There was no mention of Android app support in the official BlackBerry 10.2.1 announcement, but it's there!

Yes, you can now install Instagram -- and thousands more Android apps -- directly onto your BlackBerry 10 phone.

Instagram on BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jan 2014 04:53 pm EST

Earlier today BlackBerry began its official rollout of BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 around the globe. All carriers — even those in the USA — should have it pushed out to BlackBerry 10 device owners by the end of February. 

It's a great update that includes lots of productivity enhancements as well as BlackBerry OS throwback features that are sure to please legacy BlackBerry users. For the full list of what's new, I encourage you to check out the BlackBerry 10.2.1 change log. Especially for those in the USA who never received the 10.2 update, you're going to LOVE the whack load of new features coming at you.

With this move, the longstanding BlackBerry "app gap" has effectively been closed

Looking at today's official BlackBerry 10.2.1 announcement, however, BlackBerry omitted mentioning one feature, which in reality is probably the single most exciting feature in the 10.2.1 update. That is the ability to install Android apps, also known as Android .apk files, directly onto a BlackBerry 10 phone. With this move the longstanding BlackBerry "app gap" has effectively been closed. With a little time and effort, you can find almost all of the apps you've been wanting on your BlackBerry but just have not been available via BlackBerry World. Instagram, Netflix, SiriusXM, Candy Crush, Fitbit - they're now all just a few taps away.

It's HUGE news for BlackBerry, but right now it's news that isn't being broadcast, at least officially. The reason? Well, I believe it's the little time and effort I mentioned above. The end user experience in getting all these Android apps loaded up onto your BB10 phone isn't quite good enough yet for BlackBerry to yell it out from the top of the mountain. As it stands, there isn't just one place they can point their marketing muscle at where you can go and get all your apps downloaded in a simple and smooth experience.

For those willing to invest a little time and effort, it's really not that difficult (see the links at the end of this post) to track down and install the Android apps you want, but it's still a bit of a workaround solution compared to a native one. And not all Android apps are currently supported on BlackBerry 10. One of the current limitations is that Google Services are not supported in the Android runtime on BlackBerry 10.2.1. This means apps that leverage Google services will not work properly right now.

It's crystal clear that this message of Android app support on BlackBerry 10 is a message that the company both needs and wants to get out there

The good news is that in the world of Android there are third party app stores outside of the Google Play store, and these stores make it easier to browse and find compatible apps for your BlackBerry 10 phone. For example, the Amazon app store is highly curated and is essentially free of apps that use Google Services - this means upwards of 95% of the Android apps in the Amazon app store will work on your BB10 phone. And, you can load the Amazon store right up onto your phone to begin with.

It's crystal clear that this message of Android app support on BlackBerry 10 is a message that the company both needs and wants to get out there. If you're an existing owner, you definitely want. And knowing that app support is there could help sell a lot more BlackBerry 10 phones in 2014, given that lack of apps has been the most commonly cited BB10 complaint to date.

I'm sure that when the moment is right, and BlackBerry is comfortable with where things are at, that they will broadcast this message loudly. In the meantime, it's on us to spread the word to all BlackBerry 10 users and would-be users out there. So let's do just that!


Getting Android Apps on your BlackBerry 10 Phone

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There was no mention of Android app support in the official BlackBerry 10.2.1 announcement, but it's there!


BlackBerry news to work out a deal with amazon or one of these companies, not promoting this in 2014 would be a epic fail.

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So the app gap has been closed...sort of. Not all apps are working by the looks of things in the CB forums.

But where do existing BB10 developers stand in all of this? That would make for an interesting piece on CrackBerry.

Native BlackBerry 10 development took a hit today. If I was a dev who invested resources into this platform this would be a slap in the face.

Why are some like myself having major issues getting the android apps to work? I've tried everything. Clean wipe and even tried loading back up file with no luck. Yet it works on my Z10 with he leaked version?

Posted Via my Z30

I believe it had something to do with an older unlocked runtime being installed. The update removed it, but didn't install the new one (as a guess). There's a solution in the forums.

Posted via CB10

But why would that be an issue if he did a full security wipe? It should have obliterated every file on his device (including all the old runtimes).

there is a forum started for this problem i my self did not suffer it.. but i guess it is a run time error the android run time is not loading with the apps... there is a work around for it courtesy of flagshipfighter..

Okay guys/gals, I got it working again!

What I did in order:

1. I downloaded the bars from @Dealz417 link:

2. Put phone in development mode from settings, then I opened the chrome app on my desktop (bb10/playbook app manager) to uninstall both android bars, easiest way I found this was to ctrl+f and type android.

3. When uninstallation is complete, grab both of the android files from the link above: they are called:

and then drag these files into the top-right corner of the chrome app

4. Let the apps install

5. Reboot the phone by holding down the power button + volume up&down buttons.

6. Voila! The android apps should prompt for app permissions and then it should work!

All's well that ends well! Enjoy!

Isn't it odd that I can download and install an APK file directly on the phone... but I have to jump through hoops to install a downloaded bar file?

Posted via CB10

Search the forums for LocalBar2 and LocalBarProxy. It works for the PlayBook. Not so much for BB10, but someone else may have more luck than I've had with it on my Z10.

The process hasn't changed in terms of how to get apps. BBW is the only BB wants you to get the apps from. Android Devs still have to re package APK to BAR and submit them to BBW for approval to make sure the android app works perfectly and is fully compatible (Based on the Virtual Android Dev Jam they kept last year december watch the video for full details). They have to do that since not all android API's work with BB world google play services is one like in app purchases and so on. So they have to make sure its fully compatible before giving it to the public. Imagine the negativity if people install APK's with BB approval and they don't work properly or lag....LOL BB doesn't need that right now.That is why they didn't broadcast it......

I have not checked, but other members has already stated that developers may upload .apk files directly to BBW.

BlackBerry could potentially repack them to .BAR automatically, but it only causes the install to last some seconds extra (.bar file extraction before .apk extraction).

Secondly apk installation allows more advanced BB users to install .apk files using e.g. Snap. I don't think BB would ever have allowed this, but it kind of patches up the app gap for the advanced users.

What should be a first consideration is security. Most of the new apps will not load without access to; your camera, your documents, your contacts, your location and a number of other asks, that would never be available to anyone outside the formerly secured areas in the phone. Always with a disclaimer stating that these privileges can be revoked in the security settings at any time, however if you go to your security settings to do just that, the boxes are in many cases all grayed. Leaving you to the hope that un-installing the app will revoke these privileges. With the more security conscious, realizing a clean wipe a new OS and a new password, is the only way to rekindle that warm and fuzzy feeling of security. Having lost the privacy of those documents, already in the hands of a software developer you have never met.

Be careful what you wish for...

Just like my Seahawks, WE WILL BE HEARD!
It's time for BlackBerry to regain it's rightful spot on top of the smartphone mountain.

Vienna's original  abuser

I hear ya on BlackBerry....but Denver is taking Seattle DOWN! LOL! I'm a Niner fan.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Its amazing how all of a sudden all these Seahawks fans are coming out of the woodwork now that they are in the Super Bowl. Before this year I have never even heard of a Seahawk fan LMAO. GO BRONCOS!!!

Let's be clear, I've been a Seahawk fan, representing since since Steve Largent, and Dave Krieg, in the early 80's, and a devout  abuser since the 8800, which was the original Bold. so when you speak of fair weather fans, i am faaar from that when it comes to my Hawks, or BlackBerry

Vienna's original  abuser

Apps working fine, simply get the APK and install direct on the phone. First app I installed was the Amazon store; from there it is a piece of cake.

Posted via CB10

I've been using for about a week with all these features. Why is everyone acting so excited like this is something new?

Posted via CB10

Not everyone install leaks like some of us 10.2.1 is new to the majority of people....Personally I dont think I will install a leak again ....

I agree! With my 9700, 9800, and even my 9900 I installed every leak that crossed my path. My z10 however I've not touched any of them, I've been tempted since there's been so many since I got my phone (launch day in canada), and don't plan in it... not quite sure why. Getting old and complacent perhaps? Haha, jk

Got Snap installed in a few minutes, and now I have downloaded and installed a number of essential Androids to close my app gap. Working really great. I really like what is available on BlackBerry World, but there were some things that weren't yet available. Liking 10.2.1 a lot!

Posted via CB10 on Q10

That's OK TranceRomance, we'll smash on those ponies, but save some of that for Ya'll next year. But Dre, n Kap forced our hand with that disrespectful commercial. The cold part was how Dre was @ the game, and had them air the same commercial with Sherman during that game. Chen should have them air a REAL  commercial during this Superbowl, lol. That would be the ultimate.

Vienna's original  abuser

@viennabb, just gotta get Manning to stop calling signals on the line with Omaha,he could say Blackberry instead, and we're all set.I wonder how much that would cost?haha

I guess they're waiting until developers upload their APK files to link because then they will be inspected for viruses and be much safer? Or maybe they're planning an even bigger announcement like an update with Google Play service compatibility?(wishful thinking) .

BlackBerry Z30  on the Rogers network

I install the snap and i download the application but when i want to click the installer its not working anybody can help

Posted via CB10

First few times it take longer sadly. First time it took me almost 20 mins when i did the leak initially, now it takes 20 seconds.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

Firstly, download and start skype (from BBW).

Then start installing apks. Skype initiates the runtime

Posted from Z10 with leak. Pwnage apparatus!

Snap is awesome been using it a month no other app really needed to get Google play items working for me.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

Snap is working fine for me but I already had it on my phone. You know you have to side load it right? Because it's not an APK file.

BlackBerry Z30  on the Rogers network

I was about to install Snap until I realized they needed my Google ID and password so they could use it on Google Play. Sorry, not giving that out to anybody except Google. Deleted it and went back to 1Mobile.

Posted via CB10

Hi Martin,

Sorry about that! Unfortunately, the Google Play api requires a valid Google account in order to work. Privacy of all users is very important to me. Snap has a privacy policy that explicitly states that your password is not stored or sent anywhere other than Google's login service. Your Google ID is also not sent anywhere other than Google servers, but is stored within the app's secure private storage. The next version of Snap will allow you to view the privacy policy before logging in (currently only shown after logging-in).


Hi James,
Is it only free apps available from snap? I can't download any paid apps.

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

Dude, create a new account and use that one :) it takes like 2 minutes ru create new account. I have one specialy for all apps :)

Posted from Z10 with leak. Pwnage apparatus!

perhaps I'm the only one ;-)
But I still try to use my BB10 devices without Android APPs - I really prefer the BB10 way of UI/UX instead of mixing with Android.

For security reasons our company would never allow android apps in the business area of bb10. Only BlackBerry approved cascades apps will find their way to the app world business.

And by the way....
...most of the apks run worse than bad ports.

I really don't like the experience.

Cascades apps or good ports are way better.

But would still prefer a cascades app.

Much better performance and usability.

that's why I'm developing Business Apps with Cascades ;-)
there are some great Android Apps and if they fill the gap, it's ok to use them in the private perimeter.
But now it sounds like people are installing all these Android stores and try to put a bunch of APKs on their BB10 devices.
this will cause a bad UX, because Android UX is different. Also many modern APKs are using Google Play Services and Google Maps v2 - both not supported from Android Player yet.
From my POV for next OS Release there should be a on-the-device-API-testing-of-APKs telling the user that the Android APP is using unsupported APIs. There will be poeple blaming BlackBerry for not-well-running Android Apps instead of talking about the great new UX enhancements from 10.2.1
Also I would prefer to know from a small Icon or so that an App is an Android APP and not built for the BB10 Platform.

When installing APKs, there's a disclaimer right on the install screen that warns that the app is essentially unsupported and unverified and that BB is not responsible for a bad UX with the app.

Use the Amazon app. Made better experience with that...

...don't need dev mode for it so it will run on bes environment where dev mode might be blocked.


I really don't think BB is that dumb to forget how important it is to market new features of their devices. There has to be some reason that they're holding back.

The only thing that makes sense is they are really walking a fine line between being a BB10/Android phone. Can't blame them for being cautious about marketing their phones as "Android Capatable"

This would create a flurry of mixed reactions in the media with...."Blackberry Partnering with Google?" etc... headlines. These features really are built for power users and not your average joe. The marketing message behind these features would become really complex thus why they are not deciding to push this message to the average consumer.

Dumb or not, what the media did take from what they released: FM Radio. Yet another feature that won't be coming to my Z10 by the way but makes it to every other BB10 device. So yeah they did good!

And when you got your device did it have radio? No. It didn't even have the right hardware for it. Is not BlackBerry fault you didn't do your research. Or that they have better devices out not. Heck I want an ecoboost engine in my F150 but I'm not mad at Ford because I bought a truck without the proper hardware under the hood. Go botch somewhere else.

Posted via CB10

The Best part about Android Apps is that there is so many that competition brings down the price of apps so most are free or at least partly free with paid unlockable features.

BlackBerry Z30  on the Rogers network

Spoken by a non-developer who doesn't understand that it takes many hundreds or even thousands of hours to create that app you want for 99 cents or free. The worst thing Apple ever did for the creation of QUALITY mobile applications was make everyone expect to get them for almost nothing.

Posted via CB10

Actually Martin you can blame Google for the free or next to free apps. There were very few free apps in the Apple App store until Android launched and made free apps their way to gain market share quickly. And hard to blame Google since it obviously worked.

Once BlackBerry gets full Google Services integration, then the app gap will be closed. A lot of key apps don't run well but it's still a heck of a lot than before.

Posted via CB10

That's going to require a lot of negotiation between Google and BlackBerry.
To have GSF Google requires you to have Google Play installed and this will be a mess for the users to have both BBW and GP on the same device.

GP will generate zero revenue for BB, so I doubt it is going to happen.

Quick question... if I restart after the update downloads and installs, will it erase everything? or does it just over write current OS? I'm sling because I downloaded and it installed,but needs a restart, but I haven't made a backup in forever

Posted via CB10

Everything I already had on my device was still there after the upgrade, even the sideloaded Android apps. With earlier updates I'd have to reload them all because BlackBerry World didn't know about them.

Posted via CB10

Still, working on a Q5, a lot off the apps (I have to admit, also games) just close themselves as you try to run them. So there a lot of apps available and that's really awesome! But some just don't work on the Q5 I guess?

Posted via CB10

I can also report issues on the z30. Those apks run worse than bad ports.

It's always better to have a port or a native app.

Funny thing is... this means that as the ONLY phones with access to TWO ecosystems, we now have more apps available than either iOS or Android, even allowing for the small percentage of Android apps that won't run on BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

The compatibility has come along way since I first startee side loading apps probably from 30% to 85%. So as long as they keep improving things im happy.

BlackBerry Z30  on the Rogers network

No FM radio for my z10...
Sad sad face.... feeling left out as all my friends Q10..
. Even Q5 are rocking the FM

Posted via CB10

That's because the radio hardware isn't there. The same applies to USB host mode, later handsets have it, the Z10 (even the Porche Design version) never will

Posted via CB10

It annoys me a little when people say that this "closes the app gap"
A large number of android apk's still don't work properly and apps like Instagram and Snapchat have no notification ability.

It is truly great that BlackBerry have chosen to open up the runtime but closing the app gap, sorry but not quite.

Posted via CB10

How do android apps work on the Q10? I have heard nothing of this! Maybe that should be an article, "How Our Devices Differ With APK Files". Guys y'all really should start thinking out of the box.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

EVERY apk I've installed works excellent(from google maps, to, to onebusaway) no prob @ all

Vienna's original  abuser

I sideloaded Snap with DDPB and used Snap to load a few previously unworking Android apps. They've worked flawlessly thus far and now I'm a bit worried I'm going to fill up my phone space with new apps.

Snap needs to be authorized on BB World, but I'm guessing the reason it's not is the same reason why BlackBerry isn't announcing .APK installations publicly

Hi Kevin,

Well ... it sort of closes the app gap, but not in a very elegant way.

Don't get me wrong - I love BlackBerry and has been working with their products in the enterprise since BES 4.0.

BlackBerry did quite a good job making BB 10 more user friendly. Gestures are not as simple as the "Home button" and definitively not intuitive. Once learned - they are brilliant (I even try swiping all the time on my iPhone, but for some reason it does not work!)

The Android part of BlackBerry was a part of the "migrate your apps easily to BlackBerry 10 and upload them to BlackBerry World". I also meant fewer developers cared about native code.

Unfortunately quite few apps were ported and the result is known as the app gap.

For all of us "crackberries" the new Android runtime and .apk installation (after sideloading a 3. part appstore) might work ... Most apps works, some crashes and some crashes if you call certain part of the app where an unsupported API is called.

Finally buying an app is not easy (can be done via browser hack).

My message is: BlackBerry has not yet created a good user experience with regards to apps. Either there are very few apps or you have to be a "geek" and accept to test an app before using it.

This might be the reason for BlackBerry not to mention this. They know the solution is not userfriendly and by not mentioning it they can always say "We never ment for users to install apps this way" but it is technically possible.

Message to BlackBerry: Please focus on simplicity and user friendly implementations in everything you do. Even "prosumers" don't want to complicate basic tasks.

Lets be creative and think of a scenario where BlackBerry made an agreement with Google to have Google Services Framework and Google Maps onboard.

How about apps?

Well - they should all work at this point. But how should we get them?

1) Have Google Play on the device? IMHO bad solution. Two app stores to manage and zero revenue for BlackBerry for Android apps

2) Wait for the developers to upload their apps to BBW, so we have single app store and BB will make some revenue? Sounds good, but I don't believe it will happen due to the <1% marketshare for BB10.

3) Google could allow BlackBerry to have direct access to Google Play for downloading/sale of Google Apps? Maybe revenue sharing? Don't think it will happen.

My conclusion is: BlackBerry has once again make some so-so technical solution with very little improvement for the average user and the perception of BlackBerry is still: Too much trouble compared to iOS.

Fellow BlackBerry users and CrackBerry readers:
Let me know if can imagine a (near) perfect solution to the situation: Availablity of apps combined with a good user friendly experience and still revenue generating for BlackBerry.

One of the reasons I love my Blackberry is NO because it is not Google related. I personally don't want anything Google on my phone so not having Google is a plus.

Look at Jolla ( they have a fully integrated Play Store experience. Don't know how it works but...

Don't disagree. It's just such a fun statement to write... closes the app gap!  But it's not closed enough yet in an easy enough manner for the average person.

Wonder how BB10 will be affected once Google transition all Android apps to the NDK and cease using the Dalvik VM?

Then there's Google's new Android Runtime aka Dalvik 2.0...

For the average Joe, the app gap still exists.

Good point.
Apps for the JVM will exists many years going forward.
Question is: Will Android based devices support both java as well as native apps?
Can BlackBerry emulate / execute native apps?

So happy with 10.2.1!!!!! I am one who waits for official releases...with Telus in Vancouver. Everything went smoothly. I DL the Amazon store app and immediately got Netflix of my app gaps ( but I have Never complained as I prefer quality to quantity and I have remained faithful to BB and my Z10 has thoroughly rewarded my loyalty) and it works perfectly!!
That's all I've tried so far...hardly conclusive evidence...but Snap obviously isn't required for all Android apps now that we have this awesome update...BB For The Win!!!!

Posted via CB10

Hi have new update on Z10, downloaded a Android APK file I have used on old android phone to test it
For problems as its Not from any app store, direct from developer`s site and it runs perfectly,

And for a good reason, its still hard to get android apps for normal users. I have no intention hacking or sideloading snap or anyother nonsence which requires my time, and believe this is the case for the majoruty of users. So as long as theres no android app store app available at BlackBerry World - android support is irrelevant ;)

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania

Pfff. Yoi habe fully working 1mobile, amazon stores, etc

No hacking, no sideloading

Posted from Z10 with leak. Pwnage apparatus!

I am so confused by all this apk business. Snap is great but does not work with the new official release? Snap itself needs to be sideloaded? What is side loading?

I guess I will have to figure this out soon when my update shows up. I hope it goes more smoothly than my attempt to sync to Outlook 8 or so months ago.

I agree that this is still not ready for the general public. Only enthusiasts will have the patience and ability to leverage this.

While it is great news that Blackberry now have better support and access to Android apps and it would be a good think for both existing and potentially new users to know they will be able to run most of the Android apps. I don't think this is something blackberry wants to run around touting because while it is easier than before to run these apps Blackberry have not made access to the Play Store possible. Sure we have ways of doing this but nothing official from Blackberry. Doing this from a Blackberry point of view I think will only undermine its efforts to convince developers to make native apps. I think providing the ability is all they need to do. Make sure it secure and it works. Let US users spread the word and let it be.

My Real estate buddies who jumped to iphone because of some key real estate apps 1) Supra Wireless Door lock box, well this key app is on 1Mobile plus others... they are off to get a Z30 and Q10 as we speak and the FM radio looks great

Ok people relax,i got amazon and aptoide and honestly aptoide works better, but ! ! ! after trying these so called must have apps I realized that I'm not missing anything bbworld really has all I need....

Posted via CB10

I do not miss any Android apps. Apps are just over hyped. Some productivity apps are useful and comes handy.

Sad that the hype about Android apps is so high because after you use them your very disappointed and trust me I've been trying them since 5am nothing to really scream about...but maybe it's just me

Posted via CB10

It's as easy as pie. But, that depends if wr're talking about lemon meringue pie from scratch. That's a tough one. I've done it many times but would not encourage the average automaton.

As far as android apk's - it's super friggin' easy. If you can't do it, well... don't try making pies neither.

Posted via CB10

Yes, you can get 95%+ of the android apps on your BlackBerry, that doesn't mean that they'll work.

I have 6 android apps that I downloaded today. Of those six, 3 aren't working.

Posted via CB10

Hello. I've downloaded the apk file for Amazon but I'm stuck at "processing". So I restart my Z10 and tried again but still nothing. Then I thought maybe I should remove the android runtime I sideload previously together with all the android apps (Instagram etc. since they crash after the OS update so no points keeping them anyway I guess), so I did. I restart my phone and try again but it still stuck at "processing". Does anyone know the solution to this please???

Posted via CB10

I already did just that Kevin, and I also managed to convert a Note 3 owner into a z30,
I'm still loving my z10 though. But yeah big step on selling more bb10 phones.
I believe in blackberry.

Posted via CB10

I'm actually disappointed to hear that you consider the android part to be the most exciting part of this update. The android use is not innovative or even exciting. It's a solution to part of a problem but hardly anything new. It distracts from some of the good work BlackBerry has done.
I have shown this update to countless android users. The runtime does not impress them. Things like picture password however does! This is probably the most innovative part of the update and I despair that it is being overlooked by the runtime

Posted via CB10

The first apk I tried to install has been "processing" for a good half hour now. How long does it take?

Posted via CB10

I don't think the app gap has been closed. The android experience on BlackBerry is not all pleasant. Some apps are incredibly buggy. This is just a band aid the cover the app gap. Besides that though.... I do love 10.2.1!

South Korea by now has fastest Internet. They are going to roll out 5g soon.

USA seems to be taking a backseat. Paying more for everything. This place has become playground for the rich. The 1 per centers.

500+ carriers rolling out BlackBerry OS around the world. Americans pay monthly in phone bills = paying loan for a car monthly. Why is U.S phone carriers slow in progress. It is absolutely **$'9:$ up we are last to get BlackBerry OS.

The Bigger issue is income inequality in USA and the Dumb drones that support policy's favor the rich.

Thanks BlackBerry for doing the right thing updating improving all you done in short time for rest of the world. Keep progressing. Please keep the pressure on U.S carriers.


Lead. Do not follow

Posted via CB10

I can't use the apk files,, after download the 1market it just showed prepare to download? Some one helps me please?

Posted via CB10

I am sure they will broadcast that message loud and clear when its perfected. BlackBerry doesn't need anymore bad press at this point and was a smart move on their part.

So far, so good - nice to see access to Netflix & other apps finally available that have been long "denied" to BlackBerry users.

One note of constructive criticism: the Amazon App Store application should be available through BlackBerry World.

Had it not been for CrackBerry and advice from another poster to use the sidebar to open the browser, it could potentially have turned into a frustrating experience.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

When using an Android port does it show to the developer as BlackBerry or as Android user? I ask because if it shows as BlackBerry then maybe ppl would be motivated to make BlackBerry App. But if shows as Android where is the motivation to the developer to create a native BlackBerry App?

Posted via CB10

They aren't saying it because it isn't fixed. These apps are still ported and many don't function without Google Play services. This is NOT the answer to the so called app gap. This is an insult to BlackBerry users. We are now supposed to get excited about having acces to apps built for another platform? If this is the future of BB, BB is dead.

Agree with STDRMG, BlackBerry needs to do a deal with Amazon. Now.

Introducing the secure way to run Android -- BB10.

Now you get the fun and convenience of Android with the military grade security of the smooth powerful BlackBerry 10 operating System. Now brought to you by Amazon. Just go to the Amazon Appstore and download your favorite Android apps directly to you BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Install and run them securely ...etc.

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded the Amazon App store installed it, then installed the food network app all in 3 minutes flat. Works flawlessly. THIS IS BIG NEWS.

Posted via CB10

There are still a lot of Android apps that don't work with BB10. A lot of them are slow to open or just don't work at all. The app gap is no where near being closed.

They'd be dumb to announce it. It's not ready and they'd get slammed for it. I noticed this omission too. Smart, but I hope they can get the run time right, so I can start recommending the phone to people

Posted via CB10

10.2.1 is simply amazing. Have been on it since the first leak. I still believe that BlackBerry should have announced the APK capabilities, with a caveat that the current process is for advanced users and that a simplified process of locating and identifying APKs is on the way. I certainly hope that either more top vendors will place their apps in BlackBerry World, or they will allow apps that help you find Android apks safely like Snap, etc. CrackBerry and other sites should prominently display simple instruction links on their home pages "permanently", not just news articles that will age out from the news feeds.

But no instagram at the Amazon store or am I missing it? Searched high and low for it

Posted via CB10

yes my z10 automatically updated my os haha.. any other globe subs here from the philippines?

Posted via CB10

WOW! The Android runtime is significantly better than the one on the leaked version of 10.2.1. Netflix, Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja run great. Didn't work at all for me on the leaked version. Great work!

Posted via CB10

I use Snap and every Android app that I installed yesterday work without a single problem. I am from Sweden so I downloaded around 100 "must have" swedish apps and not a single problem or failure.
Sweden! The land of poor people that everything is iPhone, iPhone and iPhone! Go and f**k them. BlackBerry is so much better but my fellow swedes doesn't understand a thing.

If you don't know anyone who has a BlackBerry, you don't know the right people...

Regards from an ice cold and snowy Sweden

Posted via CB10

Question. Say BlackBerry can now install APK files. Where do you download said apk files from?

Posted from my Blackberry Z30 on T-Mobile

Many are using or Amazon app store. Personally I find amazon to work very easily and smoothly.

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It's fantastic. Love the OS, love the new features, love the radio and love love love being able to load android apps. Some are slow on my q10. Hope they'll run faster on my Z10. We shall see in the morning.

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The user experience is definitely not the reason to not yell it around, it's rather some legal, support and warranty reasons to not to...

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The porsche leaked clock was removed I believe, typing fostah won't do anything anymore.

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Unable to install amazon just stays dead on the download button no action
Kindly suggest...

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So I'm guessing I'm not downloading this OS since I have OS which is working flawless :-D i

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I follow allot of gadget and tech blogs religiously, what pisses me off is, if Apple or Samsung farts or some moron finds a screw and decides to post it online saying that it belongs to a new upcoming device, the whole bloody internet goes nuts and they talk about it for weeks!

I did not read a single decent article or a piece of news talking about the new BB10 release and it new features !! can't believe how ignorant the tech community is to BB, it's current and future potentials or what it bring and can bring to market!

Glad we have Crackberry ... keep rokin !

I downloaded the apk file and when I try install it all it's saying processing not going nowhere

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Dear Kevin, all my Android side loads stopped working after installing the new OS. Will a device wipe and reload help with this issue. Even Skype I downloaded from Appworld does not work. Help

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10.2.1 is, quite frankly, sensational.

Fantastic work, BB. We can almost claim to have the best OS out there.

The app gap is nearly closed (of course, I wish for real native BlackBerry apps...).

Time to market the shit out of this mother.

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Hey. I love the new update but did anyone try using the upgraded snapchat? It turns green were the camera is suppose to be.

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Guys dont download vine, camera 360 and Instagram and other camera related android apps...I had a major problem with my camera after downloading those apk format apps...Im Using Z10 there's seems to be no way of fixing it...I tried to reset my phone, and remove the battery and all but only gives temporary solution, Green And Kinda Rainbow Screen shows up every time I open the camera!:-( too many problems with BlackBerry phone...I think its time to buy another phone

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The reason for the omission is likely because the behaviour of Android apps is unpredictable. Many apps don't work at all, and the ones that do tend to be slow and buggy. Even the Amazon app store itself crashes frequently. You simply can't market that to the masses.

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It is really nice to install Android Apps on BlackBerry 10, yet how can you uninstall those apps, do we have to connect to a computer and go through the same process of Side Loading!!??.
There must be a kind of support from BlackBerry World to control such a thing.
If there is any other way that I don't know about, please let me know, as I install a lot if things then unistall them later.

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With all those android apps Virus come , Max Security Antivirus again found 14 threats my phone :(

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installed it yesterday and its down the hill since then....
1. Old android apps not working, even the ones downloaded from bb world (endomondo)
2. Cant set picture password or any password for that matter
3. installing apk files get stuck at "processing" screen
Same problems my brother is also facing on his Z10. We both have STL 100-01

any comments, suggestions...

Another thing I haven't seen mentioned, but I believe is "new" is the ability to resize images when emailing them. I got a choice of "full", "medium", or "small" sized.

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The most amazing thing i see is that if you install "SNAP" and go to Google Play, you can send apps directly to your phone. It'll even list "blackberry Z10" as the device to send it to. once you load up Snap on your phone, you'll see the app ready to install. That's impressive!

What version of Android is BlackBerry 10.2.1 equivalent to? Since some Android apps require different minimum versions of Android (i.e. 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, etc.), what would BlackBerry 10.2.1 equate to having on Android?

A lot of these Android apps fail to work at all, at other times poorly! One too many failures create more frustration with the apps deficiency on BB...right now I can't get my fave game, fightin words, to play cuz the 1 from Amazon store not workin!

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I posted a positive comment about BlackBerry after I downloaded the TripAdvisor app off the Amazon AppStore and found that my review was blocked by Amazon. Here's my review:

Works great on my Z10, January 29, 2014
By Aaron
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: TripAdvisor (App)
Spread the news! Blackberry is back and it's alive 'n kickin'.

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It's true I downloaded some of de apps from apk but after an hour I can't open it so I delete it

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With this move, the longstanding BlackBerry "app gap" has effectively been closed

I had to read this twice lol and I'm an android user

This is AWESOME but as was said up top there are still some apps that aren't optimized very well

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Sorry for the dumb question but I guess corporate apps like my (Australian ) bank or telco can't be installed because they aren't in the Amazon store or BBW?

Not sure the apk support is a good idea. The experience is very frustrating! A lot of serious apps doesn't work and some even freeze my Z10 (Minion Rush). Why not to switch on Android?

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Hi there,
But where is the security? It will open up what is considered to be the most secure mobile platform to vulnerabilities that could come embedded in unverified Android apps. Why they did not decide to open a curated Android app store of it's own, as that would have given it the ability to keep out risky software.

on myMac- but Bold 9780 owner and soon BB Q10>>but this makes me scary to upgrade to Q10 or buy and wait with updates ?

Why can't I download the Amazon app store I click and click and nothing happens

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One has to wonder if the author of this article, actually uses a Blackberry. First out of the gate you get a software update that reports a fatal error and reverts to the original OS asking you to try again and if once bitten isn't enough for you, again you find the same result repetitions at that point will only seal your description as insane. Once successfully installed, the new software, which apparently can only be installed by side-loading it for many users, you come to the next major hurdle, experienced even among those who didn't experience the first hurdle; Android no longer functions!!! leaving you watching a spinning vortex that seems attached to your intelligence, spinning off into infinity along with your last nerve.

Blackberry has no solutions, so back to the side load gang who can fix you up in a matter of minutes. A feat all the most brilliant minds at Rim have failed to deliver after more than a week.

The software update, does not install the newer versions of Android or the shell? [108]

Fix it"? They don't even recognize it, as they never recognized the fatal [and imaginary or user error] update problems with other lesser models that permanently removed the ability of a 9900 to recognize a memory card. It is no small wonder with the obligations shifted by the "We take no responsibility" credo, rampant among software developers, that Blackberry users spend more time correcting software errors, than they do with a fully functional phone.

Job security is normally a great incentive to fix the problems, associated to their work product, rather than expect others to fix their own phones. How much do they pay these people and what kind of separation packages does that include? As a possible answer to why they are so dedicated to being fired.

I think the move into the world of apk is a great way to introduce new users to blackberry. Great move BlackBerry.

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I was upgrading myQ5 to 10.2.1 after downloading it starts to installing. Installing to almost the end, it's asking for downloading again. Any help pls?

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Why do I keep getting the " you haven't accessed the Google play store app bull****" when I try to download android apps? I thought 10.2.1 made this easy. It sucks. Help me.what am I doing wrong?

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