No Words With Friends for BlackBerry? Check out these alternatives!

By Michelle Haag on 27 Jun 2011 03:04 pm EDT
Words with Friends for BlackBerry?

We get asked a lot if there is a Words With Friends for the BlackBerry platform. If you have somehow not heard of it, Words with Friends is a Scrabble like game for iOS and Android that you can play against others online. It's one of the most popular games for both platforms, and BlackBerry owners have thus far been left out of the popular game. However, don't be sad, there are always options and alternatives.

While we don't have Words With Friends for BlackBerry, we do have games that are quite similar, such as WordRival, Lexulous, and Fightin' Words. Aside from aesthetic differences, these games are all quite similar, though each has a few unique features. All three games have options for notifications such as email, vibrate, or pop-up message. You can invite friends to play, or be randomly paired with someone from around the world, and play multiple games simultaneously.
Lexulous for BlackBerry
  • Available to play online, via Facebook, as well as on BlackBerry, iOS, and Nokia smartphones
  • Multi-player games (2-4 players)
  • Solitaire and computer opponents available
  • LexulousLite is free via BlackBerry App World
WordRival for BlackBerry
  • Available to play online as well as on BlackBerry, Android, and Palm smartphones
  • Built in chat so you can message your opponents
  • No single player mode available
  • Available for $3.99 (trial available) for your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Available for $2.99 for the BlackBerry PlayBook (no trial available)
Fightin' Words
Fightin' Words
  • Newest of the three, currently only available on BlackBerry smartphones
  • Awesome and fun UI
  • Future updates will add more options and functions
  • Available for $2.99 in the CrackBerry store and App World

Depending on what features are important to you, I think between the options listed above you are sure to find a suitable replacement for Words with Friends. If you are interested in downloading any of these games, they can be found at the links below. As far as choosing which is right for you, that's something you will have to decide based on both who you want your opponents to be (for example if you have friends on Android that play WordRival) and how you want to play (online vs on your BlackBerry). You can find complete details about each application at the links below.

For more information and to download LexulousLite

For more information and to download WordRival for BlackBerry
For more information and to download WordRival for BlackBerry PlayBook

For more information and to download Fightin' Words from the CB store
For more information and to download Fightin' Words from App World

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Reader comments

No Words With Friends for BlackBerry? Check out these alternatives!


Thats kind of a shame that a game like Words With Friends isn't on blackberry, especially since its cross platform. RIM needs to straight up solicit like the top 50 app developers on Android and iOS to develop for OS7, which seems to be the platform that developers are least likely to develop for. QNX will probably take care of itself once that comes to handsets, but in the mean time OS7 (as well as OS6 for that matter) could use some help.

I think OS7 will bring a lot of new apps and games to blackberry (but they might only be available for OS7 devices) let me explain my reason, some apps and games aren't on Blackberry due to processor speed. Current Blackberry's don't have enough power in then to run the apps smoothly. The new SnapDragon's will solve this problem (well at least help it). Popular Android and iOS apps and games should start making a appearance on BB's as soon as a device is out. (hopefully that's soon). I hope i'm making some kind of since :/

OS7 is not going to bring sh!t to BB. App devs are in it for the money and BB is a LOSING PLATFORM.

BB will, and always will get half baked apps compared to other OS platforms.

it is a shame that Words with friends isnt on the BB platform. however, ive been playing word rival for a few months now, and I have to say that I have become more a fan of that than words with friends now!

Word Rival will email you when it is your turn if the app is not open. If it is open your device will vibrate.

I really like Word Rival. The only gripe I have about it is the battery drain it causes. I highly recommend making your play then closing the app to let the email notification let you know it is your turn.

I've heard good things about word rival. I've talked to some that prefer it over words with friends as well.

Fightin Words has potential, and I know it's a newly released game, but it needs some, better cursor movement/word placement ability, display of the score of the word as you type it in, etc. Also, NOTIFICATION FIX! This is a huge disappointment!


I'm product manager for Fightin' Words. Push Notifications are fixed in upcoming 1.2 release, should be out within a week, we are testing it now. We have several other features planned in upcoming releases as well. Thanks for the feedback.


If you want quality games, I'd say just spend the $250 for an iTouch4. However, there are plenty of quality apps on BB vs. iOS and Android. Try doing anything like ShortcutMe, BlackBerry Traffic, BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry Podcasts (auto downloads), BlackBerry News on the other platforms? You're right in that gaming on BlackBerry is pretty poor. That being said, productivity and utilities on other platforms is very poor compared to BB.

I notice that too. I tried the thunderbolt for a month and 95% of the apps I downloaded where games. Pageone, one of the most useful apps I use on bb was awful on android it kept disconnecting.

words for friends may be fine for ipad, but the port to android is crap. i could expect no better for the pb.

IMO just get an ipod touch and call it a day.. I do all that stuff games, productivity and news apps on my ipod touch 4gen.. And loving my bb all the same

and which games have blackberry owners NOT been left out of? Every popular game...looking for games and cool apps? go elsewhere.

i hate to say it, though it wont sway me from blackberry 9900, but if BB keeps getting left out of games my friends play on ios and android... im sure the demand is there... just needs to happen

I really do hope RIM figures out how to make their platform more developer friendly. This lack of developer support is a top issue in my consideration when I upgrade from my Tour.

The "real" Scrabble game distributed by EA is available in App World. I don't know why that wasn't included in this blog entry.

because Scrabble doesn't have a multi-device function (yet). You can either play the computer or against a friend by passing your BB around. I'm surprised EA hasn't gotten in on this. This seems so simple, Scrabble, battleship and other classics would be great on handhelds.

I know this is quite an older thread but I would like to mention that Fightin' Words has recently come out with a major UI update for those of you that are either interested, or have tried it previously. It has come along away and I recommend giving it a shot.
^^^ Try it out :)