Nintaii on Sale This Weekend for 50% Off - Just $2.49!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Sep 2009 10:52 am EDT

Last fall I was a judge in the BlackBerry Developer Challenge in the Games category, and after hours of game battling were finished and the smoke cleared and dust settled, it was ultimately Nintaii that took the title of Best BlackBerry Game. Nearly a year later it's still one of my favorite BlackBerry games and one that I recommend to all new BlackBerry owners. Check out the video above to see it in action. Warning: It's addictive!

ON SALE THIS WEEKEND: The folks at Mobigloo have slashed the price on Nintaii in HALF for Saturday and Sunday. That means you can grab it for $2.49 vs. it's regular $4.99 price. If you don't have it yet, it's a no brainer purchase. Nintaii is available for both the Storm and non-touchscreen device models. You can follow the links below for more info, to see customer reviews and ratings and to purchase and download. 

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Nintaii on Sale This Weekend for 50% Off - Just $2.49!


after watching that video i have to say it does look addictive i was almost playing along with the video

I definitely don't want to get this game. I see endless hours of addicted play and frustration!! Haha, what a cool game!

stuck on the second board, hmm where did i go wrong. this is the perfect game for long fights, waiting around or just wasting time.

help needed on second board.

I purchased this for my Pearl and was sooo happy that it is compatible w/my Tour. I love this App. Definitely worth the $2.50.

you gotta quit posting addicting games like this and flood... i buy them and get absolutely nothing done at work :)

This looks like a cool game. Now, do I buy it for my Storm or for my iPod Touch? The game for the Touch is .99 while on sale for the Storm it's 2.49. But, I always have my Storm with me and don't always have my Touch with me. But, I usually don't play many games on my Storm and I do on my Touch. Decisions, decisions...

Had it for quite a while now, and it is a very good game. However, i think it gets easy after a while. Would be nice it if there were some more levels.

Great game but they have yet to update the software so you can scroll using the storm... If anyone knows how please let me know!

I bought this months ago for my Bold and I love it. Great game for winding down before bed - or killing time in a doctor's office, or avoiding actual work, etc.

Girlfriend and I are hooked on this game.. just started a few hours ago and on level 64.. I guess theres only 100 levels :-\ fun game though, im starting to see the blocks in my head during the day though.

Run this special again pls.... I missed it, currently working in remote area and satellite connection went down for weekend