Nobex for BlackBerry 10 features podcasts with Hub notifications

By Simon Sage on 31 Jan 2013 06:58 pm EST

Nobex Radio was showing off their brand new BlackBerry 10 app at the Toronto launch event recently, and we got to get a good, close look at what was new. The UI is all very Cascadey in terms of menus and transitions, but the real cool stuff with Nobex on BlackBerry 10 is how it plugs into the Hub.

Nobex allows users to add podcast subscriptions (audio or video) and get notifications when new episodes are available to download or stream. As always, Nobex lets users tune into local radio stations for free and if they're willing to pay up, gain access to a vast international catalog. With BlackBerry's in-house Podcasts app being out of commission for the forseeable future, it's likely that Nobex will quickly become the podcatcher of choice for many early BlackBerry Z10 owners. 

Nobex for BlackBerry 10 has been available for a day or two now; if you're one of the lucky few with a Dev Alpha or Z10, you can get downloading at the link below. Any diehard Nobex fans out there? Which music apps beyond Songza, Slacker, Rdio, and TuneIn (which have all been confirmed) would you like to see on BlackBerry 10? 

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Nobex for BlackBerry 10 features podcasts with Hub notifications


I've never looked into the Nobex app before and this little preview for BB10 is a nice showcase of what it does...

Good looking app. Nice and slick. Slick is becoming THE word to describe the Z10. Can hardly wait to try it out when I get my new device.

Just get an anti-smudge/anti-glare screen protector and problem solved. Same situation as most touchscreens

good example of a built-for-blackberry app I'm thinking... Gorgeous...been using nobex since came out on playbook and it is excellent.

Shame they don't offer a one-off payment option for the app to access radio stations though, I don't use the radio enough to merit subscribing but would have been happy to pay for that functionality.

Hi there, Nobex here.

Actually, we do offer a one-off payment. There's no more monthly subscription. It's a one-time In App purchase of $9.99, and you are premium for life.

Hope you enjoy Nobex!

Once I have checked out that podcast support I think I will have to spend some money in that case, need to reward the devs that actually spend the time to make a really nice bb10 app.

I would recommend that you advertise this change in the app details or on your site because this is a very welcome change in the pricing.

I use Nobex on my current 9810. absolutely ROCKS! was hoping they'd make it available on the BB10. Thanks Nobex...can't wait to download

Thanks all for all the replies. We worked hard on this version, love the capabilities of the platform that are available to us, and it's great to see the reactions and the acceptance by users.

Feel free to email us suggestions or comments to And please download, enjoy, and write a review in BlackBerry World.



My 1st TouchScreen phone!!!! Thank you CrackBerry!!! :)... Oh and @Bla1ze and @CrackBerryKevin, I tweeted you guy my Review on Cnet's BIAS Review of BB10. Check it out when you get a chance. You guys are doing a GREAT job promoting BB10

I love the app, but I ironically find the constant notifications about new subscriptions incredibly annoying. Does anyone know how to turn these notifications off? I can't seem to figure it out.

I tried the podcasts download option.
Looks really it works.
Well, WDF are the downloaded podcasts located?
Can you figure it out?
I want to copy them in my notebook :-)
Thank you for hinting