Nimbuzz - Update Adds Multilingual Support; Fixes Connection Issues

Nimbuzz - Update Adds Multilingual Support; Fixes Connection Issues
By Bla1ze on 23 Apr 2010 06:50 pm EDT

Another Nimbuzz update has been rolled out. This one is pretty simple when it comes to the change log involved. In the past users had some issues with connectivity when using OS 5.0 and it's many variations, the update serves to correct that. Aside from those issues, the application itself has been sped up a bit. Logging into the services is now faster then ever.

Finally, more users can now enjoy Nimbuzz as support for additional languages has been added (Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, German, Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish) specifically. 

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Nimbuzz - Update Adds Multilingual Support; Fixes Connection Issues


because I've been using the previous version successfully while communicating in Arabic. What I did notice in this update is much quicker and better performance. Especially scrolling through contacts is smooth on my Storm2 now. In addition it seems that battery drain has been reduced a bit.

This is a great update the multilenguage, but the connection issues still not working, the Facebook Connection dosent work. I've tested on my Bold 9000

Is it strange that when I try to download the update it says I would be replacing version 1.5 with version 1.1.2?

My Yahoo contacts got up to 360, but Nimbuzz can only display 266. I have posted a question in their support forum but seem no one interested in it.

It seems they still haven't made it to give us BlackBerry users the ability to call our Nimbuzz/Skype contacts with this app. It is still akward that iPhone users can call Nimbuzz contacts over WiFi and that we BlackBerry users aren't able to do so..

That's a reason not using this app. I will stuck on The Facebook app and Google Talk app

I still have an issue with my contact list not updating! I already sent them a message.. I just got a replys asking if it was still happening.. nothing since 3 week!!

To me, VoIP calling over WiFi seems like a dream. If it was possible, we should have gotten this feature since long time ago. Look at the recently launched Skype mobile client for BlackBerry, even this has to go through Verizon. There must be some limitations in a BlackBerry phone.

Or maybe I am wrong and not being patience enough :-D

Every time I try to go to their site i get HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error.
Anyone else having this problem?

Hi Guys,

Tobias from Nimbuzz here. Thanks for all you comments. Wanted to address a few of them right now.

Regarding the VoIP calling solution, we are still waiting for an official API from RIM themselves, otherwise we won't be able to supply the solution. But rest assured, we are already exploring options :)

We are also looking into the Yahoo contacts issue. Our Support team is on it already. They are trying to solve everyone's issue so please understand if they can't always respond within 24 hours. Detailed accounts of what is happening to you and on which device always help.

Feel free to engage with us at We are always happy to help.