No job, no house, but I'm not giving up my BlackBerry!

By David Boyd on 15 Jun 2009 08:30 am EDT

I had this forwarded to me as an email this weekend, and it was too funny not to share it (of course there's nothing funny about being jobless or homeless, but I'm sure all will see the irony in this piece). You can discuss this story in the forums...

Recently Michelle Obama went to serve food to the homeless at a government funded soup kitchen.

Cost of a bowl of soup at homeless shelter: $0.00 dollars

Having Michelle Obama serve you your soup: $0.00 dollars

Snapping a picture of a homeless person who is receiving a government funded meal while taking a picture of the first lady using his $500 BlackBerry cell phone: Priceless

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No job, no house, but I'm not giving up my BlackBerry!


...and we know this guy is homeless and didn't just walk off the street to take a pic of Michelle O because he heard about it, right? Or is it because he's wearing a black tuque and sweater? ASSumptions. She's not even handing him a tray (which would be the case if he's in line for food). Poor people = laughs!

Im sorry but that picture is just to funny, it makes me laugh. Of course there's nothing funny about being homeless, but the mere fact this guy is homeless getting soup at a soup kitchen and still has his Blackberry, thats funny!

Under Obama, every homeless person has the "God Given Right" to have a cel phone. The government/Obama will give them food/housing/health care, that we will pay for. The cel phone was going to be next! How else can they keep up with POTUS, and all his TWITTING and FaceBook. God Bless the USA.

Dude shut the hell up... A lot of us are sick of you people constantly poking fun at our president. We come to forums like crackberry just laugh at irony and share tips and info on blackberry phones. If you want to talk politics then go somewhere else.

Piss off. He didn't start the discussion. The picture is more sad than it is funny. And don't think the post you commented on is too far from the truth.

Dude! Hold off on having that "stroke", for anyother 2 years! By then the Health Care will be free, if you can get it.

It is a shame where our hard-earned tax money goes to sometimes... the loser in this pic is probably just too lazy to go find himself a job.

First of all its spelled "cell" and not cel. Perhaps you should add education under your list of government funded programs that we pay for that has failed you. And don't even say that misspellings happen as you misspelled it twice.

Moving on...everyone here is looking at the above picture and making huge assumptions. I have several cell phones including some Blackberry models that are not in service, yet I can still use all the other functions like the "camera." Go figure.

Hey, I take my clients to the soup kitchen all the time! Bad Economy, gotta cut corners somewhere! :) LOL (smell the sarcasm?)

No surprise. I drove by some government housing for those who are "struggling."

In the garage I saw a Z06 Corvette and a brand new Lexus

If anyone here is from Dallas and knows where is Maple Ave. and Kings Rd. there are some projects in there....I always feel jealous they have Lexus, Range and Land Rovers, Lincoln and they are supposed to be so poor that cant afford to get food or a decent place to live. Meanwhile I work and cant afford something that cool!....oh well maybe on the other life I will be a millionaire but for now work hard until u cant take it no more then keep moving forward.

Yup.. which is better.. Homeless guy has a $500 blackberry... or under the great bush policies, the execs at AIG got millions of dollars from the taxpayers with no accountability.. Your right.. a homeless guy having a $500 blackberry is much worse then millions that a few people took...

The title of the article says it all, 'No Job, no house, but not giving up the BlackBerry.' Some people need to get their priorities in line. I work hard everyday and pay my taxes so that people who really need help can get it but this guy is screwing the system. He may really be homeless and not have a job and if he doesn't that's fine but get rid of the phone that is the least of your worries right now.

So its Obamas fault that this dude has a cell phone. This guy didnt become homeless while George "W" was in office?

They are just scared because they are now in the minority... Probably cause their boys (bush and mccain) didn't even get half the american peoples support when they ran...

When did Bush and McCain run together for anything, you moron?? You sound exactly like the type of supporter liberals want...

They didn't.. but neither of them won the popular vote... You sound exactly like the type of supporter that is the typical conservative.. Dont fully read what i said or think about it.. just assume what you want it to say so you can use it as a biased and untruthful attack...

The problem is not with Obama or any other President the problem is the system in general. It is a corrupt and broken system that people are taking advantage of. The system is so far gone that if they try to fix it, it will cause more problems than it solves and people who really need the help will probably lose it.

Being homeless doesn't mean you should forfeit everything you own to please people by making you look more destitute. Many homeless people actually have jobs but aren't are in a situation where they cannot afford a roof over their heads. Last time I checked, the Blackberry Pearl was being given away FREE (with contract) by many providers to make way for newer Blackberrys.
Maybe this person uses this Blackberry so he can be in touch via e-mail with work or to help him find work. Makes sense since it would probably be more difficult to have an actual computer for these tasks while homeless.

Are you people that are making fun of the current president (who inherited a huge mess from the prior administration) suggesting that he implement a policy to strip people of anything that is perceived to be a luxury item before being allowed to receive assistance? It's so easy to sit back and judge others without even knowing their stories isn't it? What a nice/comfortable position to be in.

The person has to get his priorities right. The phone itself might be free but it costs $50-60/month to maintain it. That's a lot of money. Most jobs that I know of can contact you on the phone, so just a regular cellphone (or even a prepaid one) would suffice. And when you're in a situation where your finances are in the crapper, you do need to give up things you own. Food, shelter, and clothes should come before anything else. She could buy herself some good meals with that so that someone else who can't afford even that can get the free food.

I'm a die-hard Democrat, and has been my entire life. But YES, there's definitely something wrong with the picture. You shouldn't buy something you can't afford. The person in the picture can save at least 360 dollars a year (for the data plan).

Depending on the carrier, it could be as little as $20 a month for data. Some homeless centers provide cellphones - yes, sometimes even including data - at a reduced rate or free. Just assume for a moment that because he can search job sites and email a resume from his phone, he gets 4 hours of work extra a month. Not an unreasonable assumption. That would pay for the data plan. He might get more than that, and if not there's still a quality of life question if he's more able to stay in contact with family and friends.
Cellphone data is a luxury for most of us because most of us have homes with internet service there. If you don't have that, cell data can easily become more of a necessity. It may well allow him to more easily pull himself out of his current situation, why would we begrudge someone that, why would we want to take away their chances to get out of a bad situation?

It's pretty sad that you assume anyone homeless to be a "bum".

I'm newly homeless this year. I have a great resume and work ethic (never been out of work before). Prior to losing my job, home, and living in a parking lot, I was an Executive Assistant at a major company.

...and yes, I have a Blackberry. It's been very helpful in helping me find new work, and to stay safe in a highly undesirable situation.

Thank you for sharing that with us all. Hopefully, your comment will make people think a bit harder before rushing to judgment.

And good luck!

I'm sorry but for the fetaures and portability, a cell phone and especially a PDA/Blackberry/Smartphone beats a home phone hands down.

My home phone service for DSL,Unlimited local and natioanl calling and caller -id fetaurs costs us Around $105 a month in Texas. PLUS TAX.

By BB from Sprint is $30 for SERO and $30 for BIS plus tax (less than $70) and I can tether it to my laptop.

Has it been confirmed this man was indeed homeless, or part of the working "poor".

Who is paying $500 for a Pearl?! Homeless doesn't mean bad credit necessarily. If he has good credit he can get a 2 year contract from VZW and then get the Pearl for free. He doesn't have to enable BB services to use it as a phone and a camera. And to top it all over, he better have a cell phone so he can look for a job.

I've talked with homeless people. And the goods that they can find are crazy. But yeah, even though he's there, doesn't mean he's actually homeless. I would have been there if I could have snagged a pic of her, or Obama. I'd have been there if Bush, Clinton, or Regan was there. Not many times that ordinary people get to meet people of this caliber.

A better title for this post would have been
No phones! No lights! No motor cars!... Not a single luxury (ok... maybe one)

"Woke up in alley this morning. Went to shelter for soup. Snapped pic of Obama's wife on Pearl. Soup was good."

Ha Ha, that is too funny! Maybe he was just out partying late and ended up there...took advantage of the chance to snap a picture! LOL

Quit knocking Obama. He has the perfect solution to everything: Any problems? Just throw more money at it. Don't worry where the money will come from, our grandchildren will deal with it.

And, oh yeah, no matter what, the government knows better. They can run the banks and car manufacturers way better than anyone else can.

I'm sure he would feel that people sucking off the government are entitled to a Blackberry for their troubles.

Right, and the other candidates reply would have been to ignore the situation and act like everything was o.k. as long as his circle of people weren't homeless!!!

And it couldn't be possible that at one time (when he had a job and a house) he had service for his lowly little Pearl, and since losing it all only has the phone... right?

Open your minds people. I hardly think he went out and bought a Pearl last week -- the phone has been available for almost three years. Also, to the original poster, you should've known this would bring political commentary. Everyone thinks people give a sh*t what they think.

The funniest things about this picture are the comments. I had to click over and read them because I knew there would be a bunch of comments back and forth about politics. It is always the same story. The conservatives get upset that a "homeless" guy has a Pearl and complain that Obama was the one that gave it to him. Meanwhile the Libs defending him for having one and blaming Bush that he is homeless in the first place. LMAO! You guys are too funny!

Did any of you ever stop to think that maybe the guy just went in for a photo of the first lady? He probably is just a fan and not really homeless. Hell, he might be part of the news crew there covering the story. Maybe he is one of those guys with the "Will work for food" signs and he spends all his "donations" on a blackberry. He is, however, probably one of the kind hearted people that donates his time and effort in support of the soup kitchen as a volunteer.

In the end everyone needs to lighten up a little and quit being so negative. This was obviously posted for the humor involved and should be viewed in that light. If you can't take it for what it is (a really funny and ironic picture) then please hit the back button and spare us all your "oh so clever" political comment.

The one question I have, if he is homeless, how does he charge the phone?

There places all over most cities, be it in public or malls or whatever where you could just wander in, plug your phone in and charge it. Just an observation.

Oh I don't know, any number of coffee shops, libraries, book stores, homes of family/friends. When a lot of people are "homeless", it only means they personally do not have a living space of their own. Many are able to do the round robin at family and friends to get a safe place to sleep, clean their clothes and what have you.

I didn't see the story if any, that went with the picture, but I have a sneaky feeling, that any of the "homeless" that had gone through the line that day were fairly well screened (patted down or wanded), but that a few "not actually homeless", squeaked through just to snap a picture, rather than needing or wanting the soup of the day.

If the guy is not really homeless, maybe the first lady is not really serving chow. After all, she is not wearing a hair net. Maybe she is just posing as well.

My very first thought was that maybe he's a volunteer & wanted to snap a quick pic of the First Lady. I sure as hell would....& I'm betting many conservatives & liberals in that situation would've done the same. Of course the outcome of that pic would've been vastly different. The conservatives would turn their copy into a dart board or worse & the librals would promptly build an alter for it....LOL.

Thanks so much for adding some "sanity" to these posts.

And as for where he would charge it....I'm sure that very soup kitchen has an outlet or two...

How do they even know the guy is homeless?
He could have heard she was going to be there and came down for a picture

And why does the pearl have to be stolen?
Because he fits the stereotype of what everyone thinks a homeless person looks like?
Come on now...get it together

Who truly knows?
If the guy is without a home or a job; if he's looking for one, he damn sure needs a some type of cell phone. If he's getting some type of assistance; he still needs a phone. I have a friend that was going thru some wicked times and I fronted him a new phone on my VZW account. It wasn't a Blackberry but who cares. I recently saw in the news a CEO that lost his job when the company tanked and he's now a delivering pizzas. $700,000 to $10 bucks an hour and he still had his iPhone and his family has gone thru their savings and on the verge of losing their home. While he trys to reinvent himself; he still needs to be able to reach out and be reached like the rest of us. We can look at a pix and be quick to judge but it's only 2 folks in the universe that truly knows his problem(s) and it's definitly not us! As we have seen, the bottom could drop out for almost anyone these days so if you have the means; know that you are blessed. I've seen many get knocked off of their hi-horse that never thought it could happen to them. Just my 2cents! Have a great day everyone @ Crackberry


Thank you for posting that link. It seems that all those who were so quick to use this photo (in their ignorance) to criticize Obama were dead wrong (as usual) about the story behind it. Try checking your facts before spreading your vile,divisive and inaccurate statements.

I know an apology or retraction for spreading such cruel drivel is unlikely since that isn't generally in the character of people like that. They will probably go back into the shadows (eating sour grapes) until the next opportunity presents itself launch misguided political/social attacks.

Wake up America!!! The poorest of poor in our country live like kings compared to those in 3rd world countries because of people who were smart enough to stay out of trouble, work hard, get an education and sacrifice. Keep working hard America...There are millions sitting at home on welfare depending on your support and tax dollars...the harder you work, the more they'll take to support this type of lifestyle...After all shouldn't everyone in this country the right to have Blackberries, Escalades with $5000 rims, designer clothes, 50" Plasma TV's in everyroom, 5 or 6 children from different women and all the illegal drugs you can handle???

Well I don't know if its funny or not but how do we really know if that person is homeless, I don't know so I refuse to judge at this point well at any point should I judge?

You can laugh or cry but there is one thing you can count on. It was the Bush administration and his corrupt greedy party and his stock market regulators looking the other way for 8 years that got us into this mess for the next 3 decades!! It is the great Barack Obama who was loved and voted in by 75% of the SMART Americans, that will try and get us out of this mess. And when you say it will affect our children and our childrens children you can give a call down to the good ole boy in Crawford Texas and thank him for screwing up this great country. That's why the GOP is in so much trouble...they can't even stand each other! As for morale values??? Watch them follow the fat blow hard Oxycontin addict RUSH spew his hatred!!! Nice huh?

Check your facts, in 2005 Bush warned of the new sub prime mortgages and your fellow democrats in congress dismissed his concerns.

And the Republicans controlling the House and Senate did a bang-up job enacting legislation to avert the impending crisis, didn't they?

I think it's great thr First Lady took time to help the less fortunate but I wonder if she realized that she was indeed getting her pic snapped by a homeless person with a $500 BlackBerry.

That a person can be down on his luck. But what ever happens, he or she will keep there BlackBerry going no matter what. Granted... How do we even know the guy is homeless? He could have heard she was going to be there and came down for a picture. But the thought of a homeless person having a BlackBerry in hard times, just goes to show that he is (or maybe...) addicted to it just like the rest of us.

Now it wouldn't have surprised me one bit if the homeless guy had a storm. I figure they will be giving away those pieces of crap free in a few months. And the guy is probably not homeless, just shameless enough to dine at a soup kitchen. Welfare is the chains of modern day slavery. Too bad so many people are too ignorant to be ashamed.

a sign of the unfortunate times, but rather funny.
had to post on my blog, with of course credit to the site. good find!

Yeah this is our tax dollars at work. The irony of this photo is incredulous. I was just reading about some CA social programs where they are throwing all the food. Its everywhere and getting worse. This photo sums it up pretty darn good.

Its a privately funded Soup kitchen.. why dont you actually read about it instead of assuming it is funded by the tax payers..

Everyone is bringing up the 500$ bb garbage!!! How many of you have paid that much for a pearl? Or any bb for that matter! Nobody unless its just released! And you know that the pearl has been out for a long time! So I can say if I was jobless and homeless I'd still have my look for jobs! And everyone is looking to blame someone and don't let it be the current president! He walked into a big mess that the former politicians left behind, and is now looked at as if he doesn't make everything right it will be on him....not! So quit your whining about the president and take that garbage to a political forum, where they will make you look worthless, with your crap arguments....homeless guy...keep the bb! Hopefully obtain a great job, and fire all these b**tholes that are arguing against you!! That's my 2 cents!

be able to use his BB Pearl to log onto craigslist and look for that next job & housing. Then when he's gainfully employed and looking for a place to eat, he can use google maps to find a great restaurant.
Looks like he's due for an upgrade too -- the Pearl flip is out soon!!

Of course homelessness isn't funny. But what other country do you know of where people that are considered homeless and poverty stricken have smartphones?!?!
If you don't see the irony... I can't help you.

This photo is so last month.

Apparently Michelle was wearing $550 dollar French Sneakers at the same homeless event.

Liberal Elitist are all the same.

Yup... Just like those liberals spent thousands of dollars overseas on a shopping spree and then didn't declare it in customs and pay proper taxes on them.. Then got caught going through customs...
Oh wait.. that was Columba Bush...

Amazing that You turn a blind eye to the fact that most "conservative elites" inherit their wealth, and never have to work for anything in their lives.
But when a democrat actually earns here way through school.. Actually gets amazing grades and earns her JD and then gains wealth by working, not just because who they were born to.. you call that liberal elitism..
Answer this.. What has George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, Bill O'Reily ever had to work for in their lives?

the people on your list don't hide what they are.

The elitist Democrats like Obama's/Clintons pretend they are just like you while they make their fortunes off your good intentions.

Your too stupid to see it.

What is Gore pulling in for every Green Speech today.

Go put your head back in the sand.

i don't blame the guy...if he doesn't have a job...or a computer...a blackberry may be the only thing that can keep him in touch with potential employers.

that the guy taking picture with his BlackBerry Pearl was homeless, JUST BECAUSE it was an event at a homeless soup kitchen. Did it occur to anyone that it could just be some random guy taking that rare opportunity to take picture of the first lady? Why does he have to be automatically homeless just because he is a black man that happens to be at a homeless soup kitchen?


Everyone is bringing up the 500$ bb garbage!!! How many of you have paid that much for a pearl? Or any bb for that matter! Nobody unless its just released! And you know that the pearl has been out for a long time! So I can say if I was jobless and homeless I'd still have my look for jobs! And everyone is looking to blame someone and don't let it be the current president! He walked into a big mess that the former politicians left behind, and is now looked at as if he doesn't make everything right it will be on him....not! So quit your whining about the president and take that garbage to a political forum, where they will make you look worthless, with your crap arguments....homeless guy...keep the bb! Hopefully obtain a great job, and fire all these b**tholes that are arguing against you!! That's my 2 cents!

Everyone is bringing up the 500$ bb garbage!!! How many of you have paid that much for a pearl? Or any bb for that matter! Nobody unless its just released! And you know that the pearl has been out for a long time! So I can say if I was jobless and homeless I'd still have my look for jobs! And everyone is looking to blame someone and don't let it be the current president! He walked into a big mess that the former politicians left behind, and is now looked at as if he doesn't make everything right it will be on him....not! So quit your whining about the president and take that garbage to a political forum, where they will make you look worthless, with your crap arguments....homeless guy...keep the bb! Hopefully obtain a great job, and fire all these b**tholes that are arguing against you!! That's my 2 cents!

Just goes to show the extent to which the Liberals have let America slide into the realm of completely insane. If it was up to me, if the government found out that Joe the Homeless Guy had a $500 Blackberry, he'd be off Welfare off Foodstamps and receiving no government help. That just pisses me off. I work hard for a living as a Paramedic and struggle every now and then to pay my bills, but the Osama administrations sees fit to tax me more to pay for homeless people to have Blackberrys. I'm sick of this. Is this the CHANGE you wanted America? Is it Jan 20, 2012 yet? With any hope, that'll be the end of an ERROR!

We are living in rough times, and maybe some years ago this would be alarming but in today's current economic situation its not all that weird or alarming. I sat in Starbucks and talked with a woman who was homeless. She was dressed very nice, had a working cell phone, pushed a suitcase on wheels with her belongings but was very well educated and tried to be very clean and sharp.

Her situation was that of the new times we live in. She moved to NYC, lost her job when the recession hit, had no where to go, but she managed to eat in soup kitchens and shelters she said. She also told me she would go in places like Starbucks to charge her phone and make calls looking for work. She tried to take a shower every morning in a shelter or a public bathroom at a park, just somewhere she could get water and wash up.

We should not assume that a person is squandering money away because they are in a shelter with a cell phone. In this economy there are many working poor, working homeless and they often do not have enough money to have an apartment, but they try and keep communications open for work, or opportunity.

What is this picture really showing, is the glass half full or half empty. Maybe he is working homeless and just needs a chance to eat. Maybe he just showed up to get a glimpse of the first Lady and he is not homeless at all. Maybe he is a bad guy and getting all he can for free.

My point is clear, we really don't know and its wrong for us to assume. I do know that I will never look at things the same after talking with a homeless woman who was once on the top of her career but now sits in Starbucks on her blackberry collecting unemployment but doing her best to search for jobs, and keep her self worth and dignity by at least having a phone number people can call her on even though she has no address to go to.

...but it's much easier to say, "zOMG teh Obama sux!" followed by some broad generalization about social welfare programs, with a couple of stereotypical comments about African Americans to boot. Why actually take the time to post a thoughtful response when we can use the shroud of anonymity provided by the internet to reveal our prejudices and insecurities?

Stop it! You guys are killing me!
Obama is great! Bush is the Devil!
Obama sucks! McCain would have saved us!
This is his fault!
No, this is all his fault!

Will some of you please take out your Blackberry and use Google Maps to go find a life?!?!? Not everything that is happening now is Obama's or Bush's fault. Some of it is still spilling over from Clinton, Reagon and even Carter. It isn't really the president either. Get over it and move on. Bush DID mess a lot of stuff up and Obama has and will mess a lot of stuff up. They are politicians and it is what they do.....professionally. Just because someone won an election doesn't make them the right person for the job. Do you honestly believe that the largly uneducated populous of this country are remotely capable of making any sort of informed decision on who our leaders should be?

Before any of you go around yelling about how special "your" candidate is or was, think about some of the true idiots you meet everyday. Then, when you run into the next one ask him/her who they voted for. You may feel better about yourself with the first one, but I am willing to bet that you will cringe after the next few. LOL

Until then, keep feeling high and mighty about how "up" on politics you are. Just do the rest of a favor and keep it to yourself.

Just a thought, but how could this guy have an active Blackberry if he's homeless?

Does anyone think that maybe, just maybe, he was an average guy who Knew Obama was there, and walked in to take a picture?

Just a thought

I want to know who is paying his bill. I think all people should have the right to own these items but only, AND ONLY, if THEY can pay for it. This is what I don't get about our society. I'm on a fixed income, not homeless, but also don't have a cell phone or cable or a fancy car because I cannot afford one. Something is really wrong with this society.

Okay let me start by saying this picture says a lot about our culture here in the U.S. As long as we have our cell phones all is well in the world. IMHO I don't even think this story should be on Crackberry. Then again it's not webpage. I think it's tacky to make fun of others or to point out certain cultural references here. Then again it's not my webpage. I can honestly give a rat's @$$ about any of the pathetic losers complaining about Obama this or Bush that what does this have to do with the story? I think Crackberry deliberately stirred the pot to see what would happen. I think it's sad. White Wing...I mean Right Wing Klansmen...sorry Conservatives come out crying foul since Obama took office. Get over it your party lost. Then you idiot Democant's (Democrats) complain just as bad as they do. Good job crackberry and your crackhead followers. Now is good time to switch to another forum less racist.

Ummmm as far as I see, you are the only one bringing race into this. Before you start pointing fingers, maybe you should take a look in the mirror.

Nobody knows if the man is really homeless and like other people said...he could have known she was going to be there
Try to think outside of your little world where everything is oh so perfect for you

It seems to be such a problem because he is a black man so you all feel the need to throw around stereotypes about stealing, welfare, spinning rims, etc.

Would all of these comments be here if it was a white guy in the picture? Would you all be throwing out stereotypes then? there's no way that he had a nice job but got laid off and lost everything..So what he has a BB...There might not be service to it?

How do you think they got all the people to sign up and vote? Give em blackberries! I think we can stop trying to trail the's going to the homeless in exchange for votes. ;)

Maybe he's waiting for that one phone call to turn things around.

I've been in a similar position except I had a house and food but no job. Keep the BB on landed a great job. It happens all the time.....gotta keep thine lines of communication open.

Maybe he got the cellphone before he lost his job and all of his money.

Now, he keeps it around as a camera for himself going to cellphone stores to get it charged for free.

One day, he will take a picture worth millions and become wealthy.

Or, maybe: he's not homeless and just knew she was going to be there; so, he dressed up as a homeless person just to get a picture of her.

That this man is a volunteer at the shelter? Or that he maybe STOLE the phone????????? And I agree with the comment about the AIG execs situation being MUCH worse than this one,....

Why should the son or daughter over 18 of a MULTI MULTI Miliionaire or even Billionaire have a Blackberry either? They have never worked a day of their life either! They are just living off daddy welfare.

So what you are saying is..."whomever doesn't work should not have a cell phone"...Think about it!

Why would everyone assume the man is homeless? Because he's black? Because he's in a soup kitchen? Could it be remotely possible that he volunteers at the kitchen? Could it be remotely possible that he is just a regular guy who happened to be in the area, heard that the 1st Lady was helping out there, and maybe he wanted to get her picture so he just ducked in for a second? No, I guess that's giving the man too much credit.

well we know there cant be a picture of an Obama ( Barack, Michelle, Sasha or Maliah) w/o some people catching feelings and turning a funny post into a debate.

I wonder why some people on this earth have the ability to reach the masses, always, always, always have to put in their 2 cents about everything.

Vice President Joe Biden says 'everyone guessed wrong' on jobs number
by The Associated Press
Monday June 15, 2009, 7:47 AM

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that "everyone guessed wrong" on the impact of the economic stimulus, but he defended the administration's spending designed to combat rising joblessness.

Biden said inaccuracies in unemployment predictions should not undercut the White House's support of the $787 billion economic revival plan that has not met the expectations of President Barack Obama's team.

Instead, the vice president urged skeptics to look at teachers who kept their classroom assignments and police officers who kept their beats because of financial assistance from Washington.

"The bottom line is that jobs are being created that would not have been there before," Biden said.

But they are not coming at the pace first estimated.

Just 10 days before taking office, Obama's top economic advisers released a report predicting unemployment would remain at 8 percent or below through this year if an economic stimulus plan won congressional approval.

Yet the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that unemployment in May rose to 9.4 percent.

Biden said the White House is keenly aware of the gap between the rhetoric used to sell fast passage of the legislation and the reality that has 14.5 million people unemployed. The administration had predicted that the stimulus bill would create or save as many as 3.5 million jobs.

"No one realized how bad the economy was. The projections, in fact, turned out to be worse. But we took the mainstream model as to what we thought -- and everyone else thought -- the unemployment rate would be," Biden said.

Those projects came from a report co-written by Biden's chief economist, Jared Bernstein. Last week, Bernstein briefed reporters on the stimulus spending and insisted the report was in line with others' research, but not aligned with reality.

"At the time our forecast seemed reasonable. Now, looking back, it was clearly too optimistic," he told reporters last Monday.

The White House has tapped Biden as its chief spokesman on that economic stimulus plan, sending him across the country to drum up support for a plan that has yet to make the impact it promised. On Thursday and Friday, Biden visited Pennsylvania, Kansas and Michigan — for a groundbreaking on I-94 construction work in Kalamazoo — to highlight projects the stimulus has funded.

The vice president said losses each month have dropped, although the economy is still losing jobs.

"Can I claim credit that all of that's due to the recovery package? No. But it clearly has had an impact," Biden said.

Biden said the estimates were based on standard economic models.

"Everyone guessed wrong at the time the estimate was made about what the state of the economy was at the moment this was passed," Biden said.

Biden appeared Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" from his hometown of Wilmington, Del.

How is it sad? Maybe his BlackBerry is out of service and he has it to keep his phone numbers to contact those when he needs. Or maybe he has it to have a direct phone number for potential employers to call. Besides, paying a cell phone bill compared to a mortgage, house note, or car note is not going to make or break the bill of being able to pay any of the latter. Yes the picture is funny but is it meant to be discussed of politics, etc. No.

The picture was meant to be a joke. For us to know try and figure out his back ground or whether he should own a blackberry is useless. There are some carriers that will allow you to have the blackberry without a data plan. Thus just making it a cell phone.

It is just ironic that he is getting a soup kitchen meal and is taking the photo with a blackberry. I think almost ever other phone know to man has a built in camera. Would you preferred for him to have a cheaper brand?

I lost my job due to this economy and I am not destitute because I saved my money and can afford my family cell phone and data plan and best of all keep my blackberry service.

I think what is funny about the picture is that Michelle Obama looks like she is saying" HHEEYY", while the piture is being taken.

I'm speaking here as someone who has been homeless. Not getting into the political aspect of the argument, who knows how this guy became homeless (if he is indeed homeless)? He could have been laid off of his job, anything could have happened. Not everyone takes advantage of "freebies" as I believe someone put it.

Other people are talking about the costs of data plans. The pic is too blurry to see; what if it's an 8120 with wi-fi? If he's in a somewhat large city, there are plenty of places to go for free wi-fi and to charge the berry. (like no one here's never used free wi-fi) Then he wouldn't need a data plan.

And some people here act like he held onto his berry like a drowning man as he watched his home, job, everything slip away from him. With all of the newer models coming out, he would never be able to sell it for a price that would really help him get a place to live.

Before people start judging someone in a soup kitchen line with a blackberry, try walking a mile in his shoes. Than let's see what kind of comments you post.

Only in America!! This picture is indeed priceless, I wonder what kind of car he drives? I bet better than mine!

So because he was at a homeless shelter where soup is being served means he is homeless? Im sorry, but if you knew that someone like Michelle Obama was in town, wouldn't YOU try to get a picture of her?

Those quick to judge NEVER take into account circumstances...
But on a much better note.. WOW that's a BEAUTIFUL woman!

Hi all,

OK, I am currently homeless (I blog about it at and I actually blogged about this picture/article back when it came out:

I purchased my Blackberry and laptop BEFORE I was laid off and became homeless, and it would be pretty stupid of me to get rid of such valuable resources, wouldn't you agree? I mean, how exactly should I go about getting a job with nothing for my employer to call me back on?

The man in the photo may or may not be homeless (he might also be a soup kitchen volunteer) but the point is moot - if he is, good on him for utilizing his available resources! You don't know when he obtained that phone or how much it cost him (my Blackberry Curve was only about $300 when I got it, plus I was given a promotional rebate). Even if it was $500, that is certainly not enough to cover even a month of rent, much less a deposit, etc. - and in the long run, the benefit he gets out of it is much greater.

I say, bravo to anyone smart enough to save up for a cell phone (especially one with many uses such as online access, GPS, etc.) and use it wisely as an asset and a resource with which to reverse your homelessness.


Seriously, during this economically meltdown, people are NOT giving up their cell phones! They might go from contract services to prepaid services, but will NOT go without a cell phone. That's why Boost Mobile is booming with business with their $50 UNLIMITED everything plan. T-Mobile just started selling BlackBerry Pearls in Best Buy stores to use on their Prepaid service. They other big 3 (VZW, ATT, and Sprint will soon follow).

Why is everyone attacking the subject of this post (dude with the BB Pearl), calling him everything from lazy, to a theif, to a benificiary of liberalism,..

Before you jump to conclusions, try to use your brain. He could have had the pearl before he fell on hard times, dont automaticlly lose your phone just beause you lose your job. Secondly, lets get real David Boyd, who pays $500 for a BB pearl when every carrier is giving them away free with contract?

Anyone who has actually volunteered at a soup kitchen knows, it's not only homeless or even jobless people who benefit from their work, many people working minimum wage jobs who can't afford to pay rent and feed their kids, use these places to keep their families strong and nourished.

The picture itself is funny, particulary Michelle Obama's "HEY!" expression, but the multitude of ignorant posts attacking the BB owner is disgusting, you have no idea his situation. As one poster said, thank goodness he has a phone so hopefuly a job employer can contact him! Glad he has the sense to go with RIM!

The blackberry was probably hot and had no service... Just a toy with a camera!!


I will keep my blackberry, my job and my guns...

You can keep the change!!!!

I clicked on the comments link to see some witty responses to this pic, cuz I found it funny and didn't take it too seriously. I didn't think it was a homeless person or anything.. and I figured others would think the same. But nope, not the case. It turned into a political debate and it's like others said, last time I checked, I logged onto and if you want to banter about politics, go somewhere else. But I guess the old saying goes... Someone's always gotta ruin the good time, and in this case, alot of you did. Obama IS our president, Bush is gone, MOVE ON ALREADY!

How do we know that this person is not just someone who heard that she was in this place and went to get a photo opportunity??? Lets chill on the assumptions. People don't understand how big this is to have an African American First Lady to our community. And then to have her in your neighborhood??? I know that I would have went down there and took a picture with my Storm...proud as hell.

I know this was supposed to be funny, but people on here take the fun out of every little thing. It's sickening to say the least...

Once again our tax dollars are hard at work serving those who really need it. Because those with blackberries know that not only did we pay hundreds of dollars to buy the phone, we also pay a hundred a month to have all the services. hmmmm

I cant tell you how much it hurts to see the comments because I see nothing to signify that this person is homeless. Could someone explain why the assumption? Sweatshirt, hat and a pair of sunglasses..... somebody point to the obvious sign I'm missing...

Wow, chrome rims, slinging rock, dropping the N-word... Might be about time for CB to look into moderating the comments.

He honestly could be a volunteer who came up in line or he could just be a poser who faked being homeless to get a picture of the First Lady.

With any luck that ugly whore will be on the other side of that counter in 3.5 years.

But than again the Cowboys might need a linebacker, god knows she is built like one, she should try out.

be ashamed fellow crackberry addicts, looking at all the posts about that pic has brought us to an all time low...what happened to having a common ground to share our thoughts on our crackberry's, to learn from each other and connect to new friends or ashamed that we would make comments about our President and his wife or that guy in the photo...politics doesn't belong here and I hope it doesn't return....I never thought my fellow addicts could or would say things like that....isn't cool that whoever or whatever backround he has, HE'S USING A BLACKBERRY!!!!!! end of story...

The guy holding the BB Pearl is SS, not a homeless guy. Check out the following: clean white t-shirt collar, short haircut, BLACKBERRY (standard ss issue is the pearl). No, it is just the guys getting in some fun.

We are making lots of assumptions wit this picture... the guy could be a staffer at the kitchen getting a shot to show his family that the First Lady was there. It isn't a stretch that a volunteer could have a job, cell phone, etc.

Otherwise stuff like this is happening all over the place. People have possessions that slowly dwindle away from jobs they now have lost, investments that have dried up, etc. I am in a high end technical communications field in sales primarily... traveling and visiting "customers" these days is very telling of the financial crisis our country is in.

This is exactly what's wrong with our handouts nobody checking too see how poor they are. This guy was Blackberry poor so he got 1 bowl of soup. His brother was iPhone poor he got crackers with his soup.

I'm tired of paying for these people who play the system and Michelle is playing into it. The only one that has a clue is the bald SS guy wishing he could crack this fool over the head.

just because this guy maybe homeless doesnt mean he cant have a blackberry...he may not have a home phone...just cause you maybe homeless you cant communicate with the rest of the world. this guy maybe looking for a job and he needs his blackberry to submit his resume asap. we dont understand fully whats going on with this guy. now days there are blackberry plans with metro pcs that are $50 a month. and if he is spending $50 a month for unlimited talk,email,internet...i'm not mad at him...because those are the things you sometime need to look for a job.

He is some guy who does have a job,house,car and can afford to get a Blackberry and just happen to be walking when he saw her serving some soup he got on line waited for his turn and then he took the picture. Does anyone in here know him? I mean can anyone confirm that he is a homeless person?.

Trust me I KNOW there are a lot of other races in this country with the same problem. Try looking for them and snap their pic! *pathetic*

No one(republicans)said anything when your Goddess Palin spent all that money on her wardrobe.
Obama manage to destroyed the paradise that Bush created?.
I bet that 98% of the people claiming that they pay taxes dont even work, still live with mommy and did not even voted
Thank God for Wikipedia otherwise no one would know the fake meaning of the the word "socialist".
Did you all knew that under the Wikipedia meaning or definition for that word Bush was a socialist.
What?? no one saying anything about Iran or Sotomayor or better yet who actually started this two actual wars and who is trying to stop them?.
The racist keyboard commando is going crazy making up "facts" pulled straight from Aryannation or some other crap like that.

How did this turn into a political debate? And why is everything Bushes fault? It's not, maybe the guy went homeless because he's a crack head or maybe he isn't homeless at all -- M.O. was serving soup you think the only people to show at this event were homeless? NO. Michelle Obama was there, of course fans showed up. His clothing looks fresh to me, nice sunglasses, really doesn't look homeless at all.

And for the record Obama ... really not any better than Bush, just weaker and dumber.

LOL Americans can be so stupid no wonder why the country is in its current state.

I love the picture and the caption is just for fun. It's unfortunate that so many people are so quick to judge, and then to argue and trash others over it without any knowledge of the reality. The guy in the picture may or may not be homeless, he may or may not have a job, he may or may not be a volunteer and he may or may not be paying for that BlackBerry.

Soup kitchens feed people who have homes and jobs and can barely keep the roof over their heads - it's a way of avoiding having yet another homeless family.

People who live in public housing sometimes have expensive cars because they haven't been educated about credit, and they often lose those cars and/or find themselves in worse financial shape because they were misled by unscrupulous salesmen and lenders.

And of course, there are the bums who do abuse the system. But who are any of us (presumably BlackBerry owners with the time, knowledge and resources to access this on the internet) to judge the circumstances until we've walked in those shoes?

Feel free to respond to this post. I won't be watching. This is supposed to be "Crackberry Humor" and I found the original post entertaining. Whoever and wherever this guy is, I hope he's getting the last laugh.