No BlackBerry Theme Studio for the BlackBerry PlayBook initially unless demand for it is high

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 4 Nov 2010 03:22 pm EDT

One question that a lot of folks in the developer community (especially theme developers) have been asking is, "Is the BlackBerry PlayBook capable of using themes?". Well, today during the Research In Motion webcast for the PlayBook, RIM confirmed that at this time there will be no BlackBerry Theme Studio coming for the BlackBerry PlayBook. But RIM didn't close that door to developers, there is still hope. During the webcast, it was mentioned that if demand for this was high enough that it would be considered for after the intial launch. So, theme developers that's your queue to head on over to the BlackBerry developer forums and start requesting that it be made available to you. We know it won't be there at launch but later is better then never. What do all you theme devs out there think about this news?

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No BlackBerry Theme Studio for the BlackBerry PlayBook initially unless demand for it is high


If the PlayBook doesn't get a Theme Studio what's to say that future devices with QNX won't get it either? I say all theme devs rally and ask RIM to make a Theme Studio for the PlayBook!

Hmmmm, RIM has decided to release a new and ground breaking device for them and they aren't willing to go all in with support on it? Way to gain customer confidence. How do you attain high demand for a device that you only half heartedly support and wait and see if it is worth getting behind it???

Far be it for me to question the marketing masterminds at RIM for how they position their products.

I guess I'll wait and see if RIM supports the PlayBook fully before I decide whether or not I want to take a chance on it.

Is this a chicken and egg scenario or what?

I would guess that themes just aren't a priority out of the gate. As a consumer, I couldn't care less about themes. I want to see the PlayBook perform before anything else.

what the hell are you talking about? Where is the iphone/ipad them builder? Android theme builder? Windows phone theme builder? If they get any such option its 3rd party. Why does everyone complain about rim never doing enough? We can pretty much do whatever we want.

I'd have to agree with xxplosive, I don't care much about themes but I can see why people would like them.

What's more important, getting as many features into a device before launch or optimizing it to outperform competition.

I have no doubt that themes will be supported soon, just not at launch date.

Themes aren't a priority for me either but if there are develeopers that have an interest then by all means, try to accomodate them. There will always be consumers interested in that kind of thing and RIM is supposed to be about the busines of attracting developers to them.

I'd just like to see RIM go all in on something or have it in the plan to do that at a later date. It doesn't have to be launch date.

Doing things other manufacturers aren't doing is a way to attract new customers. Just because Apple and androis maynot be doing this yet doesn't mean anything, they have introduced their own niche attractions in their devices.

I personally want RIM to succeed and don't want them to have the appearance of half-stepping again.

I suspect by demand they meant "demand from customers". Since they're targeting primarily the business market, that seems unlikely...

I don't think there needs to be a Theme Builder for the PlayBook, What RIM has done with QNX looks to be plenty good, and if we look at how horrible many BlackBerry OS themes are, It could almost be better to take an Apple approach for once and preserve the user experience of the device.

this sadly is a bad move from RIM, it just needs a look at appworld to see over 3000 themes or the cb store with over 7000 themes to realise people do use them.

still it wasnt RIM that made the original plazmic for themes for blackberry so no doubt if they dont do it someone else will soon enough

Just want to say I will want them to let the builders build, its what they do. Why prevent that, it only helps the device. Best of luck to us!

Ok we know Developers want it, but how many customers really want themes? (Sounds like a Crackberry Poll question)I personally dont care for more themes than the basic ones that come with the device. As long as I can change my background picture I'm good. Besides almost every time I've downloaded a theme it comes with some bug that causes problems with my device. I say if RIM/QNX wants to keep the PlayBook software clean fine by me.