No I’m not ignoring your calls, Call Filter Pro is

Call Filter Pro
By Ryan Blundell on 20 Jan 2012 09:14 am EST

If you have a BlackBerry smartphone running OS 6 or higher, you need to check out the Call Filter Pro from ToySoft Development Inc. Yes, we have seen call filtering applications that block unknown, private and undesired calls before, but this is by far one of the most user-friendly and powerful filter apps. What I like about this type of application is the freedom it brings you. How many people do you know that continuously ignore calls from the same number? Or have you heard “I’m not getting this, who’s calling?!” time and time again? Changing a number, especially from a coveted number ending in 0000, is a hard thing to do.

Call Filtering Pro can completely block a number so they won’t show up; or prevents a voicemail from being left. All they can do is call from another number, then you can block again, and so on and so forth. The application has two options when it comes to blocking calls. There’s the standard Block, which rejects the call, but lets callers leave a voicemail. Then there’s the “Pickup and Hangup” which does just that. It will automatically answer the call and hangs up almost immediately; thereby eliminating their chance to leave a message. This, of course, will use air time. Take a look at the other features:

  • The First Call Filter application to support BlackBerry OS7.1
  • Supports OS6.x and OS7.x
  • Will not ring or vibrate when call is blocked if configured correctly on OS 7.1 ONLY
  • Block Unknown and Private callers
  • Block 1800 marketing calls
  • Block callers NOT in Contacts application
  • Block callers NOT in Call Filter PRO filter list
  • Block callers in Contacts Category
  • Supports both Block and Pickup and Hangup (Do not allow caller to leave voice mail)
  • Works when your BB is in the Holster
  • Works when your BB screen is locked or password locked
  • Works with International calls
  • Automatically backup all settings to the SD Card
  • Restore settings and Filters from last backup
  • Integrated with Native Contacts, SMS and Phone applications. Block caller directly from those apps
  • Disable and Enable Call Filter PRO

Remember that if you think you may be using the Pickup and Hangup feature, make sure your voice plan has enough minutes to handle it. You can grab Call Filter PRO for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download Call Filter Pro for BlackBerry smartphones

Reader comments

No I’m not ignoring your calls, Call Filter Pro is


Does this show up in the Switch Application menu? It's a not an app the user would have to switch to often, and I hate apps that clog the menu for no real reason. I'd email Toysoft about it, but they lied the last time I asked this question (about a different app).... I'd a love to switch to this though, my current call blocker still lets my phone vibrate for a second :(

Thanks, bought the App based on your comment. Confirming it's not showing in the Switch Application menu. :)

I preffer using the app "Block'Em". It's free and better because it makes the caller think that your phone is powered off, so you don't use air time and don't let them leave a message either.

what do you mean "it makes the caller think that your phone is powered off"? All blocking software do the same thing. Either you Ignore the call or pickup and hangup.

BTW, Block'Em is the same as BuzzOff app for OS5 - OS7. Call Filter PRO is specifically designed for OS6 and is integrated with OS7.1 profiles.

Does this block calls while you're on a call? I need my business calls to be undisrupted, and the beep is annoying.