No Additional Applications Designed For Your Device Were Found

By AllBlackBerry on 1 Mar 2007 06:47 pm EST
With all the new devices coming out, I’ve seen a lot of questions come up about the error message “No additional applications designed for your device were found”. For those of you who install software onto your BlackBerry using the RIM Desktop Manager, you might have seen this message, particularly if you just got a new device. What does it mean?
No Additional Applications Found

This is a rather unfortunate error message, because it doesn’t really give you much in the way of useful information. It really just sorta means, “Something went wrong” when you tried to install an application onto your BlackBerry. But this doesn’t necessarily imply that anything is wrong with the software you are trying to install, or even that the software isn’t compatible with your BlackBerry. It usually means that the Desktop Manager doesn’t know how to talk to the device.

Reasons you might see that message include:

1) You don’t have the .alx and .cod files in the same directory. Desktop installation requires as a minimum, a .cod file and a .alx file. When you use the RIM Desktop Manager Application Manager to install, you specify the .alx file, but the .cod file must be in the same directory as the .alx file. Both files are needed for installation.

2) You need to upgrade your version of the RIM Desktop Manager. You can download the latest version of the Desktop Manager here. I’ve had people tell me that you need to first uninstall the old version before installing the new one, but I haven’t found this necessary.

3) You need to install the proper device software for your model BlackBerry to your PC. Please note, I’m not saying that you need to update your device OS. I’m saying you need to download the software that tells the Desktop Manager how to properly talk to your device. RIM has unfortunately named this software the “Device” software, which implies to me that it is something that should go on the handheld, but it actually is installed to your PC. To see which version of the device software you already have installed, go to the About menu on the Desktop Manager and click the “Device Software” tab.
Device Software

If you don’t see your BlackBerry model in that list, then you need to get the latest device software. You can download it at this site, maintained by RIM. Find your carrier in the list and then select the software for your particular BlackBerry model on the next page.

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No Additional Applications Designed For Your Device Were Found


You can get Device Software from Blackberry home site, just query for your voice/data provider and donwload it

I installed a chinese language support, it worked fine, but after I installed another software to allow me input chinese, I cann't read chinese anymore. Then I uninstalled both, and I tried to install the chinese language support again, but this time, I got the error message. Do you know what's the reason for this. Thanks.

I have done all of the above. Still gives me the same error message "No additional applications designed for your device were found".

Please advise.

Wow thanks a lot. how can I be so stupid to separate the cod and alx files. this definately helped. thanks again.


I have been hearing about all your problems with the error message "no additional applications designed for your device were found" and people just having just general error messages while trying to download 3rd party software.
Heres the steps that worked for me:

After you have downloaded the zip file onto your desktop, open it (either automatically or using winzip or a zipping program) make a new folder on your desktop and place all the files in it except any instruction manuals, or .doc or .txt files. Those are just for you to read or know seperate from sending to the phone.

with your phone plugged in to the computer

On your desktop manager, open the application loader.

Depending on your version and model either click add or browse

a box will appear asking where the file is.... this is the tricky part....go to the new folder you created on your desktop.... you have to add the .alx AND the .cod file at the same highlight the files or clicking one and holding down CTRL and clicking all the files, and click open. when you do this, you will notice the name of your application you want to download in the list now. Check the box for that application, click next or save, and then it will be in your downloads folder. For example I downloaded the mylocation application in my zip folder were 3 files .alx, .cod, and a .jad file. I highlighted all of them and it worked great.
I have the latest desktop software and I have the new Blackberry Storm, but it should be the same for most models.
Hope that helped!

I moved the .alx and .cod files to the same folder and left the stuff in the java folder instact. I also disabled the wireless signals on the handheld and all internet communication from the PC. Lastly I highlighted all the .alx files at once and clicked open. Bingo it worked!

Many thanks to Allblackberry and I Know How for helping me add my BBAlarms app to my Blackberry Curve 8330. I found that I had to do one more step though... Both the original and the newly created desktop folders contained the .cod and .alx files, BUT when I used 'browse' in the BB Desktop Manager the folder appeared with only the .alx file in it, the .cod file was not there. Hmmmm... I went back to the original desktop folder that was created when I downloaded the app, highlighted the .cod folder, right-clicked the mouse, selected 'properties', and at the bottom of the box saw a message that said "This came from a different computer and it might be blocked," I clicked 'unblock', 'apply', 'OK'. Just for good measure I repeated those steps on the .alx folder as well. Then I opened the BB Desktop Manager, connected my phone to the PC, and went through the usual routine steps of adding an app. The BBAlarm app was now in my list of apps, properly check-boxed for loading, and it said 'install' in the list. I finished the usual steps for loading an app and all went perfectly well. Again, thanks for your excellent posts. I learned a lot about my first BB by walking through all the steps you suggested. (I am a convert from the Windows mobile Motorola Q9c)

How can I get a copy of this file back so my Black Berry storm 9530 works again? If any one could copy it and send it to me I would be Very greatful. The Version is

I had the same problem, all I had to do was go into the folder and "unblock" the .cod file as described above. Worked like a charm!!!

Hi All,
I'm a Blackberry developer just getting ramped up and was fielding a support request. This user had recently purchased my app, but needed a desktop download (as opposed to OTA). I had focused entirely on getting the OTA release out so I scrambled a bit to put together a zip file for the desktop release. The release I provided caused the above mentioned error message. It appears the mistake I made was to put the *.alx file and *.cod files all in the same directory. When eclipse builds your app it actually arranges the files like so:

C:\workspace\CCard\deliverables\Standard\4.5.0\*.cod (etc.)

I was removing that extra path element for the *.cod files (i.e., '4.5.0'). When I left that in (i.e. just zipped things up the way eclipse provided them) the problem went away.

Just in case some other developer sees this.