Need the easiest way to save contacts to your BlackBerry address book? Nobex Contacts is the answer

By James Richardson on 22 Aug 2012 09:18 am EDT

If you find entering new contact information a hassle on your BlackBerry there is a brand new solution. Nobex Contacts is a simple way to get new contact details saved to your BlackBerry with just one click. When you receive an email from someone the application automatically scans your address book to see if you already have that contact present. If that person is not in your address book or if some information is messing, then the app will place a pop up on the screen with the contact details asking if you would like to add them. Just select 'create new' and hey presto - all their details will be then in your BlackBerry address book. It doesn't get much easier than that.

All BlackBerry smartphones running OS5 and above are supported and the application is free to download. The free version will prompt you to be BBM connected and will post information to your BBM profile by default. The only way to get rid of this is to purchase the paid version of Nobex Contacts which will set you back £10.00. They do also provide an Enterprise version for businesses and more details on this is available through contacting Nobex Technologies direct.

Overall a handy little app. If you get a lot of emails from new contacts that you need to keep hold of this may well be the perfect time saving solution.

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Reader comments

Need the easiest way to save contacts to your BlackBerry address book? Nobex Contacts is the answer


Yes BB Travel is fantastic and the envy of my iPhone toting friends when I show it to them. I think iPhone has a similar app, but none of my friends know about it. Advantage BlackBerry.

Advance OS and LED does this for free. Waste of time having to deal with it wanting to post to BBM every time and waste of money if you pay to get rid of the annoyance of it. Having said that, Crackberry have been paid to advertise the product so cant really blame them.

@BlackB_G: Please enlighten me - How does AOLED do the same thing? - and ... Nobex conatcts is actually free too.... - and You don't have to connect it to BBM,...

it is obvious that you have not looked at the app at all...