Whatsapp confirms they will not be supporting BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Dec 2012 04:48 pm EST

*UPDATE* - Scratch all of this - WhatsApp is coming in March and will be a native BlackBerry 10 app!

With the launch of BlackBerry 10 imminent the big question that most people want to know is which of the big, popular apps will be supported. I'm a huge fan of the cross platform instant messaging client Whatsapp and the other day I suddenly had a panic when I wondered if it would be available on BlackBerry 10. Getting the answer was pretty simple. I just emailed them and lo and behold I got a reply back pretty swiftly, but I'm afraid to say it wasn't the answer I was looking for.

The member of the Whatsapp team that got back to me said "We have no plans to support BlackBerry 10 at the moment, sorry."

After I had stopped crying I then came up with some positive thoughts to cheer me up. They said "at the moment" which clearly means the app will not be available for launch. Maybe, (I'm praying) they are going to wait and see how the new OS from RIM goes down with the general public? If this is the case and BlackBerry 10 sales are big, which I'm confident they will be, they may decide that they are missing out from a big slice of the pie.

I could be wrong, in which case I will have to find an alternative application and talk my buddies into installing it on their iPhones/Android or Windows Phones. Or it will be a case of going back to good old SMS, which I really don't want to do. One of the great features with Whatsapp is that much like BBM, you can tell when a message has been read by the recipient. Having used Whatsapp and BBM for a few years, not having this feature will probably get on my nerves.

There is one other option and that's to side load the Android version. Good old Bla1ze tested this out for me today and all appears to be fine which is good news. But, do I want to have the hassle of doing this? Hell no. I want a native, built for BlackBerry app. Fingers crossed the Whatsapp team change their minds. 

I love Whatsapp for its simplicity as well as its features so this latest news it a bit of a bummer so say the least. Do you rely on Whatsapp too? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts. If you are all with me we may have to start a revolution!

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Whatsapp confirms they will not be supporting BlackBerry 10



WhatsApp would be wise to consider all of the possible outcomes to this course of action. It certainly looks like we need them in the short term, but if BB10 is a success, we could perhaps isolate them, incubate competitors, etc. Like in the case of Marissa Mayer, you better not be wrong.

How about if RIM makes an iOS & Android BBM App which has ONLY basic messaging capability.
No file transfers, BBM voice, Status updates and DPs. They can only see BB users DPs and Status Messages, they can't post their own.
But they can send and receive BBM messages good with the D and R notification too..
That way RIM can entice iOS and Android users back to BB and KiK What's App's arse too!

It isn't that easy so far. BB10 does not have solid api to crate background services. Like one BBM is using. Without that messenger app is useless.
I remember discussion between WhatsApp developer and BBM development manager. "Why would you need such API?" asked he with laugh :)

Hey James I think thats a common misconception... That like BBM, Whats App allows you to know when messages have been read. I don't think thats the case.
In the case of Whats App
1 tick - Message delivered to the whats app server.
2 ticks - Message delivered to the contacts phone. It does not mean its read once its delivered.

BBM is still in a league by itself. Faster and way more secure.

The difference is that WhatsApp is a cross platform messenger versus BBM. But I do agree that BBM is a superior messenger. Hopefully we get Viber with voice if not

Both KakaoTalk and LINE can do what WhatsApp can do, with the added benefit of not having to tell people your phone number. True, they're not as snappy as WhatsApp, but they do display the "devilered" and "read". Status.

I no longer use WhatsApp, and encourage both my mother and sister not to. Videos sent from iPhone to Torch 9810 are distorted.


2 ticks in WhatsApp are equivalent to a "D" in BlackBerry Messenger.

There is no way to know if someone has read a WhatsApp message.

Boooo!!!! Too bad for them. They had a chance to get a head start on BB10, but I hope they change their mind. Otherwise, too bad for them. Someone else might fill that void.

I tried to do my part to help as per message to whatsapp.com

As one of 80  million bb  users,  many of  which require multi platform
messaging , I would like to assume that you will be supporting the new bb10 platform, preferably at launch (great opportunity for worldwide advertising of your product on the jan30 official bb10 launch )

If your current resources are fully occupied at this time and as a result unable to to develop a native app, then please consider porting over the Android version to bb10 as a suitable interim measure 

Thanks in advance for your consideration //rg

Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™ :

I also sent the below email to WhatsApp making my case:

Good Morning,

I wanted to express my disappointment in the lack of support for the upcoming BB10 phones as reported on CrackBerry this weekend. Given your existing support for BlackBerry 7 and below it seems like an obvious and logical next step to support the new operating system from RIM.

Using a conservative estimate of a 10% upgrade from the existing 80million BB users, you are abandoning a potential 8 million users. Users that will potentially move to other messaging platforms such as Facebook messenger (a platform more and more of my social group is using).

You are also missing out on a potential revenue opportunity BlackBerry users have proven they are willing to pay for apps. You already charge 0.99 for the iOS app and I think you can easily justify charging 0.99 for a BB10 app. By simply ignoring this user base you are giving up at a minimum 8 million dollars in revenue using the most conservative of estimates. If 30% of users upgrade which is what some analysts are predicting you are giving up on 24million dollars in revenue in the first year.

WhatsApp was one of the first high quality multi-platform messengers and you gained a leading position in the market. We all know what happens to companies when they are on top just look at what happened to BlackBerry when the iPhone came out. Don't rest on your laurels build an app for BB10 and continue to innovate or user will switch to your competitors. If names like Facebook and Skype from Microsoft don't scare you then it might already be too late.

Here in the Netherlands Whatsapp is like the new sms, everybody uses it and without it, your just lost!

Can't you still use SMS? Or am I missing something?

I think a lot of people just come to CrackBerry for their daily dose of drama.

SMS from Italy to a different European country: 0.30€

I dont use whatsapp but in Europe it's popular because you dont want to spend €€ for SMS when you're paying already a data plan plus everybody has lot of friends who are in different countries.

that will NEVER happen. at most you can expect to be back at third place, but you still have to beat windows phone 8. Even if BBM is better, Microsoft has way too much money and i don't think they will lose to RIM. RIM laughed at Apple when they launched the iPhone and now they will suffer from it.

Me? i would have gladly paid for an official bbm for android

Whatsapp, a hackers dream! Use at your own risk !



No one replied to this comment? If you're too lazy to go to the link he mentioned, I summarized it to you. Whatsapp dev doesn't care to it's customers (they are lucky 20millions users they have are also ignorant about their security). If you use whatsapp, your mobile numbers are being used as the login id, and your IMEI as password. If you use iOS,your MAC address is the password (I assume this is what being used when you use blackberry too).

The problem is, if someone listen to the public wifi when you use whatsapp, your whatsapp data can be spoofed, and using a certain website, anyone can send any whatsapp message as you.

No explanation/response from whatsapp, instead they threaten the hacker that announced the exploit. But if you use whatsapp only to chitchat and not bussiness/anything related to your bank account, it's ok to be ignorant I guess :p

Whatsapp is no BBM. That has always been clear. Let's explore a multiplatform BBM. Perhaps now that BB10 devices are almost out there, RIM might want to write an iOS, Android, and a Windows 7/8 version BBM. Doing so will hurt and perhaps kill BB7 but it will create new inroads for BBM. The thing is, BBM will have to be essentially free so there's no money to be made here and the cost is the elimination of current BB7 devices.

BB7 devices won't be able to compete at all with BB10. RIM should be selling all of them at zero cost ($0) here in North America and everywhere that BB10 will launching. Get them in the hands of students over the holidays.

Lol, you do realise there's nothing I wrote that comparing whatsapp with ввм™ right? I was only explaining what's on the link. About how easy for anyone for example, to get any important details about you that you accidently said in whatsapp. Instead, rather than comparing it with bbm, I prefer comparing it with other multi platform apps like Line, KakaoTalk, Nimbuzz, even e-buddy or MIG33.

I used e-buddy and MIG33 before the smartphone boomed, I prefer both of it than whatsapp anytime.

RIM doesn't have to make BBM cross platform. RIM doesn't have to bow down to people. Sorry but you won't get a cross platform BBM, because Thorstein said so and crackberry blogged about that MONTHS ago.

Lol, actually I didn't mean to click the link too because I'm on mobile. Somehow I ended up on the link and after reading it I thought more people should know about it :p

You whatsapp users read the fine print? You will have to pay to use whatsapp come 2013

Who if anyone will pay?
I for one would never pay. Heck I don't use it free. Too many free alternatives to communicate with folks. After reading the reviews in appworld it seems more trouble that its worth.

Very true!!! If they are gonna make you pay to use it then well there are many free alternatives, but one in particular has got me. Touch.. by Enflick. IMO GREAT alternative in general if not better. Then again, who knows if they will develop that app for BB10 either. I really hope they do GREAT multiplatform mess app.

What a plain bullshit. It'll be 99 Cents per year, IF they will ever REALLY make it paid. They keep on saying that it's free during the first year only for a couple of years now. Nothing happened. At least I bought WhatsApp at the beginning for € 2.49 in App World and my license expires 2020. But even 99 Cent a year is still much cheaper than typing SMS and MMS, especially when you go international. Not to mention file/data transfers, groups and so on...

Same over here in Germany. Everybody who has a smartphone uses WhatsApp here, it's like a mass-standardized crossplatform-BBM. No WhatsApp on BB10 would be like having a dumb phone again, telling friends that there is no WhatsApp for my phone available would be a sick shame and you can't convince 50 people and everyone new you're getting to know that they have to download an alternative.

I was always surprised by the price, I downloaded Whatsapp on my Android, and it was free. My girlfriend downloaded it on her iPhone and it was $0.99 its funny. Her and i are both making the jump to Blackberry for BBM it only seems reasonable.


Hopefully they change their mind. WhatsApp is THE App here in Germany and having BB10 without it would be kind of sad.

A lot of my friends have iPhones and so I use WhatsApp as much as BBM. Not having it available on BB10 would be a major inconvenience. Maybe sideloading the Android version might have to do until they make a native BB10 app.

Surprised to hear this, I too use it a lot to keep in contact with my BB turned iPhone/Android friends. Hopefully they change their mind and put out an app. Considering the ease at which BB10 apps can be created, I find this mindboggling.

What I don't understand with situations like this, is why the developer (knowing that the android app works) wouldn't at least do a port (which I've heard takes a few minutes) and submit to appworld? It confounds me, almost makes me wonder if there is some bitterness towards RIM going on here.

they said `at the moment` and why would they port it now? who`d use it? not alot of people as nobody has a BB10 phone.

Something else to think about, remember when dolphin said they weren`t going to bring their browser to playbook? then ported it within a week?. ya, typical `lets get ourselves some free press` malarky, so i wouldnt read too much into it at this point.

Speeking of dolphin. They just did a direct port & then never touched it again. They havn't bothered to port any of the new updates :(

soon as you port.. then you have to maintain.. maybe they want to focus on their current 20m users instead of working on a unproven platform and probably small userbase

BB10 has zero users, therefore it's an unproven platform. Most BB users have jumped ship to android and some to apple. You took too much time to actually respect the competition and do something about it. It may be too late already.

BB10 is good and i want more competition, hope it isn't too late to stay at 4th place or even climb up to third.

Who give a shit about that? you have nothing to blog about it or what? Another useless post ! SMS & Email are awesome tools. stop whining or switch to another platform.

How is it a useless post? It seems to share info about a quite popular app that has stated it will not be developing for bb10. If not bbm I use What's app and I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat as me. This is news, disappointing news, but still news. News is part of the reason I come to this site regularly. What exactly are you looking for in a Saturday afternoon blog post?

dont be a fool. i'm a massive bb fan but right but EVERYONE uses whatsapp. sms and email do not allow for group chats. Whatsapp is NEEDED.

I have a friend that couldn't wait for BB10 and thought she needed a phone right now. She didn't because she is off with an injury but that is another story. She has an Android phone so she sends me text messages now. It drives me nuts. I don't like text messages. She doesn't see the difference. My sister has an iphone and uses Whatsapp to talk to non iphone users including me. My step sister uses Liveprofile.

I tried to get my friend to install it but she is dragging her behind.

I'd be interested in hearing about Facebook messenger aswell, these days alot of people just 'inbox' eachother on FB

Ummm, what's WhatsApp? ;)

I don't use and have no intention of using it. If anyone thinks that this is a deal-breaker, they have rocks in their head. If you want a BB10, you want it for what it can do for you. For me, it's work tool.

While I get what people are saying about the cost of texting in Europe, I think that's really their carriers bending them over the table.

Don't assume that YOUR situation is true for everyone. It's not. And my situation is not true for everyone either.

My friend we have over 7 billion humans on the planet. If half of them have a cell phone I'm pretty sure it's safe to say not everyone uses Whatsapp. Since learning about the security issues you can bet I'll be looking for another cross-platform messaging app.

Email was never meant for group chats. It's a mail system that replaces snail mail.

People routinely get a boatload of sms/text included in their account. To say WhatsApp is "needed" is, to me, a bit of a stretch. If it didn't exist you'd find something else. Just saying :)

Am I the only one who thinks this is pretty bad? Whatsapp has become HUGE and not having it on launch (or VERY close to it) could be detrimental to sales and the media would rip them apart. After all, it's almost become a standard application.

We can do without whatsapp, we will sms out iOS or Andriod users if needs be. So no one give a damn about them.

I understand your point, it sucks a big deal because most of people uset it.

I dont use it because I dont want Whatsapp to have a copy of my address book and I wouldnt want to over 700 entries of my address book in an IM app. I also have lots of contacts in my address book solely to recognize their number when they call so I ignore their call - would I want these people on an IM app?!?

Back to the missing apps - if Whatsapp isnt there I guess we should consider missing even Skype. If bb10 lunches without Skype and Whatsapp we all know what's the reviews are going to be like: kinda good but no apps available: dont buy it.

I agree 100% With what you said about Whatsapp and the address book. It astonishes me that so many people are willing to hand over their entire address books to a company. Thanks but no thanks.

Skype and netflix arent the only apps out there. RIM can't make them. It's been said many times that those two companies are the ones that have to make the damn apps.

There are at least alternatives (texting). Skype is a bigger dealbreaker for me.

At least they said 'at the moment'. Let's be realistic. BlackBerry 10 doesn't yet have a userbase. Their plans could very well change!

Not surprised. You guys remember whatsapp's campaign with Nokia to "drop the pin" ?http://thehandheldblog.com/2011/05/09/nokia-blackberry-bbm-whatsapp/

I think someone should tweet this to Alec Saunders. He wrote in a tweet a while back that he expects whatsapp to be supporting bb10, but clearly this might not be the case.

Whatsapp also doesn't need to do any work. Shove it through the app converter and put it on app world. I don't mind it being an android app. Frankly, I use both whatsapp and bbm a lot and I think bbm is better....

the android app is free + you probably can side load it = who gives a Sh**? from what i understand...side loading this kind of app is fairly easy...am I right?

Yes sideloading is very easy. However, there is major problem, and it is maybe that 99% of users (average consumers) do not sideload apps. and will give a $hit.

the problem depends on whether you look at it from an investment point of view or a consumer...as a consumer i will learn how to side load (that's just me) and you are right 99% wont find the time to do so.. but as an investor, i'm somewhat pissed that they won't be developing. which is why just sent them an email

Considering it takes all of about 60 seconds, why not? I have it sideloaded on my PlayBook. It works fine.

Perhaps it's Blackberry telling them they are NOT allowed to make the app?
"Tests performed by The H's associates at heise Security have found that popular texting alternative WhatsApp is easily hacked using freely available tools. Anyone using WhatsApp on a public Wi-Fi network risks having their data sniffed and their account used to send and receive messages. Once hacked, there is no way to restore account security – attackers will be able to continue to use the hacked account at their discretion."

That's not likely. RIM is not as strict as apple,but not as lenient as google about apps I think.

About what you said about if your whatsapp got hacked it can't be taken back, I think it makes sense. Whatsapp user ID is your number, password is your IMEI/MAC address. And you can't change it unless you change your phone and phone number. Even so, if someone already have your number and IMEI/MAC address, nothing can stop them to keep using it for their purposes. I will not use whatsapp anymore, even if they fix it.

+1 SMS and BBM

Think I've seen it somewhere, not very relevant in our BlackBerry dominated smartphone market really!

It is important if you don't have a text plan or if it doesn't cover pictures. I remember being charged for pictures my boss texted me while on vacation. If he used something like Whatsapp that wouldn't have been an issue.

I absolutely NEED Whatsapp, I know people abroad who do not have a BlackBerry and whatsapp is essential. It's a great app and not having it is shall we say...BAD

I think Kevin should rally the troops into a petition or something for this application, to at least show the Whatsapp dev team that the user base for BB10 is out there. Good thing they didn't say "We're ENDING support for BlackBerry completely" (meaning OS7 and below). I know soooooo many existing BB users using it.

and to those who "don't care" about certain apps but are still supporters of BB10, you should at least show some concern for the well being of the BB10 ecosystem when app developers are being choosy about supporting The Ten

Oh damn... WhatsApp is probably the most used app on my phone. My friends are spread all over the Android and iOS world and almost everybody over here in Germany has WhatsApp installed...

Who cares> whatsapp is a CRAP APP! Great if you want to get messages 2-3 days after they're sent . and yes, it does the same on iphones too.

I agree.... A lot of the time it's terrible.... But it's incredibly popular... BB10 will be better with it, whether we use it personally or not!!!!

Question: When you sideload an app like Whatsapp on BB10/Playbook, does Whatsapp (or the developer/company) see your are using Blackberry, or do they think you are on an Android device?

If the latter is the case, suggesting everyone sideload these apps may cause the the developer to believe the Android app is more in demand than it actually is (and reverse for BB demand), and they'll devote more resources to developing the Android version, and not the BB version.

Not sure how it shows up to the dev specifically, but at least on the manage my kindle page, my playbook counts as android due to the sideloaded kindle app.

Rim should create they own version of all the bbm clones out there now for all phones not bb. I'm sure they can make one that is better than what is available now, but not as feature rich as bbm. Just enough to reel those in to bb10 who will want the full experience once they've tasted the fruit.

I have several group chats with friends cross platform and its ok. It's not used for anything important but it's entertaining.

This is huge, what about KIK messenger? I use both apps religiously more than txt, BBM is a joke as I only have 2 contacts that have BB. Honestly, this could be a deal breaker for me until those two apps are avail. I'm already out of the loop bc of Instagram, if I'm out of my handful of group chats, to me that's gonna b a problem.

Hhhhmmm......a bit of a snag with this one could be a bit problematic
I do use whatsapp quite a bit
Wont stop me from getting bb10
Just could be a bit shitty

who cares about whatsapp? I want BB10 because andoid and ios CAN NOT do flow ,peak or hub etc. Also the browser will be faster. The trolls(RIMM shorts?andooid/ios paid trolls?) keep singing the same tune because they fear and know BB10 is a much better and more advanced OS. WP8 didn't launch with whats apps and not a SINGLE word from the media. WP8 didn't even launch with a notification centre. Anyhow sick of non-issues. BB10 is more then apps because apps are so 2008. Also when it comes down to it BBM is 10000% times better then Whatscrap.

That's just crazy, yes I love BBM more than any other messenger but you need a BB for that, I literally have two contacts on BBM, pathetic. Apps are so 2008? Tell that to the millions who chooses iOS bc of the apps. Without essential apps, you will be like the guy in the ATT commercial who didn't get the mass message right away.

Whatsapp is the third most downloaded free app in appworld! I don't get that they will not support this new plattform. Why this kind of sabotage? In europe nobody would care if there isn't netflix because we don't use it. But whatsapp?? God, that would be terrible!!

If the Android version sideloads what would it be for them to just port that version? Very unwise decision on their part not to at LEAST do that.

Whatsapp, Skype and netflix, never use them. I must be in the minority. Since when we feel crippled by missing certain apps? At this rate the world may end before the Mayan's prediction. Drama queen much?

RIM is trying to win back market share. Not having apps that the other platforms use isn't going to entice IOS and Android users to come to BB10. It might cause a few BB users to leave, further eroding their place. According to Thorstein Heins, RIM's goal was to have 200-400 of the most important apps on Blackberry World, so even he acknowledges the importance of having a representative application environment. Missing certain apps may not kill BB10, but it won't help them

The new BB 10 looks great and all but wasnt one of the big problems with the current OS the lack of apps? Wasn't that a BIG deal?

I use whatsapp, but that doesn't mean I like it. I personally hate it. The message delivery is unreliable. You can't compare it to good old text messages or bbm. I've had messages not be delivered for over a day.

i love blackberry and im super excited for bb10, but you people really have to stop with your ignorant comments like:
"no problem, bbm way better"
"who uses this shitty app, its not safe, bbm//email enough"

maybe for you, but not for the majority
this is an app RIM absolutely needs on BB10 - and why does RIM need it?
because it's fucking huge !! it's so popular.. and the people want/need it

and im one of those people, i NEEEEEED WhatsApp.....
there are 3 absolutely must-have messaging apps for me... WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook
facebook obviously will be supported... but it'll be horrible if skype and whatsapp won't be available.

If whatsapp isnt making the effort do you think skype will? Plus what's the interest of Microsoft to develop an app they didnt have ready for the launch of their mobile OS, for a competitor OS they are trying to compete with?!?

That's shitty news. I hope they do support BB10 in the future.

But as mentioned above quite a few times, we can always sideload the android version and use that. I already have Whatsapp sideloaded on my Playbook and it works perfectly.

The true benefit of Whatsapp is the ability to contact your friends from around the world. International SMS is just too expensive to be practical.

Before everyone keeps this chicken little moment going. Has anyone thought that the new BBM has the ability to contact non-BBM users or has a "Whatsapp" capabilities.
Maybe this is RIM's big jab to iMessage and other 3rd party cross platform communicators

Makes sense to me.

I hope but so fare RIM kept BBM closed not sure they want to open it up. Since we pay for BBM if they open it up people will start to wonder why pay a fee at all and RIM will lose a big income stream.

It took them a while to come up with the windows phone 7 app back then too, pretty sure they had a smaller userbase and more time on their hands back then even. Whatsapp has gotten too big in a short time and the servers are down pretty often lately, seems they have their hands full at the moment.

Unfortunately this is just one of the many important APPs, like Skype, Netflix, Flipboard, Zite that will not appear on the BB10 ! It doesn't look good ! :(

- Geo1er
The only reason I have What's App is because no one I know is on BBM anymore. Literally, my last friend on BBM bought an iPhone, other than that I would prefer BBM anytime of the week. Here's an idea RIM, Make BBM available accross platforms. Why haven't you done this yet? Then, no one will care about What's App anymore. I know Android and iPhone users who wished they had BBM! It would also make the Blackberry Brand more appealing. It's a marketing strategy as well! Come on!

That would be an idiotic move at this point with them being just about to launch their new platform. You say there are android and ios users who wished they had bbm, well its one more push towards them considering bb10 then isn't it.

WhatsApp hit by bug again
Dailybhaskar.com | Nov 29, 2012, 15:34PM IST

The popular smartphone messenger for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones Whatsapp is hit with a bug.

In the past couple of months there have been issues with downlinks. Now the status of WhatsApp users has disappeared and they are greeted with a message saying ‘Error: Status Unavailable’. Yesterday WhatsApp tweeted “WhatsApp status functionality is currently not available. We are working on resolving it soon-ish...” about the problem,. The problem does not seem to be rectified still now as there is no new tweet from the app provider.

Early during the month whatsApp tweeted “we are sorry about various downtime in the past 24 hours. we are working around the clock on improving our system stability.” reporting the problems with the downtime.

According to Mobigyaan a few WhatsApp users have already started sending and receiving Spam messages that the WhatsApp logo will turn red soon and WhatsApp will start charging and etc. The readers do not need to believe the spam message and wait for the team to correct the flaws.

We hope WhatsApp rectifies the repeated issues with the app soon.

[Image: tweet from WhatsApp Status]

Not surprised. Remember Kik messenger. Then, Live Profile. Now, it's WhatsApp. They all want to be BBM but can't hack it or keep it from getting hacked. At least, WhatsApp made it far enough to be worthy of hacking. I don't use it anyway.

Installed it, 20 minutes later, it was deleted. Crap. Useless. If people want to talk to me, BBM, if no BBM, Gtalk, if no gtalk, Viber or SMS. But it usually goes, BBM if not, SMS.

I guess this means no matter what, since they don't care enough about BB10, I don't care about them.

Never EVER installing What'sApp.

Piece of junk.

Also, it gives away my phone number and everyone is automatically added. WTH!

Viber? It doesn't even work well.
Everybody's case is different.
Me personally, my friends and family are abroad. Most of them use whatsapp only 2 of them have other apps. BBM and Kik.

As said in the article, they did say at the moment which doesn't mean they will not release whatsapp for BB10 in the future.

I know sometimes you have to open the app to get the message, but I use it once every month or 2. I have it just waiting for the voice. SMS is my second most popular one. BBM is use all the time.

Whatever, if people want to talk to me so badly, they can also email if in another country, or Gtalk.

If they want something reliable, they can get a BlackBerry or, well, too bad.

C'est aussi simple que ca.

Se in BB10 funzionano i files .bar, il problema non c'e' perchè si può utilizzare la versione per android anche se non sarà il top


Sto' leggendo i commenti ed ora leggo questa cazzata anche in italiano.. Sono completamente d'accordo con te.. Chi (tranne i dieci smanettoni come dici tu) sa' come fare??? Io la vedo cosi: signori di RIM: fate tutto possibile per far si di avere questa app su BB10!!!

WhatsApp is broken, really broken http://fileperms.org/whatsapp-is-broken-really-broken/ WhatsApp withdrawn from Marketplace due to security issues http://wmpoweruser.com/whatsapp-withdrawn-from-marketplace-due-to-security-issues/ sorry i would rather use BBM.

Eh, no loss as far as I'm concerned. I don't think I could care less about Whatsapp. This might be the first time I've ever even bothered to type it. I don't see much of a loss here. As long as Facebook (and FB Messenger) and LinkedIn support BB10, the rest of these "social/instant messaging" apps can eat a fat veiny one.

whatsapp SUCKS!! First in order to chat with anyone, you need to add them in your address book. Soon your address book will blow out because of over crowded. While I understand their intention, but blowing out your address books is just bad. Not many people will use the phone number to call as some are overseas

Privacy. If whatsapp somewhat wants to sell their list, you guys are in for a big telemarketer as this list is legit, all legitimate phone numbers.

Fee, you have to pay $1/yr to use this app.

Group admin. You only have 1 group admin (the one who create the group). You can not add another admin to the group.

The best chat app in the market is still BBM, but BBM do not cross platform, so the second best app, I would go with LINE for a better cross platform chat app than this stupid whatsapp. Free as well. FYI, I do not work for LINE.

I'm a BlackBerry user. I am not a WhatsApp user. Do not confuse what i said for literally meaning I don't use WhatsApp. I choose to use BlackBerry. No WhatsApp will not affect my use of BB. It willl affect my use of WhatsApp. When WhatsApp decides they want to support BB10 I will choose to not support their app. I'm tired of people whining about no apps no apps no apps. It is not longer a BB problem. It is an app provider problem. There is almost literally nothing more RIM can do to help and support app developers. Maybe they are just waiting to see how well the phones are recieved. It still peeves me but I'm angry at the devs and not RIM.

Good point. A while ago someone suggested I get a new tablet because there's no official Netflix app. I let them know I cancelled Netflix and got Amazon Prime instead because Netflix can't provide the service I expect as a paying customer.

Companies like Netflix, Whatsapp etc have no influence in which device I buy. I will pick the device I want, and pay for apps that provide the services I want.

I don't like whatsapp... I use it occasionally, but it is a very important app to have at launch.

The only people who know whatsapp is bad is BBM users. A lot of iOS and android users don't know about BBM and they THINK whatsapp is a great messenger. They will want this app to stay in communication with their friends if they decide to migrate to blackberry. So whatsapp is needed to keep them satisfied until they realize that BBM is the better app.

While I was on Blackberry I used WhatsApp. It's important because it is cross-platform. I had (and have) more friends on other platforms than on Blackberry. Given the number of people who are on another platform or have moved there from Blackberry it's significant. Yes, people can text, however What's App uses data making it great - and cheaper -for people with friends who live all over the world. Not everyone wants to rely simply on text if they have a choice. It's nice to have the option not to.

Make no mistake it's a very popular messaging app. Since using it on my Android I have never had messages non-delivered and the app is regularly updated. I find it very reliable and use it every single day with no problems. The other reason it's a big deal they aren't supporting BB10 is the message that sends to other popular app developers. Blackberry users can always use BBM but that limits them to only other Blackberry users. Since it was on the previous BB I am sure RIM would have been happy to have it supported on the new phones. If anyone was even thinking of moving from another platform to Blackberry the lack of a cross platform messaging app is likely to reduce the likeliehood of that happening.

One thing that does amaze me is what is the appeal of all these bbm-wannabes that have sprung up, why people choose to limit yourself to a mobile-only im option when you don't have to, this is not like the situation with bbm where you get it as standard, you are actively choosing an app like these over normal im clients that have both mobile and desktop options like gtalk, msm etc.

Cross platform is HUGE. I looked at many of them and WhatApp gave me that 'aha' experience. As my friends moved away from BB and BBM, an alternative was needed. Where there once was 11 guys in one BBM Chat room talking sports and tech (Geek talk!) Now there is 5. All 11 are in WhatsApp. I am not worried, it will be supported I am sure.

WhatsApp is going to support OS7 but not BB10? C'mon! That is silly. Worry not people!

Exactly, even non-smartphones are supported by whatsapp....i've used blacberries from os4 to 7, they all supported whatsapp so why not bb10?

I can see this being a big issue as Whatsapp is the third most downloaded free app in appworld.

However for me, I don't care. I don't want to use a bugy app that has NO security & doesn't care to get any either.

It also insists on being connected to my address book so it can take my info & contacts & sells them.

I like Viber. Not only are they crossplatform, but they belive in keeping your privacy. Plus they ARE coming to BB10 :)

I dont even care about whatsapp, it sucks.

Everything i restart my phone , it deletes messages and usually it lags when sending messages.

There are way better cross platforms than whatsapp.

I thought BBs have a big market share in India? If so, why would you need Whatsapp when there's the far superior BBM?

The only reason I use Whatsapp is as a favor to my iPhone/Android friends without unlimited texts. I have unlimited texts and BBM, so there's no advantage for myself to use it (in fact it's a hassle to find and open yet another app).

Good thing it was free for a year in App World, now I have zero intention of purchasing when the trial is up

When talk about the NEW BBM starts to get out, a lot of old exBlackBerry users will start converting back to BlackBerry as their contracts expire. I just love BBM's new voice over wi-fi feature. It's the best!

Someone should post developer email addresses to Crackberry.com and we should run a vicious port request campaign for BB10 until they get the point to port over!!!!!!! Who is with me?????

Rb sorry for whatsapp i'm still getting my bb10. It is there choosing then not to be part of the magic sad mate sad for them and us.

Whether you like the app or not, for me the strange thing is the reasoning behind this.

They have an app for the current BB OS, surely they'd have the data to show how poular it is, you would think based on that info that building an app and support for BB10 would be a given, no? So why no support?

Could there be an issue we're not aware of, and if so could that be a factor for the other 'big' apps we're all expecting / hoping for?

The answer to this is simple. A lot of people believe RIM is going to fail with BlackBerry10. If BlackBerry10 takes off the apps will come. BlackBerry10 needs apps to take off. <<< This is RIM's catch 22

1) Who pays for a messaging application in this day and age when there are so many free options?

2) Whatsapp security issues are long-standing and serious.

3) "low and behold" ?? - The English language does not deserve reporters doing that to it!

@ Skeetcr- Idiotic Why? Google has been marketing their apps to other platforms for years and look at their success. When Google Maps was eliminated from iPhone and Apple's map software proved to be a flop, iPhone loyalists didn't drop their iPhones to go buy Androids. But the fact that so many iPhone users love Google Maps is a testament to Google's succes in building apps and gives their name credibility. Offering BBM apps to other platforms is not going to dissuade them from buying a Blackberry 10 device any more than not offering it is going to compel them to drop their current phones to come to Blackberry. And if BBM is really all Blackberry 10 has going for itself then thats sad. There are a thousand other reasons why people should switch to Blackberry 10 not just BBM, Marketing is going to be a KEY FACTOR, all I'm saying is that developing a cross platform app for BBM could play a key roll for users of other platforms to realize what they are missing out on with BB10. It has to be a good app, no an excellent app and RIM could omit certain features only available to Blackberry users, let the world see that RIM can put out a quality product even if its just an app!

Thank you for a voice of reason i this discussion. A cross device bbm app would satisify all bbm users, and allow bbm to become the IM platform of choice. You are bang on11

Whatsapp doesn't support PlayBook but low and behold you can use whatsapp on PlayBook if you want. So its not there at launch waddayado? Sideload the Android version.. #BOOMDONE

Whatsapp wasn't there at WP8 launch either but its there now...This post is meaningless.

I don't use whatsapp so no big deal to me. If BB10 is a success the apps will come. I don't buy a phone or tablet for apps. I make an informed decision when I buy whatever phone or tablet I buy. If the app doesn't come I'm sure I'll find another way to get what I need done.

Love Whatsapp. Use it daily with non BB users. Not great news.

Nonetheless, I WILL be getting my BB10 phone at launch.

Whatsapp continuously updates its version on BB.. Some features such as wider range of emoticons are not even on ios..
There is NO reason why they will not be supporting BB10 due also to the easier implementation there.. Possibly they cannot declare officially that they will be on BB10, but it will be presented the 30th of January..
Let's hope for that..

Ouh man this sucks. I cannot live without my whatsapp on any phone that I have. I have a couple of group chats and as I am a student, when you a new project wewillalways will always create a whatsapp group so that if anything comes to mind we can just tell the whole group. This might just be a deal breaker.

if all major developers think like this, that is, waiting to see if blackberry 10 is a success or not before launching their app, then bb10 would be, sort of, dead on arrival. hope this isnt the case. not that i care about whatsapp but other core apps are needed at launch

It's probably a generic cookie cutter email they are told to send out. Maybe it's a surprise and one of the apps to be announced at launch. I wouldn't worry about it too much folks

Just how good is the android port, in comparison to a possible built for BB10 app, i can't see it being very intuitive.

I don't really know it would be a deal breaker to everyone!! Choose the device you want based on the hardware and software they have to offer. If you choose the device to suit your needs then there will most likely be much more people choosing it and that would create the demand for the third party apps. Its just sad to see this consumerism where if you aren't satisfied with one little feature you would drop your brand loyalty and switch to another device, most likely compromising on a whole lot of features you loved just because a few apps weren't there. What I'm trying to say is we should stop apps from controlling the smartphone market and let the phone companies have a fair fight between themselves. I love my Blackberry and I have brand loyalty... Unlike the iSheep and dumbdroids... So I won't switch just because their solitaire app has a extra style cards, this is how relevant the Whatsapp Skype and Netflix issue seems to me. So come on people create the demand!! Stand and show them they need to support us, we don't need to support them!!#PeoplePower!! Besides android is too overrated and apple too overpriced anyway:)#JustSayin #BlackberryByChoice!!

They could be lying maybe the other big name app that rim is hiding for 30th jan who knows companies change there minds quickly.

Okay, I don't use Whatsapp, Netflix or Skype.. But I can certainly appreciate those who do. And if someone says they need it I not going to question them or tell them to just look for an alternative app. It is what it is.
What burns my ass, is these so called independent developers that should be looking ahead to branch out their software for the sake of their own business growth. The only one I can understand being a dick about it is Skype cause they're own by Microsoft (a competitor of RIM). Everyone else can kiss my lily white ass and should cease playing these eff'n games.
I work in the automotive industry and to develop a f'kn car takes over 4 years and a tremendous team to accomplish this. Please some developer out there.. Please tell me really how long it really takes these Netflix, Whatsapp or whoever else f'kn developers to develop or at least port their Android app to App World. A week maybe 2 using one or maybe 2 developers. These garbage games and manipulations in this mobile industry just makes me sick. And there ends my rant.

PS: I'm eff'n pissed with his continual f'kn around especially when you have a major player like RIM backed by 80 million customers and everyone knows it.

Whatsapp is a security nightmare and I would never use it. I don't understand why it's so popular unless people don't know or care that it lacks any security - no encryption at all. Read the links in comment # 6 and a couple of other later comments.
Edited for typo.

We need a Whatsapp-Integration into BBM... That would fit all of the problems...
Can't live without whatsapp - nearly everybody uses it... Android ios and wp - in germany bbm is not that popular and BB also not - so ive got 3 contacts in BBM and about 70 in whatsapp...
So come on RIM - work on an integration if you want to make BB10 become THE perfect device!!!

I'd like to see BBM being even piloted across platforms with a lite version...yes BBM is a trump card for BB but that hasn't stopped migration from BB...I don't feel makin BBM x-platform as a lite version is such a huge disincentive for BB...if BB10 delivers the kind of experience that is touted then that is what will win over consumers not necessarily whether BBM is closed or not...I use whatsapp a lot cause it cuts my sms expense significantly..NO it's a not a dealbreaker but it's functionality is impt...I'd like BBM to replace that functionality!

This is not good! As I use the WhatsApp as my main communication channel, this would mean I will move to Android in future!

No big deal for me, I can talk with my friends using Yahoo Messenger on BB10. Besides, I will be deleting WhatsApp when the free one-year period is over, yeah its only $2/year but I'm not paying for it because chat softwares should be free.
Edit: Also, I never liked the fact that WhatsApp adds people from my contact list without my permission.

How else am I going to talk to my Iphone buddys!
Only if BBM can Cross-platform with whatsapp users.

Boys and Girls and yes you to WHATS APP hacked infected users do not worry , BBM lite will be showing up to a BB10 mobile soon !

Do you honestly think they would tell you one way or another if they did have a app ready for BB10 launch. That would be kept secret between the ones in the no at RIM and Whats app. Crackberry or not they don't have to tell you proper information at all.

Regardless i don't care if it comes over or not, just like skype etc. It's not needed that bad, and plenty of other choices anyways.

I'm in China and here Blackberry is missing all the most important apps... here apps tocommunicate, like what's app, weixin and momo are needed for business.

What's app not coming to blackberry 10 means... nobody will adopt blackberry phone down here.

We are gonna end up with a fabulous Blackberry phone who will be the best for communication, but we will not be able to communicate with anybody cause of all this lakes....

This announcement made me change my mind. Adieu Blackberry

China barely buys Blackberry in the first place, so no real loss. You use up your data plan when BBM can do everything for free.

Apps are easy to port overly especially if on android, you just have the usual lazy developers to lazy to port it.

I used Whatsapp before, I didn't like it. Used it to keep in touch with my families out of the country. I deleted it within weeks and used FB to contact them instead...

I will say that I've been looking forward to BlackBerry 10 since BBX and I don't think the lack of certain app will be a deal breaker for me, but for non-BlackBerry enthusiasts in my country the lack of WhatsApp it's a huge dealbreaker I really think that WhatsApp must be on BB10 at launch. No matter how good the OS is, it is almost impossible to convince someone to buy a phone in which he/she's not able to talk with friends on other platforms. Sideloading for average people is not a solution because if we are real, the people who knows how to side-load is very little.

Exactly. If Whatsapp is not there at launch, the media will punish RIM hard. BB10 will be seen as unattractive in the eyes of the masses.

I actually posted this question to whatsapp twitter and didn't get a response. I hope when they see the revolution of the BB10 that they will port their android version over.

You can't tell when the message has been read using Whatsapp but what's really important is that RIM should do simple upgrades (8MP camera, long lasting battery life, and for f-ck sakes, some apps!) Those are my "simple" upgrades RIM should consider to regain customers. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, SELL UNLOCKED PHONES!

This is a moot thing,especially since facebook has opened up their client. I now can talk to all of my friends issue. Their loss if you ask me.

"At the moment"
You know its coming for bb10. How can it be considered a cross-platform app when they omit one of the platforms?

If there is no whatsapp I'm not getting the new blackberry. I'm tired of making excuses to stay with blackberry. I constantly feel left out and left behind as good apps emerge. I have been with this company for years using dozens of their devices. I have watched my friends and colleagues switch to other devices that can do more than any blackberry on the market. There was a day when I had hundreds of BBM contacts. I am now down to less than 20. These people I now communicate with via whatsapp. If this isn't part of the new blackberry 10 than I'm out!!! No more excuses!!!!!

WhatsApp SUCKS. It took them a month to port it from WP7 to WP8 and it looks and feels exactly the same. As long as Kik is there, I will be fine. I use Kik more than texting at this point.

Crackberry Kevin , wasn't there a rumor that Facebook was looking into buying Whatsapp to expand their Facebook messenger service? your "connections", over at Facebook, should be able to confirm the interest in it and if it is true, Facebook will release the Whatsapp app eventually? ;) :p

RIM should sue them for stealing a lot of BBM features

I will get burried, but the real problem isn't RIM anymore. It's the app companies. They want business, they have to make apps for all platforms. RIM (let's start calling them BlackBerry) gave everyone ALL the tools to build AMAZING apps and very easily at that, if said app maker doesn't want to put the effort as a company to make an app for it's customer, then, I, as a customer, refuse to use their app even if they end up making it later.

Imagine waling to a store and they refuse to sell to you because of your colour, then, they change their view once they see many people of that colour coming in to buy.


Sadly, they chose to be that disgusting as a company and I don't want their services anymore.

They are replaceable!

Fight the power, don't be beaten by it.

At first I was really horrified. but then I saw the part about sideloading. Once we can sideload the app and it works then it doesn't really matter to me. That's enough to tide me over until they make a native app.

I use whatsapp a lot to communicate with my overseas friends who've moved on from BB. It's probably the closest thing I can think of to a "must have" app for me. It's shitty compared to bbm, but it's the next best thing in terms of multiplatform messaging

I've been using BeeJive IM for a couple years now and while it may not be the trendiest thing, it serves my purposes for IM via Yahoo, MSN/Windows Live, Gtalk, AIM, ICQ, etc. I really really despise having to load a bunch of proprietary clients for all the different IM networks.

Has anyone asked them if they plan BB 10 support?

This is a big hit for RIM's attempt to make a clean launch of BB10, since WhatsApp is the most used cross-platform messaging app, we really needed to have it. 99 of every 100 of my contacts used this app. If they're not on board maybe eBuddyXmS could be an option?
I don't know how would I manage to chat with my friend's without WhatsApp

if im not wrong..we can sideload .bar whatsapp n use it..like im using on my playbook...my friend have test sideload .bar whatsapp into his bb10 devalpha b and it works..

Precisely the issue with BB: major Vendors refuse to support it.

*Angry Birds (took an epoch to come to the Playbook)
* Skype - Not available
* Amazon Kindle App - varies from device to device so user is not sure whether they will get it on their BB or not
* LinkedIn App - Same as above

This list can go on and on.
Bottom line: no matter how 'elegant' and 'cool' BB10 may look it will fail if there are no Apps on it

Just my 2 cents!

Words out of my mouth. Anybody who doesn't believe this take a look at WP8. They have great phones, and an improved OS, but they've been slow to take off because the "pundits" have told the masses to stay away because they lack the number of apps IOS or Android has. By all rights, RIM should be trailing badly behind WP8 for the third spot, but I believe when BB10 drops, they'll basically be neck, and neck.

App developers say no one will use BB10, so we won't make an app for it.

BB10 arrives but the media says stick with IOS or Android if you want the good apps you already have.

People don't by BB10 devices, and user base lags or drops.

Developers come back and say, "See we told you so." RIM's downfall becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As for side-loading that people are talking about, I have a Playbook, and yes, it's easy. But we're used to it. Someone thinking about jumping ship from another platform is going to say, "Why do I have to do this, when all I have to do is download it on my current platform?", and reconsider coming over. People on the whole are becoming more technically proficient with their devices, but there are many consumers who barely know how to turn their computers and phones on. IOS already has a reputation for catering to people with less than stellar technical knowledge, whereas Android has a reputation for being preferred by the tech geeks.

I really hope this is not true. Maybe they are just keeping it a secret until launch day.
If whatsapp is not out at launch I don't think I am going over to BB10 and if after a few weeks after launch it's still not out I might just jump ship. Ya this is really important for me and I can't see it being otherwise.

Can it be that RIM is the one at fault here? Maybe they did not reach out to them since they want their own messaging to dominate. But what is BBM worth if no one is on it?

Calm down guys, Whatsapp is on its way down anyways. When they start charging next yr they will definitely loose subscribers, not because $0.99 is a lot of money but because there are 100% free alternatives. The cross-platform messenger of choice will eventually be Facebook messenger, especially now that u don't really need a Facebook account to use it anymore, you can now just sign in with your phone number, similar to how whatsapp works. I personally prefer then UI to that of whatsapp and as Facebook is very keen to replace SMS with their app, I am pretty sure they have something cooking for BB10.

I didn't think anything would put me off getting a bb10 phone however I rely on whatsapp too much if there's no whatsapp on bb10 I may have to look for a different phone. Let's hope they change their minds quickly/rim convince them otherwise.

All the WhatsApp sympathizers need to quit falling all over themselves. BB10 has the best messaging platform ever developed. All the rest are just pretenders. BBM or nothing for me.

Now this is good news!

As being a blackberry user for quite a while now i dont think this is a big deal.
Whatsapp is a piece of crap app even though lots of people use it.(due to the lack of not having bbm on there non bb devices) If u consider not buying a blackberry for the lack of not having whatsapp available, then dont.

I think of all the things that will become available with BB10 and its just great!

All the whatsapp users around me who have seen me using the BBM including making the free wifi calls using BBM makes them think hard ( I also want that.)

So buy yourself a Blackberry and start making free wifi calls. The money u spare making these voicecalls make up for the little bit more expensive bb dataplan.

So when intelligence matters...... BLACKBERRY

no whats app?? no BB10!!...i would like to say that i trade messages with NASA by whats app , and im very worried about security...


I log in and post this comment with the hope that somebody important will read this,:

Not having Whatsapp as a launch application is a dealbreaker!

In Germany everybody uses Whatsapp. Nobody uses SMS anymore and there are not enough people with BlackBerries in order for BBM to be useful.
I will not buy a BlackBerry 10 device if it cannot load Whatsapp because I would have to rely on expensive legacy systems to communicate properly.


I strongly suggest you make RIM aware of that issue.

Kind regards

That would require to look up some technical article, dig up and download the app, plug the device to the pc and perform a list of task.

That will have an unsupported app on your device that might or might not work that has been designed for a different OS and you'll have to undergo the same process every time the app is upgraded.

Seriously - do you think other than a bunch of geeks anyone would bother to do that?!?

Whatsapp works great on my playbook, I look forward to sideloading it on my BB10.
Sideloading is so easy, I don't even think about it.
This is a non-event.

This kind of sucks...I still like BBM over any other chat app but use whatsapp to communicate with people overseas without any international sms charges. Perception is everything for bb10 to be successful and unfortunately this is a bit of a set back for all the momentum RIM has gained. Still can't wait for bb10!

Are you kidding me? Whatsapp is EVERYTHING in Europe... im supporting blackberry since 2009, and i would get bb 10, but i just cant get that phone without whatsapp... you guys dont even realize. EVERYONE i know is using it + group conversations, no ones here for bbm anymore.

i would love to keep supporting blackberry, but its a very very unrealistic thing without whatsapp, and bb's comeback will 100% fail without it! (atleast where i live)

BB won't fail without whatsapp. That's what BBM is for. Just because your buddies are on other brands to bad for them. Heaven forbid you actually pick up a phone and call someone or use sms.

Yeah lets go back thinking that a smartphone is only for emails, phone and sms and BBM. That's what got rim to nearly bankruptcy.

Hey Guys I just sent an email to Whats app support. I asked for a clear confirmation or denial of their support for BB10 .

And you wont get it. They will tell you they are "looking into it in the future" or "will be exploring that option at a later time",etc. Anything to worm out of will you have it eventually or not.

Let's relax and fast forward to Jan 30....

Thorsten stands on the stage... with a huge backdrop showing all the companies on board to support BB10.
How dynamic will that be... if between now and then... all those companies announce individually?

We have been assured that all essential apps (Skype, Netflix) will be included at launch.

Similar to signing a N.D.A... these companies probably have to agree not to show their hand until launch.

Honestly I don't think this is much to worry about, as some of you have said BB10 has zero userbase right now, as things pickup ppl will jump onboard.

Well, I have 2 thoughts reading this; two questions, in fact :

1. How deep will the hub go (how many services type can you embed in, is it limited - forever - to tw, LI, FB ...) ?
2. How far will apps interact with BBM ?

But if levels are as high I believe they are ... then whatsapp will become obsolete in not time ...

Seriously. If Whatsapp is not available at launch of BB10, I swear I will buy two BB10 and delete all whatsapp installed in my old BBs. Period.

There is nothing special about whatsapp anyway apart from user base and cross-platform. Neither is unique.

I use WhatsApp, but trust me, I will not hound them for their app. They seem to be looking attention and I refuse to give them any. It would take them less than 24 hours to port their app to BB10 with all the tools RIM made available to them. There is no reason, whether financial or resource wise that they couldn't port their app. all they looking is attention, so they can keep their app.

I have informed all my friends on WhatsApp that I intend to upgrade to BB10 on launch and that I will not have WhatsApps, so I have encouraged them to give BB10 an honest look and possible convert them to BB10 and use BBM or we will communicate via text message. After all, RIM ties text messaging into BBM quite nicely.

so screw WhatsApp.

Can't somebody just create an app that automatically sideloads the bar file and host the downloads somewhere other than bb world? If companies are refusing to support the bb10 platform, they would get lots of negative publicity if they also tried to sue or shut down such 'enthusiast' sites for non-available apps. "All we want to do is use their software!"...lol. It would definitely put the pressure on them to stop playing games.

Let's be honest, WhatsApp is a hugely popular app and its absence will be a dealbreaker for thousands of people. Even if you know the answer, email WhatsApp and ask if they will be supporting BlackBerry 10.

support@whatsapp.com - Product Support
bd@whatsapp.com - Business Inquiries

Hopefully enough questions about BlackBerry 10 will make them question themselves