Nigerians are giving up on Android, want their BlackBerry back

By Bla1ze on 5 Aug 2014 10:39 pm EDT

Earlier this month, we mentioned how one investment firm in New York City was looking to get their BlackBerry devices back after running other platforms brought about privacy concerns but it appears as though they're not the only ones looking to make such moves.

A new report from the Nigerian Tribune shares some insight into how Nigerians are giving up on Android and heading back to BlackBerry after having initially adopted Android devices due big displays, available apps and low hardware pricing, tossing aside the fact the devices cost more due to their data consumption and carrier pricing on data plans.

Speaking with Digital Savvy on the matter, a smartphone dealer, David 'Professor' Apple, said that many Android phone users were switching back to BlackBerry devices because of high data subscription costs on Android. "This is the reason many Android users are going back to BlackBerry. The cost of subscription is relatively high. Most Blackberry subscriptions cost N1,000 on most networks and the data that comes with it can conveniently last up to a month. But for Android, the charges are far higher and the data for one month does not last," he said.

Apple is not alone in his view. Quite a number of Android users have been up in arms, saying that the data subscription for their smartphones is insufficient for their activities online. Many complain that the Android subscription at N1000 hardly lasts up to a week. Some say they even use it up in one day!

The gap between the data available for Android subscription compared to BlackBerry at the same cost is wide. Presently among all the networks, N1,000 subscription valid for one month barely attracts up to 400MB even with all the bonus data some networks offer.

For N1,000, Glo provides 350MB, while MTN has the lowest among networks with its 260MB. Compare this to BlackBerry subscriptions which average 1GB on most networks. Airtel offers up to 2GB, while Glo offers 3GB for N1000 monthly. Again, MTN offers the least at 350MB for N1,000. Yet it still is more than what it offers for Android at the same cost.

For those of us with carrier plans that are equal across the board and WiFi readily available, it doesn't mean a lot, but in places where the plans are still differentiated by which device you're using it's a pretty big issue. As the Tribune notes, many Nigerians are making use of BBM accounts for adverts and publicity, so if they can get more data for less then the choice of using a BlackBerry is a fairly simple one to make.

As for the other benefits of BlackBerry 10, it seems Nigerians are well ahead in recognizing those as well compared to North America and they already know that BlackBerry 10 is NOT like BlackBerry OS of earlier days and are returning their Android devices for BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

This time around, the BlackBerry 10 series which users have observed not to 'hang' or have battery issues, appears to be their preferred choice for most of them. According to one of the 'returnees', who simply identified himself as Kunle, "I moved from BlackBerry to Android; now I just got a Z10."

No doubt some people will say 'So what, it's Nigeria' but it's that kind of love BlackBerry has to have on their side and when they find out the experience on BlackBerry 10 meets their needs exceptionally well and for now at least, costs them less, it'll be hard to remove that. On top of that, Nigeria is one of the most developed countries in Africa with an economy worth approximately $510B and growing, it's one of the top ten most populated countries in the world and with over 100 million cell phone users, they have the ability to affect change. We don't even have to mention the fact that BlackBerry 10 can run a lot of the Android apps that attracted them in the first place, right?

h/t: Thanks, Bigglybobblyboo!

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Nigerians are giving up on Android, want their BlackBerry back



All well and good except BB still has about 1% of the smart phone market ... where to go from here?

Here's where. BlackBerry isn't trying to capture large market share chunks. Try and put aside consumer thinking for a few and focus on what their actions since Chen took over are communicating; device design to fit their renewed focus on enterprise sectors. If they can pick up consumer market share along the way, they'll take it.

This article is touting one small market. BlackBerry will gladly take any good consumer news that comes along, but the proof of their focus lies in what actions this mgmt team has taken.


"One Small Market" is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and the seventh largest populated country in the world. Not small in my book, or have I missed your point?

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Sadly Blackberry's popularity has gone considerably down in Africa due to the lack of bis in the new phones. Androids hegemony is spreading across Africa like wildfire. I should know I'm from there

Posted via CB10

I'm from SA too my fellow #Khosi4Life and yes people are still mopping over BIS, reason? They don't know much about #BB10 and the way it works, and yes they have adopted Android but now are wanting to also change back to BlackBerry because of high data costs on the Android platform, at our office about 60% are Android users, 10% iPhone users, 25% BBOS and a mere 5% BB10. Yet they are always WOWED whenever I pull out my QTEN and show them the flow of the OS. BlackBerry lacked the marketing of these devices here in South Africa, big time!

Posted via a sexy QTEN

"One small market"? Are you kidding me? This article is true but incomplete. I'm a Nigerian and I stay in Nigeria too. Most people I have convinced to buy a BB10 phone saw their very first BB10 phone with me, and after I had shown them the features (android app availability helps much here) of the phone, they are already drooling. Data charges helps but it isn't the reason for the change. Had that been the case, no one would have moved to Android from BBOS in the first place. The Bb10 community in Nigeria is growing rapidly, at least, since January 2014 (prices of most, if not all, BB10 devices came down obv). Pricing helps too. The Z3 hasn't made its way into the market as far as I know. Most shops are still taking pre orders. There are many tweaks concerning data charges in Nigeria, so I can assure you that it isn't the reason for change.

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Good points. And you've also got the Blackberry Babes, haha. The brand has a lot of currency in Nigeria I think, and yes its a big market.

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That's quite an interesting insight into why the change is driven by data consumption. BBOS devices grew in Cameroon because of a hack into the MTN network which allowed BlackBerry users to have unlimited access to data through BIS subscription. I know people who had such unlimited data for 2 years unending. It did last long until MTN decided to change subscription methods. It all falls back to the high costs of data subscription and the nature of the economy. Most people switched back to Android and other unknown platforms. BB10 devices on the other hand don't require BIS for subscription and they are gradually creeping in. Although growth is slow, but it's sure.

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I agree with ForrestB, it is not about a popularity contest, it is about quality of the product and maintaining the markets that you have. In time I believe that the consumers will return to BBRY after a few more government leaks and phone taps. But until then the Enterprise and SMB's(myself) will lead the charge. I mean businesses define the trends anyway (at least in the US)

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

There are two ways to look at 'popularity' and 'success' for BB.
1) as a BB stock holder
2) as a crackberry BB fan
They are divergent.

The 'governments' are not the biggest users of BB. Corporates are.
And, many corps. have decided BYOD is better for their staff despite potential security problems.

The BlackBerry 10 phones are the only phones certified for DOD. Most government agencies use BlackBerry. So I would say government and corporate are BlackBerry's biggest users. Oh, and people like me :). Ask Germany what phones their government uses. And with the acquisition of secure smart, I think you will see that get even bigger. Maybe 1% today, but the tides are changing.

Rocking a Z30 on Verizon

If 1-2% of the market is where we are ...
governmental phone sales worldwide appear to be no big deal.

"Tides are changing"?
Maybe if new 'governments' are growing up and will be released soon :)
I would not put a bet on it.

Exactly right. This is great news. Not what best in the world mind you, but good nonetheless. I'll take it. Could be the start of a turn.

Posted via CB App from my Galaxy S4 Mini with an LED CrackLight ;-)

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2006 BlackBerry ruled the market and had less than 8 million active subscribers. In 2012 the iPhone ruled the market and yet BlackBerry had over 70 million active subscriptions. Please understand market share does not tell you how much a company has grown but how much of a perceived market share it has. The iPhone actually increased sales for BlackBerry. BlackBerry was still over 70 million subscribers this time a year ago. If they can reverse the trend of negativity towards the company and begin to build their brand again anything is possible.

These people make intelligent choices. They don't have credit like you have, so it's not a matter of percentage - who does the survey anyway! Go Nigeria go!

So it's not really because of the phone but more about data charges. Well I guess it's good news either way

Posted Via This Thing They Call The BlackBerry Z30

Well, an advantage is an advantage and getting the devices into the hands of people is one start. I firmly believe if more people actually tried and knew of BlackBerry 10 (and the differences from BBOS) there would be a lot more people willing to actually purchase a BlackBerry 10 device. Sadly, many people still relate BB10 to BBOS and think nothing has changed, and BlackBerry marketing or lack of has done nothing to help that. But beating that horse will do us no good. If carrier plans are what drives them there, then so be it.

I am with Bla1ze. I am happy that they are having comments sense. Which is a leap farther than I can say for my fellow Americans. It just a better option. Done.

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!

Whose fault is that? Blame Blackberry for having the same "the product will sell itself" mentality it had 10-15 years ago. Os 10 is awesome, because of Blackberry, no one knows it.

Blackberry always.....

People not recognizing change from BBOS to BB10 actually works to their benefit here. BB10 uses just as much data as Android or iOS, only BBOS has compression to help with data charges.

Sounds like they still are eligible for cheaper "BlackBerry" data plan... but I'm sure it won't be too long before the carriers realize what's happening.

Posted via CB10

Reread the article then. That's exactly what the article is saying about how data plans are priced there..... by device

Posted via CB10

On the surface it seems that way, but on our corporate system, no BES, the android and Apple devices use considerably more data each month. Now we are all BB10 devices except one iphone5 holdout and she uses more data each month bar none against 42 approx BB10 devices. Why I am not sure but the proof is in the pudding. And it's not usage habits.

Posted via CB10

I can tell you that even though bb10 uses as much data as androids the carrier networks still find a way to make blackberry 10 data subscription a little cheaper. I live in Nigeria and I know this for a fact.

It is also true that androids and iPhone users have invented other means to make data cheaper. Although this is not official yet you see a lot of people if not most using this other means so the argument about moving back to BlackBerry because of cheaper costs of data is debatable.

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But this keeps BBOS around longer. Not sure that's a good thing for BB10 going forward, especially in markets where BB is struggling.

Also very unfortunately under CEO TH the awareness and educative programs were lacking and they totally failed in their pricing policy. At the cost of sacrificing some margins they should have trained the sales executives at various channels given them a better incentive to sell BB10. They would have done a far better job. BB Z10 was launched at $600 WTF and today its at $200. We saw recent price cuts of Q5 in India and they are selling well though being a year old. Thankfully slowly and gradually people are knowing the power of BB10 OS also a fantastic move by Mr. Chen and his team to say in Z3 that Android App compatible! That was a blast!!!

That's not the case. BlackBerry 10 is an inferior of in many aspects except for security. Exclude security out of the discussion, it's even inferior to ios6 not 7 or 8. Hardware is the same issue (the passport is a niche, but a niche that is not good enough in a world obsessed with huge displays).

I'm from an African country. BlackBerry used to be popular back in the day (about 5 years back), but now it's nothing more than a dinosaur next to next gen os's. The ui is outdated and from what I've seen from leaks and photos of 10.3, the rigid ui is not going anywhere. I myself a decade long BlackBerry user am jumping ship to android.

Posted via CB10

You are 100% correct. Many people ask me why I still stick with BlackBerry... until they see my all-touch Z10, check out the BB10 OS and all its features and find out that it runs both BlackBerry and Android apps/games they see it does as much, if not more, than the competition, with security to boot...and that BlackBerry is NOT dead!

 Proud BB10 user. The best kept secret in mobile 

This isn't particularly good news... these people are obviously going back to BlckBerry OS, not BB10. The only reason why they think that data is not enough is because they are coming from BIS, which is longer lasting... if they went to a BB10 phone, they'll have the exact same data complaint.

We don't need more people on BBOS... we need more to switch to BB10.

Hmmm...could have sworn the article stated that the Nigerian carriers provide more data on their BlackBerry plans...while an Android plan may offer 350MB of data for x, a BlackBerry plan from that same carrier may provide 3GB of data for x. Also, Kunle who was quoted in the article, indicated he was using a BlackBerry Z10 device.

Posted via CB10

Re read the article. BlackBerry phones in Nigeria are given more data...including bb10 devices. Gigabytes of data vs 350 MB

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thats not an answer lol ...

theres gotta be a reason that they give more data for the same price to blackberry users.. maybe bb is supplementing these plans? with... all the money they have just sitting around...?

Did you even read the article?

"As for the other benefits of BlackBerry 10, it seems Nigerians are well ahead in recognizing those as well compared to North America and they already know that BlackBerry 10 is NOT like BlackBerry OS of earlier days and are returning their Android devices for BlackBerry 10 smartphones."

I read the article... I am almost positive that this got edited since last night when I posted my comment. And if not, I guess I missed it.

So sue me! I am entitled to a little skepticism.

Posted via CB10

So if data consumption is higher with BB10 (obviously,) and the Nigerian carriers know this (obviously,) why are they giving more data to BB10 as well? Also, do you guys pay extra for BIS plans?

BB10 doesn't consume data the way android devices do. Some of my friends here in Nigeria use apps like Instagram once in a while cos it "chops data". Once they realized they could run android apps smoothly on bb10 they started switching

Posted via CB10

According to Bla1ze: "BBM, Attachments, Map data and more are still compressed through the NOC. A lot of the core OS still utilizes compression across the board...Is it as efficient or as widely used on data as BBOS was? Nope. But it's not entirely gone either."

Now BBM compression is probably not BB10-specific (easiest way to prove this would be the file size on images you send on any platform's BBM,) but the other things sound pretty BB10-specific.

Let me ask you this then: are Nigerian carriers primarily GSM? If they are, and say you buy a BB with a cheaper BB data plan, what happens when you swap your SIM into a non-BB?

Hmm...that's weird. In my experience, BBOS specifically requires BIS, but everything else--including BB10--runs off of generic data or BIS. I wonder how your carriers are implementing this.

I don't really get what you mean ba for all I know is that there are no networks like virgin mobile Verizon and stuff in Nigeria.... (they won't even last a week) most African countries uses a pay as you go service...and it's your networks responsibility to give u the best of date...according to how your phone is...Android phones are like Google spys... they always update...and does a lot of things at the same that's Y people switching to BlackBerry...cause they give what you want...
Hope I helped

Posted via CB10

Thank you. I was wondering, say you own two phones: one BB and one Android. You sign up for service with a carrier and tell them "give me a BB data plan because I have a BB." Then, if you try to switch and put your SIM card in the Android, will they automatically charge you more, i.e. whatever the non-BB data plans cost?

I wouldn't be surprised if Android phones use far more data with Google Services constantly updating apps in the background and whatever other reporting to the mothership phones with Google services do. This is just an assumption however.

And that's a feature with Android and Google integration I deeply hate. Those automated updates every single time the phone comes on is a bore. I like being in control of my devices irrespective of data consumption. #PowerToBlackBerry

Posted via CB10 on Z10STL100-3/

@djrikko. Say what you know. The fact is that in Nigeria, The returnees are moving to BlackBerry 10. Z10 and q10. There are a lot of bbos users though. But their phones work, so why should they toss them away.

Agreed! I have a Curve and a Z10. I love them both. I will not toss my Curve even though I don't use it often.

Posted with my Awesome Z10 via CB10

Nicely said, I respect your post... the fact still remains that Blackberry is slowly regaining it's market in Nigeria! GBAM!!!

Posted via CB10

It's not just about data. BlackBerry didn't really spread the word about bb10 here. So its been left to word of mouth
But data is a major factor. Eg I buy 3 gig for 1000, and I offer to use my phone as a hot-spot for my android friends-for a fee. They pay up and shut up. Lol.

Are you Nigerian? If so, can you answer this question: why is BB10 also getting higher data limits? It's not as efficient as BBOS...

I am Nigerian and I keep asking myself that question. My guess is that the networks can actually afford to give us more data for money on Android devices, just as they are doing on BB10 devices. Just about a week ago, a Nigerian network launched new Android-specific plans that actually give as much data as they would on BB10. I think they are all just milking the situation.

Not at all its not! In fact, the data provided is very okay for a BB10 user here... at least as compared to any android out there!

Posted via CB10

Hehehehehehe , I also offer to share my hotspot with my friends using Android, they now use BB10 (Z10). Looking forward to SW Update

Posted via CB10

Is that not a form of y-yo lol, I would be doing the same thing too loll

Posted by Phobe's Owner on the BlackBerry Q10

its not really all abt the data the younger nigerians love blackberry it just what they love the by more of Z10, Q10, and Q5. most of them i asked they say the prefer blackberry simplicity.

I believe anyone that tries a bb10 device will prefer BlackBerry simplicity!!! It's so natural to use that it's not even funny!!!

Posted with my Awesome Z10 via CB10

Don't know about this. I gave my old Z10 to my cousins husband for a few weeks and when he gave it back to me he said it wasn't for him, it was to complicated to use. I don't really know what was to complicated, but as he is still using a very old nokia-fake-blackberry I guess it must have been the virtual keyboard which he couldn't get used to.

Posted via CB10

It doesn't make sense when they're referring to the popularity of legacy BIS units on those cheap plans.

BlackBerry 10 shouldn't enter into the discussion with its uncompressed data.

You are aware there are still portions of the OS that are compressed right? BIS as it was known may be dead but to say the compression is gone entirely is not accurate at all.

Plus, the customer may try BB10 (ill-informed or not) and realize they like it. That is a win for BlackBerry either way.

Posted via CB10

BBM, Attachments, Map data and more are still compressed through the NOC. A lot of the core OS still utilizes compression across the board.

It's also the reason why your device still needs to be attached to the BlackBerry network in order to move data. (Try getting your device to do something without the 'BB bee's' in the corner of your signal, you can't.)

Is it as efficient or as widely used on data as BBOS was? Nope. But it's not entirely gone either.

Thanks Bla1ze. It's reasonable to assume BBM is. Didn't know about the others. That would make a great educational piece.

Not to mention emails that contain images are blocked till the user decides to accept the external file images download.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I think that alone can save a lot of data. Images are the largest data portions in any article and by default they are not pulled down unless you request them= brilliant!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Yeah I had no idea about that either. Then again I'm using my first BlackBerry phones so wasn't used to bis anyway. So if I understand this correctly, I would use more data with an Android for some of the same things I do with my BlackBerry. If that's the case, good to know.

Posted via CB10

That's correct. Many aspects of how the device operates still runs through NOC. Essentially saving the user, perhaps it's another reason why US carriers aren't happy about pushing BlackBerry Devices as they lose more income.

Posted via CB10

My wife used to consume around 20-50MB per month with her Bold 9900, last month she used 1.3GB with her Q10 and she is always on Wi-Fi at home. There are rarely any updates these days for BlackBerry world apps and they are relying on shady Amazon apps going forward which will consume even more data. BB10 is always running your apps in the background which is using data and draining battery so carriers should still be happy about.

Yes I know, that was the beauty of BBOS. It was a big reason why many stayed with it. Hopefully we see BlackBerry implementing more compression across the board for BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

Please check the network utilization under Device Monitor->App Monitor for BBM, I had similar issue and I isolated it down to BBM - to stop the "bleed" I had to remove subscription to all my subscribed channels.

Also, there is setting under Blackberry World which will prevent it from downloading updates while you are running on your carriers network.

You probably already know about this, but just in case.

+1 yes! Some testing could be done. For example BBOS vs Iphone vs android(samsung sgs4/5) vs BB10 mixed data usage.

This would be very valuable to the crackberry community.

Differentiate or Die

Bla1ze, do you think you can do a feature piece on this topic? Would like to read an expanded version of this comment post and learn about the compression within the OS.

I agree. It would make a good article. Even hearing this new news, my Z10 is a data eating monster compared to my old berry!!!

Posted via CB10

This makes complete sense considering it wasn't until close to launch that the BIS requirement was pulled. I'm assuming that was to gain carrier support for the launch.

A lot of the development was probably geared towards needing BIS to function.

This is entirely speculation, but it seems logical to me.

Posted via CB10

Wow, that makes a lot of sense. I have been wondering about why there was the need for the BlackBerry signal on the phone. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Posted via CB10

I think 10.3 has even better data compression over 10.2. I used for go over my data allowance for the month but since moving to 10.3.296 I have no no further issues.

Posted via CB10

^ Sorry but the data compression is NOT in the BB10 OS; not how you're leading on.

BBM uses RIM's NOC still ... that traffic (including BBM Channels) is encrypted.
BB ID signup as well.
BBWorld I'm unsure but doubtful.

The BB10 QNX core manages data very efficiently and probably the best at prioritizing which app or core system requires data at a given priority or request.

Data use for Apps or Browser is NOT compressed. However the data agreements by these Nigerian providers more than likely use a segregated APN/GGSN in the background which does not cost as much as what the plans that Android/iOS is currently using. Again I'm NOT confusing this with BIS.

Only BES if routed through the NOC completely (and not the initial wireless activation call for AES) uses data encryption (or requests if the MDS is setup or other BES like services to link behind corporate firewalls.I cannot describe it in full, but I can assure you BB10 does not encrypt data when used by consumers unless what I've mentioned above.

I'd like to see your rebuttal with specifics ... I don't mind being wrong at any given time, we all can learn ;)

Uh, Supa_Fly. You didn't say much of anything different than I did lol. I never even mentioned apps outside of BBM, attachments and some mapping data, you somehow managed to take it into some APN's / GGSN's and BES and even encryption. Down the rabbit hole lol.

My whole point was to say compression across the OS is still there in some ways and not entirely gone, which is the same as what you've said. It's not nearly in use as much as it was on BBOS but it's not entirely gone either.

I had missed your in depth reply during my post, during posting I paused to sort some goles then came back to complete my post. Fml

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

This is great. I wonder if there's any hard evidence of BlackBerry 10 being more data friendly. We could all use that as a way to coerce people into buying BlackBerry 10s.

Differentiate or Die

I had no idea this was the case. I'm even certain that majority of people didn't know this, but it is good news nonetheless.

Would it be possible to get a write-up with more details concerning this?

Posted via CB10

I'm Nigerian. They actually have similar "Cheap" plans for the BB10 devices. Just as the article described and its for real, my immediate family members except my mom are all using BB10 devices for this reason.

Posted via CB10

I'd be interested in their take on the devices. Aside from the data consumption, how are they enjoying the BB10 phones?

My family members and friends are happy. They are definitely all happy campers with the Z30. The Z10s in Nigeria were a mixed bag, no issues with BB10 but for some reason the STL100-1s on sale seemed to be prone to different hardware issues compared to my STL100-3. Oh and the Z10 battery life sucks for Nigeria because the network quality just wrecks havoc on battery life. Those folks I know using the Q10(I personally know 3 people) haven't really complained about anything to me, so I take that to mean they're satisfied with the user experience.

Posted via CB10

@unigunz, is #BB10 really catching up in Nigeria as the Nigerian Tribune says it is?

It is amazing that folks in Nigeria are using #Z30 while very few in Europe and North America actually know about it :)

Thanks for sharing insights.

That's because our carriers suck at supporting BlackBerry. Z30 is only available through the 'big 3' carriers in Canada and online through online orders, not in store. I say "is" but I'm not entirely sure if that is still actually true. If it isn't, then I highly doubt that it has become any "more" available than it was at launch.
I rock a Z30 and I think it's the best phone out there all-around. But it wasn't nearly as easy to get as it should have been. We need better carrier support for BlackBerry to really get back to where it was here in the consumer market. Advertising helps but what difference does it make if people want the product but they are unable to find it?

Posted via CB10

At Rogers they don't stock it because they want to push through all the z10 units they ordered initially, but didn't sell. Every time we want another corporate z30 or Q10 we have to wait, but the z10 is in the cabinet. Until they rid the z10 from inventory, it will be a sad story for BlackBerry through Rogers.

Posted via CB10

Blaze thank you for that report. This is great news for BlackBerry. There is no mention of the amount of people switching back to BlackBerry from android. Would like to see the numbers to support the article.

Posted via CB10

Any new user is a good thing, that's how BlackBerry will come back. One device at a time.

BlackBerry is a better experience.

Exactly Slff. One phone at a time. One positive BlackBerry related article at a time.

Btw, the original post by Bigglybobblyboo is pretty well written. :)

Posted via CB10

No one cares what Nigerians are doing but the folks at Crackberry. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for good news.

Btw bring back Kevin as EIC please, thanks.

Phone sales are phone sales regardless of where they are bought or who buys them. It's money for BlackBerry to keep making devices we love.

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً

One should probably start caring. Largest economy in the largest continent and second most heavily populated continent in the world. If you're waiting for significant growth and diversification in Europe and North America don't hold your breath.

Posted via CB10

That's correct the US just allocated another investment package (not Aid) for the continent of 33 or 34 Billion Dollars, this is to stimulate economic Growth, África is going to be poised for economic boom shortly, it's going to the the "new " China. Ignorance, prejudice and plain misinformation is inexcusable in this day and age and certainly has no place in our respective societies.

Posted via CB10

I see modest growth and even robust growth in certain regions. I doubt that an economic boom will happen. The infrastructures and political stability is just not present in many places for a "boom" to occur. Africa cannot be viewed as a contiguous economy. It is disparate and specific based on geography.

The same was said of China and the former. USSR, trust me it's well on its way to boom. The continent is rich in many natural resources,it will rise.

Posted via CB10

Well looks like someone cares because it made it into the news over there

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my brand new Z30 or my great Q10 or my beautiful Z10

I'm a Nigerian. Now, how about you get off this forum because i don't care about you. Btw, i like Bla1ze as the EiC.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z30

Speak for yourself. You come off as an arrogant prick, which is truly what no one cares about. Learn something about the world, Nigeria is actually a great potential market for BlackBerry.

In 2012 nearly half of the four million smart phone users in Nigeria were using BlackBerry's, that number is supposed to rise to about 25 million by 2016 ( do the math, a BlackBerry Z3 is I think N50,000 (around $300) even if they only sold 1,000,000 phones they are still making close to $300,000,000... doesn't sound like the bottom of the barrel to me.

CrackBerry cares about BlackBerry, BlackBerry cares about Nigeria, a 177 millions people country, and one of the first market, if not the first, in Africa.

Maybe you don't care, and if that's the case, next time just read the article and stop there instead of posting your nonsense.

Posted via CB10 with my Q5SQR100-1/

Not to sound nasty, but when you post comments like that on a Crackberry, yet you own two Android devices and no Blackberry device, people will probably not care what you say. As much as I liked Kevin, I also like Bla1ze.

You must be from the land of America where people stand in long lines to get their phones every where? Wow, how smart is that!
No wonder, world power is shifting.

Gee someone send a memo to Shell and Chevron that Nigeria is "bottom of the barrel" because jd914 has spoken.

Quite a few barrels coming from that direction...

Thanks raino, for the "crude" response... ;-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

They played Argentina 2:3, which - although a loss - is a respectable result, given Germany only managed a 1:0 in the final.

Sure, different stages of the tournament require different effort and are played in a different atmosphere.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

jd914, are you 12 years old or living in the 1970s? Your comment regarding Nigeria shows your mental age, as is your disregard for Blaze.

seven BlackBerrys and counting...

What Damn moron you are!

Seriously take an hour and search TedTalks for Africans and you might be VERY surprised just how significant they are currently and soon will be in the world.

I wonder just to what extent your ignorance extends to.

Nigeria probably has a better GDP in relation to their population than the USA does.
522.64 Billion at current

USA 51.755

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

BlackBerry has a scarce presence in the North American consumer market now. So hopefully they realize that too.

A BLACK android? ... really? ugh.... >.>
Lol jk Na man BlackBerry 10 rocks!! Love my z10

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It is the largest country in Africa, so how they "vote" with their mobiles has some level of pertinent information. We'd all like to read about how France or Canada are switching [back] but at this point any signs of financial health for the company is good.

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Those markets are saturated, real growth will come from the emerging markets. Though it would be great to see North America and "Developed " countries cone to their senses, it's not entirely essential.

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Oh good grief, if you're looking for racism it wasn't there. The blue one I had was messed up. I'll change it, if it's going to be that much if an issue.

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New pic actually fits better anyway, busted arse Android.

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Sorry but you publish these days you gotta be on the lookout for anything that might be perceived the wrong way. I don't give 2 shts I'm just surprised somebody wouldn't err on the side of caution

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You're right, which is why I changed it. I didn't think anything of it, just an Android bot to me but I did see how it could be misinterpreted after you noted it. My blue one had dirt on it, so grabbed the next best one.

Bla1ze you posted a fair and objective article. Don't even bother yourself with trying to please everyone who is hyper sensitive. :)

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You are grasping at straws jd and your attacks on Bla1ze are unwarranted and unwelcome here.

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Don't mind JD, he's just mad he's banned from the forums. Somehow though, he still got comment rights, so I'll fix that.

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 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Nigeria is a huge potential market now and in the future especially, so this is good news.

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Good news is good news. Would there be those that would have it the other way around..? No. I didnt think so.

We are still here, 4 years after our oft predidcted demise and I would argue in better shape than we were 4 yrs ago. The future continues to brighten!

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Simple fact people have started using their common sense welcome back nigeria.

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Nice write up bla1ze, but I think more Nigerians are leaning towards the BB10 OS these days.

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After some years with Android i bought my first BlackBerry because Blackberrys are the only phones i know with hardwarekeyboard. Only thing i would love a little more are larger Buttons.

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Come on home Nigeria....come on home.

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This is great news. Any news like this is good news. Let's hope other countries follow suit.

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One of BlackBerry's acquisitions, Slipstream Data Inc., makes use of the network optimization/data compression that is found in BIS and BBM.

I'm not sure how much you can blame BlackBerry as opposed to the carriers that now run on faster networks and want to charge you on limited data packages and overage fees. Not in the carrie's interest too compress anymore if people are willing to get gouged especially in North America.

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Dumb article. It says people are moving from Android to BlackBerry because of high data consumption. BlackBerry did away with BIS so same problem will arise on BB10.

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I honestly think Mr. David 'Professor' Apple doesn't speak for all of the Nigerians. I'm currently working in Mexico and the minimum hourly wage is 0.87 compared to Nigeria at $1.19. Most people I come in contact with use either Android, Apple or Windows. Hardly see a Blackberry and when people see my newly purchased Q10 they ask me why i still have an outdated Blackberry. Most people use prepaid plans and fill up their phone whenever they have some spare change left over.

I couldn't find any 2014 statistics but looking at the most expensive cell phone bills in the world from 2010, Nigeria didn't even make the list.

I might be wrong but I really don't buy this story.

But It's seems like everybody else is eating the story from a Smartphone dealer on Crackberry including the staff, but when a research firm puts out numbers it isn't true.

Blackberry lost 10-13% market share from 2012 to 2013 in Nigeria. Since, Lenovo and Tecno entered the market with cheap large android phones.

I don't live in Nigeria and the news sounds great, however It would have been nice to show some actual data to back up this claim.

So I'm Nigerian and the article is pretty spot on. What I know for a fact that happens frequently is that a lot of defectors to iPhone and Android end up getting a new BlackBerry or reactivating an old one (as a secondary or primary phone) as soon as they recognize the economic incentive to stick with BlackBerry.
It's not uncommon to see a lot of folks carrying 2 phones for this reason. In Nigeria, BlackBerry's problem is just that of perception as it is mostly around the world. All my family and friends that have given BB10 a chance have all been pleasantly surprised and are satisfied. Unlike in North America phones have not heavily become media consumption or "apps" devices so people buy iPhones and Androids mainly because they're the new "cool".

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I used blackberry Z10 here in Nigeria and I get 3GB for about $6 a month ( glo comonth plan). This is far better than what android and iPhone users get. For the same amount they get 200MB for a month. The fact that BB10 runs Apk files is a major factor for the transition. I'm sure the number of blackberry users here will increase when the BlackBerry passport is released.

Can some1 dev a BlackBerry launcher for Android devices? It can be called CrackedBerry! and would kick a$$ on an HTC One Max or Galaxy Note! heh.

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Great article, hope we can hear this from the USA in the coming months...

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Dear Mr. Editor in Chief, you are a bit late on this piece as I've already posted the news a few days ago with the same source.

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@dustmalik You know what? You're quite right. Front page is better because that thing sat there and got heaps of views with no comments...hahahaha

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I do not want to live in a Nation where I am being spy'd on...where my mobile is used to collect my personal data. Thank God I don't live in NYC anymore.

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Is that a pair of "thongs" in the Aussie national sports colours on the beach?

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Nigeria is one of the select countries in Africa where blackberry can expect to make money. Nigerians travel a lot and love the best things.

I bought a Moto G to learn about Android. I discovered that if you leave everything at default settings and start downloading loads up apps your data usage goes though the roof even when you are not using the device. There are so many things going on in the background and it is quite frightening when you think of all those apps and google services calling home constantly. If you have an unlimited data plan then none of this will concern you. All in all though I find Android to be like a junk food outlet. It all tastes so good, but it's all rather unhealthy.

Makes no sense as bb10 data amount would be same as any other phone. Legacy devices can understood as bis compressed and decompression helped.

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You seem to be missing the fact the carriers are charging LESS for plans with BlackBerry on them with more data. If you could pay say $60 for 1GB of data or $60 for 3GB of data, which would you take?

As lit3 said..

"I used blackberry Z10 here in Nigeria and I get 3GB for about $6 a month ( glo comonth plan). This is far better than what android and iPhone users get. For the same amount they get 200MB for a month."

It's not even really about the amount of data the devices use, it's about what people pay for the data they get. Carriers are charging notably more for non-BlackBerry data plans, though there is an argument there that non-BlackBerry devices would use more in data in the long term which is why they're doing it.

People pay more, run out data quicker and have to pay even more to keep going.

Bla1ze, how do you italicize in the comments? [i] tag or is it a privilege reserved for the EiC?

Well, it Goes to show how FAR carrier's role is iN the Growth of BlackBerry ConSumer'S test. I Stick to Glo with my Q10 because For just N3000 I HAVE over 12GB DATA on my phone & I SHARE it with the Awesome Mobile Hospot Service available oN my BlackBerry. Why then SHOULD I Go 2 ANDROID. I could HAVE A Second phone but Disable data & use my BlackBerry hotSpot.

It's just awesome.

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That was before, it's no longer relevant because with BB10 the complete data plan cost more than android. For you to be able to share your hotspot with your laptop, use your email,Skype and BBM video call, you will be spending between N5000 to N8000 monthly. It's ridiculous and very frustrating.

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I get out of this article that carriers are a huge part of what drive sales and a big part of what people base their decision of what phone to buy. Most Crackberry members know what phone they want months before it is even released but the average Joe still goes to their local "phone company" and buys whatever phone seems to fit them best. Therefore, it really sucks that the selection of BlackBerry models is next to nil in most North American stores.
Now, this seems like one of the biggest challenges for BlackBerry at the moment. And after reading this article and everyone's posts, it seems like there is a possibility that carriers have cut support on because BlackBerry is still a very efficient machine for data consumption in many cases.
I don't have a solution unfortunately...

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There are changes happening in the mobile telecom world in parts of Africa.
Guys in North America should not ignore these changes. Most countries in Africa are not laying copper. Mobile is what is easily available today. Devices are not subsidized, people shell out the money to buy devices outright.

There are still a lot of countries with hand-me-down devices, but there is also an emerging class of people with disposable cash. In recent news, the US just committed $14 billion to infrastructure development and energy. Things may or may not turn around, but there is an effort to get things going.

For e.g Vodacom Tanzania has Unlimited mobile internet for $12/mth = 20 0000 Shillings. Whether this is affordable though is another question but, hey, it is available. Source:

I can confirm the truth in this post because within a space of two months, my self and three of my siblings now use blackberry 10 smartphones, after previously owning android devices, not to mention my cousin who switched from an iPhone 4s to a Z10.

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My Z10 is a very good phone and it does all I wanna do with it. I also prefer it's data plan here in Nigeria. My money, my choice.

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In most countries blackberry data plan subscription is more expensive than others and the opposite is true in Nigeria.
Nevertheless, BB10 subscription is costly compared to BBOS and is in line with android phones subscription. You can only be better off on BB10 if you use code meant for BBOS to subscribe on BB10.

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I think most readers would appreciate this post more if the currencies were also stated in USD or so...

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I still do believe that Blackberry attitude towards consumers is they biggest downfall.
How can JC not see that?

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Funny how I was training at a metro pcs and the District manager didn't even know windows phone use less power than android and said if they have the same specs it will run the same. And think android is better than BlackBerry 10 and think android is the best period. Murricans smh

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This article is very misleading. Nigerian Tribune is not an authority on mobile technology in Nigeria and what we have there is a poorly researched article based only on anecdotal evidence. Blackberry does not even have up to 1% marketshare in Nigeria. And second hand (aka "London used") Blackberry legacy devices are way popular than BB10 devices. It's on the BB legacy devices that data is really cheap. While the networks certainly give more data on BB10 than Android, data is still relatively expensive compared to on legacy Blackberys. But you guys can continue wallowing in denial that Blackberry is dying. It's fine

You think BlackBerry is dying. That's been the headline for 3 plus years now and they have another phone coming in a month. Sure aren't acting dead are they?

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well as a Nigerian, can comfortably say that blackberry has the largest share of the smartphone market. a lot of people own both the legacy device and bb10 devices. I personally own a z10 and a galaxy duos. and if i had to make a choice would not hesitate tossing the android. also wanna point out that though the piece by the vanguard is correct to an extent, there are quite a number of "us" who actually use the blackberry cos we actually prefer it. i personally find that the ui is sleek, i dont have to combine weirdly positioned buttons with odd gestures and multi-tasking is just outta dis world. Say what you may, blackberry is on top here, be it because of data subscription or just the love of the feel of a machine that can achieve just bout anytin u can think of except of course play candy-crush!

Elfalad you're right. Either data or not, BBRY is still dominating the Nigerian market and will keep dominating. Well, the candy crush stage 19 has been quite difficult. Can you help me out? Lol

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Maybe carriers have a lot of BlackBerry phones they want to move but don't want to lower the price so they offer more data

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