No Rogers Storm 9520 or 3G Pearl Flip on Q1/Q2 Roadmap?!

Storm 9520 and 3G Pearl Flip not coming to Rogers in first half of 2009?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jan 2009 12:55 am EST

Rewind to Christmas morning and the blogosphere was full of leaked images from a Rogers 2000 Guide which clearly showed that the BlackBerry Storm 9520 and a 3G BlackBerry Pearl Flip were on their way for early 2009. Heck, even another image of the Storm 9520 surfaced on Monday. All good evidence that a Storm is coming to Rogers sooner than later.

However, we've now heard word that gives cause for some uncertainity. Rogers is currently carrying out their 2009 Q1 cross-country propoganda show (they present to dealers/partners/managers/VIPs what's on the roadmap), and we've heard from some of our snoops in attendance that NO MENTION of a BlackBerry Storm 9520 or a 3G Pearl Flip has been made. In fact, there's been no mention of any new Rogers BlackBerry smartphones for at least the first half of 2009 (not even a new color for the Pearl or Curve or anything).

So there's only a couple of possibilities here. Either:

  • a) the Storm 9520 and/or 3G Pearl Flip are not coming to Rogers anytime soon... at least not in the first half of 2009 or ...
  • b) Rogers had the suspicion that whatever they presented during the roadshow would make its way onto the interwebs (as it has) and therefore took the more cautious route and decided to make no mention of them at all. 

So what do you think? Column A or B or a little of both? I sure am hoping it's the latter and we'll still see these new devices be released in the weeks ahead. My fingers are crossed. I hate waiting! :-)

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No Rogers Storm 9520 or 3G Pearl Flip on Q1/Q2 Roadmap?!


A little of both...

I'm quite certain the 9520 has already reached a point of certification for some carriers but Rogers is still not 100% of their launch date for it, so they are keeping quiet in acknowledging the device at all at this point, so it does not show up on the web and driving their call volume up to the centers much like the 8900 leaks did lol.

Remember...Rogers is the company that said they have no plans to bring BB to Fido...

They are also the same company that said back in December, that the 8900 would NOT be available until mid February, when speaking to reps directly..

Look how well those items are/have panned out.

Man I hope that things are just hush-hush; they've got to realize that the info will leak anyway.

My gut says A, but I'm hoping for B.

Hi all,
We got our monthly meeting with our Rogers sales rep, here in montreal, this morning and he told us that the Storm would be available to rogers around end of march begining of april.

So I keep hoping and dreaming.