Slice and dice your way to victory with Ninja Fruit Bash for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jul 2011 10:32 am EDT

Ninja Fruit Bash BlackBerry

Want the perfect way to relieve stress on your BlackBerry (short of throwing it against the wall)? Check out Ninja Fruit Bash for BlackBerry. Yes, it looks just like that other fruit slicing game, and it plays pretty much the same way. Loads of fruit is tossed in your direction and you'll need to slice it up - that's it. The gameplay is simple and pretty smooth, however on a trackpad device it's not the easiest thing to do as you have to move the crosshairs around then click to slice. The play on the Torch is obviously much better and way easier, but it's still fun on all devices regardless. Slice the fruit, avoid the bombs, score points ... done and done. Check out more in the CrackBerry App Store.

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Slice and dice your way to victory with Ninja Fruit Bash for BlackBerry


Why is this free as an Apple App for an iPhone but it costs $2.99 for any BB? Is there something I'm missing?

it's 99c for the full version for iPhones. I don't think this is even made by the same developer as fruit ninja tho

can't even imagine how UNintuitive that would be to play w a trackpad! should be fun on a torch tho.. despite the crappy graphics.. 9900 WHERE R U

Fruit Ninja is for phones with big, high res touch screens and fast processors - everything we don't have on our BlackBerrys...

I'm personally growing very weary of watching BB devolve into a second-rate device in terms of its media capabilities, but I'm still pulling for RIM. I guess it's nostalgia. It's painful to read about poorman's versions of games that are sold on the basis of being "just like" the wildly popular originals (anyone remember Angry Farm?). And yes, I know this game isn't produced by RIM, but all these issues from a consumer perspective become intertwined. People just think, "BlackBerry? You can't do shit on them except email and use cheap-ass Chinese knock-off programs!" This is a direct quote from one of my students!

Its sad to watch how far blackberry has fallen behind. Really?? Ninja Fruit Bash?? Whomever made this deserves to be sued. If you cant make up your own concept, don't blatently steal someone elses......

When I started selling mobile, Blackberry was it. People came in asking for it. Now, if one person a week comes in looking for a Blackberry it's surprising.