Nite Ize Cargo Clip Case for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kerri Neill on 28 Jan 2011 02:08 pm EST

While looking for additional accessories for the BlackBerry Style, I came across the Night Ize Cargo Clip Case. It's compatible with the Style 9670 as well as several other BlackBerry devices.

The case is constructed from durable material with heavy duty elastic sides. It has a hook and loop (velcro) closure, interior pocket to hold identification/credit cards, money, etc. as well as an exterior elastic loop that's perfect for holding your Bluetooth headset. There is an additional small pocket on the back that you could use as well. The belt clip rotates a full 360 degrees and has 8 locking positions. The clip design makes it easy to remove from your belt yet also keeps the case from accidental dislodging. The belt clip is not removable from the case. This case does not feature the sleeper function for BlackBerry devices.

The Night Ize Cargo Clip Case is available in our for $12.95 and is available in solid Black, Mossy Oak & Khaki.

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Nite Ize Cargo Clip Case for BlackBerry Smartphones


she right, i own one of these since October 2010 and its just right for the torch if you use the otterbox commuter case and want to have the otherbox fit a case then this is the right one, and for travel its really sweet, its tuff for sure you wouldn't be breaking this anytime soon and it will last a long time longer than the phone i bet. i always like to have my otterbox in its own case but since for the torch there were never one to fit it as its bulky as is. well i prefer protection over looks and this is the only case on the market today that i like, and it will protect your torch all the way. i never had any uses for for cc and pens inside of the case but theres allot of room for your phone to keep is scratch free. Until otterbox comes out with something to make a case that works like this.

I don't use a case all the time, usually only when I'm maybe wearing gym shorts & don't have pockets so this might be a nice alternative for the OEM holster for my 9700, I definitely like the fact that there's a little "id sleeve" in the back & the blue-tooth loop is a nice touch as well, definitely gonna give this some thought & might have to pick one up.

I like the Nite-Ize Sport Case Small (SCS-03-01) for my Style. It and its clip are a little less bulky than the Cargo Clip Case. Unfortunately, Nite-Ize no longer makes it. The current Sport Case Tone Small is the closest to it.