No Rdio app for BlackBerry 10 yet? Try

No real need to wait for an official Rdio app, works just fine

By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2013 01:53 am EDT

When it comes to streaming music apps in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10, there isn't really a shortage. TuneIn Radio, Slacker, Songza, Deezer, 8Tracks and more are available but for some, myself included, the offerings won't be complete until Rdio arrives. BlackBerry has already confirmed the app will be arriving but for now Rdio appears to be dragging their heels and offering little to no information about a release.

Luckily though, Rdio actually provides a pretty good API for their service and because of that developers can tap into the service and create some pretty compelling apps and web apps to help fill the 'official' app void. One such developer, Jason Miller, from DevelopIT has gone ahead and put together a web app for BlackBerry 10 users. It's a simple offering that allows access to your Rdio collection, playlists and all the currently popular music offered on Rdio.

It's not a perfect solution by any means due to the fact it doesn't cache your music and your browser needs to remain open in an active frame in order to use it, but it sure as hell beats trying to navigate the Rdio site directly from the BlackBerry 10 browser. If you have an Rdio account, all you need to do is browse to and enter in your Rdio credentials and you'll be all set.

Just like the site though, if you don't have an account, then you'll only have access to 30-second previews. You can hit the forums link below to learn more about the webapp itself and check out some more screenshots, plus if you have any feedback you'd like to offer, Jason is certainly open to hearing it. 

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La primera lives!!!!!!!

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Rdio would be nice.

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I Heart Radio please!!!


Love my Tunein Radio.

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Is someone going to stop the avatar spammer some time?

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If you are THAT desperate to get people to download your app, then it isn't worth it at all. Gtfo!!


Wow this is really slick!

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Nice way to make money through affiliate links instead of releasing a paid app :)


Any word on Spotify?

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Pretty cool that this works from the browser so well, but I prefer Nobex. Built for BlackBerry App that has most radio stations in it, and Nobex has been a LONG supporter of BlackBerry.

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Too late, already canceled my Rdio subscription and signed up with Slacker. If Rdio doesn't want to support my phone, I don't want to support them!

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RP Singh

I live Nobex and had never heard of Rdio before joining CrackBerry. What does Rdio do that Nobex does not?

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Rdio is not a radio app like Nobex. It's a streaming music collection, much more like Pandora or Spotify.

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Are there any music apps that allow caching for off line listening for the Z10????


Yeah rdio if you pay 9.99 you can cache on your phone

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Since there is no official native Rdio app, this is not yet true. Paying $10/month gets you access, having a native app built specifically by Rdio gets you caching.


Exactly. Just to clarify for those that might investigate utilizing their API, the terms of use explicitly do not allow caching of audio and further requires any other caching to be cleared after 24 hours of the last active session.

Essentially, you could develop a solution, but would not be accepted under their terms of use and the API access could be terminated.


Tune in radio. period. You can find almost any kind of music and radio genres.

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Thanks Bla1ze for this write-up and and of course thanks to Jason for building this great app, but does anyone to this day know why Rdio has steadfastly refused to acknowledge that they are building for the BB10 platform, despite BlackBerry's numerous statements indicating otherwise? Are the two sides even working together on this or aren't they?


Rdio and other companys that do that are run by busy narcissistic As a matter of fact , News stopped last October and they need all new Engineers!! Wow what happened there!! ?


Unfamiliar with Rdio but BlackBerry got to get Pandora back on board.

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omega supreme

Try apollo for the z10 (not playbook), it's a pandora client. Has all your playlists, works just as good as pandora if not better.