No BlackBerry Messenger via BlackBerry Bridge on the PlayBook at launch - Software Update coming within a few weeks to enable it

BlackBerry Bridge sans BBM
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Apr 2011 10:49 am EDT

There's no BBM app within the BlackBerry Bridge yet... but it should be there within a few weeks!

When I was working on my BlackBerry PlayBook Review, the version of BlackBerry Bridge I was testing lacked BlackBerry Messenger. RIM said they were working hard to make it available for launch, but it looks like it didn't make it into the build that went gold certified for launch. I reached out to RIM for a quick update, and here's the scoop:

...a software update for BBM functionality is expected to be available within a few weeks, and customers will be able to download the software update over-the-air. 

So there you have it. It's coming soon. Hopefully we'll see Video Chat hit around the same time, so we can start putting that front-facing camera to use too!

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No BlackBerry Messenger via BlackBerry Bridge on the PlayBook at launch - Software Update coming within a few weeks to enable it


it's ok if no BBM i'll still buy 1, because I will use playbook more for office works like excel, presentation and email via web, and also web surfing. I love playing flash games on the net. BBM? I will only need it if Blackberry Apollo is already available in the market.

This is not good at all for RIM on launch day. I am glad I am waiting until next month b4 I think about getting one

It gets worse and worse. Buggy devices sent to the media for review, botched pre-orderes from Staples and Best Buy (and possibly others), AT&T blocking support for BlackBerry Bridge, and now missing features on launch day.

What a shocking mess this is.

Two weeks is not the end of the world. I thnk the apple approach of not offering something until it has been ironed out is better than giving something half baked.
I guess this is what many will argue, the Playbook being a half baked device.

To the contrary, I feel that a Blackberry without BBM IS half-baked. I won't say its pathetic or this is the death of RIM, but they should have done better or released "in a few weeks".

BBM is a unique feature to BlackBerry devices and it is a mistake for RIM to offer the PlayBook without it. Agree with you that it won't mean the death of the product, but RIM has a lot riding on the success of the PlayBook and they should have gotten it right on release day.

I'll play devil's advocate.

A Wifi, un-bridged PlayBook, still is way more powerful and a far better investment that all/most/you_choose any other tablet out there.

The bridge is a nice add-on for BB owners. That BBM is not there at launch sucks, but I don't think this is the end of the world.

Let's not forget that when iPhone first came out, there was no app store, etc......

It's just that we're accustomed to certain things now. So it glares more when BBM is not available in Bridge mode at launch.

This just helps cement my decision to wait on a PlayBook purchase (not that I have the $ for it now anyway).

Thanks for the intelligent input to counter the "sky is falling" attitude prevailing here. Apple didn't have all their ducks lined up at launch either. We are just used to having things available once it's out there in another form, while forgetting that it takes an initial launch to get the product out there.

Very well said jlb21, I couldn't agree more. I did get the PB and even without those things (which I want!) it's definitely the best tablet out there right now!

I hate to say it, but this is retarded. Common RIM!!! Are you serious?! You've had 9 months and you can't find a way to have bbm on your tablet?? Seriously, bbm is the reason half of us are sticking with BlackBerry in the first place! I'm getting sick of this junky PR work. RIM is making a fool of it self. Bbm has me hooked so I'll stay around, but please RIM, get your act together, incase you haven't noticed - the whole world is watching.

Only I take it back - LoL . Tried the pb for myself, WOW! It was rockin BlackBerry bridge and was totally impressive. Truth is, bbm will probably be the bridge feature I use the least, after all, if I'm gonna be bbm'in, its gonna be fast, quick (like usual) and then back in the holster. Pb rocks! Way to go RIM.

Not a deal breaker for me...but as a non-technical person, I don't see why it would be so hard for RIM to have BBM implemented on the Playbook already. Can someone explain?

This is just untrustfull ! over a year and they cant get together what they offert ? i havent even fininsh the initial set up and now is when they post here that the BBM will not be avaliable untill two more weeks ?
not even apple does this. yes i am upset.

I guess we should keep in mind that a year ago Apple released a phone, that couldn't properly make phone calls while holding the phone in your hand. Antenna issues on a phone - how lame is that? LoL

That's just because you were holding it wrong. Steve Jobs said just that so it's OK. Just don't put your fingers on those little black lines where they are going to naturally want to be and everything is fine.

I'm a BB fan but even I have to admit that this is simply just a poor showing for an already amusingly disappointing launch of a new product. RIM has only been hyping and talking about this product since last year and they can not even get what is arguably the most famous BB app to work on its new professional grade tablet! I am glad I got my tablet - working on the setup right now as I type this - but honestly, this is just another example of how unprepared RIM is for today's market.

Wow, this is really ridiculous. I've been going back and forth deciding between the PB and an iPad2 and from what I've been reading here and in the forums, the PB is turning out to be full of problems. Pretty concerning.

Wow what a bunch of whiners. Their talking like 2 weeks until it's functional. I personally would rather have the tablet as it's functioning now than wait several months for additional features to be released before I can get my hands on it. I have an iPad 2 already, and guess what? There's no bbm available on that either, so what other option do you have???

Okay we know it's coming in 2 weeks or whatever but we all just want it NOW - I must admit it is frustrating to know PB was not really finalized for today's launch - i do understand however they must have huge pressure from investors to get it out ASAP.... I still vote for PB over iPad2 which my wife owns (which i find only great for games so far).

You people need to stop crying like little b****es, like seriously! You have your PlayBook, enjoy it, use it without BBM for few weeks, it's not gonna kill you. Use BBM on your phone, it's not like they discontinued it or something. Download some movies, use the HDMI, do some browsing, use flash. You'll get your update.

The PB affair has been the biggest Marketing and PR clusterfuck in contemporary product launch history!

Ya know I would back RIM to the end about certain things but this is NOT ONE OF THEM. Ppl have been anxiously waiting and you tell them after shelling out $500 US to wait again for your killer app?

I think you guys in the US shouldn't buy another PB until BBM is at least ready......

You get your new fancy fire truck and now gotta wait on the sirens to be shipped.....

Dude it's not about crying or been an asshole on just one Little huge detail which NOBODY said anything about till Today "LAUNCH DAY" , not even here in crackberry. I am Blackberry Adict 101% but they should been straigth with us. the product it's much superior than Ipad yes it is! i agree.

OK I had to come to Crackberry to get a "work around" to even have bridge on my AT&T Torch. Will I need another "work around" to then get BBM when it drops? Most likely! Is there going to BE one for that? What if there isn't? Im just shelling out hundreds of bucs for something I may NEVER get to fully make use of like I expected! What about the other 99% of BB owners who have not discovered Crackberry? When they go shell out big bucs and get home and figure out that their carrier has totaly nutered their Playbook they are going to be madder than crap!

exactly... i have the same damm ploblem with my torch and AT&T, and i havent eve mention about it, PLUS the BBM ? WTF RIM?

How many of us would buy a new BB Phone without BBM installed or to hear it isn't ready for OS6.1?

Ah it now becomes clear huh.....I love BB to the hilt but I gotta call BS when I see it.....

but here in the Czech Republic will be the playbook for several months, so by then hopefully will be fixed :-)

Folks. Just went into staples, tried out the pb!!! It rocks! Solid product. I can live without bbm for a couple weeks, as long as I know its coming. Gonna be rockin a pb soon. LoL the bridge was flawless, setup on the store demo model in seconds and was viewing emails etc... Worked great.

I picked my playbook this morning....this is the first time I come up for air! You guys can cry all you want, but you're missing out on a great device! It's solid and it rocks.....

Totally agree. I didn't agree earlier, till I tried one out for myself. I'm totally impressed, I can wait a few weeks for bbm, which probably isn't being released right now because of back end issues. Security is still #1 for RIM, and bbm WILL come... In the mean time I'm gonna get to know my pb and TOTALLY enjoy it!!

Based on how good BlackBerry Bridge is... I'm willing to cut RIM some slack and wait... the PB is awesome!

what the eff? what were all those demos aboot ?!!? i've seen videos of peeple (incl CrackBerry Kev) on BBM via bridge! RIM propoganda?!!? SAY IT AIN'T SOOOOOO

Come onnnn folks! Seriously, is this even an issue? Seriously, u knew wat u were getting at launch. Plus the mere fact that u have bbm already on ur phone is good. U ppl are starting to sound like the ppl bitching about native email. U have email on ur phone, ur laptop, ur pc, ur work email. How many times do u wanna read the same email. I personally don't want the native email, cause damn email is everywhere!

yet another core function of your BB that isn't available for Playbook..... so sad :(... they really should have waited and launched this thing in 2-3 months when everything was ready.

I bought my Playbook today, but I must say, RIM has done every possible thing to F....up the Playbook's chances in the tablet market space. I really feel bad for the company I defended so much on the RIM hate blogs. Serious RIM, when will you guys get it back together. If QNX is the future OS of the blackberry smartphones, you have started very very wrong. I am hanging on as a fan, but I don't know how much longer I can wait for RIM to get it together.

u lie, u didnt get the playbook or else u wouldnt say this. the OS IS SOOOO SMOOTH. and honestly i agree the core apps are missing but come on now, u know updates are on the way, but if u say the f'ed it up thats bogus! everything about the PB is on riods. camera is soooo sharp, sound is super sexy! its soo fluid. what do u define as f'ing it up. they were sold out at 3 staples i went to and 2 best buys, so obviously ppl want this thing

I am on my Playbook right now typing this message. Everything works perfectly. Dayum the critics. :)

Haha man I am pissing my pants. The device was announced 7 months ago and has been "pumped" so hard and on launch day it misses the one thing that BB is proud off (BBM).
Man if they waited for 7 months, they could have waited another month. Its like buying a new car but missing the windscreen wipers. Yeah well get them shipped to you before the rain season gets to you lol.

if they could do everything else except bbm, there must be some new features that they are still working on.

when we do see it, we should hopefully see something quite exciting - if not. FOR SHAME :P

Why is Crackberry spinning this story? No Blackberry Messenger, the one service that Blackberry owners point to as the distinguishing feature of their devices - even though Blackberry Messenger only works with Blackberries - is missing from the Blackberry Playbook. A reasonable person would call this a big bag of failure but Crackberry concludes: "So there you have it. It's coming soon." is the FoxNews of gadget sites.

So far I am really impressed with the PB. UPdates, Bridge, Browser, connecting to different WIFI's. Yes I'm disappointed about BBM but the intergration between the BB phone is great. I just feel sorry for all those non BB phone users. With bridge I can open and see all my attachments, this is sweet. I didn't expect the PB to be perfect out of the box but I think RIM has a winner for us BB phone users!

I like tablet with Adobe flash in it, so I tried all the tablet's internet browser (iPad2,Samsung Galaxy,Motorola Xoom, Acer iconia 10", Playbook) and the result is Playbook is the best for playing adobe flash in the tablet's internet browser right now. Asus Eee tablet 12" and Fujitsu Lifebook 10" are exceptions because these are fully computer functionality so no doubt. I'm sure Playbook is a good investment in the future because we can pairing Blackberry and Playbook so we can get a lot of advantage with it that another brand haven't done yet.
Just wait until RIM fixed all the buggies, at least Bridge connection,video chat and BBM.

I saw yesterday a clip on you tube. It is a demo for BBM on playbook uploaded by some users. How come some people can use BBM on playbook and it is not even released yet?