

Wow! I'm a HUGE CrackBerry & BlackBerry fan what I've read today is not only frustrating but almost offensive! Obviously the Staff at CrackBerry makes its living thanks to BlackBerry but come on guys! I've already drank the koolaid but PLEASE get frigin real! Ask the laid off RIM employees & their families how things are and then tell me that there is no crisis!

The layoffs were an expected move though. You're talking about how layoffs impact the individuals rather than it being an indicator of company-wide crisis.

"Over the years we've seen the old RIM go to market with some half-baked devices. (You know which devices I'm talking about.)"

I had a Storm 1. And when it met its end in a chlorinated, watery grave, I compared the newest Android sets and the newest BB keyboarded phones, and grabbed me a Storm 2. Which I still have, and which I will continue to use until I replace it with a BB10 unit -- even though RIM fell down on the delivery date.

My point is that no device needs to be perfect, either from a hardware or OS perspective. Clearly, i find my "worst-BB-ever-made" Storm to be the best option for me over all other phones, so I see no reason not to release BB10 on time and patch it as necessary, rather than to do what RIM chose to do: To play into the hands of the critics and haters -- as well as into the snowballing fears of the drama queens in the financial markets -- by delaying the release and reinforcing the conventional wisdom that RIM is floundering, directionless, clueless, and leaderless, on its way to oblivion. I can't overemphasize how critical an error it is to miss the Xmas shopping season...

Wish people would do their homework before they post.
It took apple over two years to release the first iphone, another year just to release their app store, then every year after they would reveal a 'new' iphone.
Funny part is they would announce the "upcoming" release ten days before the actual product release, do you really think they pulled the out of their a**?
There was not real change from the iphone 4 and the 4s other then the camera and a few other features that the phone should have had already!
Leave Rim alone, wait and see what they release.

I have been using BB 7 for the last 9 months, have had no real issues and it is capable of doing just about everything and sometimes more compared to the other OS platforms out there. So why is everyone so anti Blackberry until BB10 comes out? Would really like to know why today's Blackberry is considered substandard in today's market.
Everyday I send and receive hundreds of emails, texts, social media, send photos, get directions, get updates on weather, movies, sales, surf the Internet, watch YouTube make calls, conferance meetings use the bluetooth in the car for music and so on and so on.

There should be a form started on what your BB has done for you today rather then when will the new OS be out.

It is not like we are all stuck with Newtons.

Please allow me to begin by saying that I am one of the biggest Blackberry fans out there. My first Blackberry was the 957 (I believe that is what it was called) with the monochrome display. I have been true and loyal to blackberry since.

That said... I know that RIM is saying that they recognize that they only have one shot to get BB10 right, but honestly I believe they have already had that chance - and blown it. I could be wrong and I do hope that I am wrong, however part of getting it right (IMHO) is also getting it out on time. RIM has already been behind others as far as "latest technology", however this delay of perhaps 9 months or so is going to really have them behind the eight-ball. The competition is looking like it will be even tougher then.

I am not one to yell that heads must roll, however I do believe that more change is needed at the top to really show that RIM is taking this very seriously. When I think about it basically being the same players who brought us the Strom, Tour and a not-quite-ready-for-prime-time Playbook, I must admit that I am not convinced that things are going to turn around. I suspect that the market is not sure either.

Where do I stand... Well, I admit that for the first time ever, I am now considering going over to what I use to call the dark side (Apple!), however I will wait a few months to see what the iPhone 5 looks like and has to offer. Perhaps by then we will see signs of light (besides words) that RIM is moving in the right direction.

In regard to my statement that I believe RIM has already missed the one chance to get it right, I do hope that I am proven wrong!

Thanks for listening!

I just find it amusing that when RIM didn't stand up for itself against the media, everyone complained they should say something. Now they do and it STILL just isn't good enough for many people, as they now say it's just 'fluff'.

When people say RIM doesn't understand the customer...I totally get it, I don't either. Nothing seems to please anyone.

Not to say that there hasn't been some frustration and perhaps slight disappointment in the delay of BB10, but I still love my current Blackberry products and WILL be getting a new BB10!!!!

Gee I'm a new member here, one would think I stumble into Westborough Baptist crazies protesting a funeral. For months, I've read from the main media and some of the comments here that RIM is dead ...yada yada yada....Okay RIM is dead! Buried! Funeral over! So go picket another funeral somewhere else! Leave us "fans " reminiscence the good old days and say our long good bye. Remember RIM is death to you, no longer exist and you do not have to comeback here and opine on a company that is already death. Go on...it's over.....prep yourselves for another company maybe Nokia or something. I'm sure their fans would love to hear your repeated eulogies.

They're like a those annoying gnats that won't go away no matter how much you try to swat them. You may get a head of lettuce to understand before they get it.

I am so sick and tired of hearing "we have one shot at getting it right" thats why u should have been working on BB10 well before so that u wont have to delay it to "get it right" stop taking these little baby steps and bring out the products. We are tired of the excuses and delays. i know that no company is perfect but damn RIM ur killing us here :(

I like this guy. He knows that BB10 is going to be great.

Please keep Kevin updated on the progress, and Kevin will let the world know all of the goodness that is coming from RIM.

Reality check, folks: remember that you're talking about a) other people's jobs, and b) telephones.

Is that really worth venting such bile?

Wag more. Bark less.

For the first time in a long time I actually feel that RIM is going to pull through this - they need to get that guy out more. Thanks for posting this Kevin!

There was a WHOLE ARMY OF delusional people in the webOS forums right before the axe fell. I finally had to call acouple of people delusional and all I got was " hey you cant call people delusional '! This coming from a moderator who was quite insane and delusional themselves. Watch out for those people. they are nuts.

It's 2013 and BB10 hits the market and because they took the time to get it right...it is a masterpiece and everything works and flows flawlessly does it take off and will RIM have an aggressive promotions campaign to really get the word out.
I have to admit I had a feeling it was going to be delayed because there was no lead up promotions to a BB10 launch most consumers know NOTHING about BB10 or what it is. If they were close to having it finished I would expect a media push the likes of which has never been seen!!

As usual it's obvious that we all have our own opinions and feelings on this matter. I for one like some of you was in disbelief that there was a delay. It's faded as I've come to expect it. After taking in all the info recently I can't say that I feel any better about it. So I've implemented a wait and see approach. And if I decide to ill grab someone else's device when the time comes as that's my prerogative. For now though my torch and playbook get the job done. I want to see RIM succeed and defy expectations. But who's to say that there won't be another delay?

So Kevin out of curiosity how would another delay make you feel? Would you still be on board and as gung ho as ever or would you begin to question RIM then?