Whatsapp confirms they will not be supporting BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Dec 2012 04:48 pm EST

*UPDATE* - Scratch all of this - WhatsApp is coming in March and will be a native BlackBerry 10 app!

With the launch of BlackBerry 10 imminent the big question that most people want to know is which of the big, popular apps will be supported. I'm a huge fan of the cross platform instant messaging client Whatsapp and the other day I suddenly had a panic when I wondered if it would be available on BlackBerry 10. Getting the answer was pretty simple. I just emailed them and lo and behold I got a reply back pretty swiftly, but I'm afraid to say it wasn't the answer I was looking for.

The member of the Whatsapp team that got back to me said "We have no plans to support BlackBerry 10 at the moment, sorry."

After I had stopped crying I then came up with some positive thoughts to cheer me up. They said "at the moment" which clearly means the app will not be available for launch. Maybe, (I'm praying) they are going to wait and see how the new OS from RIM goes down with the general public? If this is the case and BlackBerry 10 sales are big, which I'm confident they will be, they may decide that they are missing out from a big slice of the pie.

I could be wrong, in which case I will have to find an alternative application and talk my buddies into installing it on their iPhones/Android or Windows Phones. Or it will be a case of going back to good old SMS, which I really don't want to do. One of the great features with Whatsapp is that much like BBM, you can tell when a message has been read by the recipient. Having used Whatsapp and BBM for a few years, not having this feature will probably get on my nerves.

There is one other option and that's to side load the Android version. Good old Bla1ze tested this out for me today and all appears to be fine which is good news. But, do I want to have the hassle of doing this? Hell no. I want a native, built for BlackBerry app. Fingers crossed the Whatsapp team change their minds. 

I love Whatsapp for its simplicity as well as its features so this latest news it a bit of a bummer so say the least. Do you rely on Whatsapp too? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts. If you are all with me we may have to start a revolution!

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Whatsapp confirms they will not be supporting BlackBerry 10


THIS IS a dealbreaker for me. I can live without skype, but I won't buy BB10 until it has whatsapp. if whatsapp is never released, I'm going android...

:( sorry to say I can't live without whatsapp (doesn't have to be native bb, but it must be available).

I hope bb does something about this

If Whatsapp is not on board - then i am gone. Back to SMS and BBM. My sms is free except international - and wil use SMS there instead. Really waiting for skype anyway.

I have a feeling that WhatsApp will come along shortly anyway. Small company, limited resources.

Whatsapp, live profile, ping, kik, line, yahoo, g/talk, msn, skype, facebook chat, etc.
I get that its a very popular app, but it really isn't the be all and end all in instant messaging.
Painting the end of BB10 if whatsapp isn't on there is a bit extreme in my opinion, just saying.

Who cares!! Whatsapp has been having issues with their server in the last few days that is causing a lot of people to move to the new-famous LINE

It's been a trending topic on twitter and it has also been on the news from where I come from (Chile). A lot of my contacts down there already are moving to LINE becuase it has more of a Skype type of service. So this is the app that I would be interested to have in BB10.

you need to dig deep into technical issues here. how many potential customers will do that? 10%? BB10 will see a massive setback that way.

I don't use it but I'm sure I can survive with or without it in the future. It's nothing that important to sway me from wanting BB10 and the new phones.

I use WhatsApp, but trust me, I will not hound them for their app. They seem to be looking attention and I refuse to give them any. It would take them less than 24 hours to port their app to BB10 with all the tools RIM made available to them. There is no reason, whether financial or resource wise that they couldn't port their app. all they looking is attention, so they can keep their app.

I have informed all my friends on WhatsApp that I intend to upgrade to BB10 on launch and that I will not have WhatsApps, so I have encouraged them to give BB10 an honest look and possible convert them to BB10 and use BBM or we will communicate via text message. After all, RIM ties text messaging into BBM quite nicely.

so screw WhatsApp.

i just dont understand why BBM isn't native as a feature of the playbook. eff whats app, shit barely worked anyways and they can go the junky route if they like.

Right decision in my opinion! With a BlackBerry you got by far the safest mobile device out there. Complete Data & storage encryption and so on. Whatsapp on the other hand is one of, if not THE unsafest thing you can possibly install on your phone. How does that add up?

Is that real??? if so, freaking amazing. I bought the stock at 9.77 and have been very happy, I jus need that phone in hand to complete the package

So when Rim says they have GREAT app support, what do they mean??? Whatsapp is pretty big since there are die hard other OS fans and will never leave, whats app bridged that gap. WTF

Probably meant Facebook and dropbox - we need to get used to the idea that there wont be great app probably. At this stage I lost all my faith skype will ever make it

Apple, Google and Microsoft will do whatever they can do to sabotage RIM and BB10.
I think they influence what is reported on the media and they block (somehow) netflix, skype, whatsapp and other organizations/apps from being incorporated into BB10.
What a shame. I believe in fair competition and diversity.
I'll go BB10 no matter what!

If this is the case, I'm starting now to convert my WhatsApp friends on iOS and Android to Hookt.

Anyone know any other good alternatives? I'm done with WhatsApp.

Apple, Google and Microsoft will do whatever they can do to sabotage RIM and BB10.
I think they influence what is reported on the media and they block (somehow) netflix, skype, whatsapp and other organizations/apps from being incorporated into BB10.
What a shame. I believe in fair competition and diversity.
I'll go BB10 no matter what!

I have previously installed WhatsApp, but I never used it. I downloaded Facebook Messenger 2 days ago, whilst it is still nowhere near as as good as BBM, it will be more useful to me.
Also, WhatsApp is the biggest selling iPhone app whilst it is free for BlackBerry and Android. Apple sure know how to screw their customers.

And why should I give a flying **** I don't even know anyone who uses it. We've had Short Messaging Service in this country for while now.
BBM for the kids and SMS and email for us fogeys, that's what BB seems to be like in the UK.

It strikes me as odd to do something to increase the popularity of BBM, and also the popularity of a competing service.

I'll be getting BB10 regardless. That means I'll be telling everyone I normally communicate on WhatsApp with to use BBM if they have a BB, or whatever truly cross-platform messaging service (Kik?) is available.

I won't be too worried regarding this news, there's always a company/companies that is/are willing to take up the space left by Whatsapp. Viber has been gaining traction on the cross-platform instant messaging market, and they might pick up a huge gain against Whatsapp if they decided to built in the app for BB10. Most people I know have used both Whatsapp and Viber and they have had both of the apps in their handsets.

I would be worried - why do we always need alternatives when there are de facto standards in the world?

If there is no skype regardless how many alternatives it's a big dea;.

Whatsapp is the defacto multiplatform IM end of the story. Is it not there? It is a big deal.

It's probably one of the top 3 apps most downloaded across the different platform, so where's the big apps rim promised? Any news on skype?

Do All you do is troll comments telling people to be worried, only 20 millions people use whatsapp that's a small percentage in the smart phone market. Go troll somewhere else

I do not care which way we communicate with the other side, but it is essential in our household with iphones , android and blackberry to have a way to communicate with each other, whatsap was the answer but may not be the solution in the near future.

what can you offer

I love whatsapp due to the fact I only talk to one person on BBM and would rather whatsapp than text. Texting isn't instant and it can slow your phone down if you're texting multiple people. It's a great app because you can do cross platform group chats, too.

To me this is a no-brainer. Anyone with half a brain knows that BBM is the best messaging solution on the market period!. And now with voice it just gets better and better. Eventually people will come to their collective senses and switch to BB just because it's the "better solution". People want the best and with BB10 + BBM you now have the best!

I read most, but not all these posts. In summary, there are strong concerns about the security of What'sApp, there are alternatives to What'sApp, you can side-load What'sApp, and of course the usual "this is a deal-breaker".

SOOOO, you CAN get it if you want it. BUT, why would you want it if it's not secure and poses the concerns listed? Lastly, if not getting this, or any other "must-have" app, is a deal-breaker, here's your rattle and soother. Go off and get a phone that does it all. When you find it, let us know because so far as I know such a phone doesn't exist. Every device will have trade-offs. Accept it.

I feel that the BB10 will be the best for me because of what it does. Apps come secondary in my opinion, because if there is a demand for the phone, the apps will follow. Eventually, new and better apps come along and make old ones obsolete, just as hardware changes. I'm not losing any sleep over it.

Trust in avarice! BlackBerry-User doesnt need any messenger beside BBM- cause it works! Beside this BlackBerry-User could install an email-account based on the BISserver. Its real-time-messaging in its best... Most of all BB-User will upgrade there devices from BB7 to BB10 during the year 2013. You can be sure that whatsapp wont abdicate for a (big) piece of the commercial cake! They CANT ignore the forthcoming success of BB10!

NOOOOOOO......wait a minute did they said 'at the moment' ? Guess just gotta keep on #bb10believe in this

I can't speak for the US. But BB10 is DOA in Europe without whatsapp. I can guarantee it. It sucks because I've owned BB's for at least 5 years now. BB10 was a no-brainer for me until I heard this news. In the Netherlands it's the no. 1 mobile app. Everyone uses it and no, they will not put effort into porting when the can just buy another phone instead. Many options on the market.

Any devs out there? Then go and port wazapp.im (www.wazapp.im), an open source whatsapp clone, was built for nokia n9, works very well. Done in python (BB10 has python)
Whatsapp allows it to enter their network, works transparently.

Whatever. When I need to communicate with my friends I write an email, use twitter, facebook, google messenger, yahoo messener, call them and even write a letter to them. If it's possible I try to talk to them personally. No need of whatsapp.
No more whatsapp in BB10? Tough luck, life goes on, and so should we.

This is stupidity at its best!!! Whatsapp is a must and blackberry needs it!!!! I was thinking in getting the 10 but if this thing will not have whatsapp.. forget it!!!! And i am not the only one who thinks this way!!. no whatsapp, no blackberry! in tired of blackberry not having decent apps.

Blackberry need more whatsapp than whatsapp needs blackberry.

If BB dont to something about it. Catastrophe.....

Been a long time since I've seen such whining, crying and sniveling. Give me a break and act like adults, not kids throwing a tantrum because you couldn't get that ten speed bike for Christmas.

Still buying bb10 anyways but oh what a hassle to keep in touch with ifriends and android buddies. Guess just have to try porting or resort to some other apps out there..ugh

Yawn. Who cares about a single app? BBM is all I need and SMS covers the rest. For you posers who think this is a deal breaker, I hope you jump to android and have your phone hacked in any one of a thousand ways. It people like you who are counter productive in bringing quality apps to the platform.

Who cares about a single app? is the most used app right now. it means that if you dont have it, you will not have the same communication. I see a lot of people posting that they will tell their friends to use another program hahahaha.

Remember that you are die hard blackberry fans. People will not switch to bb if they cant chat with their friends for free while the rest already have installed the whatsapp on their phones

You people dont have the minor idea the impact will make not having whatsapp from the born of bb10.

"single app" that everyone uses

Good luck BB! you will lose.

You are an idiot. First off, Whatsapp is definitely become available to bb10 before you know it, because they would lose their credibility of a cross-platform messaging app.

Second off, this "single app" develop is just afraid that people will come back to bbm, because it is better, and will lose market share.

You lose. BB10 wins.

I don't know how smart your friends are but mine are about average and we manage to communicate daily, for free, without using whatsapp. I've never used it. Until today I've never even heard of it. I think with twitter, Facebook, BBM and SMS we will figure out someway to communicate ( note sarcasm) The addition of whatsapp would be awesome (I guess) but without it BB10 will still be awesome. RIM for life!

It should be noted that I'm typing this from the worst phone I've ever owned, the Iphone 5. That is all.

That is your opinion but we are talking about bunch of people making a decision to switch to BB.

We'll see who was right and who was wrong in the near future

Wait until your phone gets hacked and we'll see who wrong or right. Out of sight, out of mind. I'm getting rid of WhatsApp as soon as I can and I'll be spreading the word to my chums on how much of a unsecured app it is.
Hack away, hackers!

There are apparently a bunch of free or open-source reverse-engineered implementations of Whatsapp, including Wazapp (someone posted a link earlier) and a reverse-engineered, free API.

So I think it shouldn't be a big deal to produce a Whatsapp-compatible client for BB10, and I'll bet someone will do exactly that.

I actually read about this today in another article and I immediately wrote them (Whatsapp) an email about it expressing my disappointment. They already support current Blackberry devices, so why not support BB10? Makes no sense to me...

I have WhatsApp but never use it.

There's so many better alternatives like Kakao and Viber, and most of my friends use those.

WhatsApp is highly overrated.

I don't know why CrackBerry posted this ridiculous article... Because of this, YOU the people who 'love' BlackBerry, made a huge fault to the company and the platform. All the media is saying that whatsapp has no plans to build or support BlackBerry 10. So make something to fix this... Btw this info is not confirmed.

First,i format my phone(blackberry Q5)so it is all deleted!then I download again the whatsapp and using my old account but it doesn't open until now!what did I do?