Nobex Radio Companion Gets An Update

Nobex Radio Companion Updated
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Mar 2009 10:57 am EDT

Good news today for fans of Nobex Radio Companion as this awesome streaming radio app has been updated and is now better than ever! New features include:

  • See Lyrics - you can see the lyrics of the song that is playing (or recently played). If you are listening to the song through Nobex Radio Companion, you can even have the lyrics scroll synchronized with the song - turning your BlackBerry into your very own karaoke machine!
  • Read Song and Artist Info - Using the "Lyrics and More" screen, you can now see Artist and Song info too. You can find out how the band you love got together, and why they wrote that song you can't get out of your head.
  • Get Songs or Ringtones - with a single click, right from your mobile device. Or, choose to receive an email with links to buy the song on your PC, so you can always keep your music collection fresh!
  • Hear Song Snippets - if you're not sure if the song you just missed is the one you have been wanting to download.
  • Mobile Goodies and Streamlined Interface - Nobex offers more and looks better than ever before.

And of course one thing Nobex DIDN'T CHANGE is the fact you can still view the playlist of over 2,700 radio stations around the world and listen to over 1000 of them! Users of Nobex will definitely want to upgrade to this latest version and for those of you haven't given it a go yet, now would be a great time to try out this free app!

To download, visit from your BlackBerry's web browser or click here to download from your PC.

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Reader comments

Nobex Radio Companion Gets An Update


that's some nice update but i would still like to see something like slacker on it where you can chose what you would like to listen to....but otherwise a great program

I had it for a day.. seemed ok, but kept crashing my Storm. Plus if I plugged in a headset, it didn't work. Music only played through speaker on BB.

Nice application but why do I want a big list of stations when I can only use 10% of them if that? Big list of station playlists but they won't stream.

I have all of these stations (which is great) but i can only listen to like 10 secs of the song. I'll just stick with iheartradio for now...

The reason you have a huge choice of stations is for when you are in your car or somewhere that the radio is playing and you like the song that is on air and you want to get a reminder about that song you can. They can only stream stations that have a compatible radio stream.

I did notice with this version that there are some HD stations now available for playing.
I do like the addition of the Lyrics & more link.

IMO, i think that this is the best application for people who like to listen to actual radio stations that are on the air.

Some of you are missing the point of this app. I travel a lot as a DJ and when I am on the road, no matter where I am, if I hear a song that I want to use, this little program has saved me. I love it. To me, it's better than the song analyzing software because what if it's a bad reception area or you're at the tell end of the song. This thing can even back load.

As the DJ guy stated .. I don't use this app to stream radio. I love using it to see what the song they just played was.

Makes it easier to torrent what I like and get the right thing :)

I love that I can listen to real radio stations from all over!! I've been wanting to find a way to listen to an AM sports radio station here in Houston. So I listen through my bluetooth at work. And not only find out what the name of a song is but lyrics too.. also you can send info about song to your email. Awesome!!!

Can someone tell me how nobex connect to the internet? Is there possible to use BIS, or just TCP?

This same question to FlyCast.

Hi there, Nobex here.

First, thanks for all the comments!

wojtas25 - to your question on TCp vs. BIS/BES - The answer is "both". Playlist information, album covers, lyrics, song and artist info, and other such info, is sent over BIS/BES (or Wifi). Only streaming is done over the direct TCP connection (or Wifi).

Feel free to send us questions/comments also to, or on our forum on

Thanks again,

The Nobex team.

really love this app. My favorite streaming radio app compared to iheartradio, slacker, flycast. I am an AM talk radio junky though.

Great- real great. But it doesn't do me any good. Why? CANADIAN!

I emailed them and asked my Canada wasn't supported...they said something about the radio signals not containing the info they need. I dunno about you but I can see what the name of my station is/what song is playing from my car radio...I'd just love to have it on my BB!


Is supported, from a few weeks ago. We now stream about 150 Canadian stations, and are working on adding more.

Give the new version a try.



I have downloaded and get the error "Error starting com_nobexinc_rc_470: Module 'com_nobexinc_rc_470-3' not found". I tried uninstalling and re-installing with the same result.

If anyone has any ideas on this error I would be grateful.

This is AWESOME! I'm hard of hearing, and this is something the Deaf community can use. While I don't speak for the Deaf population, being able to display lyrics while listening to a song is pretty sweet.

Brian G

Has anyone tried using this with headphones? I have a Storm and i couldn't get this to work with my headphones in. Led to some slightly embarassing moments at work when the speaker started blaring in my quiet office.

I see the options Bluetooth Basic and Bluetooth /advance when clicking play audio through but it will not connect / play even though Bluetooth/phone is already connected through hands free ? any solution ?