No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10 - a BlackBerry 10 fan song by Lil E

No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10 song
By Zach Gilbert on 18 Dec 2012 07:47 pm EST

If you’ve been following along with CrackBerry the past few years, you’ll know that songs made about our beloved BlackBerry smartphones are nothing new. We’ve had songs about BBM and BlackBerry history that were creative; as well they really showed the passion of the BlackBerry community. Today we now have a new song all about the up and coming BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

"No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10" was made to get Team BlackBerry excited for BlackBerry 10, which is releasing January 30th 2013. We are anxious for the release of BlackBerry 10! The song also explains some of the great features of BlackBerry 10. One of the features that I'm most excited about is being able to check all messages in one area. Check the song out and if you're ready for BlackBerry 10 tweet #NoSleepTillBlackBerry10 . Follow LIL E on Twitter @BTBREPRESENTA.

The latest song is from artist LIL ‘E. The song he has titled “No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10”. The song is all about how awesome the new phones are going to be, the features that set them apart, and how waiting for the January 30th launch is causing a bit of insomnia. If you’ve created a song about BlackBerry 10 and want to share it chime in the comments below! Also if you want to give “No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10” a listen, continue on for the YouTube link.

Reader comments

No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10 - a BlackBerry 10 fan song by Lil E


Awesome!! All I want for Christmas is a Blackberry 10 phone.. I'm dreaming of a Blackberry Christmas!!!

Awesome. Can your phone do this? Mad love to peeps who spend time and effort to show love to blackberry.
RIM should pay them royalties and put their songs (all the blackberry tributes) in ALL NEW blackberrys regardless OS6, 7 or 10s.

1. You are horrible.
2. You are lame.
3. You should be removed from your home and city before you hurt somebody who cares about you, such as your parents or family.

What's lame is your lack of appreciation for this mans time and effort @ bdinke01. He didn't make this song for you. He made it for us. He didn't have to make it at all, but where most talk about commitment to a brand, he shared his with us. What did your parents teach you about having nothing nice to say??

Commercial hit, if you ask me. Thanks E. Keep 'em coming.

SHH, top secret. Think. Why would BB bring out the new BB10 on Groundhog Day? Because when the BB sun shines on that day, winter is over. Our long winter of BB discontent is done. The BB groundhog was sleeping, now he will arise on his day. Another reason is the BB Freemasons and the love of 33 and New BB World Order. Think of TEN, yes it is the key to 10. What is 10? It is groundhog day, Feb, 2, 2013 or 2+2+2+0+1+3=ten. It is also the 33rd day of the year, or a Freemasons first holy day of the year. All Freemasons will be required to get a new BB10 phone so they can BBM Voice and Video chat to each other. The video part will give an iron clad guarantee, that when one mason wants to BBM Video chat with another mason, he will now SEE the secret handshake and know, in his heart, that the bro on the other end, is truly a lover of the magic number 33. Then they can plan the New BB World Order in confidence. No more secret words that might be overheard, just show me the hand dude, don't be rude...LOL Have a Berry Merry Christmas and be of good cheer with Canadian beer. From Mark Smyth in Toronto.

Yet another IDIOT who can't even appreciate effort put into a song by a very talented individual. Two words... SHUT OFF.

Now this song goes hard. And surely gets Team BlackBerry hype for the release of the future of RIM/BlackBerry. IOS,WP8, Android step aside. Because when 1/30/2013 come we are taking share back. #NoSleepTillBlackberry10

-live it up BB style-