Nobex Radio Companion Updated With Global Stations

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2009 10:24 am EDT

Nobex Radio

The popular streaming radio application Nobex Radio Companion announced today that they have expanded globally with a premium service. Previsouly, the service only offered station from the United States, but that have added over 1000 worldwide stations to their lineup, briging the total number of stations to over 2000. 17 countries in all have been added, including Italy, France, Spain, Mexico and Brazil. There is also a new Station Wiki which allows you to request your favorite stations or test their streams. The premium service is available for $19.99 a year or $3.99 per month. For more information, head to

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Nobex Radio Companion Updated With Global Stations


I like this one better that the other ones I've tried. Does anybody have a idea on battery drain with this app?

Hi Everyone,
Nobex here. We were so excited that we now stream stations from all over the world, that we forgot to mention that this is part of our new premium version. Local content for the country you are in is still free, however, to listen to content from other countries you have to sign up for the premium service. You can do this here on Crackberry. To prevent existing users from getting less than they have, we bundled the US, UK and Canada together – so whatever was free remained free.
The premium version actually includes some other cool things – like you can embed your own pictures instead of ads, and you get a page to do this which is quite cool.
Check it out!

The Crackberry store only gives me the option to purchase on a monthly basis. How do I get the yearly basis

Hi Stoxx, Nobex here.

Sorry about the delay in responding. Looking at our systems, we see that you figured it out and have now the annual service. For the benefit of others - you can get the monthly basis on, and annual in App World.