Nintaii: First Game to Use the Storm's Accelerometer!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2008 04:18 pm EST

I'm not actually certain if this is the first game available that takes advantage of the accelerometer in the BlackBerry Storm, but it's the first I've seen at least...

Since we announced Nintaii on the CrackBerry blogs for trackball devices, it's been a favorite of the CrackBerry community. Heck, it even won best game in the BlackBerry Partners Fund's Developer Challenge. And now Nintaii is available for the Storm!! Check out the video above and then go buy it!

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Nintaii: First Game to Use the Storm's Accelerometer!


Depending how you paid and if you've ordered before, it's possible your order got caught up in the fraud detection system - requires a human to check the order before it's released (annoying, but worth having!).

Be sure to check your spam/trash filter just in case it accidentally ended up in there.

Also - in the meantime, you can still download the free trial of app so you can at least play with it while you're waiting.

Thx for the patience!

Hey I downloaded the one for all other blackberries but I did it from my device once I saw your post (I guess the Crackberry Store isn't detecting devices).

Is there any way I can have a transfer of order to the new one or would I have to spend the money again?

Thx mobigloo!

Re: If your browser identification/emulator is set to BlackBerry, then the device selection works (it'll only show apps for your device model). But if you set it to Firefox or IE, you're going to see all the apps available so have to pay attention to version numbers.

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the fast reply. It's always set to Blackberry but I searched for it from the store and all it said was Nintaii.

I have e-mailed mobigloo and will see how it goes.

Do you know of any more games that work with the storm without the keyboard or at all? I believe that would be a great post for the blog.

Again, thanks for the fast reply.

I also ordered and did not receive the game. However, I also didn't receive the receipt email. If for some reason my order did trip the fraud protection, shouldn't I have still received the initial email at least?

Just got the email. Took a while longer than the order page said, I guess there's a lot of orders coming in or something.

i really hate waiting, i guess im just too excited to try the storm version (been playing the emulated version)

i really hate waiting, i guess im just too excited to try the storm version (been playing the emulated version)

I have this on my Curve. Would be nice if I did not have to pay for it again.

At any rate I have the Curve version installed on my Storm. It works but it does not use the full screen.

First, be sure that you have the Storm version. In the about screen, should say:

- 1.6.0 for the Demo or
- 1.6.1 for the Full version.

Start a new game and then click on the main screen. A menu will appear. Select "Accelerometer Off" in the menu to turn it on.

-Mobigloo Support Team

Kevin, I am also unable to get the storm version from the crackberry app page.

I have my browser set correctly, and it still gave me the generic game.. :(

Bought the game yesterday and received an email within minutes to dl the full version. I had this game on my iPhone and loved it and I couldn't wait until it was released for the Storm. The accelerometer works quite well I might add. I love these type of puzzle games. I would highly recommend this game to anyone that loves problem solving.

I couldn't either.......until I clicked the screen by accident, and a menu popped up....and the last item on the menu was to turn on or off the accelerometer. It works! :)