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Night Ports is a beautifully simple BlackBerry 10 app with a great purpose

Such a simple idea yet, so great!

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2013 03:36 am EDT

You ever fumble around in the night looking for the ports on your BlackBerry? I know I can't be the only one who has done it. It's OK to admit it. Well, you'll no longer need to worry about it if you download a new app called Night Ports from File Archive Haven

Night Ports is a beautifully simple native BlackBerry 10 app with a great purpose - show you where your ports are in the dark. Genius! Aside from showing you where your ports are, it will also display your battery life percentage, the time as well as the date. Best part, it's available as a free download from BlackBerry World.

Download Night Ports from BlackBerry World



Yay, I needed it yesterday!


Smart idea! I'll decide get this for those times when turning on the light is not an option.

Posted via CB10


I always hit the sack and forget to plug my phone in. Great app


I clicked in the link and it said that it was not available for my device... and I have a z10

Posted via CB10


Me too. Verizon has the best service even thought they are slow with the updates.


Yep. Doesn't seem to work on the VZW OS. Come on VZW give us an update!!


smh...once again verizon customers are out of luck


Yep, just realized this when I opened up BlackBerry World. Hopefully that update comes soon

Posted via CB10


Great idea

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

Goliath Gt

Hahahah Verizon a joke

Posted via CB10


Wow! Makes so much sense simple? and practical.

Posted via CB10


I was having this problem last night when it turned off the lights and I struggled to connect the charger.

Posted via CB10


Oh yes, it is mine...

Posted via CB10


Oh yes, it is mine.

Posted via CB10


Really cool. Kudos to the dev ^5.


Awesome. Downloaded it and it works like a charm when trying to find that charger port in the dark. Even shows battery percentage. Doesn't even ask for permissions.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10


I downloaded this just now with my phone still connected to the charger, it's been charging all night and according to this app my charge is at 99%. Must be a bug? My phone says 100% charged in the settings

Posted via CB10


Likely a bug. Close and re-open the app?


I downloaded this app with my phone still plugged into the charger, and my phone has been plugged in all night. The app is showing I'm 99% charged where my phone says I'm 100% charged in the settings. Must be a bug?

Posted via CB10


Very useful and elegant application. Thanks for sharing.

Posted via CB10


Verizon customers a joke? Actually any other US carrier is a joke..

Posted via CB10


Now if they can just make it also show me where I can find the closest wall socket as well.


2 ii and a flashlight app should do that for you... ;)

The developer could add a Camera Flash on/off in the Center Spot of the screen --so that one could point it at the wall to get the other end of the charger plug in...(as it is, one just needs to load a Flashlight App as well)


Thanks for the tip! This will be put to good use!

Posted via CB10

Talk about coincidence... I was thinking about something like this two nights ago when trying to plug in my Z in the dark (without awakening the wife).


Thanks for the support guys. I thought I set 10.0 in AppWorld, ill send an update today to let Verizon folks get the app!

There is the background for those interested.

Posted via CB10


Thanks! I'm on Verizon and I NEED this in my life!

Posted via CB10


verizon!!! thts a love/hate relationship right there!!!


Yes. This.

Posted via CB10


Hey great job hubby+friend!!! Can't believe this went so well for you guys!! Keep the great ideas coming


nice one! meanwhile does it need to be open in active frame to have it running?

Jimmy Fong1

Got! Very useful. Keeps me from searching to plug in my charger.

Posted via CB10


Hahaha! What's up blaze? Thanks for the awesome review! Looks sick on your red Z10. And I thought I'd be only one to find this thing useful. Amazing Dev KermEd!!! FileArchiveHaven!!!!

Posted via CB10


Hahaha! What's up Blaze? Thanks for the review. Night Ports looks sick on your red Z10. And I thought I'd be the only one ever using this! Amazing Dev KermEd! FileArchiveHaven!

Posted via CB10


Ahaha I was confused at first because I was thinking ports as in android ports. I got it once I seen the pictures. I'm just slow this morning :)

Posted via CB10


Good find. I always hated scratching up the area next to the port by not exactly knowing where it was. My 9900 had battle scars and I wanted to keep the Z10 in a healthy condition.

Posted via CB10


I'm guessing this is not a headless app (Verizon customer) some of these apps would be great as part of the OS (this, Bebuzz, 360 panorama...etc)

Posted via CB10


I can never find the hole at night, and when I do its usually the wrong one......... ;)

Posted via CB10


Aint that always the way, Wrong hole = no fun. lmAo


Great idea for an app. Too bad it says "not available for this device" for my Verizon Wireless Z10.


On my z10 it does not do anything. When pressing on any icon nothing happens

Posted via CB10


So simple yet so brilliant. Fantastic app and idea!

Posted via CB10


Interesting idea, now if only VZW would get with the program I would be able to use it!


Wow. Exactly what I needed!

Mr Gill

This is genius, I always just stab aimlessly at my phone at night when I am looking for the ports

Rayed Siddiqui

Needed it last night in bed trying to plug the charger in.. was scared sh*tless to scratch my baby

Posted via CB10


It sounds like a good app but not for Verizon users yet?? That's a shame but I will keep checking back to see if it available. I need it for sure.

Posted via CB10


Practical, thanks.

Sent from my loooong waited for BlackBerry Z10

Tom Kaminski

Useful app, but some of the arrows aren't perfectly aligned with the ports!  Developer needs to do some minor adjustments.


Minor adjustments coming soon!

Posted via CB10


KermEd, kudos for the amazing app and quick fix for Verizon users!

Posted via CB10



So Verizon Users - I might need more information from you.

Appworld lists it as 10.0.0 +, All Carriers, All Countries.

I am using SDK 10.1 --- maybe thats the cause.... not sure. I might need someone from Verizon to email me at the support link with a photo of the error!


KermEd! Wonderful app and just what I needed! So much easier to know I'm putting the charger in the right port! You are AwesomeSauce!! Thank you so much.


Finally available for VZW ... can't wait to try it out tonight. Thank you

Posted via CB10


A suggestion for All-In-One App here:

The developer could add a Camera Flash on/off in the Center Spot of the screen --so that one could point it at the wall to get the other end of the charger plug in...(as it is, one just needs to load a Flashlight App as well)


Flashlight is in the works ! ! ! Thx

Posted via CB10


Thanks...that would also make it easier to check the contact to make sure one wasn't jamming it in upside down into the port...


Wow! I remember seeing the forum post from the person who had the initial idea asking for someone to develop it for them. Awesome to see it worked out!


Lol thanks! Amazing story

Posted via CB10


Absolutely GENIUS!!! That'll help when I get the Q10. I'll likely need to make my own charging dock of course, so I don't rip out the Usb port. :P

Foam or mould with a space to insert the USB plug can do well. :)